10 Bedroom rug ideas to transform your space from the ground up

10 rugs to uplift any room.
10 Bedroom rug ideas to transform your space from the ground up
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Bedroom rugs are sometimes a contentious issue. They are either too big or too small, and no one seems to know how big a bedroom rug should be or why you should use it in the first place. Well, rugs are there for comfort, and when you get out of bed, it's great to place your tootsies are a nice rug. It is warm, sumptuous, and looks fantastic.

In this article, we will cut through the noise and get to the message, allowing you insight into how to use a bedroom rug correctly, creating a wonderful bedroom.

Grab your favorite beverage and strap in as we explore bedroom rugs.

How do you place an area rug in your bedroom?

Most of you may think that interior design is a haphazard industry for those who can't find a real job, and in some ways, you may be right. But there are certain things that you should know about area rugs in a bedroom, like there is a formula you should follow.

Here are two examples that demonstrate how to use an area rug in a bedroom:

This is a queen-sized bed the minimum size rug you should use is an 8’ x10’ rug given similar room size.

The purpose of the area rug is to divine the sleeping space and make the bedroom feel cohesive. 

How often do you see small rugs placed at the bottom of a bed or by the side of the bed? What is it for? It serves no real purpose and closes the bedroom footprint inwards, making the space feel smaller than its actual dimensions.

Prefabricated area rugs come in standard sizes, give or take an inch or two; the sizes are in feet:

  • 3 x 5
  • 4 x 6
  • 5 x 8
  • 6 x 9
  • 8 x 10
  • 9 x 12
  • 10 x 12
  • 10 x15

Why not specific sizes? Rugs are made worldwide, from India to China and every other place in Asia, so expect variations in sizes.

Should you put a rug in the bedroom?

If your bedroom has a hard floor surface, then your room is crying out for a rug. Rugs bring a lot of warmth to a bedroom, and when you swing your legs out of bed first thing in the morning, you want your feet to land on a soft rug and not a cold hard floor.

If you can divine your sleeping space with the use of a suitably sized rug, your bedroom will look bigger and look as if it is finished. Bedrooms without rugs look unfinished, somewhat stark in contrast to a room finished with a rug.

Is a 5x7 rug big enough for the bedroom?

To keep the room seemingly magnificently enormous, acquire the biggest rug you can because a king-sized bed requires a king-sized rug. A 5x7 rug works well for a twin or full-sized bed, while an 8x10 or 9x13 rug works best for a queen-sized bed. All arrangements should always have 18 to 24 inches of floor space around the rug.

Let's get inspired.

1. Luxurious rugs

If you have a superb bedroom with beautiful decor and bedding, you will need to choose a luxurious rug to keep the theme of warmth and luxury running in the bedroom.

Standing on a luxury rug is possibly like the first time you walked on a carpet as an infant, unsure footing as your mind races trying to understand what this glorious sensation is underfoot. 

The dense weave and the incredibly delicate fibers of the rug caress your feet like the hands of an angel.

Luxury rugs are an absolute must for a bedroom where mature adults have accomplished their goals in life and now enjoy the better things in life.

2. Bohemian styling

If you adore the modern Bohemian style, you will love and cherish a shag pile rug for your bedroom. They look wonderful, they are fun and bring a softness to your bedroom that would be hard to achieve with any other kind of soft furnishings.

As you can imagine, a shag pile rug feels wonderful underfoot as your toes nuzzle into the fibers that are deep and rich, and luscious.

Shag piles are super sensory with their tactile surfaces, making them the perfect selection for the fun-loving bohemian who appreciates individualism.

This particular rug, with its macrame knot tassels and pattern, would fit many stylish bedrooms, but when paired with this style of bed brings the room alive with a soft ambiance juxtapositioned against the raw steel bed.

3. Modern rustic

Suppose you are looking for a trending bedroom. In that case, the modern rustic bedroom style is in demand, and rightfully so with its welcoming vibe and warm tones with a contemporary twist which incidentally always includes a rug.

Modern rustic bedrooms have one thing in common: a rug with texture. Traditionally, it would have been a basic woven rug that would have felt harsh on the feet but nevertheless been welcome during winter months.

The fabulous rug has what you could describe as a Celtic knot design. It is an incredible rug that foregoes some of its softness in place of a hardwearing enduring rug that may last a century or more.

The light tones of the modern rustic bedroom are sublime, and the rug is the crowning glory of this bedroom.

4. More than you expected

If you think that bedroom rugs are not for you and they are all like your granny had in her bedroom, then you will be disappointed to see this amazing colorful bedroom rug with its vintage Mexican design patterns.

Rugs have been warming your homes for centuries, and they have a reputation of being somewhat stayed in their colorfulness. Regardless of the beauty of the reds and blues in, Indian rugs have had a bad rap for some reason.

So it seems as if the industry has been bought screaming and kicking from the dark ages to produce some wonderful patterned rugs that are both vintage and contemporary.

Bright colors have become the accepted norm for the bedroom, so you will need an exquisite rug like the one in the image to keep your feet warm and accentuate the rest of your bedding. Imagine this room without the rug. It would be an abject design failure.

5. It's out of this world

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes; some are out of this world. This fun rug could fit perfectly in a teen's bedroom as the astronaut looks back on the serenity of the earth with the mayhem of the cosmos in the background.

Rugs have modern designs due to the unprecedented development of fabrics and dyes that are available today. Certain companies will personalize these types of rugs by adding a message or a name if you wish.

It may not be the rug for your bedroom, but the concept is there if this is a route you wish to explore to have a unique ambiance to your bedroom or teen's bedroom that sends a clear message, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

6. Layered bedroom rugs

It is a fashionable way to show the beauty and texture of your rugs. Layering can look fabulous and elevate the bedroom to new heights of decor.

Usually, natural color is placed first, and often a more expensive rug with a more expensive one is placed on top of the base rug, now providing a neutral border.

If you have an expensive rug, this will create a softer texture to the rug as if you are using a bespoke underlay. The concept also provides an easy transition between colors that may not have worked, such as the deep reds of the top rug and the warm browns and yellows of the oak floorboards.

You may need to be careful of trip hazards and find a way to secure the loose edges of both rugs.

7. Calming elegance

Regardless of the elegance of your bedroom furniture and the superb color contrasts, there is a way to elevate the bedroom from the goring up, adding a fabulous neutral area rug.

Ok, you may say it is such a waste to place the majority of the rug under the bed, and it is hard not to disagree with you. However, the purpose of the area rug in your bedroom is to define the sleeping space in no uncertain terms, and the rug does this eloquently.

A simple rug with a neutral tone can make a bedroom have a feeling of luxurious splendor that would have been impossible to achieve in any other way.

Of course, wherever possible, a rug that fits with the decor should be added for continuity of the bedroom's theme.

8. Don't forget your little princess

Rugs are used in kids' bedrooms for play purposes of all ages, but when your child reaches the age of becoming a princess, then you are faced with creating a bedroom fit for a person of such stature and standing.

Coir or seagrass rugs are durable, hard-wearing, and affordable, so it will not be an issue if you get the inevitable makeup spill on the rug.

The pink braid stitched onto the rug is an excellent touch for a young girl, and it stamps her identity in the bedroom together with her bed and accessories.

Scalloped edges bring interest to the rug and soften the edges of this durable hard, wearing mat.

9. Reduce the amplification

If you have a large bedroom with wood or stone floors, you may have noticed an echo or two from time to time. This is the natural reverberation of your voice and can be pretty annoying and somewhat disturbing in a bedroom.

Adding a plush area rug will absorb the reverberation solving the problem, but you may find it was your wife all the time!

Not only has the echo from the room ceased to exist, but the room also has a new warmth and comfort that only a luxury rug can bring to a bedroom.

The contrasting colors and border on the rug for the decor match perfectly without dominating the bedroom.

The rug is enormous, allowing for bedside cabinets to be placed on the rug, which will accentuate the dimensions of the bedroom.

10. Farmhouse Glamor

If this is your vibe, then spare no expense on your rug and make sure it's going to fit the farmhouse glam vibe with a deep pile.

A shag rug pile is an incredible look for this style of bedroom. The rug is soft and looks luxurious. Its softness on your feet is like walking on clouds, and the long fibers of the rug hug your toes.

Shag pile rugs have been popular since the seventies and have always adorned the floors of bedrooms that are not lacking in style and creativity.

To take the bedroom to the dizzying heights of style and design, keep the rug aligned to the bedroom's theme, and the larger the rugger, the better.

What kind of rug is best for the bedroom?

When it comes to defining your sleeping space, you should first purchase a rug that is dimensionally correct for the bedroom.

It's your bedroom, so indulge yourself and make the bedroom space that is enjoyable and relaxing with a deep warmth from a great rug.

You will need to decide on your budget. Are you going for the luxury of an Arabian rug with its deep silk pile or the tradition of an Indian rug that has a flat pile and is harder underfoot?

Maybe the best choice is to select a contemporary rug.

Select a rug that is comfortable and will elevate your bedroom. The pile of the rug reflects the depth of the weave. The deeper the pile, the more luxurious the rug will feel.

Follow the design of your room when deciding on the color; neutral rugs will work with any color scheme, so depending on the rug's value, you may want to keep this in mind as your rug may survive more than one bedroom makeover.