Best Movies To Fall Asleep To

Sometimes when we get into bed, we can't fall asleep. We don't suffer from insomnia if this is a rare event., try putting on a movie!

Maybe you are stressed out from the day's events, perhaps something exciting is about to happen, maybe you have an underlying worry that is bothering you.

You're more likely to relax and sleep if you keep the movies lighthearted. The selection of movies below will help to relax your mind. They are all based on a lighthearted concept that you will not become too engaged with the movie and feel you need to watch until the very end.

Let me share with you the top 10 movies in my book to fall asleep to.

  1. Bridget Jones Diary

I chose this film because it’s light-hearted and funny. If you don’t fall asleep, you will have a giggle to yourself while everyone else sleeps.

The soundtrack is relaxing, and Bridget Jones ( Renne Zellweger) is a fantastic character to become absorbed into. There is something in this movie that almost certainly relates to our own lives.

Colin Firth, the handsome single guy, and bachelor seems elusive but has secretly always liked his childhood girlfriend even when naked in the paddling pool.

Of course, we have the womanizing scoundrel Hugh Grant who always adds humor with his quintessential British aristocracy accent.

Bridget Jones is one of those movies that you can drift off to sleep and still not the ending.

With some great tracks from the 90s, this movie will place you in a state of relaxation and slumber.

  1. Wedding Crashers

Keeping things light-hearted, the story of these two guys crashing weddings to pick up girls is a funny movie.

It’s a movie that you can relax to with some great characters that will appeal to every insomniac out there.

This one will make you drift off to sleep with a smile on your face.

  1. Crazy, Stupid. Love

When a guy is cast onto the scrap heap after his divorce, he decides to hit the bars and see if he can attract another partner or Just some company for the evening.

Except he meets the epitome of the babe magnet, who tries to help him along the way.

Things start to go wrong when the slick guy with all of the chat and Charisma is found out to be dating the daughter of the recent divorce.

It’s an interesting whimsical story that will make you try to stay awake with a riveting storyline if you fall asleep while watching.

It’s a great movie that will make you relax, and if you don’t fall asleep, then it’s a great movie to have watched if you missed it the first time around.

  1. Fifty-First Dates

A golden oldie from way back in 2004 with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, if you are of a certain age and struggling to sleep, then check these guys out. You have been missing out, and some Wacky scenes in the movie will make you smile.

The movie is somewhat predictable in terms of the ending, which makes this movie the perfect movie to relax while watching in bed.

An incredible love story of a veterinarian who wants to be the boyfriend, the girl who can’t recall anything longer than 24 hours, a protective father, and a brother.

Is there anything that could possibly go wrong?

The movie is not fast-paced and has an easy-to-follow storyline. Despite a few laughs along the way, this movie should make you settle back and just enjoy what’s going on. In a dark or dimly lit bedroom, you have every chance of drifting off to sleep.

I'm sure you will want to pick up on the story another night. 

  1. The Holiday

Jude law, the handsome English gentleman comes across an American Girl who has done a house swap with his sister.

This is a lovely story that happens on both sides of the Atlantic simultaneously as both girls get away from the stresses of their lives and find love with unexpected people.

Jude Law and Cameron Diaz are the main characters, with Jack Black playing the unlikely suitor stateside with Kate Winslet.

I enjoyed the twists and the humor and the movie family-oriented tilt later in the movie. After intimacy in their previous meeting, Jude Law is a single father but doesn’t let on to Cameron Diaz, who likes Jude Law.

You can guess what happens, everyone becomes great friends, including Jack Black and Kate Winslet returning to England to celebrate the new year.

If only life and dating worked out this way, we would all lead beautiful lives.

A true love story with some twists and turns to make for relaxing viewing and hopefully a restful night's sleep.

  1. How To Lose A Guy In Ten days

What a movie to watch at bedtime! The perfect love story and the silky smooth Mathew Mc Conaughey with Kate Hudson.

This unlikely love story will have you chuckling and relaxing in no time. The movie is not fast-paced. No-loud noises are fight scenes, just sheer relaxation.

I'm not sure if this movie could be described as a classic comedy and howlingly funny, but the movie will give you a warm feeling.

This is a great movie to relax, and if you don’t fall asleep, you will have enjoyed the movie. I'm sure this will relax you enough if you are struggling to close your eyes.

  1. Ghost Of Girlfriends Past

Staying with Mathew McConaughey for this movie. No need to worry there are no scary ghosts in this movie, just gentle humor which I guess is based on a Christmas Story, except this time it’s the Ex’s turning up and the father.

There are some memorable scenes in the movie that will make you feel happy and amused. Hopefully, none of the stories is relatable to your own life. If it’s, you may have found part of the reason for your difficulty in finding a restful night’s sleep.

A wonderfully funny movie with the best actors and actresses to give a sublime performance.

I was relaxed watching this movie, and it wasn’t even my bedtime!

Not all movies need to be about a story of love. You can watch whatever you like. Deep down, we all have a movie we love and repeatedly watch across the years.

However, some sounds are different to all of us and give a sense of relaxation and comfort.

These sounds can be particularly useful for clearing the mind and turning our body back to homeostasis. 

For example, the lapping of waves on a pebble beach and the gentle sound of the stones rolling in the gentle surf can be very relaxing and therapeutic when falling asleep.

  1. The Beach Bonfire With Waves On the Shore

If you can't get asleep listening to the ambient sounds from this track of a fire burning on a California beach, then it could be time for some medication.

The backing track is soothing and relaxing while at the same time repetitive slowing down your thoughts and relaxing your whole body.

Most people find this track very relaxing and worth listening to, even if you are not trying to fall asleep. Sometimes, it’s great to take an hour out if we can and just relax during the day. I guess it is a kind of gentle meditation.

  1. The Nine Hour Rainstorm for Sleep Black Screen

This is my personal favorite and consistently works for me. It evokes memories of childhood, sitting under a tin roof. It’s relaxing.

Have you ever listened to rain pounding on the glass or car roof? It’s a magical sound that, for some reason, indescribably touches most folks.

It often sounds that make us relax come from our childhood memories, pleasant memories we shared with siblings and parents, even friends.

It hardly surprises these sounds we associate no matter how obscure to some people generate a feeling of warmth and safety even as we advance in years at all stages.

The remainder of the pleasant surroundings is often needed to place us into a state of relaxation and tranquillity.

The repetitive sounds are all that it can take to calm our minds. These sounds are familiar to all of us but somehow have different meanings.

I would recommend this video, and it’s not a love story. It’s a story of complete relaxation and releasing thoughts from your mind and tension from your body.

  1. Something's Gotta Give

This classic movie will have you chilled out as Jack Nicholson plays a part that many guys might envy. 

The story is set in calming surroundings on the seashore of the Hamptons.

Some intrigue happens throughout the movies that are both entertaining and witty at the same time.

But no one would have guessed that Jack would fall in love with a woman close to his age, finding so much in common about their life experiences.

Eventually, the romance with Diane Keaton (I believe Jack Nicholson dated in real life) reaches a happy conclusion.

Most of my selections are lighthearted movies to take away the stress and lose yourself for a short time. I tried to select movies that are generally not full of loud noises and action. Just sedate to help you relax and drift off into a deep sleep.

All of the movies are great, but you can go back in a week and easily pick the story up and start enjoying it again.


Not sleeping at night is not only irritating, but it can have knock effects throughout the day. We can be irritable with our colleagues or loved ones. Not to mention our reduction in performance in the workplace.

There are some indicators that the problem is just a little more than a sleepless night, and if you are struggling with excessive sleep deprivation, you may wish to seek some professional medical advice.

Lying awake at night in bed is not normal, so you may have an underlying condition that needs to be addressed if you are doing this.

If you have insomnia for less than three months, this is classified as short-term insomnia and three months plus as long-term insomnia.

Fortunately for most of us, it’s just a one-off or a few nights of disturbed sleep that we will catch up on later in the week.

You Are Not Alone

Approximately one-third of the population have insomnia, that's a staggering statistic, but it lets you know you are not alone struggling to sleep.

A third of the population is dealing with the same stresses or different issues as you. They are lying awake, trying to find a solution to their problems.

Tips for a Great night's Sleep

Keeping your bedroom cool helps with sleep. A cool 18 degrees centigrade is a perfect temperature. You are not going to freeze or become overheated.

Select some nice bedding. Silky smooth, clean sheets with a strong smell of fabric conditioners are always helpful.

If you have two pillows, try to ditch one and see if that helps you relax more. It will give a more natural position for your spine and offer good support to your neck.

Try sleeping with a pillow between your legs. This will take tension off your hips and align your spine, and it’s a very comfortable way to sleep if you are a side sleeper.

Avoid alcohol, alcohol is a stimulant, and although you may drop off to sleep immediately, your sleep is less restful. Drinking too much is not the answer and may make the problem worse if you have insomnia.

Learn Techniques How To fall Asleep

A lack of sleep can be an emotional roller coaster ride, especially if you have deadlines to meet. The increased pressure makes everything seem much worse.

Lie in bed in the most comfortable position for you, not anyone else, just you.

Breathe deep and slowly, be aware of the intake and exhalation of air from your lungs. Feel your face muscles start to relax.

Feel your body relax, drop your shoulders as low as possible, keep breathing deeply and exhaling slowly. This will help your upper body relax.

Focus on removing tension from your legs. After a few minutes, your legs will be relaxed. Keep breathing deeply and exhaling slowly. 

Establish a routine, try to go to bed simultaneously every day, and wake at the same time every day. If you feel tired in the morning, don’t be tempted to stay in bed.  Do this, including weekends, to form a pattern that you can adapt to.

Get regular exercise. It is essential to keep fit and healthy not only for your heart but your brain benefits also. If you exercise daily, then refrain from exercising at least four hours before bedtime, which may prevent you from sleeping.

If you become frustrated and don't feel like watching a movie, get up and have a warm milky drink.

Some people find meditation a helpful way to help the mind shut down. The repetition of meditation can help quiet the mind. There are lots of free online meditation classes.

Avoid using your bedroom as a workplace at all costs. By taking your work into your bedroom, the problem is only becoming worse.

Relax your mind

Picture yourself in your favorite place, maybe on a beach, laying on the beach with a light breeze shimmering across your body.

Your favorite place is unique to you and should be where you feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe.

Hear the gentle sounds of the sea lapping the shoreline, its sheer bliss, and serenity.

If you are ok with darkness, imagine yourself lying in a black velvet hammock, pitch black. Only the noise of your breathing is what you can hear.

Your mind is relaxed. You are relaxed

Another proven way is to be in a dark room and tell yourself, don’t think, don’t think over and over again for 15 seconds.

Completely relaxed with a calm and empty mind, you are now ready to fall asleep,

The above is similar to a technique used by the US military to train their soldiers to sleep within minutes.

The technique is proven to work, and once you start enjoying the fast sleep process, you will use this method to fall asleep for the rest of your life.

Keep a Diary

If your sleep patterns are not improving, keep a diary. Note daily your bedtime routine. It will be helpful to note what food you have eaten for your evening meal. 

If you do sleep but keep waking through the night, note the times.

If there have been any significant events during your day, write them down in the diary. It will help your doctor understand the routine and to be able to prescribe a course of treatment for you.

Behavioral Therapy

Depending on the severity of your insomnia, you may be referred to a behavioral therapist to change the patterns that have led to your insomnia. It's ok, don't worry, remember you are not alone in this battle.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy or (CBT) is where the therapist breaks down what's happening for you not to sleep.

If you are having negative thoughts, these can be discussed and worked through in a beneficial way for you.

Relaxation therapy is available and a valuable tool in the armory to fight insomnia. So many of us can't switch off after a day at work or even with the kids.

Relaxation therapy teaches you how to relax the mind and muscles and clear distracting thoughts from your mind.

Sleep restriction therapy is how it sounds. Your routine will be cast in stone to break the habits you have become accustomed to over the period that has created your insomnia.

Complementary Therapy

It may be a course of acupuncture or a day at the spa being massaged. Homeopathy is said to relax us after a hard day. The smell of lavender is known for its relaxing therapeutic properties. 

Whatever we seek, it's all designed to release the stresses from your life, return the balance to homeostasis, and produce the desired effect of a good night's sleep.


Not being able to sleep for an extended amount of time is a miserable time. You feel tired at the wrong times of day, and your inner clock is everywhere.

However, insomnia is not untreatable. There is plenty of self-help available, such as taking a gentle approach to watching a movie at bedtime until your eyes become heavy and you drift off into a deep sleep.

If you can't pinpoint any reasons for your insomnia, don’t try drinking alcohol, it may seem to work at first, but you will notice that your sleep quality is not good, and you remain tired the following day.

Plus, you will have another issue to deal with if drinking alcohol becomes a habit.

There are so many reasons for not sleeping, and if you can't identify your reason, it’s probably just a short-term problem that we all experience from time to time.

If you have recently changed your medications and insomnia has just occurred, it may be a side effect of the medication. Speak with your GP and find out what’s happening.

Take advantage of the self-help information online. There is so much reading to be done. It will certainly send you to sleep. Enjoy the movie selection and release the stresses.