10-Year-Old Girl Bedroom Ideas

Happy, colorful, comfortable space.
10-Year-Old Girl Bedroom Ideas
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Creating a bedroom for a ten-year-old girl can be a challenge, especially if you want to ignore the trends and make a room that is going to be suitable for at least the next couple of years as she transitions from a child into a teenage girl.

We hope you gain some inspiration and relevant ideas for your daughter's bedroom in the article as we focus on contemporary designs and something a little more princess-like where you can learn:

  • Pink doesn't have to dominate
  • Use accessories and save money
  • Keep it age-appropriate
  • The bottom line

Let's get into it.

How do you decorate a small teenage girl's bedroom?

Well, first you should take some ideas from your daughter and assess her personality. She will not appreciate pink fluffy pillows if she prefers listening to hard rock music to watching the princess diaries.

Be bold with your design and use bold colors and accent walls. Accent walls are great, if you get it wrong you only need to repaint 1 wall!

Young girl's bedrooms are normally not spacious so be careful not to fill the room full of clutter.

Use rugs to introduce color and patterns.

1. Pretty in pink

While keeping an eye on the future as your daughter grows into a teenager with completely polar opposite ideas to the parents, start by keeping the room neutral. Why neutral? Because it's easier to accessorize with voiles and fabrics that are warming.

This bedroom utilizes the timeless dusty pink drape over the headboard, what 10-year-old girl would not love this look?

Keep everything else fresh and bright, and the dusty pink becomes the focal point of the room, a few strategically placed soft toys create the perfect image.

How to create this look?

This bedroom predominantly looks crisp and clean and the added pink drape over the headboard turns this once austere-looking bedroom into a room fit for a young princess.

A soft fluffy duvet and pillows with soft toys are the epitome of a young girl's room, and they look fabulous.

Is this easy to achieve? If you want to future-proof a bedroom this is perfect. White walls and a white ceiling will open a small room up as your eyes are not drawn to the edges of the room.

Hanging a pink voile or chiffon fabric is simple, it doesn't need fancy pleats at the top to achieve a wonderful look.

2. Keep it fun and age-appropriate

Your child will grow up so quickly, so don't rush the process by making a bedroom that is age-inappropriate.

A 10-year-old girl is still a young child and they still like the simplicity of play things and those kinds of images. However, she will develop quickly, so keep in mind you may need to revisit the decor of the bedroom in two to three years as she outgrows the small child phase.

Keep it fresh and simple, use bold colors but keep them as accessories. The use of monochrome word cards is a thoughtful expression and a reminder of how to deal with the coming day.

How to create this look?

Again keep the base of the room neutral, by using accessories, you can affordably change the theme of the bedroom as the 10-year-old girl transitions into the teenage part of her life, which can be tumultuous.

The use of printed letters is an easy fix and you can provide inspiration for your daughter daily if you wish.

Keep colors in the room, children like to see colors, and color can make them feel happy.

Is this look easy to create? It's super easy, the base color of the room is white and it's then accessorized, which make the bedroom suitable for a 10-year-old girl.

Keep the color in the room with fluffy cushions for cuddly enjoyment.

3. The best things in life are simple

Just because the base color of the bedroom is white and bright doesn't mean you can't add some flair to the room and use your imagination.

The natural calming tones of this bedroom are ideal for any 10-year-old girl to chill out and relax in and furthermore, the ingenious use of timber to create something special is a triumph to interior design.

The famed bed with gold stars creates a comforting cocoon for your daughter while you can check on her easily.

How to create this look?

All white and bright, with wood accents that are wonderfully placed and incredibly cheap to make.

Whilst the room shouts im modern in every way it is also very simple and magnificently balanced. 

It would be great to place a toy trunk in the room, so your little one does not become bored.

Is this easy to achieve? 100%. The room is white from top to bottom and that is a good choice for any bedroom and then the rest is accessories. If you are handy with a saw the framed bed is simple, if not a carpenter would build this structure in 15 minutes if he took a coffee break!

4. I'm still young and love pink?

For most young 10-year-old girls pink is going to be their go-to color of choice and rightly so, it's feminine through and through, so be happy this is your daughter's choice.

So if they like pink then pink it shall be! The use of the bright pink duvet and pillows looks fabulous in the bedroom, it makes the bed look inviting and sumptuous.

The chiffon drapes make the bed feel like an extravagant four-poster that you would find in the depths of medieval England.

How to create this look?

It's quick and simple which is music to any parent's ears. Find an appropriate duvet set and make the bed. Chiffon is easy to hang so mix and match complementing colors with the bright pink duvet.

The painted blossom branches are easy to create and take no real skill to produce.

Essentially apart from the blossom images, the room is all neutral and only accessorized.

Is this easy to achieve? It's so easy it’s child's play. You will need a staple gun for hanking the chiffon drapes and some matching ties to hold the chiffon in a bow shape, this is easier than tying knots in the chiffon and easier for washing the chiffon every month or so.

Draw the blossom branches on the walls with a pencil before painting, this will ensure you have the proportions correct.

Use an artist's paint brush to create the blossom and branches.

5. Don't forget to add a desk

Once you have transformed your 10 year old daughter's room into a sanctuary of play and relaxation you will need to add the essential desk.

There may be a method to your madness, but adding a desk in a bedroom may promote that homework is completed in a peaceful and quiet environment.

Of course, it can be used for all kinds of crafts and arts so using a laminate top desk is the ideal solution.

Where is the pink hear you say? Not all 10-year-old girls need to be exposed to pink every day of their formative years. 

The use of light blue is an excellent choice. Do you know blue shades are calming to the brain and will help your 10-year-old relax after a stressful day in the classroom?

How to create this look?

This is a simple look that creates neutral tones in the bedroom with a powder blue duvet and pillow set. By accessorizing with duvets covers you can create a fresh new look every month if you wish.

Desks are readily available and can be purchased in a flat pack and assembled at home at an affordable price.

Is this easy to achieve? If you have the neutral tones then this look takes literally minutes to achieve, the flat-pack desk may take a little longer to assemble but it's easily within the skill set of anyone over the age of 16.

6. Create a fantastic space on a budget

You don't need to break the bank to make a 10-year-old girl happy in her new bedroom. If pink is the color of choice well then let's make this bedroom all pink.

Painting the walls pink will surely make a statement about who sleeps in this bedroom and with some adept jigsaw skills you can make an attractive bed surround that is totally customized.

Add some LED backlights and the room is stunning and the 10-year-old is happy, which is what you first set out to achieve.

How to create this look?

This bedroom requires a little more hard work for the DIY enthusiast but rolling on pink paint will be more therapeutic than you first thought so get to it.

The plyboard bed surround will need to be cut to shape and then a separate frame added to keep the bed surround rigid,

Adding Led rope lights or LEDs on a ribbon is simple and takes only minutes.

A simple duvet and the look is complete.

Is this easy to achieve? If you have the time for painting walls then the pink walls will take a couple of coats for good coverage.

The bed surround is easy if you have the right tools for the job and a workbench. If not, a carpenter will make this for you out of plywood within half an hour.

Accessorize as much as you wish.

7. Is inspiration failing you?

Creating a bedroom for a 10-year-old girl can be a bigger challenge than you first thought, all kinds of factors play a part in making a dull bedroom fit for a little princess.

However, if you are stuck for inspiration you should seriously look at blue as the main color scheme for the bedroom.

Why blue? Blue is a versatile color and many colors complement blue instead of clashing. Painting the walls blue will give you the opportunity to make a relaxing serene environment for a 10-year-old girl and at the same time give you a blank canvas to accessorize and experiment.

How to create this look?

For a girl's room go with a powder light blue, it's not in your face screaming im masculine. Select a duvet that matches, it can be a different color, you will be surprised how versatile blue as a color is and how feminine it can look.

Keep the room bright, add fun by using geometric shapes and use soft toys in a playful and strategic manner.

Is this easy to achieve? It is but it also needs thought, the labor side of this bedroom makeover is easy.

Collect color swatches for your accessories, keeping in mind that 10-year-olds are still young so make it age-appropriate.

Desks are easy to place in a room and you can even paint them the same color as the walls for a matching effect.

8. When mayhem rules the day

Some 10-year-old girls are just busy little bees and their bedrooms need to reflect their eclectic personalities.

If you have a small bright room then you will need to get busy with accessorizing every nook and cranny.

This bedroom has got everything going on from neon lights to floral bedding and an incredible amount of pictures mounted on the wall.

Is this bedroom by design or did it just manifest itself over a period of time?

How to create this look?

Think floral, think busy, think eclectic, and then get started. You will need a treating point so use the bed and back wall as your focal point where the eyes are going to be naturally drawn toward.

Floral bedding is easy to find and makes the perfect duvet cover for a feminine 10-year-old girl.

The stylish headboard reminiscent of peacock tail feathers exudes design style. The back wall can be a work in progress as you discuss what's next on the bedroom adventure with your 10 year old daughter.

Is this easy to achieve? Not really, it's not a one-time fix solution, it's a work of being that needs to be added to until it's completed.

But you can prepare the canvas easily, its all-white walls and lightly stained floorboards.

9. Making a statement is easier than you think

Neutral pastel colors always shine through and make bedrooms for your girls almost picture-perfect, but if you want to make a bold statement and shout this is my room then add this magical bright cerise window blind.

Cerise is a wonderful color but how often we get to use it and use it in a 10-year-old girl's bedroom is a triumphant display of boldness and a willingness not to conform to the norm.

Combined with the dusty pink floorboards, the pastel shades on the walls, and the elevated bed makes this girl's bedroom something to be envied. Furthermore, this look will transition with your daughter's development and may even inspire her.

How to create this look?

Use your imagination and vision to pair pastels with bold in-your-face colors. Without the cerise window, blind the bedroom was already an achievement to be proud of but the blind makes a big statement.

Is this easy to achieve?  If you are willing to experiment then you can easily achieve this room as a direct copy or make something very similar by using bold colors and pastels combined.

10. Use lights for creativity

The simple things in life can be the most effective and they don't cost a fortune.  Keep color simple and bedding neutral and then add lights, you can add neons that are LEDs or opt for the fairy string lights that use low-watt bulbs to give a golden glow in the bedroom. 

What 10-year-old girl would not appreciate string lights and a glowing pink heart neon tube in her bedroom?

How to create this look?

You don't always need to make big changes to a bedroom as small subtle changes can be as equally as effective and to be honest look even better than if you had spent a thousand dollars on the bedroom.

These types of lights are easily found online and are affordable.

Is this look easy the achieve. Its simple, moist bedroom has at least one power outlet at the top of the bed and that's all you will need to plug your lights into.

You can use tiny discrete hooks to wrap the string lights around to create the look you are searching for.

Is this easy to achieve?  It is the easiest look to emulate and would not cause any challenges.

11. Tickle me pink

There are times in a girl's life when no other color than pink will do, so when it's needed, using it in excess may be your only option, so make the best of it and create something truly special.

This altered bunk arrangement is a 10-year-old girl's dream come true, the elevated sleeping position is cherished by so many kids as being the ultimate in beds.

The small couch looks inviting for anyone to sit in and the deep pink color looks rich and warm, a glorious piece of furniture for a girl's bedroom.

The pink accessories keep the bedroom focused on the girlish styling.

How to create this look?

The adaptation of the bunk bed is simple, the storage unit and small sofa give enough support and rigidity to the frame of the bunk making it secure.

Dusty pink bed linen is available in all stores or online, the pink sofa is customized and made from timber and then sprayed white.

The neutral tones of the room show off the glorious pink to its full and make this a perfect 10-year-old girl's bedroom.

Is this easy to achieve?  Yes, you can either buy this adapted bunk set as one piece or modify an existing bunk. You will need to make the storage unit which is not a challenging job for the DIY enthusiast.

The remaining elements are soft furnishings and accessories.

12. Girl power

If girl power is in how much power should a 10-year-old girl be given? Well, as much as they can handle should be the answer so giving them creative license to influence how their bedroom looks should be an important factor when designing a girl's bedroom.

Clearly, you need to keep a tight grip on the purse strings so why not introduce stickers? A polka dot wall can be the first step to creating a look that is going to fit in with the pink decor of the bedroom.

Creating a 10-year-old girl's bedroom is not always about spending lots of cash, so much can be achieved on a budget.

How to create this look?

Assuming the foundations of the bedroom are in place then this is a fun way to let the 10-year-old get creative and use stickers to enhance the look of a bedroom.

Blank walls can understate a bedroom and at times pictures hung on a wall are just not appropriate, so get going with the stickers.

Stickers come in all shapes and sizes and there is no right or wrong way to apply them to personalize your bedroom.

Is this easy to achieve? It's a case of being creative and having fun with stickers, if something goes horribly wrong and the adhesive is strong, use steam to soften the adhesive and peel the sticker off.

13. Pastels are as good as pink

For most girls soft colors are needed for a bedroom, pink is not the only color on the block so don't be afraid to break the mold and move to pastel colors to create a soft and relaxing feel for your 10-year-old girl's bedroom.

The mint green crochets rug is homely and indicates that home life is of great importance and should be celebrated by making this bedroom personalized. The pastel green blanket looks soft and inviting while the duvet cover is rainbow heaven.

Accessories like garlands and pompom ropes make this bedroom look inviting for any young girl.

How do you create this look?

Think crafts and art, pastels of any shade and accessories, and off you go. It's an easy room to recreate or change up as you see fit. Pastels work in a girl's bedroom and you can experiment with different shades, The pastel greens in this bedroom are complimented with the accessories.

Is this easy to achieve? Yes, it's best suited to a parent or grandparent who enjoys knitted charts but equally, you could pick up a pastel shade rug from an online store and make the same type of effect.

14. Poster mania

At the age of ten girls are developing at a fast rate and have their own ideas of style and what they like and dislike so make sure you leave wall space for posters and other objects that will allow them to express their personalities.

This doesn't mean that pink has gone forever, they will still need the creature comforts that keep them grounded to remind them of their femininity.

Neon lights and posters make a stylish bedroom wall, collages are fantastic and let them use family photos combined with magazine and poster images to create their fun on a wall.

How to create this look?

You do not need to create anything, leave it to your child, and let them experiment and screw up, it's just a wall. Parents should keep their influence away from the wall unless there are clear obscenities being used.

The key is to have trust and faith in your developing child and let them have freedom of expression, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Is this easy to achieve?  With confidence and without fear of ridicule your child will soon get the hang of things, you may need to give some encouragement at first and then let the creative side emerge.

15. Pink on the go

Let's face it pink is a classic color for girls and without some pink around a young girl life just would not be the same.

Just because you are traveling doesn't mean pink bedding has to stay at home, it even brightens up a bedroom in a camper and why not bring some favorite accessories to make things even cozier.

How to create this look?

If you are traveling for a vacation in a camper, then you will only be using pink bedding and maybe an accessory or two.

Is this easy to achieve?  Just snake the bed and you're done!

The bottom line

Having a 10-year-old girl is a delight and you know how much fun you are going to have as she gets involved in helping you design her ideal bedroom.

Bedrooms for young girls always seem to follow a common theme and common color and you know what? That's perfect and different variations of pink can look fantastic. 

However, if you want to encourage your 10-year-old to venture away from the norm then show her other pastel colors and maybe sit with some colored pencils and create some bedroom ideas together.

Pastels are wonderful soft colors, that are warm and inviting and all so project an air of calm for when things are going so well.