13 Emerald Green Bedroom Ideas

Calm, cozy, emerald green bedroom ideas.
13 Emerald Green Bedroom Ideas
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Many people are apprehensive about using Emerald green as a color for their bedrooms. There are a lot of negative connotations to Emerald green which were born from folklore and superstitions.

So, is emerald green the biggest faux pas you could make in selecting a color for your bedroom walls? Would you be better abdicating the responsibility of using Emerald green to an interior designer?

We will give you an authoritative overview of how you can use Emerald green to great effect in your bedroom and more such as:

  • Is emerald green versatile as a color
  • Does emerald green help you to relax
  • What's the folklore behind emeralds green's negative connotations
  • What colors match best with emerald green

Let's dive in and learn more about emerald green bedroom ideas.

Are there colors that can be used to compliment Emerald green?

Yes, there are many colors that complement and contrast fantastically well with Emerald green, such as:

  • Charcoal gray and shades thereof.
  • Rose quartz.
  • Off whites, including Ivory.
  • Yellow-green.
  • Lime green.
  • Beige and tones of warmer white like magnolia.

If you think Emerald green only comes in one shade, then think again. There is a narrow spectrum of Emerald green colors, some contain blue hues, and others have a deep saturation.

So, using emerald green in your bedroom may be a lot easier than you first thought possible if you are looking to reminisce about the rolling hills of your home country.

If trying to introduce a feeling of calm serenity into your bedroom to help deal with sleep disorders, then Emerald green could be the very best choice for your bedroom.

1. Yes it's on the spectrum

Green is a wonderful calming color and the use of emerald green may fill the hearts of homeowners with fear and dread but relax, its doesn't have to be the very rich deep emerald green to use this color.

Using a less saturated green will make you feel light-hearted, and you will wake feeling refreshed and full of life.

Green always goes well with complimenting white and accessories that make the green pop.

Green is a color of nature; as such, if you can introduce natural wood tones such as the floor in this image, the color benefits and the overall appearance of the bedroom.

Hope to create this look?

Keep the design simple, don't use ornate features, the white and green are quite a modern look and will go well with contemporary furnishings.

A bright room with natural daylight is a perfect way to make the green sing but you can achieve the same look with lighting strategically placed around the bedroom.

How easy is it to achieve this look? This is the easiest look to achieve, an accent wall and then everything else painted brilliant white, walls and ceiling, this showcases the main feature.

Use similar color accessories but you can also introduce some darker tones to add depth to the room if you wish.

 2. Emerald green meets contemporary

Emerald green may be associated with an aged design technique that has long gone with the superstition of fairies.

The truth is when Emerald green is applied in the right bedroom with dimensions that can deal with the rich color and saturation it becomes a color that looks contemporary and as such matches the room and furnishings perfectly.

Did you know Emerald green helps you to relax and calms the electrical signals in the brain which could be causing insomnia or disturbed sleep cycles?

Of course, Emerald green when paired with natural tones from nature is going to stand out magnificently.

How to create this look?

The bedroom uses the 60-30-10 rule for dark accent walls, the bedroom is 60% of the predominant color and 10% of the dark accent wall color, and 30% contrasting colors if needed.

When using dark accent walls the formula will help you to create a masterpiece.

Keep the other walls bright and introduce neutral tones such as light browns and shades of beige.

Don't forget the pot plants to add further depth and character to the bedroom.

How easy is it to achieve this look? This is another easy look to recreate, the room is tall so makes the accent look even better. 

Paint the wall your desired shade of Emerald green and then the walls and ceiling white. Accessorize with neutral tones and introduce some wood into the room to complete the look.

If you don't have a beech laminate floor you can achieve the same look with a light carpet.

3. Emerald green and monochrome

It's an astounding fact that emerald green pairs flawlessly with Emerald green and with green colors across a wide spectrum.

If your artwork consists of monochrome images then there is no better color to display your image to great effect.

This sumptuous bedroom with molded wall trim is a testament to how well Emerald green can be used in a bedroom. 

For bold and brave designers, this is a color that could make your career accelerate as you brandish your personality and prowess with insistence and confidence in your color selection.

Gray is a tone that brings balance and cohesiveness to the bedroom and the room is a triumph of relaxation and rich color.

How to create this look?

Choose a beautiful rich shade of emerald green and create an accent wall to be proud of. The wall trim is an easy option and breaks the line of the color adding further interest to the accent wall.

Select matching and contrasting bedding and accessories to showcase the color to its full.

The use of the Yew-colored floor with its yellow gold tones is the perfect complement to the bedroom.

How easy is it to achieve this look? The look is simple to recreate, there is no need to add the trim work to the wall, this trim is found in period homes and can be slightly tricky to apply to the wall for a DIY enthusiast.

If you don't have a wood floor use laminate or gold or beige colored carpet.

4. Calming child's bedroom

You may not have thought about using Emerald green in a child's bedroom but if you understand the properties of Emerald green it could be the best choice you make for your child.

Green is a fantastic color for introducing calm and peacefulness into a bedroom or any room if you have the right light conditions.

This simple child's bedroom is full of tones that match and compliment the Emerald green accent wall, the bedding has earthy tones, and the timer bedside tables are a glorious addition to the room

Again, don't be afraid to use black with Emerald green the two colors absorb each other innately

How to create this look?

A simple room to design with the amount of natural light flooding into the bedroom. The light walls and wood floor allow for the rich green to be added and contrast with the earthy tones of the bedroom.

The black bed frame and light shade may not work in any other setting but in this room, they tie the room together.

Use earthy accessories and do the same with the choice of bedding for this calming look and feel.

How easy is it to achieve this look? White walls and an Emerald green accent wall are so easy to achieve, it's child's play!

Look for unusual pieces to create the bedroom like the log-style bedside tables to add intrigue to the bedroom.

5. Bring it up a tone

The richness and saturation of the Emerald green can be too much for a contemporary style bedroom so bring the tone up a notch or two.

You will still achieve the calming effect of the color and create a spectacular bedroom, Emerald green couples well with gray tones of all shades from scallop shell gray to charcoal gray with its deep tones with a hint of blue.

It goes without saying that emerald green and light-colored timber is a match made in heaven so exploit this design concept to maximize the look of the bedroom.

How to create this look?

It's traditional thinking to place the bed in the center of the wall so, bravo for breaking with tradition and maximizing wall space.

The use of gray for shelving is a great choice, and combined with the natural wood tones the room design is faultless.

The bedding and rug are commanding statements that compliment the design.

How easy is it to achieve this look?  It's an easy look to recreate, painted accent wall, and white everything else, the bedroom benefits enormously from accessories that have earthly tones and complement the green.

It is a DIY designer's utopia scenario to create this bedroom.

6. Emerald green the distortion of the facts

The distortion of the facts that surround emerald green is stunning when you consider that Emerald green is considered to be an unlucky color due to its superstitions surrounding fairies.

Green was also thought to be a color that belonged to these spirits or fairies, and people believed the fairies held the color so dearly that they would be hostile towards anyone else who used it.

This superstitious idea has since evolved, with some stage actors believing green brings bad luck to their performances.

However, by putting the fairies to one side you can create a beautiful bedroom with the use of Emerald green that would be beyond your wildest thoughts.

How to create this look?

Not all accent walls are in one piece and they can be often interrupted by windows or other features of the home. Continuing the theme in line with the 60-30-10 rules will provide you with an awesome look.

It is imperative to leverage the crispness of the brilliant white to make the Emerald green pop. Neutral tone accessories and bedding will bring the room together in a cohesive fashion achieving a stunning masterful piece of design.

How easy is it to achieve this look?  The look is easy to achieve if you are a skillful painter and do your preparation work before starting.

After applying your paint it all down to soft furnishings and accessories,  if you can bring some natural wood into the mix it will make the room look well designed and not contrived.

7. Emerald green with an industrial vibe

One of the great advantages of using Emerald green as an accent wall is you can introduce random items that may not complement a different color bedroom.

The introduction of the gray industrial style lighting is a classic design cue that should be applauded in this bedroom set.

Combined with the maple gym-style wood floor the look is complete and the bedroom has an amazing vibe of modern and historic, it's a look that is difficult to achieve.

Matching bedding and the use of grey for the pillows and duvet bring the room together in a homogeneous order.

How to create this look?

Think outside of the box and use design elements that would not be expected in a bedroom, such as industrial-style lamps.

The maple wood floor brings coherence to the bedroom with its light golden hue.

Use complimenting grays and matching bedding to accessorize the bedroom together with dove gray as the contrasting color.

How easy is it to achieve this look? Achieving the retro look with an industrial lighting theme is an easy look to achieve.

The expanse of the bedroom may make you consider using a professional decorator but it is easily a DIY project for the experienced painter.

8. Taking the path of least resistance

You don't always have to break out the decoration tools to achieve the look you want for your bedroom and in some ways, this is the perfect way to apply Emerald green to your decor repertoire.

The use of the quilted emerald green bedspread and soft emerald green cushions is a master class in bedroom styling.

The other concepts of using such a rich color in your bedroom have been maintained with the use of gray textured cushions and the gray painted wooden wall, while white remains dominant elsewhere in the bedroom.

Wood is an important factor when using emerald green and the floor is existential to the overall look of this room.

How to create this look?

When simplicity rears itself then you must take a firm hold and use the simple process to its full.

The beautiful bedroom with gray walls and white domineering walls is the perfect backdrop to utilize soft furnishing in an emerald green color to create a stunning bedroom.

No need to over-accessorize in this bedroom, the emerald green bedspreads say everything about your style.

How easy is it to achieve this look? If you have a room with a panoramic window and it's already painted out the look can be achieved in minutes with soft furnishings.

Although the emerald green bedspread is perfect, pay attention to the small details such as how you intend to light this bedroom, the bedroom is modern and traditional,  a paradox in design if there was ever one.

9. It works in small bedrooms too?

If you feel emerald green is only suited to large bedrooms then you will be wrong. This beautiful color works in rooms of small dimensions that you would find in an average family home.

Using emerald green in a small bedroom may seem a challenge, is it going to make the dimensions of the bedroom close in and make it feel claustrophobic?

The answer is no, in fact, the opposite is true, emerald green gives the room a sense of calm and tranquility so the dimensions of the bedroom become a secondary consideration.

Only use emerald green on one wall and keep the other walls white for the best look.

How to create this look?

Paint the small waller as the accent wall so as not to overpower the bedroom with a rich color.

Use monochrome and neutral colors such as gray for accessorizing. Use simple lighting and leave the complexity of the bedroom to the deep saturation of the emerald green color.

 How easy is it to achieve this look? It's a standard bedroom so nothing could be easier to decorate to achieve an amazing look.

Keep it simple and bright and you will have a beautiful bedroom. Definite a job for the DIY enthusiast.

10. Be creative and experiment with color

Emerald green has some parameters that should be met if you are going to use the color as an accent wall in your bedroom and those parameters are not normally challenged, but when they are a new design is born.

The golden pillows and bedspread bring the bedroom to life and add a certain je ne sais quoi of disbelief of how well this combination actually works.

Of course, the natural wood floor and muted rug all play a huge role in the look but the focal point has been taken away from the accent which is a stroke of genius.

How to create this look?

Be bold, you know what works with emerald green so push the boundaries and try other bold colors to contrast and contradict the main theme of the bedroom.

Minimalist lighting and furnishings are needed to let the colors speak for themselves.

How easy is it to achieve this look?  If you have the artistic flair it's an easy look to achieve, to apply the paint to the walls is a DIY project. 

The soft furnishings are a creation that a DIY expert may not be able to achieve so you may need some inspiration or just copy the look.

11. Emerald green wallpaper

Painting walls give a great look but they can be one-dimensional and lose their appeal over a short span so why not jazz up the emerald green accent wall by using wallpaper.

You can find that adding texture and patterns to the wall can make the room have a different vibe, the wallpaper in the image may give different vibes to different people, even if it appears like the art deco roaring forties to some folks.

Adding depth and patterns to your bedroom will give you greater versatility with accessories such as pulling the tone of the lines from the wallpaper color and using that tone as a complimenting feature of the bedroom.

The possibilities are endless with a little imagination.

How to create this look?

Select wallpaper with a pattern and some depth to break the overall theme of the emerald green.

Add natural notes by utilizing wood grains with a yellow hue to accentuate the emerald green, while choosing bold accessories such as gold or bright yellows.

How easy is it to achieve this look? If you are a dab hand with a paste brush and wallpaper table then this DIY job is a walk in the park, if not you may want to use a professional to hang the papers as there will be a lot of repeating patterns to be aligned.

If you use a textured emerald green wallpaper there will be less waste than patterned paper.

12. Emerald green accents for that rich accent

There are times when girls just have to have pink in their bedroom and who could blame them for their feminine choices.

However, emerald green is more versatile than you may have thought and you can add that opulent rich feeling into the bedroom.

Flanking the black bed frame with emerald green curtains takes this bedroom decor to a new level of regalness while maintaining the feminine aspects of the bedroom.

Furthermore, the emerald green compliments the pink soft tones through the bedroom and makes the white bed linen look inviting and sumptuous.

How to create this look?

Creating a masterpiece takes time and effort and certainly artistic flair, so contrast the bright tones of the bedroom with emerald green curtains for a clean crisp look while adding serenity to the bedroom.

The eclectic collection of colors in this bedroom may be mesmerizing to some of you but the key thing is the versatility of the emerald green can stand alone and not clash with the color palette.

How easy is it to achieve this look? The overall look of the bedroom is an easy concept as pinks and pale blues are frequently paired together, and the white walls and white bedding need a deep contrast which is what the emerald green curtains do.

It's a DIY project with some inspiration.

13. Emerald mustard and white combo!

The misconception over the use of emerald green as a color in a bedroom is somewhat mind-boggling as the color is versatile and rich while having a calming effect.

This room works on many levels: the mustard bedspread matches the maple or yew wood flooring, the dark mahogany is contrasted by the mustard, and then the emerald green accent wall is interrupted with bright white curtains.

Forget the pattern chevron wall, which is insignificant in the overall design as the emerald green swallows the patterns.

The bedroom is a triumph of the use of colors that contrast and match in the same room which is difficult to achieve with bold saturated tones.

How to create this look?

Bold colors are difficult to match, there is normally very little room for compromise, this is why opposite contrast works so a week, to create this look spend hours with your color swatches and work out which colors are going to work on a bigger scale such as in your bedroom.

Once you have the formula correct then choose lighting that is chic and on the minimalist side, too many other designs will spoil the overall look of the bedroom.

How easy is it to achieve this look? The decoration element of the bedroom is simple if you are a competent painter. The design aspect may be more challenging for some of you and you will need to be inspired.

Use the image for inspiration and know that yellows and natural tones in a predominantly white bedroom will work wonderfully for your desired look.

Is emerald green for you?

Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to define the parameters of emerald green as a color to be used in a bedroom setting.

The color is known to be versatile and this has been demonstrated adequately through the chosen designs.

Emerald green brings relaxation and serenity to a bedroom where you can flick off your slippers and lay back and contemplate the day as you unwind in a beautiful bedroom with an emerald green accent wall.

You don't need to live in a sprawling mansion to make emerald green a feature in your bedroom, emerald green works perfectly in the average size of a small bedroom and brings a lot of depth and character to what once could have been a dull bedroom.

How to use emerald green? Stick to the 60-30-10 formula, it's not cast in stone but try to keep 10% of the bedroom for the accent wall and the other walls and the ceiling should be a light color contrast.