6 Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women of Any Age

Six stylish bedroom decor ideas for women.
6 Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women of Any Age
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Color selection for a female's bedroom can be a challenging process. Some like flashy colors, and others are fine with whites and neutrals that can be dressed up or down as your mood dictates. However, there must be a midpoint where all women can feel happy with the bedroom decor.

In this article, we will explore bedroom decor ideas to inspire you so you can create a beautiful relaxing bedroom that reflects your personality.

Let's get into it and learn about colors and more such as:

  • Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • Don't be scared to use dark colors.
  • Use art.
  • Create a glam bedroom.

How can I make my bedroom look stylish?

You can incorporate many techniques into your bedroom to add some class and imprint your personality into the bedroom space, leaving no doubt that your bedroom is feminine through and through.

One way is to use recessive colors. What are recessive colors? They are the colors on the softer side of the color spectrum, not quite pastel but colors such as soft mint greens and lighter shades of blue.

Recessive colors tend to envelop a room making the bedroom feel cozy and tranquil, perfect for your bedroom. If you think blue is masculine, then think again. With the right accessories, blue can be a seductive color that creates a beautiful ambiance in a woman's bedroom.

Here are a few ideas on how I can make my bedroom look more feminine?

  • If you don't have a wall-to-wall carpet add a rug, not just any rug, a rug is substantial in its dimensions to give a feeling of warmth and space.
  • You need to get your favorite art on the wall and a few sculptures if that's your thing. It's a personal choice, but you can use floral images or some scantily clothed images, anything that reflects your feminine personality.
  • Use lots of cushions and pillows on your bed, and it makes the bed feel and look sumptuous; you can add the colors you like, from deep sensual purples to dusty pink.
  • Keep clutter free, and keep your floor space immaculately clean and tidy. It's a woman's bedroom, not the local bar owner's bedroom.
  • Dominate your lighting. Every bedroom should have 3 points of light, a center light and then bedside lamps, and the lamps can be in the form of low pendants or sconces, whichever you prefer.
  • If your bedroom furniture is dark, like mahogany or cherry wood, select colors that will contrast and elevate the wood accents.

Let's get inspired on how I can decorate my room as a lady.

1. Classic lines

You should not be under the illusions that a woman's bedroom has to be floral and chintzy to make a feminine statement. On the contrary, some careful decor using light and neutral tones can create a beautiful bedroom fit for a woman of any age or stage of her life.

Keeping your bedroom coordinated and orderly is a relaxing vibe to be enjoyed. How fantastic it is to go to your bedroom knowing it's beautiful and tidy; you can lay on your bed, read or daydream until you are content.

For this style of bedroom, a wing-back chair in a neutral tone would be a perfect balance with the contemporary bed with a nod to past heritage.

Add period nightstands, and they will make your bedroom feel cohesive. Of course, adorn your bed with soft bed linens and many cushions for a sumptuous feel to the bedroom.

How to create this look?

Creating a classic bedroom is easy if you have the right furniture, such as the bed and the bedside cabinets.

The decor should be light and neutral for the best effect, adding contrasting colors like the trendy gray duvet and cushions.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest level to achieve, this bedroom is a 5.

It's more about soft furnishings and neutral wall color. Soft tones throughout the bedroom, including the wall-to-wall carpet, make the room look like a feminine space.

2. Use art

Your bedroom is a reflection of your personality and gender, and a fantastic way to make a statement like this is to display art on your bedroom walls.

It can be abstract art or contemporary art, like the images above. The critical point is to make your bedroom feel like it is a woman's bedroom without any hesitation.

Contemporary art for your bedroom is budget-friendly, with some beautiful creations for you to display. 

With art, less is more, so don't be tempted to overdo the pictures or images. However, that will not stop you from adding sculptures to your bedroom. Again they could be abstract or contemporary.

Even bedside lamps can be artful in their designs, so choose carefully.

How to create this look?

Select art that resonates with you, something that you will enjoy looking at for a long time. It can be simple line drawings with some added color or a painting with more depth and intrigue.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest level to achieve, this bedroom is a 2.

If you are not an art expert, then buy online. There are lots of great images available to adorn your bedroom walls that will reflect a part of you.

3. Don't be frightened to use dark colors

There is a misconception that dark colors are unsuitable for a woman's bedroom. Dark walls work in a woman's bedroom for two reasons.

  1. A dark accent wall canb create a classy vibe in the bedroom that envelops the bedroom with lots of saturation of color.
  2. Dark tones are forgiving of most colors and show other colors to their full magnificence rather than making the color seem washed out.

If you ignore dark tones for your bedroom, you are missing an interior designer trick that makes bedrooms feel exclusive, and in the case of this bedroom, a bedroom with the essence of femininity. 

The glorious pink bedspread with a teal accent bed throw is a picture of sensuality when combined with floral pillows.

A vase of beautiful pink peonies is an impressive statement of womanhood which is juxtaposed to the modern headboard with the leather straps fixing the headboard to the wall.

The bedroom is a work of art that screams femininity.

How to create this look?

Select a dark tone, and this is dark blue. You could choose charcoal which would have worked equally as well and still maintained that this is a woman's bedroom.

Select beautiful bedding and accent with another color you would not imagine would work. The peony painting and vase of peonies are fantastic statement pieces.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest level to achieve, this bedroom is a 6.

Dark walls can be challenging to paint if the bedroom wall has not been painstakingly prepared to remove any anomalies on the wall.

Paint an accent wall only with the other wall painted white or cream for a fantastic contrast.

4. Bohemian rhapsody 

There is nothing quite like the BOHO vibe and bedroom, and it's a collection of genuinely beautiful fabrics and designs that do not conform to interior design traditions. However, it is incredibly trendy at the moment for a good reason, and it is a beautiful look.

The BOHO vibe is definitely a feminine look for your bedroom, with some of the best fabrics and eclectic items that can be found anywhere. 

In this bedroom, a dark green accent wall sets the ambiance for an intricate Moroccan-style screen being used as a headboard.

The velvety ruffle bedspread completes BOHO and creates a cohesive bedroom.

Green is a beautiful color for a bedroom. It accepts most other colors readily, which is essential for the BOHO look, and green is known for its calming tranquility in the bedroom, just what the doctor ordered!

How to create this look?

You can buy a lot of BOHO soft furnishings online, But the authentic BOHO vibe is a work in progress. It's a collection of items that have been found over the years that, when put together, make this scene.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest level to achieve, this bedroom is a 7.

The authentic BOHO look takes a long time to create, but you can circumvent a lot of the process and cut straight to the chase by purchasing the essentials online. It is a timeless look with memories of travel attached to many of the items and is almost used exclusively as decor by women.

5. How do I make my bedroom feel elegant?

If you really want to stamp your presence in a bedroom as a woman, then go glam. Your Bedroom does not have to be expansive to be a glamorous bedroom.

Add furniture to the scale of your bedroom, but every woman must have this accessory in her bedroom, and that's a bed bench or stool at the end of her bed to put her shoes on.

In this bedroom, the glam bedside cabinets with their crystal type of gleam add character to the bedroom. With most of the bedroom being a neutral color, there was a need to add a dramatic element to the bedroom, such as the deep blue chairs and handsome bed bench.

Of course, where would a glam bedroom be without a sumptuous deep mattress that is inviting, faux fur for more drama, and a beautiful selection of gorgeous cushions?

The crowning glory has to be intricate Viennese lace incorporated into the duvet. 

How to create this look?

Your bedroom can be smaller than the one in the image, and you can still create a glam look. Use neutral tones and add a dramatic color for contrast. You could use crystal ornaments to create the same look.

A sumptuous mattress and some faux fur will make the bedroom feel and look feminine.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest level to achieve, this bedroom is a 5.

Essentially the bedroom is one color, and the headboard and bed bring neutral tones while the chairs add excitement and contrast to a fantastic bedroom.

6. Pink can save the day

If your bedroom is dull and lacks light, you may be forced to retreat to one of the best-known feminine colors on the planet. Yes, you got it; it's pink. Pink is a super color for a woman of any age, and with the range of shades of pink available, you can find one that represents your personality.

To ensure you haven't retreated too far into the past and you feel like a teenage girl again, add pink with a color that brings you into the twenty-first century, like gray. Gray and pink are colors that were made for each other, like ducks to water.

Pinks and all shades of gray work well together. If you want a more dramatic vibe to your bedroom, go with a dark gray accent wall and then use white or creams for the other walls. Charcoal gray and pink look fantastic together.

Add a beautiful candlewick bedspread to add the pink color and some texture to the bedroom.

How to create this look?

Select the pink you like, but remember, recessive colors will make your room look and feel more extensive; the dusty pink in the image is perfect for a woman's bedroom in this century.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest level to achieve, this bedroom is a 4.

It's great to use feminine colors; it's the essence of your identity. To achieve the bedroom, its soft furnishings, and a painted wall; don't go for the striped wall unless you love it; the concept of color matching is essential.

Final thoughts

Using dark colors in a woman's bedroom will present tremendous opportunities for accessories and color contrast. Dark colors are in, so embrace them and create a beautiful feminine bedroom.