How To Inflate A Sleep Number Bed Without A Remote

Lost or have a faulty remote? You can still inflate your sleep numbers bed without the remote.

A directional switch on top of the pump; will override the remote control supplied with the numbers bed. If you don't have a remote, you can use the SleepIQ app on your phone.

When the remote control and pump do not work, what happens? Is it still possible to manually inflate the numbers bed? I'll show you how.

Sleep Numbers Bed

The sleep numbers bed is an inflatable mattress that is adjustable to get the perfect support and pressure for you. This fantastic technology changes the way you sleep. It can respond to your movements and automatically adjust the firmness on each side.

Can I Manually Inflate My Sleep Number Mattress?

Yes, you can inflate the mattress manually. This should not affect any warranty. You are only introducing air into the system due to a failed pump.

If the remote control stops working? Sleep number has you covered. First contact tech support; these guys know everything possible to do with this bed.

But you can try unplugging the central pump unit from the outlet. Leave the pump unplugged for a short time. Plug the unit back in and, at the same time, press both the upper and lower button on the remote. This will reset the unit's circuit, and you should be ready to go again.

Can I inflate my Sleep Number without WIFI?

You don't have to be online to adjust your Sleep Number® setting or base. For your bed to track your sleep or use Responsive AirTM technology, you will need to get it online.

How To Reset Sleep Number Bed Without Remote

Remove the inlet hose and place the cap supplied with the bed to prevent air from escaping. Hold down both toggle switches simultaneously for ten seconds. The unit is reset. Replace the hose, and you are ready to go.

Can I Use My Phone As A Sleep Number Remote?

Yes, just pair the bed with the app, and now you have control over your smartphone. 

If you struggle to pair, you can find the bed number on the base of the pump unit. If nothing happens, make sure the pump is plugged in.

Once connected, the bed will inflate. This takes approximately 20 minutes.


If you find your mattress is not inflating, check if there are any leaks. You can hear a leak and identify the location. A leak might come from a loose-fitting. To fix, tighten the fitting with your fingers or grips.

If the bed has been moved to access the pump, it could be you have a kinked hose line. This is easy to resolve. Just straighten the kink to allow uninterrupted airflow.

How Do I Put The Air In My Sleep Number Bed?

Use the pump and follow the video below. You could also use a battery-operated camping mattress pump.

Two airlines are entering each side of the mattress, one for inflation and the other for deflation.

I doubt if it matters which the pump is connected to but if possible, try to connect to the inflation air tube, make sure the valves to all the lines are closed off to prevent air from escaping.

Switch on the handheld pump and start to inflate. Once you have reached the desired inflation level, the job is done.

You will probably need to top up the air from time to time as small amounts of air escape from the lines or mattress.

It is possible to make the same inflation with a foot pump, clearly a more difficult task, but it can be done. You just need to exert more effort.

Pump Service

The fix above with a camping pump is a temporary measure, and you will either need a new pump or the original pump serviced.

Pumps usually are easy devices to service. If the motor is still in good order, you can service the air pump for around 25 bucks or less.

When you first take the airbox apart, you will see a circuit board and a compressor. It is rare for compressors to break down unless they are ancient or under constant load.

It's worth checking the connection outlets and replacing this first.


We have established 3 ways you can inflate your mattress. You can use the app and pair the pump unit to the phone app and resume using your mattress, but now your phone is the controller.

If the remote and pump are not working, you can use a battery-powered camping bed inflator to do the same job. The airflow is smaller, and the mattress will take longer to inflate.