Best Eames Chair Replica

A luxurious classic for stylish homes.
Best Eames Chair Replica
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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There is no doubt that the Eames chair is an icon among chairs that are synonymous with comfort and style. No one has come close to producing a chair with so much appeal over 60 years. But how did the Eames chair achieve such dizzying heights of praise and sales?

In this article, we will look at the Iconic Eames chair and what its replicas have to offer for a much lower price than the original.

Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy the journey.

What's the best Eames replica?

It is a tough choice to definitive say which is the best Eames replica but where have listed the options below:

Top Pick: Black & Rosewood

What we like

The Eames replica has striking rosewood that replicates the original chair perfectly. It is hard to distinguish from the real deal, even for an expert.

The visual impact is stunning, and the seat is in leather that feels and looks luxurious. This modern lounge chair has a combination of workmanship that is of the highest standards with first-class materials.

As with the original Eames chair, the seat, the backrest shell, and arms are constructed from plywood and have been molded to perfection to replicate the original.

The shock mounts fit perfectly into the recesses designed for the mounties, and the steel supports are meticulously manufactured. The chair has the rocking motion of the original without snags and interruptions found in less well-made replicas.

The Eames replica is sumptuous and inviting. It is a glorious sensation sitting in this beautiful Eames chair. As it moves gently, you are held comfortably by the enveloping upholstery.

The technique's quality has been transferred into the production of this chair. Beautiful black leather upholstery and a handsome rosewood base make the chair look far more expensive than its price tag.

There is a 15° tilt on the chair, which is comparable to the original Eames chair, and the seat height is two inches higher at 17 inches, which makes sitting and getting out of the chair easier.

The chair is still reputed to be a special refuge from the strains of modern living.

Optimized comfort. Only high-quality materials are used in the construction of this chair, 100% Italian leather. High-density laminated wood for strength, longevity, and beauty.

Wider armrests for additional comfort and to provide an extra touch space for your body. In addition, there are upgrades to the foam that should be expected, which make this chair comfortable and supportive simultaneously.

Easy to maintain, it is inevitable that the chair will get grimy after a while and even get drinks spilled occasionally, but no worries, the leather can handle it. It can be cleaned with a mild detergent and clean water with a soft cloth to return the chair back to its glory.

Durability. The products in the chair can hold up to 330lbs and still remain in perfect shape. If you have a few pounds to shed, the chair will be fine for you.


There are 22 Eames chair replicas in the range shown on amazon. The main differences are the wood stains and grains and the colors of the leather offered on the chairs and ottomans.


  • The item comes the closest in terms of quality, genuine leather, and dimensions.
  • It has a tremendous visual impact.
  • It's exceptionally comfortable.
  • The workmanship is high quality, and the finish is beautiful.


  • This model and brand are on the pricey side of the scale when it comes to buying a replica Eames chair.

Where did it all begin?

Enter Charles and Ray Eames, the couple met at college in 1940. He was an instructor of design, and Ray was a student of abstract art. It was soon to become a match made in heaven.

Unlike other famous chairs of the time, like Wassily, the technology to create the Eames chair did not exist. You see, wood is a rigid material. It's linear, it's not generally curved into a shape and bending wood was a long and expensive process that would not translate to a chair that was designed for the masses at an affordable price.

However, Charles Eames entered a competition with a molded piece of plywood in a chair design, winning the first prize, so Charles learned the technique of bending wood that could be commercially viable. But the problem is how to mass produce chairs and furniture using this method.

In 1941 Charles and Ray married and decided to take their honeymoon in Los Angeles, California. They soon decided LA would be the perfect place to set up a home. LA in 1941 was not like the LA of today. It was a blank canvas without any real artistic identity.

The couple found work making props for Hollywood movie sets, where Charles refined his techniques in working with plywood.

Charles and Ray Eames began experimenting with metal wire rods and mesh in the late 1940s as they looked for new materials and methods to make distinctive furniture. They eventually created various items, including storage units, elliptical tables, wire chairs, plastic chairs on wire bases, and plastic chairs.

The work came to a grinding halt as the US entered WW2. However, the US had identified a need for low-cost splints that would not use precious natural resources such as steel. A grant was offered for the development of the splint.

The Eames duo applied for the grant and won. They would make the splints from plywood which gave them further expertise in molding the product.

After the war and the successes of the splints,  Eames opened a design studio in Venice, California. The mission statement was “we want to make the best for the most for the least.”

Today Eames furniture is associated with luxury, but it was never the design ethos of the duo.

How did the duo end up creating such an iconic luxury chair?

Enter Herman Miller

Herman miller was a furniture manufacturing company founded in the 1920s. It was mainly imported old-style furniture. After the war, Herman Miller furniture was losing sales.

A contract was accepted by the Eames duo, the manufacturer of all of the Herma Miller range of furniture, bringing modernity and affordability to the company.

The 1960s saw incomes rising and middle-class Americans having disposable income and aspirations for better products.

The classic Eames chair was created to fill the video in the market, and due to technology racing forward, the Eames chair was to be previewed on that new-fangled contraption in the corner of the living room, the TV.

The first is history.

If you wish to buy a new Eames chair and ottoman today, you can order through Herma Miller.

How is the plywood molded on the Eames chair?

The wood on the Eames chair does not start out as a sheet of plywood, and there are seven individual laminates of wood. The wood is glued, and then the next piece of laminate is rotated and placed on top of the previous piece of laminate until all sense pieces have been glued together.

By alternating and rotating every piece of the laminate, the wood grain runs in the opposite direction, creating an extremely tough wood grain matrix that can withstand the enormous weight.

The laminate ply is then placed into a press and mold where both heat and pressure are applied, bending the laminates without cracking or splintering in the process.

A departure from traditional furnishings.

The Eames chair was certainly a departure from the classic lounge seat. It was futuristic in construction and looks, making the lounge chair one of the best-selling chairs in the US at that time.

All of Eames's furniture had a specific purpose, and the famous Eames chair was a “special refuge from the strains of modern living.” Which lived up to its name perfectly.

Eames replica chairs

In 1963, the patent for the Eames chair expired, leaving the chair open to be manufactured by anyone in the marketplace, and many replicas were made. It's a testament to the design of the Eames chair.

Why are there so many replicas when you can buy a new Eames chair from Herman Miller? It's about price. A new standard chair costs approximately $6,500 plus shipping. A replica can be sub $1000.

Is a cheap Eames replica worth it?

It depends on what you want from the chair. Replicas look like the actual Eames chair, so if you want the chair for visual impact only, then a cheap Eames chair will provide you with visual impact. As to the longevity of the chair, that's a different story.

You would have to assume to sell an Eames chair for sub $1000. There have been some compromises on the materials, maybe the seat covering or even the laminates.

However, as you move up the Eames replica price scale, you can find some excellent chairs and ottomans that could be fooled for the real deal.

How can you tell if an Eames is authentic?

There is a sure way, and if you flip the chair over, there should be an Eames badge and Herman Miller badge on the base of the seat. You could assume that these badges could also be replicated.

An Eames chair should measure 32 inches from the floor to the top of the headrest. Copies may be higher by several inches or shorter.

The front edge of the Eames chair should measure 15 inches from the floor.

But, a good replica will have precise dimensions, so identifying the real deal can be challenging to someone with no historical knowledge of the Eames chair.

How to pick a Eames chair

It can be challenging to remain objective when buying a replica chair, so for everything you have learned in this article, you should decide on what's important to you. Of course, if you spend $1000 or more on a single chair, it must be perfect and fit your purchasing criteria flawlessly.

It seems that if you buy online that a good place to start if you are interested in the chair is to read the buyer's comments, some can be taken with a pinch of salt, but if you come across a serious issue, that should be enough for you to be cautious of the seller and product.

One thing that does seem completely unfair is the returns policies. If you have a problem with a chair, you will be charged for returning it to the manufacturer to rectify it!

How will your chair be delivered? In a couple of boxes, in most cases, you will need tools and a little know-how to assemble the chair, but you can guess it is all part of the low-cost experience of buying online.

Eames Chair Reviews

Mcombo Recliner with Ottoman

What we like

It's not quite the same as an Eames longer, but this chair has much to offer the consumer. It's comfortable and made from materials that are resilient to wear and tear.

Your spine is bolstered by the way the cushion on the backrest is designed, and this is a feature often missing from many chairs.

The sumptuous slim design is the process of designers developing a new way to streamline this type of swivel recliner. It has all of the functionality of a heavier chair but at a fraction of the weight making the chair maneuverable around the home or office.

The slimmed-down version of previous chairs has not lost any of its characteristics for comfort and robust design, giving you years of comfort and functionality in your home.

The ottoman is included to rest your legs comfortably, which is also a benefit for those of you who have DVT or circulation issues. It's also perfect for taking a quick nap when the chair is reclined.

The Mcombo incorporates some unique invisible features to the eyes, such as the ball-bearing swivel base. You can rotate 360° effortlessly and safely.

There is an easy-to-use knob adjustment for the recline of the chair, and there are infinite rake positions to choose from for your comfort.

Need your back massaged? There is a 4-program massager built into the backrest for your ultimate comfort and pleasure. There are five vibrating settings, from gentle to intense. With eight massage nodes, you can massage your back, lumbar lower back, and thighs.

If you carry a few extra pounds, this chair is for you. The high-quality carbon steel is rated to carry 330 lbs of weight while sitting in the chair.

The PU leather is soft and tactile, making using this chair an everyday joy. To maintain the PU leather, it could not be simpler to take a damp cloth with a small amount of mild detergent and wipe it over until clean.

If you love the outdoors, the chair is RV friendly, so you can sit comfortably wherever you are.

The chair is fitted with a safety cut-off switch to disconnect the massager after 15 minutes, and this will extend the life of the unit and keep you safe if you fall asleep.


  • The chair has many pros, and number 1 has to be the price; at just $269, the chair is packed with features that other chairs can only dream of.
  • Easy glide 360°rotation with effortless movement.
  • Robust and heavy-duty construction despite the slimline appearance of the chair and ottoman.
  • Super soft PU leather that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Last but not least is the comprehensive massage modes of the chair.


  • There are a few negative reviews, such as missing screws when building the chair.

Cream Leather & Palisander Wood Base

What we like

If you are an Eames chair fan, you will love this chair and ottoman.

This is the tall version of the cream leather palisander ( meaning ornamental wood from tropical trees). It has a 15° degree tilt angle. The chair has an ergonomic design with a few improvements over the original Eames chair design. The seat on this chair is 17 inches compared to 15 inches on the original chair, making this chair easier to get in and out of.

It carries the same ethos as the original chair, “a refuge from the strains of modern living.” Where else would you prefer to take your refuge from the day other than this gorgeous chair?

It's an excellent replica with incredible visual impact on your home, office, and waiting room. The leather is 100% high-quality genuine leather. The chair has glorious cream leather that almost seems a pity to sit on; it looks that good, but the leather is soft and supple.

The padding under the leather is also quite different. It uses dense foam to be soft and supportive on your areas that may ache most at the end of the day.

The laminate is constructed similarly to the original Eames chair to give a robust seat base and backrest. While exhibiting its distinctive grain.

Where to use the Cream Leather & Palisander Wood Base chair? A mid-century lounge would be ideal, but any home that prides itself on design across the centuries would appreciate such a chair.

The chair can be used in your living room to study./ zen room. Or in a bedroom where you relax before climbing into bed.

It's also perfect for commercial usage, like a hotel reception or professional waiting room in any palace where relaxation is paramount for you.

Maintenance. The chair's heavy-duty five support legs make the chair feel robust and stable. The leather and wood are easy to clean with a light detergent and damp cloth. It comes back like new every time.

If you carry a few extra pounds, this chair is made from high-grade carbon steel and rated for a weight of 330lbs.


  • Its stunning visual presence in a room makes a statement.
  • Beautiful soft leather that's supple and comfortable.
  • They are ergonomically designed with a higher seat and wider armrests for more comfort than the original Eames.


  • You can't order the chair in pure white leather.
  • The chair is often out of stock.

combo Swiveling Recliner Chair

What we like

The comfort levels of the leather recliner with an ottoman are remarkable and sublime. You do need to get the sweating position just right, but when it is done, you are in for a treat of comfort and relaxation.

The cool thing about the Mcombo swivel recliner chair is the seat adjustment is almost entirely automated. Once you sit in the chair, the adjustments are made to suit your personal seating position.

If you like to relax further, then the ottoman will give you the ultimate comfort with its fir and supporting padding.

What is the point of a swivel reclining chair if it doesn't swivel 360°? The Mcombo swivels a full 360°, and it is also so effortless due to the precise ball bearing race made from high-quality carbon steel.

If that is not sufficient for you, there is a backrest adjustment with an infinite number of adjustments for you to get the optimum comfort when reclining in this beautiful chair.

The lockdown took its toll on many of us, and gaining weight seemed to be the norm for so many months, but no worries, the Mcombo swivel recliner is made from tough stuff like high carbon steel that is rated to take 330lbs of weight.

The wood base is sturdy and equally rugged in design and construction. 330lbs is acceptable easily for this product.

If you are familiar with previous designs of Mcombo swivel recliners, you will know they are robust and chunky. In a combined effort with design and engineering, we have produced a slim line version of o the Mcombo swivel chair that has all of the attributes of the previous chair with even more robust features. While not compromising the comfort and luxury of the recliner.

If you like some comfort in your RV, the Mcombo swivel recliner is the perfect fit for your RV s o you can be comfortable while taking a short or long break.

Mcombo understands that quality counts highly; for this reason, they have introduced a high-quality sponge pad for your extra comfort when sitting for long periods in the swivel chair.

Not only will your rear end appreciate the extra support and comfort, but the high-quality sponge is used throughout the chair; the backrest, head support, and arm also rests.

If you suffer from neck pain or back pain, this extra support could rectify your symptoms over time.

The chair has a maximum recline of 140°. It's not quite flat, but it's ample enough to recline the chair and get quality sleep when you feel like napping in the chair.

Many recliners have a low seating position, but this latest recliner has an elevated seat making it easier for you to sit and stand up when needed.

Installation of the Mcombo swivel recliner is child's play and has been upgraded to make life easier for you.


  • The elevated seating position is incredible, and it feels stable.
  • The extra padding and better foam are supportive and make the chair exceptionally comfortable for people of all ages.
  • It doubles as a great office chair, and if you need a power nap, the recline is perfect, and you have the ottoman for leg support.


  • It looks like a commercial office chair.

Nouhaus Classic Massage Chair with Ottoman

What we like

This award-winning futuristic designed chair will have you melting tension from your body the moment you sit in it. The N-0003 classic massage chair has been recognized for its comfort, aesthetic and therapeutic benefits, ensuring that it won the prestigious Red Dot award for what was described as its incomparable functionality and aesthetics.

It's hardly surprising the chair won the award, the design is futuristic, but the chair is inviting to sit in. Many describe the chair as being sexy; it is in its own way. Still, there must be more words that can describe this incredible chair than sexy.

The chair is bristling with technology to give you the ultimate massage while relaxing. The spine-hugging chair is perfect for massaging those harder-to-reach areas of the back muscles.

The chair is complete with a 90° swivel and an easy reclining feature which brings aesthetic beauty and functionality to your living room.

The ultimate massage chair. If you are familiar with massage chairs, you will know they are cumbersome heavy objects that give a questionable massage with rollers running up and down your back and then the obligatory pummeled experience that can be pretty disconcerting.

However, there is a new dawn in massage and the Nouhaus Classic Massage Chair with an ottoman. Caramel leather lounge chair, with percussive & shiatsu chair massager, Bluetooth speaker, and Recliner. A comfy lounge chair with a spot and entire body massager  going on.

You can select from a percussive massage to loosen your back and neck muscles or opt for the kneading massage to place precisely where it is needed most. This is revolutionary in massage chairs.

Your options for massing are:

  • Kneading fast or slow.
  • Circular kneading is fast or slow.
  • A full body massage or designated area massage.
  • A combination massage where you get kneading and percussion fast and slow.
  • Airbags to gently massage your glutes are available if needed.

If you have an idea to bring intrigue to your living room with this space-age design you need, look no further than the Nouhaus classic massage chair.

The massage chair may look out of place at first in a living room, but soon the whole family will want to use it daily.

The massage chair is part of a family of massage chairs, but this version has had some serious modifications to slim it down and be more aesthetically pleasing.

The unique elliptical-shaped chair has a presence of its own when in your home with a sense of wonderment and expectations. The elliptical chair has an ample 15° recline. It is not huge but enough to wrap yourself into a comfortable position.

The seat has a good hair of 20 inches, resting on a four-point base for adequate support.

The genuine leather is soft and pliable, making the chair extremely comfortable and tactile.

It comes in a low weight of 62 lbs which makes the chair easily moveable about the home, where you can enjoy the relaxation of the massage in the living room, zen room, and even the bedroom.

It is indeed an attractive chair for the home.

A chair design for everyone. This lightweight chair has an impressive carrying weight of 250lbs, making it suitable for those who need to shed a pound or two.

The chair has removable head cushions allowing for the massage intensity to be altered to your personal requirements.

Bluetooth speakers are discreetly inbuilt into the chair, allowing you to listen to music or watch the tv while being massaged.

The separate footrests complete the set making this the ultimate chair for relaxation and massage.


  • Futuristic design that is intriguing.
  • Award-winning chair for aesthetics and massage capabilities.
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth.
  • Beautify genuine leather.


  • It may be too futuristic for the average home and seems more styled for kids than adults.

Mid Century Lounge Chair and Ottoman

What we like

If you are looking for an authentic-looking Eames-style chair, then this could be the chair you have been looking for.

This new chair with an ottoman is the epitome of mid-century living in the US. The clean lines and exclusive design promised comfort and longevity of the product.

The new design era was exciting and brought hope forward from darker days and blissful comfort into the home where you could relax after a busy day at work.

The iconic design was first available from Herma Miller in 1959, an incredible 66 years ago, and yet the chair lives on with as much interest as the day it was released. It's a true testament to the Eames duo, who brought the design and manufacturing concept to the masses.

Although the chair is considered to be for the higher echelons of society, the loss of the patent so many years ago has meant that the chair can be replicated and often has improvements added along the way.

The mid-century lounge chair and ottoman is still produced as new today and can be purchased from Herman Miller company. Still, with exacting replicas on the market using the same intrinsic designs and manufacturing techniques, it's worth looking at some alternatives.

Many of the features of this chair are timeless, making the chair and ottoman still a piece of furniture with beauty and desirability. With enhanced features such as quality leather production techniques, the chair has taken on a new meaning in comfort and support.

This chair is manufactured to achieve the ultimate in quality and comfort, retaining the iconic status that this chair has become synonymous with.

If quality is your starting point, then this chair has everything you need. It uses the highest quality materials and finishing techniques available to produce this exceptional chair and ottoman.

Including genuine top grain leather sourced from Italy, the home of leather goods and fashion. The chair also includes a die-cast aluminum base for strength and aesthetics.

If you love the visual imagery of the chair, you may have seen it on TV shows such as the shark tank with Mark Cuban and mister wonderful sitting in comfort while they strike huge deals.

Of course, the Mad Men vibe has added to the status of the chair, bringing it back to the forefront of designs in furniture.

If you need quality, this could be the right chair.


  • Its price point is spot on at just over $1000. It is hard to go wrong with this chair.
  • Beautiful leather from Italy.
  • The handsome grain on the timber laminate
  • It's a quality-built chair.


  • The seller has negative reviews for not responding to customers when a problem occurs.


You may have noticed the wide variation in prices with all of the featured chairs in this article. There is a reason for this, and it's generally about perceived value rather than poor quality. For example, the chairs that are not replicas of the Eames have less value than the replicas.

But that's not an excuse for you not to do your own due diligence and decide which chair is best for you.

The top pick is a terrific chair with beautiful leather making the chair look and feel exclusive. It is also manufactured in different styles of veneers and color leathers, predominantly a cream color that also looks awesome depending on the decor style of your home.

The reviews for the product are excellent, with almost all customers being happy with the chair and ottoman, the only problems recorded were with delivery which has nothing to do with the manufacturing or quality of the chair.