13 Kid’s Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Maximizing small bedroom space fun!
13 Kid’s Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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For most parents, after they bring their little bundle of joy home from the maternity unit, the kid's bedroom doesn't really get a second thought until the dreaded day they have friends back from a playgroup with their mothers.

All of a sudden, the horror sets in of how much of a terrible parent you actually are making your kid sleep in a baby's room!

Ok, it may be an exaggeration, but you get the gist and know that you should not have placed your cherub's bedroom decor on the backburner for so long.

We will take an authoritative view on how to make a kid's small bedroom into something that fits in with your style.

Let's get into it and learn how to: 

  • Use geometric shapes in a small space
  • Create storage
  • Make the most of your space
  • The bottom line

How can I make the most of my child's small bedroom?

It can be a challenge and many parents have no idea where to start with kids' rooms so here are some tips to help you along.

  • Don't buy new furniture until necessary, kids grow so fast you don't want to be changing the bed every year.
  • Buy a toy chest, something stylish that will last the test of time and can be repurposed.
  • Have an under bed that can be pulled out for sleepovers, they are coming sooner than you think.
  • Think smart when it comes to storage, vertical is the only option.
  • Accessorize to give color whenever possible.
  • Future proof the bedroom.

Let's face it, your kid has the smallest room in the house, which seemed perfect when they were a baby, but small rooms are not the easiest to make special.

Here are some tips to help you get through and make a bedroom that looks practical and inspirational.

1. The only way is up

If your kid has a small bedroom then you have to think vertically, there is no space for horizontal expansion. If you have one kid or two this is the way to get the most out of a small bedroom.

You can buy bunk beds, but if you are short of storage space ( and you will be) you may consider some custom-designed or DIY bunks that are elevated sufficiently that you have all the storage you need under the bottom bunk.

Kids love bunks and as long as you provide a secure rail to keep them falling, then your kids will be happy well into their teens.

In this bedroom, the parents have future-proofed the concept by providing ample growing room for the kid's beds. Plain walls will win the day when you let your child use posters for decoration.

How to create this look?

It's simple, practical, and functional. This room for two brothers is all needed to make your kid's bedroom feel like an adventure every time they climb into bed using a ladder.

Use plain walls and accessories for completing the decor and of course, the mandatory desk for crafts and homework.

How easy is it to achieve this look? It's incredibly easy. If you are a DIY enthusiast, the bunks can be made by yourself. Alternatively, carpenters can make the bunks and storage units out of appropriate strength materials remembering that these bunk beds will last years in the future.

Use emulsion for the walls. You can choose a color that best fits in with your own ideas or opt for a more vibrant color to experiment with your artistic flair.

2. Bright and airy with plenty of colors

Keep in mind the bedroom is for your kid's enjoyment, not yours, so use bright colors and detract your gaze from small spaces, the low ceiling could be oppressive but the bright quirky colors are  noticeable.

You can create bedrooms on a budget that look perfect. What small girl would not like her bespoke sofa bed?

Use space under furnishings for storage, your child will accumulate so many toys that will need to find a home in a box when not being used.

The contrasting colors would never work in any other setting than a room like this, so go for it and make a symphony of colors and textures.

How to create this look?

It's not so much of a creation but more of a work in progress! Adding bright vivid colors can be a real skill so why not throw caution to the wind and just do it? You are pleasing your child and no one else.

Keep the furnishing bases to a minimum and DIY as much as possible in this room. There is nothing wrong with taking a minimal approach to spending on furnishings in a kid's room.

As always accessorize as much as you can with items like the butterflies and clouds, again all of these could be a craft project to add to the bedroom.

How easy is it to achieve this look? You have to say it's easy but may be time-consuming. Making furniture yourself can be tough, especially if you don't have the tools needed for every occasion.

The fabrics are marvelous and bright, which is perfect for a girl's bedroom. 

Overall, it's a simple style to recreate from scratch.

3. Two in the bed and the little one said!

Is there a better image than siblings in bed together looking through a book? This gorgeous kid's bedroom is extremely painted in a cream or magnolia color for warmth and a feel of comfort and cleanliness.

If you have a small child's bedroom, why not let the kids share a bed at least until they outgrow each other.

At one time kids sharing beds was common practice if the bedrooms were not available and, to be honest from experience, it creates an incredible bond with your sibling that will likely never be broken.

The neutral tones are perfect for children and accessories.

How to create this look?

This is an easy look to copy or change and should provide you with inspiration to create something very similar to the image.

Neutral tones on the walls and bedside cabinet, neutral headboard, and bedding work exceptionally well in this bedroom setting, you can use pillows of different colors for contrast.

If you can make your kids behave this well then kudos to you.

How easy is it to achieve this look? This room is just about paint and lots of it, but don't be put off. Using the same color of light paint in a small bedroom will make the bedroom's dimensions feel much bigger.

If your headboard is dark then why not paint it the same color? You may need to find a special paint that is matte and matches the wall color to stay on a metal headboard. 

You will need to degrease and primer the headboard first, emulsion will peel off otherwise.

4. Nothing is too much for a princess

If your room is small but wide or small and long there is always the potential to make something stunning for your little princess.

Clearly, this small bedroom was not created on a budget but it could be if you wish to roll your sleeves up and get inspired.

Vertical is the only way to go in a small bedroom and look how much storage space has been created in this small bedroom.

Under-bed storage, every step has a drawer and an ingenious play area on top of the bed that truly is princess-like.

Whites and neutral tones play a glorious part in this kid's bedroom which could only be described as regal.

How to create this look?

Clever design, a reasonable budget even if it's a DIY project. Apart from the amazing bed space and play area, the key to this room is storage, and for those of you with kids, you will know how much storage is a prized possession.

Use whites and light tones for a light and airy space to make the room's dimensions seem greater than they actually are.

How easy is it to achieve this look? For most of you looking at this image for inspiration, you will need a craftsman. The stair storage drawers are quite demanding in terms of precision cuts.

You will need to use strategically placed lighting and will need an electrician to make a safe working lighting system.

An advanced DIYer could create this look but it would not be done in a weekend, the timber alone would be expensive.

5. Architectural rooms add intriguing angles

A bedroom makeover doest have to be expensive and time-consuming. If you are fortunate to have a home with architectural features then make the most of them.

Let the architecture of the bedroom do the talking and use light tones to bring out the features of the walls and angles.

Thoughtfully placed lighting can bring out shadows that add to the character of the room use simple furnishings and a nice rug suitable for the child's room.

All kid's bedrooms need storage but there is also nothing to say that toys cant be strewn across the floor during a playful weekend.

How to create this look?

Use the curves and angles of the room to accentuate the beauty of the bedroom. It's a simple look to achieve because all you will need to do is add fresh neutral paint to the walls and add a rug and bed.

How easy is it to achieve this look? To a greater extent, this look is out of your control, you either have a room with these features or you don't, If you do, it is minimalist all the way.

The furnishings could be more kid-friendly but each to their own, there are no set rules when it comes to ideas for small bedrooms.

6. Teepee or wigwam? 

This beautiful simple bedroom is an accolade to the designer who had the inspiration to use the colors and contrasts.

This kid's bedroom is simple and stylish which is often the best way of creating an incredible small bedroom.

The teepee is a lovely addition to the room (wigwams are more permanent structures) and a perfect place for a kid's morning nap while the rest of the world passes you by.

How to create this look?

While the room is simple it is also play-focused with toy storage in the form of a cheap nylon container and a Scandinavian-style bookcase.

The charcoal-stripped cushions are a masterful way of adding contrast to an all-one-color bedroom.

How easy is it to achieve this look?  It's very easy. If you like this look, search for Scandinavian bedroom designs for kids or Nordic bedroom designs, they are often minimalistic but use beautiful natural tones to make a wonderful bedroom for a kid.

Accessorize with photos and images that are in the style of the room and drapes that are appropriate. Long drapes can be a hazard to smaller kids so be careful.

7. Make the most of space

All kids love the zoo so, what better theme for a small kids' bedroom, bring the zoo into the home is bound to bring your kids hours of pleasure in this delightful small bedroom.

The natural floor without stain goes perfectly with the striped futon-style mattresses that would be perfect beds or a magnificent soft play area in the bedroom.

The cleverly designed bunk come slide will ensure your kid's bedroom becomes a haven for fun.

The dove gray walls are incredibly simple and warm and contrast well with everything in the bedroom, especially the two dusty pink chairs at the extended desk come vanity to unit.

An absolute glorious bedroom for any kid to spend time in alone or with friends.

How to create this look?

Think simple, select a theme and be creative. The gray and pink work perfectly together and the modified upper bunk bed is a genius idea and makes the bedroom playful.

Placing a slide into a small kid's bedroom may be a challenge but it can be done if you have the space available.

How easy is it to achieve this look?  If we disregard the floor because we don't all have natural wood floors then this is another easy concept to achieve and can be mastered by just about anyone.

You will need power tools and some help as some of the sheets will need man handling but other than that it's very achievable.

8. Sparkling den

Think back to when you were a kid, what was the best time? Playing on an Xbox or enjoying exciting times with your friends in a makeshift den?

All kids love dens, they create imagination and encourage stories some of which are spooky!

Why not carry the theme of a den into a bedroom but make it more of a permanent structure where your child can sleep night after night and enjoy when their friends are round for playtime.

Adding some string lights is both cool and affordable and adds the missing piece to the puzzle.

Some neutral decor and laminate flooring with accessories can make a small kid's bedroom into a palace of mystery.

How to create this look?

Spare material or calico bought cheaply will make a perfect top for the den, Create a space and supporting structure, place a comfy mattress inside the den and you are all set to go.

It will be guaranteed the parents will be spending more time reading bedtime stories in the den!

How easy is this look to achieve?  It's very simple, even if you regard yourself as having no artistic flair you can do this, let your child lead you through the process.

Add some low-voltage string lights for a beautiful effect.

9. Who stole the Picasso?

Small bedrooms sometimes need small furnishings particularly when you have a toddler. Ok, it's not future-proofing the bedroom but small normally means a small bill unless you are buying diamonds or precious metals.

Both the bed and the storage unit could be a perfect DIY project for a handy dad or mum. This boy's bedroom has a definite toddler tone so at some point it will need to be made over as the child grows and decides milk bottles on the wall are not the image he needs anymore.

Pastels and neutral tones go hand in hand.

How to create this look?

This is easy to copy, use paint for the walls in the same pastel blue or pink for your daughter.

The bedroom is obviously staged but it does give some inspiration, the bed is perfect for a toddler and you may get a few years of use before they become too big for such a small bed.

Minimal accessories work but would change in real life as would the 3 pendant lights that are unnecessary.

How easy is it to achieve this look? It's an easy look and very achievable, get the bed made or have a go yourself, its precision cuts mortars and tenons, (maybe depending on quality).

It would make more sense not to use a babyish wallpaper such as the one used, the blue pastel could be painted on or you could use a neutral tone and then use bluer accessories.

10. Tiny and comfortable

Just because the room's dimensions are small does not mean the room cannot be made comfortable and cozy.

In the real world, small bedrooms are small and sometimes very small, but this does not mean you can't transform the room into a space that is welcoming and comfortable at the same time.

How much room do small kids actually need in a bedroom? If they have toys, storage, a nice bed, and pleasant decor, they have everything they need.

This tiny bedroom is full of rich colors and soft toys, and it looks inviting. Any kid would love this bedroom so don't think you cant do something with a small space because you can.

How to create this look?

Place a single bed in the room and see what space you have available to play with. From there introduce some storage options and be realistic about the space you have.

You will need a bedside table and a lamp so choose something interesting that can illuminate the bedroom in different colors like the one in the image.

The rich colors make the room inviting, so experiment, the room may look closed in but the trade-off with comfort and space will be worth it.

How easy is it to achieve this look? It's easy, what challenge is to make the room usable with a bed and storage.

Experiment with colors and fabrics for a great look, rich colors do work well when trying to create warmth and comfort.

11. Keep it bright keep it simple

When using small rooms to keep it bright and don't have clutter everywhere, it will detract from the room's potential. This room is typical of a small bedroom setup for a kid.

Although the room is not being used to its full decor potential, it demonstrates how a small bedroom can be ideal for a child.

The white walls with a simple gray storage unit incorporating bookshelves are all a young girl may need in a bedroom.

The woven toy containers are very African in design and add a dimension to the room's design.

Unmistakably a young girl's small bedroom.

How to create this look?

The look is simple and in some ways lacks some imagination as the room has a beautiful fireplace that could have been a design feature, whereas now it's there and doing nothing. It's better to have it than not.

The room has simple clean lines and maybe that's the look the parents want to maintain throughout the home.

Ok, it must be said this is a good example of austerity, and it's a pity.

How easy is it to achieve this look?  It's a nice room but minimalistic and auteur in design. If you want to recreate this look it's a simple bed, some fresh paint, and a storage unit.

12. Clean bright and tidy

If you apply your mind and creative flair to a problem, you can usually come up with a solution and with a few tweaks that solution can become a spectacular design.

This single elevated boy's bed (could be girls with a color change) shows how to utilize the space of a small bedroom that can be used for kids.

Could you make this yourself? Yes, you will need to. It's an IKEA piece of furniture that will come flat packed.

The gray-painted walls are ready for any color accessories you like, and the laminate floor is functional and clean. 

Your storage problems have vanished due to the under-bed space.

How to create this look?

This is an easy one as it's a flat-pack option ready designed for your small bedroom and to be functional.

It would have been great to break up the gray of the bed and walls with some neutral tones but whatever way you look at this bedroom it achieved what was required from it.

How easy is it to achieve this look? So simple and you will gain lots of Scandinavian inspiration. 

There is nothing preventing you from buying a customized solution to your problems and often it's cheaper than DIY. 

13. Use geometric shapes to break the conventional

Everyone has an idea set in their minds about how bedrooms should look and conform, which also goes for small bedrooms.

With a little thinking outside of the box, you can achieve some spectacular results and make your child's bedroom a design paradigm that will be envied.

The use of contrasting colors compliments and opposes at the same time, but who cares, it looks wonderfully modern.

How to create this look?

Think geometric, make some shapes on paper, sketch in the bed and then add some color, use color swatches and a color wheel to ensure your selections.

A comfortable bed, a nice roller blind, and some well-chosen accessories will make the room look like a design marvel.

How easy is it to achieve this look? If you have a geometric mind and love algebra and engineering, it's possibly an easy job for you. 

It could be a challenge if you don't tick in this manner. Once the design is configured, then the rest is plain sailing. You will need some steady hands and expert taping skills.

The bottom line

Turning a small bedroom into a happy space for kids is always going to be a challenge, but with some thought and a little inspiration, you can achieve a room that will envy the mother and toddlers group.

Future proof your bedrooms because kids grow faster than you may realize in all ways, and what's in today will be out tomorrow, and you may be forced to make changes.

Use accessories for color, texture, and play items as much as possible. Your kid's small bedroom ultimately needs to be comfortable, homely, and a space where they love being.