7 Bedroom Wall Paneling Ideas: Give Your Room Character And Depth

Unique character in each room.
7 Bedroom Wall Paneling Ideas: Give Your Room Character And Depth
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Wood paneling is in vogue like never before, and it's hardly surprising with the range of budget-friendly timber products and your friendly DIY store ready to undertake all of the significant saw work on your behalf. Paneling was used to cover stone walls for two main reasons, aesthetics and insulation.

This article will give you an overview of how you can make a wood panel wall in your home with ease creating a bedroom with texture and the attributes of historic wood paneling.

Let's get into it.

What can I use for wall paneling?

You can use pretty much any timber that strikes you, but for working on a budget, you will find you have a surface that will give you an excellent paint finish. It is recommended to use MDF.

MDF is a stable product and is even moisture resistant, so if you have a steamy en-suite leaving excess moisture in a bedroom, you may consider using moisture-resistant (MR) MDF.

Before you start with your wood panel wall, you will need the essentials for easy construction of the panel wall.

  • Your MDF or chosen timber.
  • Spirit level or, even better, a laser to ping vertical and horizontal lines.
  • Commercial adhesive like no nails.
  • Decorators caulk for finishing.
  • A wood saw with a miter would be perfect, but any decent saw will suffice.
  • A detailed layout with all the dimensions and a cut list.
  • Sandpaper, preferably an electric sander.
  • Undercoat and finishing paint.

How do you do wall paneling in a bedroom?

Assuming you are doing one wall panel as an accent wall, you will need to decide which wall will be covered with panels.

Remove the kickboard. The height from each side of the wall will vary, so you must make a detailed plan of your uprights, expecting slight variations in height. 

Aim for ten-inch centers or an upright center that will be equidistant across the length of the wall.’ For example, a ten-foot wall may have eight uprights at 1.25 feet of centers.

Depending on the type of wood paneling you are fixing, you may have horizontals, which need to be calculated similarly. Make adjustments as you go so your box sizes are perfect for the bedroom.

Most of your cuts will be simple 90° right angle cuts. Once the layout is configured, you will need to remove any electrical sockets from the wall, isolating the circuit at the fuse board /consumer unit.

Ping a laser for your first vertical and place a stream of commercial adhesive in a zigzag line the length of the upright timber and fix the wall. Continue this method until all uprights are fixed and equidistant, ensuring uprights at each wall end.

Add the horizontal cuts in the same fashion; this should be easier as the cuts are more manageable.

Sand any anomalies from the timber frame and then finish with decorator caulk. Once this is done, start applying the undercoat before the finishing color.

You may need to make cutouts to accommodate the electric outlet that can be reconnected.

What problems may you face?

Regardless of the age of your property, do not expect your walls to be straight and level in any plan. It's normal to find bows on plasterboard walls and block walls. You may have to overcome these anomalies by drooling into the wall to create tighter fixings or even using shims for packing in some cases.

Are wall panels outdated?

You may have a home with wood paneling as part of its period charm. If you do, you are lucky because wood paneling is hot at the moment and transforming the ambiance of bedrooms everywhere.

Not all wood paneling has the yesterday vibe. There are lots of modern designs for wood paneling that have geometric shapes that add depth and modernity to bedrooms.

Of course, if you have period wood paneling, it may be considered sacrilege to paint over the beauty of the original timber, but you could bleach the timber to bring it into the 21st century.

Modern wood paneling in bedrooms is almost always painted to match the decor of the bedroom, and with a great color palette, you can create a wonderful bedroom with texture and depth.

Does Wall Paneling make a room look smaller?

In general, no, but it will depend on what color you will paint the wood paneling. Most people with wood paneling never comment about the paneling closing the bedroom to feel smaller than its dimensions.

Wood paneling makes a bedroom feel cozy and warm, and if you have wood vertices, it can make the bedroom feel loftier and more extensive than its dimensions.

Wood paneling and a darker color of paint wood make for a recessive experience in terms of color and depth perception making the bedroom feel more significant.

What are the different types of wall paneling?

Depending on your style and decor choices, many types of wood paneling could be used in a bedroom.

Here is a selection that could be considered for your bedroom:

  • If you like the Scandinavian log cabin feel, then shiplap could be for you. When stained, it has clean lines and takes on a gorgeous yellow hue that shiplap boarding is best known for.
  • Beadboard has been around for centuries and was very popular in England for external insulating walls, keeping the heat inside and the damp at bay.
  • Board and batten have predominantly been an exterior finish but have now made their way indoors to create some simple and classic paneled walls or some super modern geometric patterns. It is what it says, board with battens attached. For interior modeling, you can often do away with the boards and just work with the battens.
  • Tongue and groove is another wall treatment that has been used for a very long time. It's clean, flat, and can be stained or painted, giving a sleek, warm interior design.
  • Reclaimed timber. It is for the savvy homeowner who is looking for natural tones that have seen decades of wear and tear but can still provide exceptional decor for the bedroom.
  • Raised wood panels, maybe best described as similar to an old-style kitchen cabinet door! The panes are gorgeous and reminiscent of Victorian wood panels, perfect for a period home but maybe ostentatious for a modern bedroom.
  • Flat panels, almost like a wood tile, very retro modern and an excellent style for a 60s vibe bedroom.
  • Thin wood panels, if you are working on a budget, the flexibility of these panels can imitate the real deal at a fraction of the cost, and it is a true DIY installation with flexible wood and adhesive.

Let's be inspired.

1. Shaker style paneling

If you're looking for clean, fresh lines and a bedroom wall that has a flawless design, then the shaker wall is for you.

This is very popular paneling for many reasons, it looks terrific and adds depth to the bedroom, and furthermore, it is easy to achieve for a basic knowledge DIY enthusiast.

The simple lines will be made from MDF, a stable timber that is ubiquitous in the construction industry.

The great thing with this design is the boxes can be any size you wish. There are no hard and fast rules to how this shakes design looks., giving you the further latitude to be creative by maybe making a square niche!

You need minimal tools, just a solid foundation of measurements to achieve something remarkable, painted charcoal gray. You could be living back in the dark days of gas lights in Victorian London.

2. Raise the ceiling

If you have concerns that adding wood panels to a bedroom wall will make the bedroom feel small, then be relieved of your concerns. 

This basic but handsome design of wood paneling in your bedroom with vertical timbers from floor to ceiling will create the illusion of an elongated wall making the bedroom seem to have a high ceiling which is very useful for bedrooms with challenging dimensions.

The added depth to the wall brings you to the point of traditional styling, but the construction of this wall is exceptionally modern and not time-consuming.

You will be surprised to read that you can make this wall without a saw (if you have a friendly DIY store making your cut list).

If you are anxious about creating a paneled wall in your bedroom, this is a perfect place to start, a spirit level, commercial glue, and you are almost done except for some accurate measurement.

3. Affordable elegance

There is a buzz about elegant bedrooms and the best way to turn an average bedroom into an elegant bedroom, of course, without spending an elegant fortune.

Undeniably, this half-wood paneling brings elegance to this bedroom, especially when it's painted dark blue. The darkness of the paneling brings so much potential to the bedroom to create elegance with the smallest of items, like decapitated Venus De Milo.

Simple, straightforward pocket-friendly DIY in your bedroom will make a big difference for mundane bedroom decor.

4. Modern farmhouse shiplap.

If you follow trends, you will know that 2022 has seen a resurgence in the modern farmhouse bedroom. Its gorgeous look is homey and welcoming, but how do you achieve the look perfectly?

You can easily find pieces of furniture like an old-school bench and throw down a coir matt, but it doesn't reach the essence of the modern farmhouse look.

If you are going all in to create the look, then a shiplap wall will make an extraordinary difference to the room's look.

You just need to create a simple frame and hammer home those finishing nails to complete the look.

5. Rustic bedroom glam

If you are sitting on the fence regarding using reclaimed timber in your bedroom, you need to be inspired. Reclaimed timber comes in all shapes and sizes and from different applications, giving you a wide variety of finished timber.

These old floorboards have seen it all, weather and abuse, and now they look fantastic fixed to your bedroom wall.

A rustic look in your bedroom with modern furnishings provides the perfect juxtaposition from styles to eras.

The broken ends and the jagged end to the wall are an extraordinary style statement for your bedroom. Ok, it is masculine, but with some pink drapes, the balance of the bedroom can shift either way.

6. Make a statement

Adding timber paneling to the bedroom archives many things, from adding personality, depth, and dimension to the bedroom and, of course, a statement that defines the bedroom and your style.

However, this can be done subtly without creating a wood panel that stretches the height and width of the bedroom wall. On the contrary, making a floor-to-ceiling headboard achieves all of the above and more.

The dark walls accentuate the tones of the timber slats exhibiting the perfect erect nature of the headboard, and It's a strong statement in a masculine bedroom.

7. Never lose hope.

If you have thought wood panel bedroom walls are perfect for gentlemen, how about the ladies? Here you are, a perfect example of how you can swing the balance of power with color and enjoy glorious wood paneling in your bedroom that is definitely feminine.

This cottage-style bedroom has this handsome wood panel made from board and battens with a shelf to add your nicknacks and plants. What more could a girl ask for?

The color is glorious and exhibits the oak wood tones superbly.

Can you fit wood paneling in any bedroom?

Yes. Wall panels can provide depth to any space and are the ideal fusion of traditional and modern design. Additionally, panels can assist in hiding any uneven surfaces or walls that need to be filled. 

In addition, your wood paneling will look fabulous and revive your bedroom's design.

If you are challenged with a smaller bedroom, making a wood accent wall will make a focal point and distract your eyes from focussing on the bedroom's dimensions. Color plays a part, but by adding texture, you will revive the bedroom's ambiance.