11 Inspirational Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Renew your bedroom with wallpaper.
11 Inspirational Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Did you know that wallpaper has been around for centuries? The Chinese were wallpapering from 200 AD, and things have progressed over the years to bring some fantastic wallpaper designs to your walls. The great news is in 2022. Wallpaper is back in a big way.

In this article, we will look at aspects of wallpaper you may not have thought about, like how you choose a wallpaper for your bedroom and much more.

Grab a coffee and settle back as we get into it.

How do I choose a good wallpaper for my bedroom?

It starts with your style and how you want to make a style statement. It's okay going with subdued colors, but when hanging wallpaper, there are so many choices and opportunities to create a wonderful bedroom that you need to think about style.

If you do not have a complete bedroom makeover, then the style of wallpaper may be dictated by your bedroom furniture. For example, if you have rosewood furnishing, it may be impossible to select a dark single-tone wallpaper when a brighter background paper may be more applicable to a traditional pattern.

What is the best type of wallpaper for the bedroom?

There are many choices of wallpaper for a bedroom. From modern styling and dark colors to lighter geometric designs that would suit a smaller bedroom through to traditional patterns that you may be familiar with as a child from your grandparent's home.

Wallpaper can create a serene, tranquil bedroom or a bedroom steeped in tradition and heritage through to modern patterns and colors that are the new hot trend of the year.

What are the three types of wallpaper?

There are three principal types of wallpaper discounting colors, patterns, and textures. The three types start with what most of you will be familiar with: the non-pasted wallpaper, where you add wallpaper paste/adhesive and then hang it on the wall.

There is also a pre-pasted wallpaper that has been around for a long time that needs to be soaked before applying to the wall. This type of paper often needs a secondary wallpaper paste to bolster the adhesion qualities of the wallpaper.

The last type is self-adhesive wallpaper which is supposed to remove the hassle of wallpapering and prevent the mess associated with wallpaper pastes. In any event, you will still need a pasting table to stretch your wallpaper along and work out repeating patterns.

It is worth pointing out that your wall will likely need to be sized. Sizing is a process of covering your plaster wall with wallpaper paste prior to hanging the wallpaper. 

If you like, it's a sealant for the walls that will allow you to have some movement when hanging wallpaper. The size needs to be applied and allowed to dry before wallpapering commences.

Do you wallpaper all walls in a bedroom?

It depends on the size of your bedroom. If you have an ample space and only wallpaper one wall, it may not have the impact you require for the bedroom. However, if the wallpaper is dark, then it could be sufficient.

Wallpaper accentuates your bedroom, so work out your decor style carefully before starting the process.

Can you wallpaper just part of a wall?

This is a tried and tested way of wallpapering and is the perfect way of not overwhelming a bedroom with color or patterns. If you have a dado rail in the bedroom, you could paper either side of the rail and paint the other side.

Wallpapering the bottom side of the wall is possibly the most effective way of wallpapering a split wall.

Let’s get inspired.

1. Who said wallpaper is boring?

Wallpaper technology has come on leaps and bounds from the days of flock wallpaper in the 1970s when the wallpaper was either flock or vinyl for wipe-clean convenience. Even then, wallpaper was awesome, but in 2022, it is at a new level.

There is a whole array of styles and patterns to choose from and a price range to match. Nevertheless, there is wallpaper for every budget, and some wallpaper will literally blow you away.

This awe-inspiring Chinese-style wallpaper is an incredible mix of color and artistry that, once on your walls, will make your bedroom a haven of beauty and serenity. 

How did we ever feel that painted walls were the better option than wallpaper like this?

2. Fashionable florals

Peonies are beautiful flowers, so it's hardly surprising that they are on many wallpaper patterns. They bring a trendy vibe to your bedroom with the fabulous colors and sheer beauty of the peony petals.

If you think wallpaper is for large rooms, this room contradicts your thoughts. An accent wall with large flowers makes a perfect statement in a small bedroom if you are a female or horticulturist!

Regardless of gender, the concept has brought the bedroom to life and transformed what could have been a dreary bedroom into a paradoxical, vibrant, relaxing sleeping space.

The darker tones in the wallpaper are sympathetic to the light pink tones of the bed linen, creating a wonderful bedroom.

3. Turning Japanese

If you love styling Japanese bedrooms, this one could be for you. Regardless of the bed, the beauty of the wallpaper in this small bedroom dominates the bedroom, and so it should.

Blossom trees are not just for Japanese people, they are to be enjoyed by all of us, and although there seems to be a lot of floral wallpapers available you should understand this is because they are popular.

If you live in an apartment or condo and wake up facing a highway or, worse, a gray wall every morning then this wallpaper will make you feel alive and part of nature's grand plan.

4. It's a jungle out there

Let your kids have fun with incredible wallpaper murals depicting the jungle. It is perfect for a boy's or girl's bedroom and brings some excitement to the kid's bedroom.

There are only so many unicorns and spacemen we can have on our bedroom walls, and this jungle mural will have your kid daydreaming about the adventures to be found in the jungle.

It's the perfect type of wallpaper for a kid's bedroom due to the number of colors in the wallpaper. There is no need to mix and match this mural on your wall.

If you're a DIY enthusiast, this will test your mental agility, as murals can be tricky to match perfectly.

5. Palm trees

You may not be into bright colors, but you like the idea of a wallpaper that is less subdued and a little more relaxing while you contemplate the world lying on your bed.

The sepia-hanging palm fronds that fade into the distance are a marvelous representation of what can be achieved with an accent wall in your bedroom—nothing boisterous or loud, just the tranquility of sitting below the palms with a mai tai.

There is always some romance connected with palm fronds. They sway gently in the breeze to and fro in a rhythmic manner that can instantly send you off to sleep.

It is an awesome wallpaper to use as an accent, particularly if you are close to the beach.

6. Hidden beauty

Murals are fantastic at being the centerpiece of any bedroom. Still, this contemporary mural has extraordinary qualities with its black and white image of the girl's face overlaid with a tropical hibiscus flower in a subtle shade of pink with butterflies.

The mural is life-like and could be used on any wall in the bedroom with a clear view for you to appreciate the scale and the magnificent image.

Years ago, murals were hand painted and incredibly expensive if they included this level of artistry, but today it's available to most of us.

7. Candy stripe

Once used in homes with high ceilings, this candy stripe wallpaper is available for us all to use to great effect. There are several colors to suit all bedrooms and rooms in the home.

However, this candy stripe wallpaper makes for a perfect girl's bedroom. The pink salmon striping is classic and modern at the same time due to its color.

If you are looking for a great wallpaper experience as a first-time wallpaper hanger, then candy stripe is the best choice for you. It is easy to hang out without having to worry about patterns.

If there is a drawback, the first sheet on the wall must be perfectly plumb/vertical, so the stripes remain in the same perpendicular orientation.

8. Flock of cranes

It doesn't have to be about accent walls, and pink flowers, the variety of wallpaper available is astounding. By taking bold steps and not going with the flow, you can create a breathtaking bedroom that is original.

Originality and uniqueness are highly prized commodities in society, so why not take a walk on the wild side of nature and go with flocks of birds and your design concept?

Ok, it will not work in downtown Manhattan, but the concept is fantastic. It would be hard to deny that this bedroom with Cranes in flight is not a fantastic vibe for a bedroom.

The combination of colors is incredible, together with the unique theme. It may be the perfect choice for your Airbnb in hunting season.

9. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand

Moments in history that should not be forgotten. These intertwined branches, reminiscent of olive branches, have always held great significance in the world due to their biblical associations. And have consequently been used in poignant statements by world leaders.

However, as wallpaper for the bedroom, they are intriguing and beautiful as they intertwine on the accent wall with a white background and charcoal tone.

The great thing about choosing a wallpaper of this kind in a bedroom is you can use eclectic furnishings with vivid colors, putting them together without clashing.

Suppose you wish to remove your gaze from the religious images for a few seconds. In that case, the bedroom is eclectic but marvelously comfortable and warm despite what may be considered a dreary wallpaper.

Don't disregard the power of patterns in a bedroom. They are powerful statements that can transform a bedroom completely.

10. Divide and conquer

If you are concerned about a pattern being overwhelming for a bedroom, you have the option to use a design trick of splitting the wall. This can be done simply (with precise measurements and cuts).

If you decide to take this step, you can have the pattern you like. Use the pattern on top of the wall and the paper without a pattern beneath.

Don't mix two pattern wallpapers. It will never work in this scenario. Where do you start? The straightest horizontal focal point is going to be the ceiling line.

Measure from this point and overlap the plain paper at the base of that wall. This should achieve a perfectly straight line, you can do it the other way, but if the kickboard is not level, you will have an anomaly in your decor.

11. Use texture

It's perfectly acceptable to ditch the patterned wallpaper and go for something that has a texture with a neutral color. Textured wallpaper will add depth to your bedroom and look incredibly rich as an accent wall.

In order to create contrast and aesthetic appeal in space, the texture is frequently employed in interior design. It keeps a space from looking empty.

Texture can also accomplish this goal, like a bedroom's dark accent wall. Even the most straightforward designs and settings can use it.

Should you wallpaper or paint?

It depends. Wallpaper brings another dimension to a room, and if you want gorgeous images and floral patterns, then wallpaper is your only option.

You may think that wallpaper is expensive, and it can be, but did you know wallpaper has a longer life than paint? If you tackle your overall investment for both methods of decor and workout how often you will need to repaint, you may be surprised to find there is nothing to choose from in terms of cost.