Bedroom photo wall ideas

Create cozy space with photo wall.
Bedroom photo wall ideas
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Choosing art for your bedroom wall can be challenging, but if you have many photos, this could be the artwork you have been searching for. Photos can be old, new, quirky or just plain cute, but what's the best way to display them in your bedroom?

Should you make a photo wall and frame the photos in a gilt frame, or is there a better way to display photos in a bedroom? Choosing art for your bedroom wall can be challenging, but if you have many photos, this could be the artwork you have been searching for.

We will dive into the bedroom wall photo ideas and offer you some inspiration to make an exceptional photo wall for your bedroom.

Let's get at it.

Where should pictures be placed on a bedroom wall?

There are no hard and fast rules for hanging artwork in your bedroom, but there are some visual techniques that will make your pictures more visible and impactful.

It's suggested that artwork should only take up two-thirds of a bedroom wall, with a max of three-quarters of the wall being occupied by your artwork.

The bottom of your picture frame should be 30cm in real terms, which is just short of 12 inches. This is supposed to place your artwork at around eye level. It is pointless hanging pictures high on a wall unless they are sufficiently sized and are portrait perspectives.

Having said that, if you intend to use some cool photos, you can change the ethos and make a spectacular bedroom wall by enlarging photos and transferring them into non-conventional shapes.

The image below creates a wonderful wall of photos. Still, with hexagon background shapes, it's a great look, and with the right photos like the image, you can create a spectacular photo wall that is contemporary and timeless.

What should I put on my bedroom wall?

You can place many things on your bedroom wall, paintings and images that resonate with you. Or go with photos that hold memories that are dear to you.

Beautiful artwork is available such as cool prints, at budget-friendly prices, but does it have true meaning to you, or is it a part of the decor? Your bedroom is a sanctuary and should be comfortable in more than one way.

Having a soft bed is perfect. But being comfortable with emotional connections is a different vibe for your bedroom. Photos bring so much to a bedroom wall that they can elevate the mood of even a dreary bedroom.

Don't be under the illusion photos have to be with your best buddy. It can be a scenic view that resonates deep in your psyche.

Winter days next to the river with snow laying on the ground, glorious black and white images that make a perfect collection of art for your bedroom wall.

How do you decorate a picture on the wall?

There is a myriad of ways to decorate pictures on a wall. It can be an elaborate but simple design where you may take a simple picture frame and cover it in a fabric that looks fab. Or you can use simple string lights to get the most from the warm glow.

Being creative and thinking outside the box is the key to making the most of your pictures. Do you need a picture frame, or can you design something more beautiful than a picture frame could ever offer?

Think about a collage if you have many pictures you want to display as art but don't know where to start. Collages can be awesome picking your favorite photos for the centrepieces, the focal points.

The beautiful photo wall below with photos that have sentimental value is original and gorgeous in the shape of a heart.

Pictures do tell stories, happy and sad. Make the most of them and display your photos beautifully.

What kind of art looks good in the bedroom?

Here is the truth about artwork, it's subjective. What looks great to you may look awful to your friend, so don't worry about it. 

Photos make perfect artwork for a bedroom; it doesn't need to be your polaroid snap from years ago. Photos can be big or small. It can be a landscape, a portrait of your friend or family.

The key to making a fantastic bedroom photo wall is daring to try new things for you. The spilt photo works magnificently, and you do need to be a top-class photographer to create images like these.

Have a vision of what you want to achieve for a photo wall. Photo walls are not just for the adolescent bedroom. They are cool in an adult bedroom, giving an intimate vibe.

Do you get positive Feng Shui vibes from photos in a bedroom?

Apparently not. Hanging a wedding photo in your bedroom is supposed to create bad energy! Apparently not. But it's okay to have a picture of your spouse if they are smiling; otherwise, it's bad juju.

If you are influenced by Feng Shui practices, keep photos out of your bedroom and ultimately err on the side of caution.

Creating a photo timeline can be fun and a great reference point for the progress of a growing family. It is always interesting to see the changes year in and year out.

Personal photos are a celebration of memories and, as such, should not be hidden away in some dusty shoe box in a closet.

Of course, only the best photos can make it to a photo wall, so choosing wisely can take time, but it is also a pleasurable journey to look back at old photos.

What's the best way to display monochrome photos?

If you have a set of monochrome photos, then you may decide to mount them in suitable frames. It seems appropriate that slim version frames would be a good starting point.

Wall color will play a part in mounting monochrome photos, so think about what's best to make the images pop.

You may be surprised to hear dark green is a fantastic color that shows off monochrome perfectly, and It seems as if darker tones should be used to fit in with your decor.