13 Handbag Storage Ideas That Will Save You A Ton Of Space

Organize handbags for stylish storage.
13 Handbag Storage Ideas That Will Save You A Ton Of Space
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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If you buy designer handbags, they need care and attention. Unless a wardrobe or closet is custom-made, they do not facilitate the storage of handbags. If you look in your wardrobe or clothes closet, where do you place them? What's a girl to do in this situation?

Handbags and purses are frequently strewn around the home, including on the floor or tucked away in a nook or cranny, which is not the optimal care for your handbag.

In this article, we will go through some storage options for storing your handbags to prevent them from being crushed to keep them looking pristine.

Let's get into it.

How can I store my handbags?

There are a variety of ways you can store your handbags and gain space in your home and, at the same time, keep your handbags looking fabulous.

Here are a few pointers to consider:

  • Stack your handbags and purses vertically, and they will retain their shape. To prevent them from toppling, empty your handbag or purse and fill it with tissue. A t-shirt would suffice to keep the handbag standing upright.
  • Place bags that are less frequently used on a high shelf. The bags used frequently keep in easy reach.
  • Handbags need to breathe and can become moldy with a material that does not allow the bag to breathe naturally. Use a bag organizer, and you can fit multiple handbags into the organizer. Buy an organizer with fabric pouches.
  • Buy handbag hooks. They are readily available and provide an ideal solution for storing handbags and keeping them off the floor.
  • Use a handbag cabinet. It's the ideal storage solution and gives your handbags the space they deserve and require to keep them in good condition.
  • Acrylic dividers. There is typically enough space in an existing wardrobe to place acrylic dividers. The dividers are perfect for purses and clutch bags.
  • Over-door wire baskets are the perfect cradle for your expensive handbags. Store them in a breathable dust cover.
  • Use a bookshelf, and some terrific bookshelves have square compartments that look as if they have been designed specifically to store handbags.
  • Look for easy storage solutions such as hat stands and wall hooks. They are budget-friendly and do the job adequately.

With a bit of thought and application, you can solve your handbag storage problems and free up a ton of space around your home.

Let's explore some inspiring ideas.

1. The side only you see

How many of you don't take advantage of the storage space that doors offer? The back of the door going into your closet is an opportunity to extend your storage space and is perfect for your handbags.

You can add simple hooks to store 4 or 5 handbags or go all in and fix some storage baskets at the door's back. The weight of your handbags can be supported adequately by the door, so go ahead and add 3 or 4 baskets to increase the storage pace.

The baskets and hooks slip simply into a shelving bracket that is secured centrally to the drawer. This allows you some flexibility to provide space between your handbags.

2. Designer handbag storage

If you collect designer handbags, you need something better than a hook or two for your handbags. The investment can run into thousands of dollars, so having a dedicated space to store your handbags is reasonable. 

It doesn't need to have a glass front, but if it has, it's a convenient way of keeping your handbags dust free and makes an incredible display of beautiful designer handbags.

Storing your handbags in this way adds a little class to your storage area by displaying your luxury items stylishly and modernly.

3. Your the hooked

Walk-in closets can present you with more easily affordable options and out-and-out simple ways of storing your handbags without too much drama.

For a long time, you have been able to purchase bag hooks, you can find them online, and they provide a great way of hanging your handbags. They may not be suitable for high-end luxury bags if storing a handbag by its handle or straps send shivers up your spine. 

The average person may only have one or two luxury bags for high days and holidays. The rest are just regular nice bags; this is the perfect storage solution for your bags, they are nest and tidily stored, and more importantly, they are not on the floor.

4. Acrylic dividers

The acrylic divider unquestionably organizes your handbags. They are better suited for purses and clutch bags rather than your full-size luxury bag. If you wish, you could store your larger bags flat, it keeps them in good shape, and you can cut down on storage space.

To get the most out of your acrylic storage containers, it's best to empty the purses and clutch bags before storing them. If you have specific items for each bag, then empty the bag's content into a zip lock bag and mark which bag it came from.

It is a neat way to store purses and clutch bags that gives you easy access to the bag of your choice at a glance.

5. Elegance and luxury

Handbags are glorious accessories to display. They have beautiful designs and staggering colors and are just fabulous pieces that represent so much about your personality, the days when you are gregarious and the days when you are all business and focus intently on your goal.

Displaying your handbags in this way is not only beautiful, but it is also a pragmatic approach to how you can select your handbag for the day.

If ever you needed an excuse to buy another handbag, you have one. It would look awful if there were one storage compartment empty!

6. When space is at a premium

When space is at a premium, you have to look for practical solutions that do not take up too much space. Using this type of hanging handbag organizer is a fantastic way to store your handbags. You can store your blouse, trousers, and jackets side by side without encroaching on wardrobe space.

The organizer can accept larger bags to clutch bags and purses. Some of the organizers will hold eight handbags comfortably and are budget-friendly.

The only caveat is, for long-term storage, placing, say, a luxury bag made for leather in a storage organizer with non-breathable outer panels could cause your handbag to become jaded and even have mold growth.

7. Use door hooks

For hanging purses, use door hooks, it's easy and cheap, and you have easy access to your purses at a glance. Not all handbag and purse storage ideas need to be prohibitively expensive, and budgets are tight these days, so select a storage option that will work best for you.

The back of your door is typically just plain old white, nothing fancy, nothing exciting, so it is calling out for some use, some bright colors. What better way to achieve this than mounting door hooks and hanging your purses up?

Purses have some fantastic designs and great carry straps that will add to the decor of your room. It makes perfect sense to use this option.

8. Always together

This is a beautiful storage option, it keeps your bags together, and furthermore, your bags may not be in your closet or wardrobe. This box is from a set of bookshelves for a Nordic furniture supplier.

The box is perfect for storing handbags and purses, your luxury items can breathe easy, preventing mold growth, and when you place the box in the storage cabinet, you only see the side you want, which could be the entire side, so no one knows what is hidden away from sight.

Of course, you could have this shelving unit in your walk-in closet or in your bedroom, storing handbags and purses while masquerading as a bookshelf that displays your choice of literature.

9. Add rails

The most straightforward ideas are often the best in life, so adding rails to a wall inside a walk-in closet seems the obvious store solution for your designer handbags and purses.

Adding rails can be simple depending on the styling of your closet; if your closet is simple, you can add a single silver rail or a wood rail. The concept is to not have bags on the floor and handbags to be stored correctly to increase their longevity.

You will need to add some bag hooks to make these storage options work for you.

Bag hooks have been around for a long time—available online and great for hanging handbags. If the thought of holding a handbag by its handles or straps sends shivers down your spine, it may not be the place for luxury bags.

10. Designer storage space

If you have a lot of luxury designer handbags, then you may as well go all in to display your luxury bags on a tremendously attractive rack system, the gold frames will fit in most closets and bedrooms, surrounding your designer handbags with a feeling of opulence. 

It is a marvelous way to show off your handbags and adds to the decorative aesthetics of the bedroom.

If your handbags are going to be stored for some time, then it's worth storing the handbag inside a soft handbag dust cover. This will clearly prevent your bag from becoming dusty, but the bag will be apple to breathe through the soft material. It's possibly the best way to store luxury bags, and they can become faded from natural and artificial lighting.

11. Hat stand

Hat Stands are an excellent addition to the home, they can be modern or traditional or even downright quirky in some cases, but they add to the home, and guess what? They are perfect for hanging purses and handbags.

The convenience aspect of the hatstand as a handbag storage mechanism is incredible. The first thing you do when you walk through the door is take off your purse and wonder where to place it. On the floor again!

Hatstand can store multiple handbags and purses, and the cool part of your favorite will always be on view when you most need it on the way out of the door.

12. Did life just become easy?

Take a look inside your walk-in closet and see how much space is underutilized. If you have space doing nothing, then hang some wall hooks. It's the simplest solution to your problem.

You often overlook the most straightforward ways in favor of something more complicated and expensive when a wall hook would provide the solution better than any other idea you may have.

Wall hooks are vital if fixed correctly and can support an inordinate amount of weight, so don't be wary of the humble wall hook. They have been around for a lot longer than you or your parents for a very good reason.

13. Create a dedicated space and adapt the shelving

Luxury bags come in all shapes and sizes, from purses through to carryalls. One storage solution may not cover all of your criteria, assuming you want a solution for all of your luxury designer bags.

Create a space where you optimize the storage solution so it is customized to your own specifications. It sounds expensive, but it's an easy fix and budget-friendly.

Use standard shelving struts and brackets with half shelves, and you can create the height you need and have plenty of storage for all of your bags.

Final thoughts

The type of handbags and purses you own may dictate the storage solutions, and it may go against the grain to hang your luxury bag on a hatstand as a permanent storage solution and vice versa if you use fashion handbags. Using expensive storage solutions is not a viable option for most people.

However, there is always somewhere in the middle where luxury and fashion accessories can meet to have the desired effect for handbag storage, such as using acrylic dividers, this time, dividing is not going to conquer but bring like minds together.