How Do You Sleep After Throwing Up?

Sleep is the best medicine...but not after throwing up.
How Do You Sleep After Throwing Up?
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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We have all experienced vomiting for various reasons like overindulging, drinking too much alcohol, or becoming ill. But it can be challenging to go back to sleep after. This post will help.

Throwing up is not something to be taken lightly. You can rest easy if you have a bucket next to you (this puts your mind at ease). Also, it might be a good idea to get a glass of water and wait for 5 minutes to see if you feel better before sleeping. 

What Should You Do Immediately After Throwing Up?

Generally, after expelling the contents of our stomach, we feel a little better. Stomach acid can affect your throat and nose by burning. It will also affect your teeth. It is a good idea to rinse and gargle to get rid of the taste and brush your teeth before going to bed.

How Do You Calm Down Vomiting?

If you continue to dry vomit, taking an antacid medication will calm down your stomach. Combined with rest and a little water, the vomit response will subside quickly.

You can try drinking some bicarbonate soda. It tastes a little salty and will calm the acid down.

It may sound contradictory, but apple cider vinegar can also help. ACV is used as a remedy for acid reflux and has excellent results. If you don't feel you can stomach ACV mixed in water, you can try a decent antacid pill to calm nausea.

Ready For Bed

If you feel ok, proceed with your plan to sleep, lay on your side with your head elevated. Have a bucket ready beside the bed if you vomit again and can't make it to the bathroom.

If you feel your stomach is upset, you might not sleep. Instead, sit for a while for the sensation to subside. 

Keep a glass of water by the bed. Sleep with two pillows to elevate your head. If you feel normal during the night, you can reduce the pillows to your standard sleeping height.

Sleeping On Your Back

After vomiting, avoid sleeping on your back. It can be hazardous. Swallowing your vomit or inhaling the vomit into your lungs can be fatal.

This is a particular problem for heavy drinkers, especially young folks who have drunk too much. In this state, it's unlikely you will wake due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Common Issues 

Dealing With Too Much Alcohol

As mentioned, don't sleep on your back. Suppose you feel like vomiting. Go ahead and force yourself to vomit. Drink lots of water and sleep on your side with a bucket and towel close to your hand.

Have a glass of water next to the bed. Your throat will be sore from the acid you have vomited.

Food Poisoning

If you are vomiting due to food poisoning, you are in for a rough ride. The best solution is to seek medical advice as you can become very sick for days on end.

The only thing that may stop you from vomiting with food poisoning is having a nati acid injected, and it works quickly and will stop you from feeling quite so awful.

Again always assume you may vomit again and sleep on your side to prevent choking or breathing your vomit into your lungs.

General Illness

You are feeling under the weather and have started throwing up. Generally, you want to go to bed and rest until you feel well again.

Use the safe principles of sleeping on your side, and If your symptoms persist, see a medical professional.

How Do You Sleep With A Stomach Bug

The severity of stomach bugs can leave you incapacitated, and not to mention the persistent vomiting will leave you feeling washed out.

A stomach bug can affect your sleep, and without the correct medication, you will continue to feel awful.

Many over-the-counter medications such as antacids to calm the stomach and maybe even painkillers will help. Seek the advice of your doctor.

Motion Sickness

The constant nausea feeling and dizziness invariably result in vomiting uncontrollably.

There are all types of medications you can take for motion sickness, but from experience, they rarely work but in the cases of mild motion sickness.

Motion sickness is caused by the inner ear being out of equilibrium, and the only way to effectively stop the sensation is to stop the motion, telling the captain of a ship you want to get off!

One way to ease the effects of motion sickness is to try and fix your eyes on the horizon. This can restore a sense of balance and, with luck, stop you from chucking up every few seconds.

How And Why Does Vomiting Occur?

Vomiting is your body's first line of defense mechanism to rid itself of toxins, it's involuntary in most cases, but a few of us induce vomiting to speed up the process.

The actual trigger to vomiting is in the brain in an area called the medulla. A signal from the medulla, saying there’s a poison your body does not want. Your stomach starts to contract to dispel the contents.

When we see something repulsive, the mechanism can be triggered, and it's also sensitive to smell.

Our body does this to expel toxins to stop our body from dying or becoming ill.

What Position Should You Lay In After Throwing Up?

It would be reasonable to think sleeping after vomiting would be a simple process. After all, we have all done it in the past. However, being safe and avoiding some of the dangers is key to waking in the morning.

The two main rules are:

  • Don’t sleep on your back.
  • Do Sleep on your side.