22  Bedroom Ideas With LED Lights

Room glows with stylish LED lighting.
22  Bedroom Ideas With LED Lights
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Lighting can make or break a room so how do you actually get the best bang for your buck? We will explore many options to inspire you to create your own lighting that reflects your personality.

Will you need any special tools and skills? No special tools and just a creative flair.

In this authoritative overview of lighting for your bedroom, we will show you how to create the vibe you want and much more such as

  • Led lights for girl's bedrooms
  • Led lights for boy's bedrooms
  • How to install Neon LEd lights
  • Geometric designs with LED lights

Let's get into it.

Do LED lights in a bedroom look good?

It depends on how they are installed. LED lighting in a bedroom can look spectacular if installed correctly. LED lights are generally bright so they will provide enough illumination for your bedroom without using a center ceiling rose for light.

Not only do they look good in a bedroom they give you the opportunity to express your own style and mood, many LED lights are multifunctional and you can change the color quite easily normally through an app on your phone.

This article is intended to give you inspiration, of course, if you see something you like you can go ahead and recreate the style in your own bedroom.

1. Neon lights, Americana through and through

Did you know neon lights were first used at the Paris motor shop in 1910? And became the signature of many big American cities back in the 1930s and onward. 

Neon lights can be custom designed by a specialist company and you can have your own message to greet you in your bedroom.

Do Neons use a lot of electricity? Not generally use any more electricity than normal light bulbs, but your personal usage will depend on the size of the light and how often you use it. Another factor to consider is the color of the neon gas used in the light – for red neon lighting, the typical power consumption is 3.5 to 4 watts per foot.

How do you create this look?

You will need to come up with a design and then commission a specialist who can make the Neon sign for you. There are lots of specialists about it and it's not mega expensive to purchase.

The specialist will give you tips on how to secure the Neon to the wall.

2. LEDs in the boudoir

The use of LED lights in your boudoir aka bedroom is a cool way of illuminating your bedroom, the color spectrum can fit your mood or even set the mood of the bedroom if you wish.

LED lights operate on a wide range of color spectrum and these colors can be changed easily via an app on your phone depending on the LED lighting system you purchase.

One of the best overall features of LED lights in your bedroom is they are affordable. You can purchase 65 feet of LEDs that are remote controlled for under $30 online on Amazon.

If you listen to music in your bedroom some LEDs come with a sensitive microphone that will allow the lights to operate with the beat of the music.

How to create this look?

First measure the length of the LED ribbon you need, you will be buying set lengths so the measurements are only approximate.

The LED ribbons will have an adhesive side, just tear off the paper to expose the adhesive and get sticking the LEDs into the position you have chosen.

You can connect another ribbon to the same power supply if required.

How do I achieve the look? It's an easy DIY job that should only take an hour or so depending on the number of LEDs you have and where you need them to be located.

The power supply runs through a transformer that is supplied with the LED lights, the lights are powered by 12 volts so they are safe for you to work on.

In certain areas you may need to have some velcro tape, the adhesive does not stick well to fabrics that may be on your headboard.

3. Make a plain room look enticing

We have all got one and sometimes we have a house full of them, not kids, boring bedrooms!

Yes, how many of you walk into your bedroom and feel totally uninspired and wish you could fix it but the budget just isn't there to make the needed changes.

Well, with LED lights you can make incredible changes to what was once the dullest room in the horse and it can be done on a minimal budget.

Do you know the LED lights in this image can be bought online for around $ 40 for 10 meters or almost 33 feet! And…. They are controlled by WiFi and Alexa.

Led lights are fast to install, you don't need to drill or hire an electrician, it's all DIY, and what's more fast DIY.

How do you create this look?

Purchase the LEDs online (Govee from Amazon), clean the surfaces where the LEDs are going to be fixed, and then start.

Special tools? A step ladder would be useful for high-level fixings.

When you have completed the installation you will need to “pair” the LEDs with your smartphone and Alexa. Once this is done you are in complete control of your new light in what was once a dull bedroom.

4. Geometric designs

There are some of you out there who have extraordinary talents for design and a flair to make an exceptional room. There are some of you out there who wish you had these skills and envy the looks that can be made.

Well, with linear LED lighting you can make any geometric design you wish without fear of making something less than stunning.

Is there a downside to using this type of system? It depends on your skill level, you may need a contract to come and fix the profiles for you.

How do you create this look?

This system is best for a complete bedroom renovation whereby you don't mind profiling the walls (digging out channels in the plaster or stucco).

This is a permanent lighting system so once you have it you need to live with it unless you decide to rip it out.

It's also a smart lighting system that is paired with your smartphone so you can operate the lights from afar if you wish.

How do you achieve this look? This lighting system, although spectacular, is a system that needs to be installed during a renovation or house rewire, not built into the architect's specifications for a new build.

If you are a competent DIY enthusiast you could tackle this job and get a good result. If you are not then leave this one to the professionals.

5. Lighting in restricted spaces such as an attic

If you living in an attic there is no reason why you can't enjoy splendid lighting to make your room cozy and comfortable.

LED lights or other lighting that is not permanent is often preferred for those of you who lead a transient lifestyle and as such the lights can be packed and rearranged in a different property when you move.

The use of fairy LED lights is functional and attractive. Led's luminance is quite high even at what we might consider a low wattage for a regular incandescent light bulb so you can have a bright bedroom whereby you can read easily from fairy-type light.

Fairy lights may be the wrong terminology to use but we all know the lighting style and these lights can have some incredibly ornate lamp shade designs from flowers to autumn leaves.

How to create this look?

It's simple, you buy the LED fairy lights and drape the lights where they are going to give sufficient illumination for your needs.

How do you achieve this look? You will need to take an overall view of the bedroom, in the image the bedroom is small but still welcoming.

The best tip for a room like this is not to have a stark cold white light, the light needs warmth to maintain the theme of the room.

6. Tranquil is sleeping in blue

Did you know that blue is the color that is said to be the most tranquil and helps you to relax?

While you may not find blue particularly appealing, especially for a young female's bedroom you can always switch the lighting to a different color if needed.

The installation, although completely DIY, may be a two-person job if the bed is heavy, these LEDs are going to be hidden under the bed frame and behind the headboard.

How to create the look?

You will need to buy RGB lighting (red, green, blue) they are available on Amazon. The lights are waterproof which is great for the lights being stuck on the bases of the bed, it's easy to spill a drink in bed!

How to achieve the look? The first thing you will need to do is strip the bed completely and remove the mattress, it may pay to remove the headboard so you can flip the bed base over.

You will need to cut the LED strip to go around the 90° corners, the lights should have a connecting kit, it's all self-explanatory and anyone can make a good job of the process.

Once completed, assemble the bed and switch the lights on, the lights can be controlled through your smartphone once paired.

Your color options will be blue, red, and green.

7. Stylish bright white illumination

Most of you never consider that bright white lights in the bedroom will give you the look you are looking to achieve.

But the truth is white lights can be stylish and at the same time practical. When using white lights they tend to work better in a larger size bedroom, say the master bedroom of the home.

What's great about white LEDs is they come in a rope so they are easy to clip to the walls and drape through the bends.

How to create this look?

This look can be created by just about anyone in a matter of minutes. The LED rope lights from Target come with clips and adhesive backs making the installation simple itself.

How to achieve this look? The use of an LED rope is an easy prospect for anyone, however, if LED rope lights are not available the same look could be achieved by using the LED ribbon lights, you may need to make cuts and joins for neat bends.

Clean all surfaces where the light rope will be attached and just follow the instructions on how to use the clips. The same process will take place at the rear or top of the headboard.

8. Linear LED for a sophisticated look

While LEDs are becoming very popular in the bedroom setting there are some bedrooms that deserve something extra special.

If your home is themed on a minimalist approach or a Scandinavian design then this may be the lighting system that you have been searching for.

The sleek lines of the cornice complement the bed and headboard, it would be hard to find a better lighting system for this bedroom

How to create this look?

It could be done DIY if you have the tools. The cornice in this image is curved, but it could be straight and still remain super stylish.

Clearly, a central power point for wiring would be an advantage, you may need to chase out the wall to get your power cables in the right place.

How to achieve this look?  This lighting is from Eleni and is custom-made for clients around the world. But, do you need to go to the expense of shipping or paying for a customized light?

If you can match the timber to the bed or even use a painted MDF cornice you could achieve the same look very easily.

This would be best with a modern design home but could be adapted for any bedroom and vibe.

9. Lighting with few limitations

It may not be a bedroom scene but you could easily imagine this wonderful lighting chandelier to be used as a central focus point of any beautiful bedroom.

AC LED is becoming more popular due to the way it can be used in the design and architectural infrastructures.

AC LEDs have opened up the prospects for lighting systems that at one time would have been thought to have been smoke and mirrors technology.

How to create the look?

In this instance, you will need to find a company that makes AC lights for custom designs or has a range that fits in with your own style.

This particular lamp is from, it comes in a range of sizes and starts at a reasonably priced  $462.62 plus shipping.

How do you achieve this look? This is specialized so you will need to buy these bespoke pieces direct from the manufacturer. 

AC LED is popular so there is more than one company making this type of lighting.

10. Storm clouds gathering or just more innovative lighting designs.

If ever you needed an excuse to stay in bed then having a bunch of clouds floating over your bed could indicate rain, so stay where you are.

If postmodernism is your style choice then these pendant lamps need to be on your shopping list.

After the 70s everything electronic just accelerated to where we are today but if you look back we left some fantastic fun things behind.

You can have a few clouds in your room or something that looks a little more ominous, but it's still great fun and makes for a perfect bedroom lighting system.

How to create this look?

Unfortunately, this is a bespoke product and you will need to buy this from, and if you decide to fill your bedroom with this style of pendant light then you may need more than an umbrella as the lights are each $429.27.

How to achieve this look? You will need to run the power cable through the conduit to get the drool needed for the number of clouds you intend to hang.

Alternatively, you could use a small section unistrut as the method of hanging the pendants. It's a job best left to a qualified electrician.

11. Who said cool lighting has to be expensive?

Lighting can make an incredible difference to any room and often the more simple the lighting arrangement the more impressive and inspirational it can be.

In this plain but stylish bedroom, the simple string LED lights that would be used to decorate your Christmas tree have found a much better use. They illuminate the mirror and you while giving the cactus a little personality other than being its prickly old self.

It's great to experiment with these types of lights, you don't need special tools, just a will to be creative.

How to create this look?

Dig out the Christmas tree lights from the loft and give them a good dusting and then start draping away. It may be a mirror, an overgrown houseplant or over the curtain pole.

The key is to be adventurous, if you like the look in the image (and who doesn't) just copy the image and away you go, you have added some style to your bedroom.

How to achieve this look? Be adventurous and experiment, use more than one set of this style of lighting to achieve spectacular results. Bear in mind you need to plug these lights directly into a power socket, extension cables can be ugly and detract from the look you are trying to achieve.

12. Is it a door or a portal?

The idea of using rope-type LEDs is to have some fun, they are budget-friendly so you can experiment without damaging your bank account or reputation.

If you love the lightning bolt then we can touch on that as well.

The bedroom decor here is supplied by which makes and distributes products to aesthetically change your bedroom.

But, how many of you consider lighting your door frame with LEDs? It gives a fabulous look and with some imagination, you could be entering a stage as a superstar or even entering a different realm!

How to create this look?

These kinds of LEDs are everywhere so it's easy to install regardless of age (If you are in your teens and you have consent from your parents) and technical abilities.

The lightning bolt is sold through roomtery and is an affordable item at just  $29.01.

Everything is perfectly simple to install and roomtery has lots of other fantastic accessories you may like to adorn your walls with.

How to achieve this look? Clean your door frame so it's free from dust and debris. Test fit the LED rope and mark the start and end on the skirting board so you can adhere the rope in the right position.

Lighting bolts simply use clips and plug into a power outlet.

13. Feel like a princess every time you go to bed

If you would like your little process to feel like a real princess then this is a simple way to fill her heart with joy and delight.

Sumcoco specifically designs bedroom lights with girls in mind. The string lights are easy to install and completely safe to use next to sheer fabrics such as voile or net curtain material.

The LEDs are 12 volts and do not get hot. This effective look is chic and affordable, and what woman would not like this look over her bed?

How to create this look?

You can go directly to and buy online. They have a wonderful range of string lighting and lighting shades for extra ambiance in the bedroom.

Your local fabric store will have net curtains and voile material in abundance but purchase the amount needed keeping in mind more is better than not enough.

How to achieve this look? Once you have all of your materials then it's plain sailing, the best place and only place to start is to install the voile or net material, it doesn't have to be white, you can use a hue that fits in with the bedroom decor if you prefer.

The fastest way to install the material is to use a staple gun, it will need to be robust. Then the next step is to thread the string lights in a random way so you achieve the look you want.

If you feel it's needed you can add a supporting fixing once every say six feet for the training lights if needed.

14. LEDs and bolts and lightning bolts

It's easy to ignore a bedroom, particularly a teenager's bedroom, after all, they sleep most of the time so what's the point?

Well, the point is you can liven a room up and change its vibe on a tight budget so why not spruce your room up and make it more fun than glum!

Ribbon-type LEDs are cheap, yes it's been said they are cheap. Furthermore, they are a simple to install. So to wrap the outer perimeter of the headboard to change the room's aesthetics is somewhat of a no-brainer.

Lighting bolts in neon are also cheap to buy so let's get with the program and start making your bedroom somewhere a pleasure to spend time. 

How to create this look?

You could visit, they supplied everything in the image above, they have a wide range of affordable accessories for boy's and girl's bedrooms.

If that's not simple enough then check out what Amazon has on offer, you are bound to pick up a deal if you search around.

How to achieve this look? The main thing you will need to do is make sure the headboard perimeter is free from dust and any other bedroom gunge when its clean test fits the LEDs so you have equal spacing on either side of the headboard. 

Go ahead and fit by peeling the adhesive tape cover from the back of the LED light strip.

Lightning bolts come with clips and are easy to install.

15. To infinity and beyond

How many of you struggle with inspiration for a boy's bedroom? There seem to be endless possibilities when you think about but when it comes to action the story is different.

In this image, the wallpaper shows the night sky and an interesting well thought big dipper constellation, unfortunately, there are only seven stars in the big dipper but that's unimportant, it's the thought and inspiration that counts.

Making star constellations from LED light is an interesting concept and one that could be a point of discussion and education for your child.

How do you create this look?

First, know your star constellations! Just buy a set of lights that have enough LEDs and plenty of spacing between them, most lighting stores will help you make the right selection and may even customize the lights for you for a small fee.

How to achieve this look? This is a simple process, you don't really need the star background, you could have a dark wall and introduce some small starters with white paint and leave the constellations for bright white lights, as they appear in the galaxy.

No special tools are required, maybe a step ladder and some suitably colored putty to hold the cables in place.

16. Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.

The essence of design is always about the person's personality and if your kids have a big personality it's incumbent on you to bring the best out and stretch their stylish flair.

With neon LEDs, you have all of the options to deliver any customized message your child desires and make their day, every day when they see it. You could use some short inspiring words such as focus on your goal!

How to create this look?

It's easier than you think, you need to contact a company like and get a price for what you may like the message to read. Or you can simply buy something stylish from their range that fits your child's personality

The LED neon is more reliable than traditional neons and comes in a shatterproof flex polymer, they are safe for kids and use low voltage.

How do you achieve this look? It's easier than you think, installation is simple, and the neon flex lights come with clips to secure the nouns to the wall.

The most difficult thing you will need to do is come up with a meaningful phrase.

17. Some people set trends others follow

Do we learn style or is it already imprinted by some divine force at birth? It's hard to understand the concept of how some of you have this innate ability to create beauty out of simplicity while others thrash around aimlessly.

This super elegant bedroom only has three LED lights on pendants, but the positioning of the orbs makes a huge statement of style.

Is this your style of a bedroom? Well if it is you are saving money on lighting while maintaining the overall glorious inviting and opulent feel.

How to create this look?

Think minimal and stylish with a hint of yesteryear. These types of orbs were common in utility buildings and schools in the 60s, where they never quite had the same appeal.

You can take inspiration from the designers and manufacturers of these lights and many other super LED lights that would set your home apart from the others.

How to achieve this look? Retro-style lighting is back in favor so you can easily find something that mimics these types of lots at a fraction of the cost. Or buy direct from tudoandco.

The lights will be simply wired like any other type of light of this design and may be switched independently or operated by a smart lighting system controlled by an app on your smartphone.

18. Style and fun are complicated things!

The versatility of the LED light makes it a lighting system that can be used in almost any environment around the home. Regardless of style or taste, whether it is in abundance or not the LED can improve the overall appearance of a bedroom.

The LED comes in many guises, it replaced tungsten lights, it replaced fluorescent tubes but you can still have a tube. It replaced just about every lighting system we knew.

LEDs are even used in neon signs now which now makes neon signs affordable for use as home decor.

The simple LED surrounding the window in the image is a perfectly good use of LEDs and provides subdued lighting for this type of bedroom which is perfect for those who prefer to watch a movie or TV in subdued lighting.

How do you create this look?

Well, this is a kore eclectic type of bedroom and may not be to everyone's tastes but if we focus on the LEDs it's simple to buy a standard LED strip and adhere it to the window surround.

The LED neon s are frequently custom made which makes them a little expensive but you can take stock LED neons and make your own words.

How do you achieve this look? It's a case of test fitting the LED strip so you have equal spaces on either side in the window, in this case, you may need to use two sets of LED lights or buy the longer 30-meter roll and trim to size.

Connections for corner joints are easy to undertake and are a DIY job with minimal skill required, if you are not sure ask an adult for help.

19. Executive living

As you reach further up the tree in life should come to the rewards and for those of you who have made it and earned the time to sit back and rest then there are some things you should know.

LEDs have instigated the creation of some fantastically stylish bedroom lights like these two scalloped lamps, Tye lamps rote so you can have ample light for reading, and can be used via a smart light system so you can use an app on your phone for controlling the lights.

They are beautiful and stylish and furthermore, they are affordable for everyone so don't think you have to be an executive to buy these lights.

How to create this look?

The lamps in this image are matte gold-colored so you will need to keep your decor on the neutral side of the color spectrum to take advantage of these scalloped lights.

How do you achieve this look? For these particular lamps, you can find them on There are a lot of LED lamps on the market that are similar and would look great in bedroom settings.

The lamps come with wires ready for you to plug into an outlet.

20. Brighten up your kid's room

We put our kids to bed at night and possibly use a nightlight so there is a small amount of light in the room just in case they wake frightened or need the bathroom. But, you can do so much better than night lights so what not consider using LED strings?

LED strings glisten in the dark and provide that magical glow that kids just love to experience(and so do adults).

The best part about string LEDs is they are pocket friendly, you will not break the budget with string LEDs. and installation takes just a minute or two.

How do you create this look?

You can find LED strings in most stores, such as Costco, and Walmart, or buy them online from Amazon, you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are.

Are they safe for use with kids? Yes, they are low voltage, they use just a 12 volt supply from a small transformer plugged into your power supply.

They don't get hot and last for a long time while saving you money on your power bills.

How do you achieve this look? Buy your string of LEDs, make sure you have enough, you may need two strings for a really good effect. 

When draping around a kid's bed make sure there is not enough length exposed that could become a choking hazard or wrap around a child's neck.

For dangling potentially dangerous wires use plastic cable ties to secure the LED string.

21. Forever your yours

How many times have you struggled for a wedding gift that you know when received will likely be re-gifted? It happens to all of us, especially those with big families.

If you need a wedding gift idea or you want to surprise your loved one with a romantic gesture then consider these intertwined hearts.

If you would like to add a personal message you can custom-make the LED neons through

How to create this look?

You can buy direct from neon signature RGB (red, green,blue) / 29.5" L x 7.8" H / 75cm L x 20.4cm H / neon will cost you $433.00.

You need a solid back wall for mounting and the color changes to match closely with your decor.

How to achieve the look? Once you have the neon, installation is simple, you need to drill a couple of holes and use the fixings provided to fasten the neon hearts to the wall.

There is a discrete power lead that needs to be plugged in. The neon is also robust as it comes mounted on an acrylic backboard for stability.

22. Are you a trendsetter?

It seems hard to imagine how the lighting in our bedroom can keep evolving but it does and that gives you the homeowner to do something different and experience being at the cutting edge of lighting development.

These hanging bar pendant lights are certainly avant-garde in all respects and in some ways defy logic. But they work and work very well in the bedroom setting, they give glorious illumination.

It appears that these pendant lights could be used with the boldest of decor choices despite the image showing them with neutral tones.

They are from and are priced at just $237.00 plus shipping.

How to create this look?

Once you have the pendants you are going to need an electrician to locate the cables for you, this should only cost like 50 quid so it's not a big deal, the electrician will hang the pendants for you so you can be confident it's done correctly.

How do you achieve this look? It is all stated above with the addition that if you have young kids this pendant-style light could be a potential hazard so keep young kids away from the temptations of swinging on power cords!

23. Keeping teenage girls happy!

We focused quite a lot on boy's bedrooms so why not finish with the fairer sex bedroom ideas.

Regardless of the color of the decor girls always need lots of shelves for storage so why not introduce some LED downlights into the shelves?

They can provide ample light for the room and also make a great study area that is eliminated perfectly.

How do you create this look?

Floating shelves are the easiest of all shelves to illuminate so you are in luck. Floating shelves are normally hollow or have a thin honeycomb paper construction inside for rigidity reasons.

You will need to select the correct amount of downlights to fit, your retailer should be able to help you with this calculation.

If you need more inspiration then check out for swish ideas that will make your daughter's room extra special.

How to achieve this look? Installing the downlights is an easy process but you may need the assistance of an electrician to run the cables from the wall inside of the floating shelves.

Use low-watt LED bulbs for the best experience.

Where should I put my LED lights in my bedroom?

Mainly in a place where you only see the light emitted. There is no specific formula for installing LED lights in your bedroom, what works for you is going to be best.

For LED ribbons or rope lights it's all common sense:

  • Run the LED lights under cabinets where they are not seen when switched off
  • Under shelving units is a perfect place to run LED lights, you may be able to see them when they are switched off but they will give incredible lighting when switched on at night
  • Under your bed frame, give a very cool look
  • Around mirrors, like a movie star
  • On top of your shelves to give a backlight
  • On top of your wardrobe
  • Around picture frames

You can place LEDs just about anywhere but the LED ribbons don't look great during the day and may even be an eyesore.