9 Elegant Bedroom Ideas

Dreamy, stylish bedroom design ideas.
9 Elegant Bedroom Ideas
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Is achieving an elegant bedroom that difficult? Some of you can spend money on your bedroom decor but miss the mark of creating an elegant bedroom. There are fundamentals to making an elegant bedroom. Do you need to spend a fortune on making an elegant bedroom?

If you need the inspiration to create an elegant bedroom, you have come to the right place. Often all that is missing from a bedroom are some key fundamentals to give your bedroom the wow factor to take it from average to elegant in a few easy steps.

Let's dive in and explore the world of elegant bedrooms.

How do I make my bedroom elegant?

Suppose elegance in the bedroom has been a contentious issue. In that case, you have probably been missing out on a few design cues that could have transformed an average bedroom into a bedroom that looks classy and elegant.

Here are some ideas to whet your appetite:

  • You may have the decor spot on, but without a luxurious area rug, you will miss the elegance of the bedroom. Area rugs define a bedroom with comfort and warmth, and who wants a bedroom without these elements? Rugs can accentuate the bedroom style without being dramatic and taking over the essence of the decor.
  • You are missing a style trick if you don't have art on the wall. Almost all elegant bedrooms have a focal point other than the bed and if you have some beautiful artwork that resonates with you, hang it on your bedroom wall.
  • Soft, inviting cushions and pillows are a must for the elegant bedroom, and plenty of them. Cushions add luxury to your bedroom, and if you have the color contrast correct, the feeling of elegance is undeniable.
  • Hanging lights can make or break the decor of a bedroom. Many styles and designs of chandeliers, from traditional to modern, achieve the same elegance in the bedroom. Do you have room for a faux chandelier?
  • Nightstands often go overlooked, they are functional items of the bedroom hardware, but upgrading to something with style, such as a French design, will add a certain je ne sais quoi to your bedroom.
  • Keep the floor clear. It should be clear if you need to place your clothes somewhere. Designate a stool in a space that is out of eyesight.

What is classy in the bedroom?

Your bedroom should use the “F word” function. Beyond that, you can start to make your bedroom feel and look classy.

Here are some top tips to make your bedroom look and feel classy:

  • Choose a headboard that stands out from the crowd. Remember, scale and proportion are essential for your headboard. If your bed is low, a high headboard will look ridiculous. Choose a soft material over hardwoods. Softness in a bedroom is a must for the classy vibe.
  • Use stylish lighting to add glam to your bedroom. Lighting can be overlooked, but it's an essential ingredient in a classy bedroom that can make or break the vibe.
  • Ensure your mirrors are framed with elegant frames, anything less may look modern, but it will detract from the classy vibe.
  • Every classy bedroom has a bed bench where you can sit and put on your shoes or slip them off at the end of the cocktail party. Padded bed benches can coordinate with the bedroom decor.
  • Pile on the pillows and make your bed a haven of comfort and sumptuous luxury.
  • Use an elegant plush bed throw to accentuate the feeling of warmth and comfort in this glorious space.

How can I make my bedroom look unique?

It's not a science; it's an art. Here's what happens with primary bedrooms, you pick up a catalog and order everything matching your bedroom. It may be in a color like black, which will bring elegance! Or at least you thought so.

If you have a bedroom styled like this, then it demonstrates your lack of will to give thought to your bedroom. Don't look at catalogs for inspiring bedrooms that are unique.

Ok. When styling your bedroom to be unique, only match your bed frame and the nightstands. Every other piece of furniture in your bedroom should be an individual piece unless you are stuck in the 60s and 70s.

Will this make your bedroom BOHO? No, not unless you wish to create this look which by its very nature is unique. 

Let's get inspired.

1. Abundance of style

Creating an elegant bedroom is not about using lots of colors. It's more about using your artistry to create a semi-minimal design that is not minimalistic.

The gorgeous silver grays are domineering in this bedroom, but because the colors are light and reflective, they work well together. Of course, with a color scheme like this, you can add some beautiful colors to accessories like the phased blue cushions on the bed.

The nightstands have an art-deco vibe that makes an objective statement in the bedroom with their glossy metallic finish.

The high headboard is essential in the bedroom to allow tall architectural bedside lamps to be used together with a tall flower plinth in the corner of the bedroom.

Delicate artwork that does not overwhelm the bedroom makes for the perfect elegant bedroom.

2. Chandeliers and mirror

If you think elegance is reserved for the confines of a larger bedroom, then you will be wrong. You can make any bedroom elegant with a bit of thought and clever use of space and illusions.

If your headboard is a neutral color, you may find it hard to make your bed the focal point of the bedroom, especially if you have gorgeous teal color drapes and bed accents.

Painting a band of tela on the wall behind the bed is a masterpiece of design, and framing it draws your eyes where they are meant to be, where you discover the elegant mirror.

Lighting in an elegant bedroom is a fundamental element. Without it, you will struggle to pull off the look you desire.

The chandelier wall lots are an expression of class, and when paired with a central chandelier, the bedroom becomes elegant and cohesive.

3. Simple elegance

Elegance is not a complicated concept. If you see someone who has elegantly dressed with simple accessories, this concept translates directly to your bedroom with a few more additions.

A rule of elegance in the bedroom is no clutter. If you have natural light, use it to its best to flood the bedroom in bright light.

In a large bedroom, you should use an area rug to define the sleeping space and give a feeling of warmth and comfort when you place your feet on the floor in the morning. If your bedroom is smaller or you are on a budget, you could use carpet runners on either side of the bed as long as that is symmetrical.

Concerning bedroom furnishing, only match your bedframe with your nightstands, and then everything else is a unique piece of furniture that deserves space in your bedroom.

4. Elegance on a budget

Like most people, you have the misconception that elegance is expensive. It can be, but it doesn't have to be.

Let's break this bedroom down into its component parts.

  • Natural light gives the bedroom a stark look, but we should use natural light whenever it's available for its sheer brightness.
  • Some may think cool white walls are clinical, but in this bedroom, they are cool and set the bedroom's ambiance.
  • A wood bed frame is affordable for almost anyone considering an elegant bedroom.
  • Simple bed linen.
  • Throws over chairs.
  • A simple patterned white rug.
  • A low french style nightstand that has been painted.
  • An ornate baroque style mirror frame.
  • An ornate chandelier.

The sum parts of this bedroom do not equal elegance, but when combined with the essentials of elegance, the room is transformed with the beautiful chandelier and the framed mirror.

Classy nightstands bring the bedroom together in a triumphant victory of creating elegance on a budget.

5. You’ve either got it, or you don't!

We pick a style from a lifetime of exposure to different artworks and architecture, but some styles are just beyond what we have learned and seem innate within our psyche.

This traditional bedroom has a unique headboard and matching cushions. It may not be something you would ever consider as a fabric for your headboard. Still, its unique quirkiness has an elegant charm that is undeniably beautiful.

Being brave and taking chances on fabrics are crucial elements in the design. It works most of the time or fails miserably, but when it does work, you are left with your own idea of style and uniqueness that is sublime and incredibly classy.

6. Be unique

Being unique does not necessarily translate into elegance, so be selective when choosing statement pieces for your bedroom.

This is another small bedroom demonstrating that being classy and elegant is not about size but style. Many art pieces available may not have any personal resonance with you but will work with the bedroom decor.

Large pieces of abstract art can become the focal point of the bedroom, so they should be hung over the bed as this is the intrinsic focal point of any bedroom.

Are you excluded from using a center pendant light just because you have perfect downlights? If it is not a chandelier in style, choose a unique light that compliments the bedroom.

7. Bohemian chic elegance

Is the notion of elegance a construct of the mind or something we have been indoctrinated with? Why ask such a vague question? Well, is the Bohemian chic elegance something that everyone would consider elegant?

The BOHO vibe can be eclectic and endearing because each piece of the decor has earned its place in the bedroom, but if you strip away the electric part of the BOHO vibe, you are left with this glamorous chic, individual look.

It is warm, inviting, and somewhat sensual at the same time. There are no crystal chandeliers because they are typically replaced with ratan lampshades that throw wonderful shades in the evening.

For many, it is the foundation of elegance with a chic style which is sadly not always associated with elegant bedrooms.

8. Modern farmhouse elegance

If you keep up with bedroom trends, you will know the modern farmhouse look is red hot this year. But how can you add elegance to a modern farmhouse bedroom?

It's easier than you may have first considered. In this bedroom, the Gray bed frame and headboard are the focal point of the bedroom despite the full-length windows looking out onto nature.

White walls and white-washed timber cladding set the scene for a uniquely elegant bedroom without the glamor.

Color can make a huge difference in a bedroom, and the choice of the dusty light blue bedspread in contrast to the silver-gray headboard and bedframe is perfect.

The area rug brings warmth and timeliness to the bedroom, which in itself is an elegant, clean vibe to create, add to blue bedroom chairs and a slightly out-of-place bed bench, and you have achieved simple elegance in a modern farmhouse setting.

9. Pink elegance is for big girls

Pink is a glorious color that can make a bedroom feel sensual and grounded. It's a color of love, but few people associate pink with elegance. You must rethink your color palette if you think pink is for the girl's bedroom.

Adding pink accents to a bedroom that would not be classed as elegant will transform the bedroom into a chic, elegant bedroom for the girl about town.

Combined with the monochromatic image of Paris, you have created elegance from the city where elegance was born.

Is elegance a style?

Yes and no. Elegance runs deeper than style. It is a mindset that follows fashion and simplistically takes the very best to create a unique look with a chicness that is undefinable.

However, you can undoubtedly take the concept of elegance and create a gorgeous bedroom where you can relax and appreciate your styling.

Is there one thing that contributes to elegance in a bedroom? Your lighting style. Chandeliers will transform a bedroom from average to elegant.