9 Grey and pink bedroom ideas

Modern, cozy and stylish bedroom design.
9 Grey and pink bedroom ideas
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Do you struggle to match colours together? It is hardly surprising with the variety of colours available for bedrooms, from paints and wallpapers to bedding and accessories. Even with a colour wheel, making the correct choice can be a nightmare for many. But how about pink and grey as bedfellows? It seems like an unlikely match!

In this article, we will explore the use of grey and pink in the bedroom and determine if this colour combination actually works or if interior designers are pushing their ideas a little too far.

Let's get into it.

Do grey and pink go together in the bedroom?

Despite the tendency to think of these two colours as polar opposites, they do actually work well together. It is hard to believe that the depths of charcoal grey could support a blush pink, but they complement each other very well to make what you may consider a classy bedroom.

If you accept the psychology of colour as being relevant, then grey has very little to offer other than neutrality and balance, which is why it is such a popular colour to use in decor.

Similarly, the colour psychology of pink is feminine and flirty, relaxing and, if too bright, somewhat gregarious and annoying.

But when mixed together, greys of all shades tones down the dominance of pink, making the colour more acceptable in an adult's bedroom, male or female.

What Colours go with grey and pink bedroom?

Different colours go well with varying shades of grey, there is no set formula or one size fits all when it comes to pairing colours together.

Darker grey tones can be paired with white and cream, mustard brown, and even bright yellow should you wish to bring vivid colour to the bedroom.

Blues are an obvious choice for matching with grey, and darker grey is contrasted sublimely with electric blues that bring a sense of excitement to a bedroom.

As we move from dark to lighter tones, the colour palette becomes more pastel-oriented, with the use of mint greens, lime green, and even teal green is a match made in heaven.

Grey and pink are forgiving colours when it comes to adding bold colours into the bedroom but stick with accessories to introduce bold colours and leave the grey for the accent wall and ponds for the bedding and drapes.

What Colours go well with grey in a bedroom?

If you use grey in your bedroom, you are lucky if you plan to introduce vivid colours as contrasts to the stoic traditional grey. Grey is a forging colour that compliments a wide array of colours, from pastels to vivid, vibrant colours that you may have never considered  for your bedroom decor.

Here are some ideas to whet your appetite:

  • Dark Grey + Electric Blue. Grey + Light Blue.
  • Grey + Gold. Grey + Gold. 
  • Charcoal + Dark Green. Grey + Dark Green. 
  • Grey + Lime. Grey + Light Green. 
  • Grey + Orange Soda. Grey + Orange. 
  • Dusk + Blush. Grey + Light Pink. 
  • Grey + Cherry Red. Grey + Red. 
  • Light Grey + Yellow. Grey + Yellow.

You will notice white and creamy colours have been excluded from the list, which separated the vibrant modern decor colours from the traditional mature colour palette for bedroom decor.

What shade of pink goes with grey?

The buzzword of interior designers is blush pink. For some reason, they pair grey and blush pink together as if it is a marriage made in heaven when the truth is not.

Blush pink has far too much red for it to be a perfect pink for pairing with grey. Maybe it has more use in a young adolescent female's bedroom than an adult's.

For many of you, spending too much time around blush pink would be nauseating at the very least, despite the forgiving calmness of grey.

Suppose you introduce dusty pinks into the mix. In that case, the bedroom will take on a new dimension as the pink lifts the bedroom and makes a definitive female's flirty vibe to the room, creating warmth and sensuality with a calming tranquillity and softness that dusty pink tones can bring to a bedroom.

However, grey comes in many shades, from ash grey right through to charcoal grey, and each tone will impact the colour you choose to pair with the grey colour.

What accent colour goes with pink and grey?

For the most impact, green is an excellent colour to match with grey and pink, the trio are excellent bedfellows, and you can introduce green by simply bringing a potted plant to the bedroom with some full foliage.

If you want to be bold, then dark blue is a great alternative that perfectly exhibits the lighter pink tones while sitting well with any shade of grey.

Let's go for some inspiration

1. Mature bedroom 

You may not associate mature bedrooms using grey and pink as part of the bedroom decor. Still, the truth is it is a beautiful combination of colours that is timeless and traditional. 

Add some flowers into the mix, and you have a bedroom that is mature and traditional but a bedroom that celebrates pink and red hues that are bought together in a cohesive crescendo with the green foliage.

If you recall, green was mentioned as one of the best colour combos for grey and pink, and introducing a house plant or two to the bedroom was sufficient enough to bring the trilogy of colours together.

Think again if you thought dark grey and pink might not be a great combination. The grey in this bed is verging on black, and it is a glorious colour to accentuate and elevate the bedroom.

2. Keep the room balanced

It is really ok to go dark or light with grey, but there is a point that some bedrooms need balance and structure to the colour scheme, so the colours are in harmonious coordination with each other.

Smaller bedrooms can become engulfed in overwhelming dark colours, and regardless of the amount of pink and vibrant colours you introduce, the bedroom will never be balanced.

In this small bedroom, dove grey paint on the storage units with metallic door knobs is a classic design cue when using grey.

The light pink bed frame, almost salmon pink, is somewhat washed out by the bright white bedding and the simple bed adornment.

Balance and harmony are essential in any bedroom, any size, but the colour combo must be spot on if you wish to make a statement and have a bedroom with impact.

3. Charcoal and Fuschia pink

If you use deeper pinks such as Fuschia pink, then balance out the colour combo with a darker grey, this charcoal grey headboard with soft Fuschia pink inlay is a glorious example of how two colours can work sublimely well together.

A design tip for using darker greys like charcoal is you need to introduce some metallics like bras into the equation to make the colours pop and work harmoniously together.

The brass beading and brass night lamps are the perfect examples of how this design style works best in this classy bedroom.

Many of you may feel that grey and pink combos are contemporary colours; to some extent, they are, and you would be right to think this. However, When harmonised, the colours make an exceptionally classy and elegant vibe with their richness and depth of colour.

4. It's okay to use colours sparingly

It is easy to think that a bedroom makeover is going all in a spending hours painting and buying new furnishing, but that's not always the best way to go about a bedroom makeover. You can start simple and move forward from a point where you feel comfortable with the colour combo.

This bedroom is predominantly white, the perfect canvas for adding colours to the bedroom but erring on the safe side, adding a silver grey duvet cover with a traditional pattern and a button-top pink bed bench is a safe way to explore colours.

Is silver grey the best colour combo for this bedroom? It may not be, but although you start with a blank canvas, white reflects light, possibly making the silver grey seem washed out as a colour.

Remember, balance and harmony are keys to creating a perfect bedroom when using any colours.

5. Bringing glam to the bedroom

Updating your dressing table and storage closets with a coat of pink paint is the perfect way to bring this magnificent colour to your bedroom. Most people think that paint goes on walls, but you can paint furniture to add glorious accents to the bedroom.

The only thing missing is a dark grey duvet colour to compliment the pink dresser.

Adding florals or flowers to a bedroom is also the perfect way to explore how shades of pink can work in a bedroom. If you add some foliage, then you will bring the bedroom into a new sphere of decor that will look awesome.

6. Classic warmth with muted tones

This incredible bed frame is old and fashionable and cleverly painted grey to look like it's coated with primer. It is a smart move to bring authenticity to a piece of bedroom furniture.

Light dusty pinks against a pink accent wall creates a feeling of warmth against the contrasting cold light of day.

A gorgeous tasselled bed throw brings more warmth to the bedroom, and then a sublet hint of vibrant green hits you from the fern fronds in the fireplace.

Balance and harmony are epitomised in the warm traditional bedroom.

7. Be subtle

Many females will shy away from grey accent walls, and maybe they feel this colour is too masculine for a bedroom. The truth is light grey is not obtrusive and could be considered to be gender neutral with its inoffensive appearance.

A light grey such as ash grey for an accent wall can be the ultimate backdrop for a feminine touch in the bedroom, such as the floor-to-ceiling pink sheer drapes that will diffuse the daylight with a hint of pink in the bedroom.

A delicate bed throw and a patterned cushion are all that's needed to be subtle in your decor style for you to create a bedroom that resonates with your design style while utilising two beautiful colours.

8. Pink in the sepia canopy

Murals are wonderful for bedrooms, but if your mural is essentially black and white, you will certainly need to bring balance to the bedroom to accentuate the mural and bring comfort and warmth to the bedroom.

It may sound like a monumental task, but it is not, this can be done simply by using a plush pink headboard, and the colours are tied together spectacularly.

While sleeping surrounded by the canopy of the jungle, you need a visual sense of comfort and warmth. This could be achieved through other bedding accessories such as a duvet or plush bed throw, but for this bedroom, the headboard is a smart move.

9. Pink Flamingos

Did you know that Flamingos are pink from eating brine shrimp and algae?

Grey can be used in a small bedroom in mid to lighter tones, such as this small yet stylish and comfortable bedroom.

Although light grey dominates the bedroom furniture with its superb lightness and calmness, the three pink accessors are the statement pieces in the bedroom. They place the grey at the back of the room and take centre stage.

This demonstrates the incredibly powerful colour of pink in the bedroom, which compliments greys of all shades and saturation exceptionally well.

What pink goes best with grey?

The majority of mid-range colours of grey, which is a neutral colour, will naturally go well with other hues.

Show caution when choosing pink shades for the bedroom. Bright pinks can be domineering and somewhat childlike, while other pinks like Fuschia pink can be too sweet for a bedroom.

While grey tones are very forgiving of vivid colours, you will still need to visualise a balanced and harmonious bedroom if you want your bedroom to make a visual impact.