Bedroom curtain ideas – for creating a peaceful and cozy sleeping environment

Peaceful colors, cozy fabrics, inviting curtains.
Bedroom curtain ideas – for creating a peaceful and cozy sleeping environment
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Curtains and drapery are quite a subject to wrap your head around. Most people feel that hanging curtains in a bedroom is a simple process without much thought other than the color of the bedroom curtains. 

But what if you have a radiator under the window or, even worse, those pesky kickboard/ kickspace heaters? They can create many problems that need to be overcome before you can even think about the color of your bedroom curtain.

In this article, we will give you an overview to make your bedroom curtain selection a breeze when it comes to creating a cozy and peaceful sleeping environment.

Grab your favorite beverage, and sit back as we jump into the subject.

How do you style curtains in a bedroom?

The starting point is to know what styles of curtains are available for your bedroom. Forget color at this point because you need to consider a few factors like:

  • The shape of your bedroom windows. You may have round windows, windows with sliding doors, windows that are a glass wall, and small windows, bay windows, you name it, it's out there and needs to be considered.
  • Which direction does your bedroom face? Is your bedroom facing north facing, and do you get diffused light throughout the day? Do you need to add blackout lining to block the bright sunlight of a south-facing bedroom? Maybe you need semi-sheer curtains. Do you live in an area where cold winters affect the bedroom temperature?
  • What's the function of your curtains? Is it purely decorative? Do you need privacy around the clock and need a heavier fabric that blocks silhouettes? You may need a combination of both.
  • Most people think curtains are panels of fabric that can be pulled across a space to cover it, such as a window. However, some curtain panels just hang and are never closed, and they typically combine with separate window covers like roman blinds.
  • How about the fabric for your curtain panels? They range from super lightweight to super heavyweight. Some are sheer and diaphanous, while others allow diffused light into the bedroom but still provide privacy.
  • How about curtain hardware? Think of the hardware as the jewelry to make your curtains look lovely.

These are just some of the many considerations you should be making, and there are many more in the process of making a cozy sleep environment.

Are bedroom curtains out of style?

There are many window treatments available, and all do a specific job, but the one that has lasted the longest and creates the nicest sleep environment are curtains. Curtains carry the big kahuna's title for soft furnishings for a good reason, they are beautiful and can cover so many functional needs while retaining their elegance and beauty.

What curtains look best in a bedroom?

It depends on your window type. Typically, curtains that run the full height of the wall from ceiling to floor look best if they have plenty of material and are pleated correctly to show off the fullness of the curtains.

For fabric selection, it depends on what you need to achieve. If you want total darkness in a child's bedroom, then you will need heavy fabrics with a black-out liner. 

Adult bedrooms are a little more tricky because the functionality of the curtains changes dramatically from home to home. Maybe your priority is privacy, and you will choose a fabric that can block out silhouettes.

If you want light in your bedroom and semi-privacy, then sheer curtains like voiles are trending as the ideal option.

1. Classic regal style curtains

If you want a window to be covered beautifully, then select a curtain that is full of material, meaning that the curtains are pleated and can be pulled together without leaving a center gap while still covering the edges of the window.

A simple pleat will require the curtains to have at least three times more fabric for the width of the window to be covered, and this is for each side of the curtain equalling a total of six lengths of fabric.

This will give you a full and rich curtain. The color of the curtain can be dark or light, depending on the style of your bedroom. If you have wood floors, dark blue is a perfect color to use as it provides a beautiful accent against the yellow tones of the wood floor.

There is a tendency to allow the curtains to trail on the floor. This may not be everyone's idea of a cohesive look. You can alter the length, so the curtains meet the floor surface without an interrupted glide when they are opened and closed.

2. How will you tie your curtains back?

If you have curtains that are full length or the length of your window, you should consider how you will tie the curtain back to make the room feel as if it is complete. Untied curtains can look somewhat uncared for and neglected.

If you consider tie-backs as part of the curtains jewelry, you will need to decide to use simple tie-backs that may be made from the unobtrusive curtain fabric. Or do you prefer a more elaborate curtain tie-back, completing the bedroom's aesthetic?

There are thousands of choices, from DIY tie-backs that can be elaborate to tie-backs that look sophisticated and purposely designed, with the fullness of the curtains taken into account.

Lightweight curtains can have tie-backs, making the curtain look as if it has been stowed away for a quick release.

3. Finials

Staying with the jewelry theme, your bedroom curtains will benefit from using elaborate finials. The finials are the end caps for the curtains, poles, and rods. Track curtains do not necessarily use finials.

Many types of finials are available, from glass to twisted steel and wood. Plastics with beautiful shapes and enormous selections are available.

Finials are the finishing touches to your curtains, you don't have to use them, but you don't have to wear earrings when you go to a cocktail party! It's that type of vibe.

Typically curtain poles have a hangover of approximately six inches on either side of the pole. The pole can look undressed without the finial, so they are needed.

In some ways, the finials become less important if your curtains are full length and on a pull cord for convenience of opening and closing.

4. Glamorous boudoir

Don't be scared to use color to express the inner you. In this bedroom, the dusty pink drapes bring vibrancy to the room, contrasting against the deep blue painted accent wall.

Color is subjective, but that doesn't mean you can't express your feminine side to the full in your bedroom to make the bedroom a cozy environment conducive to sleep and relaxation.

There is a psychology behind d colors, and it's said pink is a physically soothing color and is associated with love and nurturing. Depending on the shade, pink can feel romantic, calming, and dreamy.

Sounds like the ideal bedroom for some cozy nights in and peaceful relaxation.

5. Green velvet curtains

If you want to make your bedroom a haven of serenity, then green is the color you should choose. Green is a beautiful color for curtains. It matches almost any other color in your bedroom and is known for its unique qualities.

The psychology of green is it creates a feeling of tranquility and calmness, the attributes that you would want in a bedroom that is going to be cozy and peaceful.

Green is possibly the most abundant color we know of; it's everywhere in nature, and it is hardly surprising that green makes you feel relaxed. Almost like nature's chill pill for your bedroom environment.

Velvet curtains will feel and look beautiful and give off a sense of luxury to your bedroom, adding to the serenity of the bedroom.

6. Never say no to white

White curtains are a must if you have dark decor in your bedroom. Curtains typically cover a large expanse of a bedroom wall acting in a similar way to an accent wall in your bedroom, and white is just the right combination to bring a room to life. 

White curtains reflect light around your room, elevating your spirits from these deeper tones on the walls and bed linen.

Bedroom decor is a matter of individual design styling that can be lifted and brought into balance by adding a white fabric as opposed to a white wall. The transformation of the room is incredible.

If you have light bedroom decor, don't discount white curtains, they are trendy and may be a pain to keep clean from bedroom dust, but they do bring a unique Jen a sais quoi to the bedroom with its undefined elegance and contemporary feel.

7. Bring patterns to a plain bedroom

So many people have plain bedrooms they think it's less hassle. It's just a bedroom, so why bother going to the extent of elaborate decoration? Valid points, you may argue.

Ok, there is nothing significantly wrong with a plain bedroom. The idea has been conceded but for goodness sake, add some interest to the bedroom. This is your haven, the place where you come to relax and chill after a nice warm shower.

You may even read a book or spend an hour chatting with friends on social media. 

Adding a floral pattern to a plain bedroom is a must. It's an offense to bedroom design if you don't take at least this step.

The floral design will bring energy and vibrancy to your bedroom, and who doesn't love to look at gorgeous flowers, even if they are printed on fabric?

Floral is in, it is trendy and beautiful, and you will never get tired of it. Floral curtains are not just for the ladies; they work well with male decor like gray headboards!

8. Make the most of a window bay

If you have a window bay in your bedroom, you have been blessed by the gods of architecture. Running curtains into a bay window creates a distinctive ambiance for the bedroom, one of mystery and trepidation as you wonder what is on the other side of the bay window.

Use full-length curtains for drama, pattern curtains are fantastic, and if you can find curtains with graduated colors, then you can create the most beautiful bedroom.

Interestingly this bay window has two window treatments, and it's a beautiful idea, primarily if your bedroom is located at ground level, say in an apartment.

Keep in mind the functionality of your curtains. We are focusing on creating a peaceful and harmonious bedroom that will make you drift off to sleep quickly but keep your window treatments functional and beautiful.

9. Choose timeless patterns

How often will you change your curtains? Most folks keep the same curtains for years and years, so invest in good quality curtains and curtains with a timeless pattern. Floral curtains will always be in vogue, but curtains with contemporary patterns will not be fashionable in a few years.

Specific patterns will always look great regardless of what's trending and what's not, so be choosy and selective when it comes to buying curtains for your bedroom.

Are curtains good for the bedroom?

If you desire to create a cozy, peaceful sleeping environment, then curtains should be your number one choice as a window treatment.

Curtains rarely become dated unless you have a trending color that is bright and attracts insects from miles around. Curtains are the mainstay of window treatments—the big kahuna’s.

Curtains are versatile. If you think that you can thermally insulate curtains to keep the heat in and cold out, add it to a heavy fabric and block daylight out at the same time.

There are times when you need light in your room but privacy; curtains can achieve this and a whole lot more.

Curtains are part of soft furnishing and can be accessorized and bejeweled to create beautiful bedrooms that are conducive to sleep and relaxation.