How To Create a 100% Sustainable Bedroom

Sustainable Sleep for Green Living!
How To Create a 100% Sustainable Bedroom
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Global warming is an issue that concerns all of us. Therefore, we must take every small step to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Sustainable living can be achieved in many ways, whether in your daily lifestyle or bedroom. From choosing to use a reusable straw to big changes like installing solar panels, you can choose different ways to be more eco-friendly. By doing so, you make small contributions to save the planet and leave a better world behind. 

So, if you want to live more consciously, your bedroom is the best place to start. This article is an informative guide on how to make your bedroom more sustainable.   

Some Tips For An Eco-Friendly Bedroom  

1. Remove Anything Unsustainable

Start making your house more sustainable by removing objects and appliances in your bedroom that are consuming excess energy. It could be the electric blanket, the lighting bulbs, or other decorative lights. We suggest this because appliances like electric blankets can consume a lot of energy. So, it will be better to layer the duvet or use warmer sheets instead of these appliances. 

Your lighting system may also consume a lot of energy and may need to be more eco-friendly. So, the first thing you can do is switch to sustainable lighting options, like LED lights. Accordingly, identifying these energy-consuming appliances and removing them is an important step to making your bedroom more eco-friendly.  

2. Switch To Eco-Friendly Mattresses Made Of Natural Materials 

Most commercial mattresses are made with materials that are not natural. They contain harmful chemical toxins, toxic adhesives, and other petroleum-based foams. These chemicals can irritate the skin and continue to release toxins long after they are discarded. As such, they cause immense harm to the environment as they decompose in landfills. 

Today, there are multiple natural alternatives for a more sustainable mattress. Natural materials like organic latex, hemp, or memory foams are more sustainable and eco-friendly. So, when you decide to buy a new mattress, you can look for these materials and switch to a more eco-friendly mattress. 

That said, most mattresses can cause health issues like skin rash as they get old and develop mold and dust mites. Moreover, mold infestation will turn your mattress into a hotspot for diseases. But with natural latex mattresses, you are less likely to develop health issues. 

You can switch to natural latex mattresses as they will not irritate your skin and cause any rash issues. Some benefits of the eco-friendly mattress are as follows:

  • They are fire-resistant. 
  • They are temperature regulating.
  • They do not develop dust mites or molds and would not cause any health issues. 
  • They are breathable and offer a dry surface for a good night’s sleep. 

Furthermore, as you change your mattresses, it fills up the landfill and can be environmentally disastrous. So, you can always recycle and reuse it instead of throwing it away. There are many recycling centers that can help you make the change if you need help. You can get in touch with them by visiting the local centers or checking them online. 

3. Opt For Sustainable Bedroom Furniture 

Another way to create an eco-friendly bedroom is by opting for antique furniture. Your old bed frame, bed table, or lounge chair may rot and will need replacing. So, try looking into antique shops or thrift shops for a replacement. As a result, you’ll be saving some money as well as the planet. 

If your furniture is not old, but you need a change of décor, it might be more sustainable to donate the old beds or bed frames instead of throwing them away. While they may not be in style, they may be something someone else needs. Remember - one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Plus, you will not be wasting good furniture to rot away in a landfill.    

Moreover, handcrafted bamboo furniture can be a good option instead of wood. Wood furniture is made from trees that take many years to grow and mature. It is not the most eco-friendly method for home décor. 

Bamboo, on the other hand, grows quickly and is as durable as wood. Not to forget, bamboo is a pliable material, so you can use this versatile material to make all kinds of furniture, like your bed, bed frame, or lounge chair.   

4. Using Certified Organic Cotton Bedding 

An eco-friendly bedroom can also be achieved by simply changing your current bedding. There are certified organic cotton bedding that can be a good alternative. Changing into organic cotton bed covers, sheets, pillow covers, or throw blankets will be a big change for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Note that synthetic cotton bedding sheets are made with harsh chemical treatments. Due to such chemical treatments, your bedding can cause skin rashes. Organic cotton bedding sheets are more soft, breathable, and safe for your skin. Needless to say, they are also more sustainable. 

Pillows and cushions are also important add-ons to your bed. They can, however, be made of synthetic fibers that are hard to decompose and so are not eco-friendly. Switching your pillows from these toxic materials to more organic fiber will go a long way in saving the earth.    

5. Change Your Sleepwear

Another change one can make for an eco-friendly lifestyle in the bedroom is to change sleepwear. There are many sustainable sleepwear options in the market one can choose from and switch to if we only look for them. For instance, cotton-based materials are a more natural and eco-friendly sleepwear option. They are soft, breathable, and as comfortable as any other sleepwear giving you better sleep.  

6. Choose Sustainable Bedroom Décor

We often get bored with our bedroom décor and want to replace it with a new style. In doing that, we can always opt for eco-friendly decor. These are some ways you can have more sustainable decor. 

A. No-VOC Paint 

Many of the paints we use in our house contain volatile organic compounds and can release toxins that can be a health hazard. When you paint your bedroom, a good option is to use low-VOC paints or no-VOC paints. Some benefits of no VOC paints are: 

  • No VOC paints are all-natural paints as they are water-based and contain no harmful chemicals. 
  • Because they do not have harmful chemicals, no VOC paints do not release any harmful toxins into the environment. 
  • The strong smell of most paints can be nauseating, but there is no such smell with no VOC paints. 
  • They do not develop a yellowish tint and hence, are easy to maintain. 

Therefore, when you decide to paint your bedroom, you can choose no VOC paints as a sustainable, safe, and durable alternative.

B. Organic Rugs, Carpets, Or Curtains

Many of the decorative ornaments in our room are often made of non-organic materials. They are often produced with harmful chemicals that can cause health issues. In fact, rugs and carpets made out of synthetic or plastic fibers will have a rough feel to them over time. They are also harmful to the environment. As such, it is best to switch to more organic-based room décor. 

A handcrafted cotton rug will be a more eco-friendly option to use. They are made of natural fibers and will not harm the environment in the long run. 

Furthermore, decorative spaces like window curtains can also be changed to more sustainable materials. Natural cotton-based curtains will be as good as other synthetic ones.  

C. Other Sustainable Decor Options

Other decorations, like flowers or candles, can also be more sustainable and, as such, can be altered to live more consciously. For instance, natural flowers are attractive options for home décor. However, removing them from the garden and placing them in your bedroom may not be a good idea, as bees pollinate plants by feeding on these flowers. 

Hence, if you remove them from the garden, the bees will be devoid of their food source. So, you can try switching to flowers made from organic materials instead of natural flowers. 

Moving on, the scented candles you use while you sleep can also be harmful to the environment. They may contain substances that release toxic air when you light them. Instead, you can opt for organic wax candles made from soy wax or beeswax that do not release any toxic chemicals. So, choose more organic candles to light in your bedroom the next time you buy scented candles.         

7. Placing Houseplants 

Create an eco-friendly bedroom by placing more plants in the area. Plants like the snake plant, spider plant, English ivy, and many more such plants purify indoor air and filter out any toxins. Having them in your bedroom instead of other air-purifying appliances will help you reduce your carbon footprint. 

If you are worried about taking care of the plants, you need not worry. These plants require the least amount of care in terms of water and sunlight. Furthermore, their presence will provide optimal health and good sleep as they purify the air. They also add a distinctive style to your room with their green color. 

So, get a few more plants into your bedroom and live a more sustainable life.   

8. Insulating Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is not properly insulated, it can consume more energy to heat and cool. The heating and cooling costs of your house will also be high. Plus, using multiple electronic appliances for heating and cooling the room can lead to pollution. Hence, properly insulating your home will go a long way in the effort to live a more eco-friendly life. 

You can also use some natural techniques to insulate your eco-friendly bedrooms. For instance, you can open the windows instead of turning on the air conditioning system to cool the room during summer. You can also close the windows and insulate them properly for the winter season. Doing that will consume less energy to heat the room. 

These changes will reduce energy consumption and save you some money while you live a more eco-friendly life.  

9. Stick With What You Have

Sustainability isn’t always about buying “new” organic products. Remember - the most eco-friendly piece of clothing is one that you already own! So, if your current mattress and bedding work well for you, we recommend you stick to using them. Even if you buy a new mattress made of eco-friendly materials, it will still take time and energy to construct and transport it to your place. 

Instead, even if your current mattress does not contain the best materials, it’s best to keep using it to avoid unnecessary consumption. At the end of the day, the less you buy anything new, the better. 

So, to create a sustainable bedroom, you don’t have to go out of your way to buy eco-friendly mattresses or upgrade your wardrobe with new clothes made of eco-friendly materials. Unless your current mattress or bedroom decor is worn out or not functioning properly, make the most of it.

Final Words

Living a more eco-friendly life does not have to be difficult and stressful. You can make simple changes to your mattress, bed, bedding, sheets, or other décors and lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Knowing what some of these things are made of can go a long way in saving the planet. Remember, organic materials are always a better choice. 

Follow the above instruction and take the first step to save the world from global warming. You can then make a bigger contribution after you change your bedroom. Some options could be starting a kitchen garden, installing solar panels, and harvesting rainwater. 

These simple changes are also not just about sustainability, but they add more quality to your life. For instance, a kitchen garden will provide you with organic food. Not to forget, gardening can be a therapeutic hobby. So, do not wait and get started - take up these new sustainable changes and live a quality life!