How to Decorate a Bedroom for a Married Couple

Choose neutral colors. Add personal touches.
How to Decorate a Bedroom for a Married Couple
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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If you are a newlywed or a married couple reaching a milestone anniversary, there is always a burning question of how to decorate a married couple's bedroom. Should you be bold in your color scheme, or should you use a soft pastel color palette to make a bedroom conducive to intimacy? Is there a right or wrong way to decorate the bedroom of a married couple?

This article will give inspirational ideas on how to decorate a married couple's bedroom, where you should start, and how to complete the bedroom. Hence, it looks stunningly beautiful and is a joint reflection of your marriage.

Let's dive in and learn how to create the best bedroom and more such as:

  • Taj Mahal styling
  • The first cut is the deepest
  • Have I told you lately
  • Keeping on budget

How can I make the bedroom of a married couple intimate?

You need to understand some techniques to make your bedroom intimate, which revolve around joint decisions and agreed-on compromises on decor.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Make the bed the focal point of your bedroom regardless of decor, the marital bed is a key to a long-lasting marriage and should have an elevated status in the bedroom.
  • Introduce colors that you both associate with romance, it may be soft pinks or passionate reds, these colors can be introduced as accessories to allow the decor to be relaxing.
  • Use a luscious headboard, a headboard that is not hard but paddles and soft to the touch, add the color you like to make the bedroom a sensual space.
  • Use seductive lighting, this could be contemporary or traditional lighting that emits a warm glow in the bedroom.
  • Beautiful bedroom often has layers of design techniques such as accessories and the use of gorgeous duvet covers.

Where does a married couple start when deciding how to decorate the bedroom?

Treat your bedroom decor or bedroom makeover as a project, and usually, projects have defined rules, such as the following:

  • Define the scope of the project. For example, is this a complete bedroom makeover? Will you install a new floor covering like wood or carpet? New drapes? New drape poles or drape tracks? New lighting? Deco, paint, or a wallpaper combo?

Once you have defined the scope of the project/bedroom makeover, you can move to the next step, which should be easier:

  • Who will carry out the makeover? Will it be done by the couple or will you use a professional contractor? What is the time scale to have the project finished?

Next, you can get into the color schemes.

  • The type of floor, the drapes, what kind of tracks for the drapes, and bedroom furnishings if it is new.

You will need to discuss the budget now you have the framework/scope of the project defined. This is where you can make alterations to the materials being used, so the actual costs align with your budget.

The final step is to appoint a contractor or decide who is doing what works where and when in the bedroom, such as on evenings and weekends, so you have a work schedule to complete.

Projects always change, it's intrinsic to the process regardless of size and value, so you will need to have a contingency fund say 20% over your actual costs so as not to stall the project and be disappointed.

Let's dive into some inspiration for your project.

1. You have to start at the beginning 

If you are newlyweds you may not have the biggest bedroom in the world and that's ok, you have to start at the beginning and with time and experience together you will grow and move on to bigger and better homes where you can have the bedroom of your dreams.

But that doesn't mean you can't create a space that married couples can enjoy and feel as if the space is exclusive to you both, your haven of sensuality and romance.

Plain walls, gray pillows, and a pink duvet color are gorgeous combinations that are in the middle of feminine and masculine. Just look at the amount of pink shirts guys wear in an office, that alone will let you know that guys love pink also.

What better way for your bedroom to have the feel-good factor than to place some intimate and fun photos of you both having a great time?

Who doesn't love string lights for a little gentle illumination, it makes the sweet nothings so much more romantic.

How to create this look?

It's easy to create a look if you are on a budget, there are wonderful pink duvets available, some with patterns and others with a dusty shade of pink that look seductive.

String lights are a great addition for subdued lighting.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most complex level to achieve, these bedroom shelves are 2.

A simple decor is always a good way to start and the addition of the shelf over the bed is the perfect place to show your beautiful photos together. The rest of the room is just soft furnishings and very easy to achieve.

2. Candlelight kisses

Candlelight sets the epitome of the romantic scene (or a power cut) in every married couple's room, the soft glow shimmering off the walls is the essence of a romantic gesture in the married couple's bedroom.

The luscious candlewick bedspread in a deep red extends a soft inviting hand to your partner and maybe a cup of camomile tea to help relax after a day at work.

Colors can be very important in a couple’s bedrooms as it conveys a sense of being together, love, and admiring glances, it can make you radiate and exude sensuality, color should not be underestimated for its visual stimulation and aphrodisiac prowess.

Flowers and greenery from foliage bring nature into a bedroom where you may feel like close hugs under the stars once took place.

How to create this look?

Candlewick bed bedspreads are easy to find online and in good bedding stores, they may feel old style but they have gorgeous colors that can make your bed the center of the bedroom.

Think about sensual deep reds and then compliment them with gray and pink pillows.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most complex level to achieve, this bedroom is a 4.

It's a great look for the bedroom but would anyone advocate using candles on a mattress? Use candles carefully, you can buy electric faux candles that give a similar look and emit the soft light.

Flowers and green foliage in the married couple's bedroom could signal a night of passion!

3. Love above the streets

Not every married couple's bedroom has to be bathed in deep reds and gorgeous pinks, as couples reach milestones in their marriage they may move back to traditional decor ideas with an element of sheer luxury as they gain more disposable income.

This high-rise apartment is a fabulous example of how to use soft contemporary lighting to create an inviting open-plan bedroom. A comfortable bed with contrasting warm tones is a beautiful look for the bedroom of a married couple.

Is it romantic? It's comfortable and looks awesome, romantic decor is subjective and not always full of teddy bears and unicorns.

The seductive bedside lighting is a masterclass of how to light a bedroom perfectly. If you live in a high-rise building separate your work area from your bedroom, distractions while in the throes of passion are irritating at best.

How to create this look?

Think soft warm tones that are inviting and use light strategically to enhance the look of the bed. Lighting can be a turn-off if it's bright and starts so choose wisely.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most complex level to achieve, this bedroom is a 9.

There are a lot of design elements in this apartment that were likely part and parcel of the development, using neutral colors is always safe and you can enhance the romantic elements of this type of room with lighting and accessories.

4. How deep is your love

Painting the marital bedroom blue may not seem like everyone's idea of romance and warmth, but there are no rules when it comes to decorating a bedroom for married couples. You can be as diverse as you wish, if it makes you happy then it's all good.

The glorious blue bedroom may make you feel like you are in the depths of the ocean but no one could deny it's clean and fresh and does look spectacular. The brilliant white highlights of the window frame, radiator cover, and supporting wood beams add a clean vibrant freshness to the bedroom.

The sumptuous white bed is pure in essence and is inviting for those long morning cuddles when it's just too difficult to get out of bed.

The light wood tones of the chair and table legs match wonderfully with the light tones of the floor which elevate the bedroom from the depths of the ocean to flying high.

A beautifully designed bedroom that any couple would be happy with married or not.

How to create this look?

A turquoise blue paint is liberally applied to what appears to be a beach or holiday home but is in fact a loft home, paint makes a difference in how you feel and blue is calming and relaxing.

Brilliant white paint is the ideal compliment color for the blue and makes the room feel fresh and inviting with a gorgeous all-white bed.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most complex level to achieve, this bedroom is a 7.

There is a lot of paint in this superb married couple's bedroom which would take some time to apply and finish correctly. The green foliage plays an important part in keeping the room grounded. Let us not ignore the beautiful contrast of the rug.

5. Have I told you lately 

Having an expansive bedroom can be a daunting challenge to decorate for anyone and a contentious point for married couples regarding how to manage the decor of such a large bedroom but there is a way of bringing the focal point to a resolute point of interest.

Return to the color associated with love, red, and shades of red. It may seem like a tall order to pull off this look but with a little thought and inspiring images such as the image above you can create a bedroom worthy of Decaprio and Winslet from the movie Titanic.

The colors are monumental and ooze passion and love at every glance of the bed and what's better to secure a night of intimacy than a beautiful red flower next to the bed?

The rug design is awesome and brings the bedroom to a crescendo of romantic intentions.

How to create this look?

Select a deep red headboard but not as deep as burgundy or maroon, stay on the brighter side of red. Use a color wheel to help you select the precise red needed.

White sheets, a gorgeous deep red bed throw and of course the stand-out rug with its beautiful design. Pinks would have worked equally as well in this bedroom setting.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most complex level to achieve, this bedroom is an 8.

Keeping a large bedroom simple but focused is a difficult prospect for experienced designers so colors are going to be the key to the bedroom. Red is the obvious choice and works supremely well in what could be considered a non-inspiring bedroom.

If you have a wood floor, keep it light like the one in the image for maximum visual impact.

6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

This fabulous modern bedroom may not shout out it's a married couple's bedroom but keep in mind what is important to you, Reds and pinks, or subtle shades and comfort.

The ruby wine headboard is triumphant and extremely alluring with a suggestion of mystery and sensuality that is perfectly set against the backdrop of a textured gray wall for an exquisite contrast of colors.

Low-slung beds are modern and definitely for the younger generation but the ability to bring soothing wood tones into the bedroom is a masterful touch to elevate the subtle shades. A cream carpet and black rug with black pillows is the obvious choice for marrying the ruby wine headboard into the bedroom. Black and ruby work incredibly well together hence the modern artwork hanging above the headboard.

This gorgeous bedroom with fantastic accessories would be perfect for any newlywed.

How to create this look?

The height of the bed is irrelevant but does look great being low, the main key to the bedroom is the color of the headboard and the gray wall with black accents. It's a superb bedroom that is warm and modern.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most complex level to achieve, this bedroom is a 7.

Perfect color combinations can be a challenge to achieve so work around the headboard color as the paint is more easily matched to fabrics than vice versa.

Add some black for a perfect contrast to ruby red.

7. The first cut is the deepest

Remember those beautiful honeymoon nights in Aspen, the fresh cool air, the beautiful scenery, the regal bedroom set perfect for two, and roses were strewn across the bed? Happy days that can be recreated in your bedroom at home and why not?

Use a soft palette of colors to recreate those beautiful days and nights where love was everywhere and you only had eyes for each other.

It's not romantic garbage, it's a decor that's easily translated into most bedrooms, soft colors such as creams and even mint greens, light drapes floor to ceiling, and beautiful glowing lights.

A sumptuous carpet that your toes sink into, and a beautiful bed with simple linen for the married couple. It's an easy look to achieve and also a timeless look, and that's why hotels use this decor technique to make the bridal suite so alluring and sensual.

Ornate headboards are not necessary but are easily found and are not expensive.

How to create this look?

Find your wedding photos or google the hotel where you had your honeymoon, check the bridal suite and copy the decor, it's a great idea and should be affordable. You can upgrade the elements that you don't like and still create a similar look.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most complex level to achieve, this bedroom is a 6.

Hotels buy great quality carpets that are going to last a long time so they may be expensive, but you could opt for an Indian-style rug to give the same feeling of luxury.

The decor should be easy to replicate and your existing bed would be sufficient with a new headboard.

8. Flowing pink and rose petals

The marital bed should have some mystery to it on a certain level but being adored as a princess by your husband is a glorious feeling for any wife, and very satisfying for the husband.

The design concept of a beautiful bridal suite would be hard to translate into a marital bedroom, the pink drapes are somewhat crass and classless, and the petals are a nice thought for a romantic evening or an anniversary if you are new to being married but for the married couple who have gone through life together it may look lovely in every respect but as a theme for the bedroom would fall short.

However, the light beige walls and light blue lamps are intriguing and work well together. The rug is awesome and would fit perfectly into any bedroom making a lovely statement.

The lamp stands are quite harsh and take away from the authenticity of the bedroom. Take the design elements you like and leave the rest in the garbage bin.

How to create this look?

It's more of a concept of decorating ideas than a realistic look for a married couple's bedroom and it would be hard to see this bedroom being copied by anyone other than a princess with delusions of grandeur.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most complex level to achieve, this bedroom is a 0.

Don't do it, take what you want from the concept.

9. The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal has an incredible love story behind its history and is a geometric marvel of construction with many hidden facets of design inside such as optical illusions. Once thought to be the pinnacle of symbolizing love the Taj mahal was more about power and control than it was ever to do with love.

Unless you are besotted with Indian architecture the bedroom may be too much to stomach but the interesting thing is the concept of using deep reds in the marital bedroom to create a sense of passionate nights.

Without the opulent rich tones of the red, the bedroom would be quite ordinary with its neutral tones. The same could be done with a red headboard, the richness of the red will brighten the bedroom bringing warmth and serenity with the expectations of romance.

How to create this look?

BNe sparing with this deep red color, a headboard of normal proportions would be adequate in most rooms and would look wonderfully rich lifting the neutral tones.

If you use a deep red like the image, try to introduce black into the bedroom, the contrast is sublime.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most complex level to achieve, this bedroom is a 2.

It's a very easy way to make a somewhat neutral bedroom come to life full of expectations from both sexes. Keeping the red constrained, too much, will be overkill in most bedrooms.

10. True love never dies

The years keep marching on and the honeymoon never fades but becomes a distant memory, that's life for most married couples but that doesn't mean you are not deserving of a beautiful bedroom where love abounds and memories are cherished.

This gorgeous married couple's bedroom looking into the treetops is the quintessential married couple bedroom who have enjoyed years of married life together. It's comfortable, nothing is controversial, just like their lives have played out for years.

The large bed with candlewick cream cover gives texture and comfort, and the dark stained floor and bed furniture all match, like the personalities of the couple have grown intertwined over many years.

Could a married couple ask for anything better than this bedroom?

How to create this look?

The bedroom floor and bedroom furniture somewhat dictate what color the walls are going to be in this bedroom, and cream walls with a white ceiling are perfect, given the expanse of glass looking onto the green tree tops.

It would be possible to introduce some pastel colors or an accent wall into this bedroom such as mint green to balance the decor of the bedroom.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most complex level to achieve, this bedroom is a 4.

It's an easy bedroom to create, the Venetian blinds are perfect for a bedroom that is not overlooked and has a wonderful view. If you have dark wood tones in a bedroom keep the decor simple so it's sympathetic to the wood hues.

Bedrooms for married couples

There are no hard and fast rules for the decor style of a married couple's bedroom. Some of you may be naturally adventurous and wish to push the boundaries of design, while others are more reserved and conservative with designs.

The important issue is the bedroom works for both people in the married couple and compromises are not one-sided.

If you are new to decorating bedrooms , treat the bedroom makeover as a project and use project management principles. It will help you identify what needs to be purchased, who will take on the lion's share of the work, and when it will be done.

If you can follow these principles, your budget should be spot on, making for a harmonious and romantic bedroom.