9 Bedroom office ideas for the ultimate work-life balance

Create the perfect work-life balance.
9 Bedroom office ideas for the ultimate work-life balance
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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So many of you are still working from home after the lockdowns as employers realize that working from home is a pretty good thing with higher productivity and workforce morale is much higher when employees have flexibility in their working lives. But how do you create the ultimate home office in a bedroom?

In this article, we will explore some ideas to give you the inspiration to make some changes to your home office that will make your office functional and an attractive place to work all day.

Let's dive right in.

How can I make an office in my bedroom?

You will need space in your bedroom to create an office. Is it going to be your main bedroom and possibly your only bedroom, or do you have the flexibility of choosing a spare bedroom for your office?

The question matters. How will you proceed with a work-from-home office in your bedroom? You may be taking multiple video conferencing calls throughout the week with clients. Having your bed in the background will not be the best look.

Do you need storage in the form of a filing system, or can everything be saved to the cloud, and if a client needs samples, they can be sent directly from the head office?

Here are a few pointers to make your home office the ultimate working space:

  • Locate your desk in an aspect where you can look like you are a professional, not working out of your bedroom; This can be done by keeping a window to your back or a bedroom wall to your back. It will save any distractions with your clients as you try to get your point across.
  • Have a comfortable chair. You may sit in your office for more than ten hours daily. Comfort is a paramount consideration.
  • Lighting. Will a desk lamp be sufficient to illuminate your desk and computer all day? Or do you need to make the most of ambient light?
  • If your bedroom is a small space, consider using a Murphy bed to free up space for your office. When the working day is over, simply push your desk to a wall and pull down the bed.
  • Use cohesive decor, and If your bedroom walls are bright pink, you may need to tone down the color scheme a little and go for some darker tones like gray and dark blue; it will make your home office feel professional.
  • Consider using multi-functional furniture, and it's an easy transition from the workspace to a bedroom where you can relax.

Is it OK to have an office in the bedroom?

According to statistics, the bedroom is not the best place for an office. However, if you have kids at home and your partner is a homemaker, you may have no choice but to use your bedroom as an office.

Working from home can be challenging, with distractions and the temptations to take that extra coffee break. It's not as easy as many people seem to think.

Allegedly there are psychological issues to overcome when your bedroom is an office, and your bedroom is a place of rest, and your brain tends to want to shift down a gear. Opposing this thought, it can be difficult to rest easily in the office when adapted to the workspace.

The answer is to find a happy medium and make a bedroom office comfortable for work and resting.

Let's get inspired.

1. Lock away your office

If you accept the premise that psychologists suggest that working in your bedroom can create many issues for sleep and work productivity, then it makes sense to take your work from home and set it up in your closet.

You will need a countertop to place your laptop or desktop, shelves above if you need to keep box files for records, and a power outlet. Don't forget the adequate lighting.

This work-from-home setup is the ultimate in privacy, and you can be locked away for as many hours as needed in a nice room that is conducive to being productive.

When the day is over, you close the door, and your bedroom is still the haven of tranquility and rest that you long for after a long day in the office.

2. Define your needs from the space you have

Understanding your space is critical to designing a bedroom office space that will be functional for you to make the most of your working day.

If storage is an issue for you, then you will need to find a solution like this wonderful cube store. They are available online and are easy to assemble. The beauty of this type of storage system is that it keeps your workstation and files at arm's reach. It is a great system.

Don't forget this is your home, and you can have some personal effects around you, so add subtle hints of you and your personality to the workstation for a cohesive vibe.

Choose a color scheme for your office that is calming. Did you know there is a psychology to office colors? Light green creates a calm and welcoming environment, and yellow is inspiring!

Neutral colors for the home office are best, it is playing it safe, but it works well for conference calls.

3. Keep it simple

Having a work-from-home office in your bedroom does not mean you have to dominate every square inch of the room with your office. If you don't need storage, then a simple desk and a comfortable chair will suffice. 

There is no need to upset the harmony and balance of your bedroom. Adding a desk that fits the space like this white laminate desk is all you need, with a simple chair you feel comfortable in. 

The bedroom still remains the focal point with the handsome wood headboard. If you have a conference call, your bedroom will reflect your creativity, and your clients will be impressed.

You could guess your job in a company somewhat dictates the style of your bedroom or home office. It will work fine if you hold a creative position in this bedroom. However, it may not instill confidence in your clients during that conference call if you are a numbers person.

4. Consider work lighting

Lighting is going to be key to your productivity. Too much light and the contacts on your screen are going to make you squint to see what has been written. Not enough light and you will feel dreary and tired, reducing your motivation to work.

Placing your workstation close to a window is positive and negative. The positive side is you have plenty of natural light, but if the light is bright, you may want to consider hanging sheer drapes to diffuse the natural light when it is at its brightest point.

The negative aspect of having a workstation next to a window is you may be distracted by what goes on outside, a busy road, and kids playing in the garden.

But light is crucial for your productivity. You could have down lighting or a simple desk lamp to illuminate your workstation.

5. Make the most of the space

One of the biggest mistakes that happen in work-from-home bedroom offices is the size of the desk. You may have an important job and industry prowess but working from home requires some savvy moves in a different direction, such as your office design.

A simple shelf installed under a window is not obtrusive and works wonderfully well as a desk, and it looks incredible.

Your chair can be tucked away at the end of the day, and you have essentially retained most of the space in your bedroom.

A simple laminate shelving system from a Scandinavian company will completely address your storage needs if you need box file storage.

Is this the epitome of work-life balance?

6. Create a harmonious work environment

Suppose you have come from a corporate office where everything is beige. In that case, this is your opportunity to strike a balance in your bedroom and create a harmonious environment that will increase your productivity.

A simple whey desk and a magnificent chair are all you need. You are set to go with a white wall with some macrame and then some stunning green foliage.

It's an awe-inspiring image that will increase your productivity as you feel connected to nature. The simplicity of the bedroom is stunningly beautiful and one that a woman clearly uses due to the delicate touches.

The office furniture is minimal, and you will be able to enjoy a good night's sleep with this office set up in your bedroom.

7. Make use of corners in your bedroom

Most people don't need an expansive office desk; they would like one, but working from home is unnecessary.

There is no need to take a central position in the bedroom, your work from home office can be tucked neatly away in a corner, that doesn't mean you are not important, on the contrary, it means you need your sleep which is vital to your mood, health, and productivity.

This simple desk, reminiscent of school days without the overhead storage, is an incredible piece of furniture that is purposely designed for your work-from-home setup.

It has all the room requested for a computer monitor or laptop while providing space for files overhead.

The design of this workstation is for you to rest as much of your bedroom as possible, which is crucial for creating the ultimate work-life balance.

8. Executive workspace

Executives may have a different concept of work from the home office, but it's certainly a lesson in what can be done in a bedroom when you have a customs office solution. The cool thing about this office setup is everything can be hidden from sight. It is so easy when you head to bed to catch a glimpse of a document and start reading it. It's the opposite of work-life balance.

However, no one can deny this is a perfect home office, and it has everything you could ask from a work-from-home office. And it is a great color. You can guess it's a male office environment, but it's just color, and as more females join the C suite, colors will change dramatically.

9. Add some style

Now you are free from the shackles of the corporate office; you can inject your own personality into your home office space and add some tasteful accessories that make your home office feel welcoming and an integral part of your home.

Being comfortable at work is a key performance indicator that is often ignored when it's a crucial part of your performance.

If you have the space not to infringe on your bedroom, then why not create a work-from-home office that can be multi-functional? Like a quiet place for your kids to do their homework.

Keep distractions out of the bedroom when you finish your work day, stow away files and leave a beautiful workstation with accessories to be part of your bedroom furnishings.

The bottom line

Is there such a thing as the ultimate work-life balance? If there is, it's a quest worth pursuing.

For most of you, working from home significantly boosts your finances, with no travel expenses and less expensive fuel needed for your car. It is a perfect opportunity to take some of these savings and invest in a work-from-home office in your bedroom.

You can find a solution for a bedroom with challenging dimensions, such as a window shelf. It works as a desk and also gives a great perspective to the bedroom if it is made from natural wood.

Store solutions are readily available and can fit into any bedroom easily while not being obtrusive, especially if you add a few house plants into the mix for a feeling of homeyness.

If privacy is an issue for you, try the closet-style office. It's a great way to step away from work at each day's end.