Light Blue Bedroom Ideas

Fresh, airy, calming light blue bedroom.
Light Blue Bedroom Ideas
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Did you know that blue soothes your mind and helps you to relax and sleep? Not only does the color blue help you relax, it incredibly reduces your blood pressure at the same time.

In this authoritative overview of light blue bedrooms, we will offer the reader inspirational images and suggestions on how to create the image in your bedroom.

If you would like to sleep better, continue reading and find out more about how to:

  • Make a bedroom blue on a budget
  • Blue is not just for boys
  • Oolalala french inspiration
  • The bottom line

Let's get at it.

Does the color blue make you relaxed?

According to research, yes. There was a research document that covered more than 26, 500 people from countries around the world where respondents were asked to name their favorite color and what they associated that particular color with.

Blue was the most common color and calmness, serenity, relaxation, and tranquility were some of the words the respondents replied to.

It seems that shades of blue from cobalt to powder blue had the same calming effect.

Why blue has this effect on people is suggested that because we are surrounded by blue most days of the year, such as the sky, and the ocean the color blue is familiar to everyone and keeps you grounded.

1. Blue tones

There are simple ways to make your bedroom blue and relaxing. In the above image the homeowner has taken the path of least resistance and simply used blue patterned curtains to block the light from the room and then installed RGB (red, green. blue) LED lights around the headboard to reflect a blue light on what you can assume is the white wall.

If you are budget conscious this is a great way to achieve the tranquility of a blue bedroom. A blue curtain can be purchased ready-made and ready to hang.

The RGB LED ribbon light is simple to install and the results are quite dramatic, and they are pocket friendly when it comes to parting with your hard-earned cash.

How to create this look?

If you are on a budget the best way is to buy ready-made blue curtains that are lined to block most of the intruding outside light from the bedroom. Ready-made curtains are available everywhere and the shade of blue is your own personal choice.

Is it easy to achieve this look? Yes. To create a blue room this is possibly the easiest way to tackle the job, there are no special tools required other than a small step ladder for hanging the curtains if needed.

2. No need to redecorate

If you think that the only way to create a tranquil blue bedroom is to dig out your paint brushes and roller then think again.

Turning your bedroom into a sanctuary of serenity does not have to include hard labor, in fact, the opposite is true in this case.

With the clever use of an LED neon sign ( You can usually create your own message from the manufacturer) you can turn your whole bedroom blue with blue illuminated lights.

The effort is minimal and the neon can be ordered online. The LED lights powering the neon sign are what's called RGB,(red-green, and blue) so you have the option of selecting one of the three colors.

How to create this look?

It could not be easier, find your online manufacturer there are lots to choose from) and place your order. When the neon arrived fix it to the wall and plug it into the power outlet.

Is it easy to achieve this look? It takes very little thought once you have the idea. Fixing the LED to the wall will require a drill, the fixings will come with the neon light and a discrete power cord will be attached that needs to be plugged into the power supply.

Installation time is around 10 minutes if you have the tools at hand.

3. Shades of blue are not just for boys

If the color blue instills the feeling of serenity and relaxation then why not use more than one shade of blue to make the bedroom look as if it has been designed from top to bottom.

The powder blue wall with a sky blue wide border makes a statement of intent that the designer of this bedroom wants you to feel serene in your bedroom.

Blue is not just for boys, the subtle tones of blue and the ruffles blue duvet cover have feminine written all over the design, The electrifying lamp shades add a nice contrast to the room.

Blue tones and bright white have always been a natural match, they contrast and complement each other perfectly.

How to create this look?

It would be a good idea to start with the fabrics of the room as they are frequently the hardest items to match to paint colors. Once you have the blue fabrics such as bedding, curtains, and rug, you can then find a paint match.

You could select white bedding, it would also work well.

For the best look use the lighter color blue as the base paint and the border color the darker tone.

If you wish you could break the room with a dado rail and slit the color almost 50/50, lighter on top and dark on the bottom.

Use white furnishings to make a clean crisp look.

Is it easy to achieve this look? Yes, it just takes effort to paint the room. If you are a DIY enthusiast then this is a job you will love and can tackle easily alone.

You will need painting equipment such as brushes, rollers, and a step ladder.

Rember to apply the lighter color paint first and use good quality masking tape for the borders so you create a perfect crisp transition from light to dark.

4. Oolala french chic inspiration

If there was ever an expression of sheer opulence then the French knew how to make something beautiful and surprising with shades of blue and turquoise that take your breath away.

But disregard the furniture style and look how simple this room actually is. The dark wooden floor surface gives contrast to what can only be described as the electric blue bed sheet covered with the baby blue duvet.

The accents of blue carry on around the focal point which is the bed, The glorious blue /turquoise lamp is a masterpiece of in-vogue styling. Not to mention the pelmet border and the second set of powder blue curtains.

How do you create this look?

You will need a keen eye for detail and for matching shades of blue, you will also need to be bold in your approach and be prepared to break away from the conventional.

Such as choosing dark tones like cobalt blue to match in with your lighter tones of blue.

Wall coloring should be neutral like white. Magnolia, mushroom or light beige, or even have a hint of blue.

Is it easy to achieve this look? Hmmm, for some yes, and for others no, but the important thing is you take inspiration from the image and try to replicate it or come up with your own version.

Before you tackle wall colors, experiment with fabric color swatches, keep the swatches and see how you feel about the colors in a week before taking the plunge.

5. Accents of blue work to

Who said you had to change your bedroom completely to introduce calming blue into your life. The great thing with bedrooms is you can do as much or as little as you wish and still achieve a satisfying look that fills your heart with pride.

This handsome farmhouse bedroom is basically neutral with the exception of the drapes and sky blue eiderdown cover. But you know what, it's enough. It's enough to introduce the calming effect of blue into your bedroom.

Keeping it simple often pays dividends when it comes to home decor and this bedroom does not disappoint.

How do you create this look?

Think simple, do you have a bed cover that you can use that is blue? Do you have sufficient blue fabric to make a bed throw that is blue? The shade is almost irrelevant in a neutral room such as this one.

Are you surprised how well blue compliments the wood bedside cabinets and bed frame? Blue is a universal color and is hard to mess up with.

Is it easy to achieve this look? It's so simple it can make your brain hurt. It proves a valid point, you can introduce colors into a bedroom on the lowest budget and it will still look breathtakingly good.

6. Clean crisp child's bedroom

Creating a bedroom fit for a child or young adult can be very challenging, if you ask the child or teenager what they would like the likely reply will be “Dunno” or something of that ilk.

The best bedrooms for children and teens are ones with clean lines that look crisp. The white furnishing in this bedroom is complemented beautifully by the clean blue patterned duvet cover, the deep blue bedside stand, and classic style blue lamp.

Did you realize how versatile blue is as a color, look into this room there are three different shades of blue in the focal area, and none of them clash or look out of place.

How to create this look?

Keep it clean and keep it simple, neutral bedrooms are great for kids of all ages because sooner or later they will put their own mark on it and make their personality stand out.

The room was simply created by adding a blue duvet, this one is patterned but that's not important, the color is the key.

The bedside table could be purchased but is more than likely DIY painted a fantastic shade of blue and the lamp could be a spare or purchased from a garage sale.

Is it easy to achieve this look? Yes, clean crisp lines are great for kid's rooms regardless of their age. The room can be created on a low budget, and duvet covers of all shapes and sizes are affordable.

DIY as much as you can and you can find some fantastic unique furnishings at garage sales that with some TLC can make perfect bedroom furniture.

7. Some bedrooms are irresistibly blue

Who could ever say you can have too much blue in a bedroom? With blue being universal it makes using the color effortless to create beautiful bedrooms that can be striking in their minimal approach but still look remarkably cool and inviting.

The blue and white striped accent wall adds another dimension to the bedroom giving it depth and a brightness that is frequently needed in an all-blue bedroom.

The natural color of the floor covering complements the blue walls but notice how the folded bright red fabric placed on the bed proves to be an unwelcome color in this bedroom.

How to create this look?

Think blue through and through. If you are going to go all-in on a blue bedroom then you will need to accessorize or like this bedroom introduce an accent wall as a focal point.

Placing vertical wallpaper lines can be a challenge even for experienced decorators, and you may decide to use a professional even if only for papering one wall.

Is it easy to achieve this look? Other than the vertical lined wallpaper the bedroom is just painted in blue emulsion paint that is readily available. You could choose to paint an accent wall as one solid block of color.

Again white provides the perfect complement to achieving a super clean-looking room.

8. Modern style box bedroom

How do you create a perfect modern-style box bedroom without breaking the bank? It's easy and you can do it in blue.

The one-tone color blue works spectacularly in this small room with the influx of light from two windows.

The white bed and chairs flanked by modern-style side lights is a master class on how to avert your attention from the one-color walls.

Blue accents on the pillows and blind finish the room which makes it look simple behind the hidden detail.

How to create this look?

Decoration of small rooms can be a challenge and the use of light sky blue paint has enabled the room to take on a softness that other coulis would have not.

The simple bed without a headboard makes the bedroom look sleek and not accessorized, but the main hidden feature is the flanking side lights, they take any starkness from the walls and the strategic placement of the side lights is masterful in diverting your gaze.

Is it easy to achieve this look? Yes, it is essentially a one-color room, you could use bedside table lamps to achieve the same look, and the white-covered chairs, although stunning could have been a shade of gray or another neutral color if desired.

Blue is naturally forgiving as a color and therefore accessorizing is relatively easy.

Do you need special tools? Not really, only the obligatory painting materials and weapons of the trade like paint brushes and rollers.

9. Modern accent wall

This sumptuous elegant bedroom has a feel of royal elegance, the golden yellow patterned headboard provides the ideal contrast to the turquoise ocean blue accent wall which draws your eyes into its depths.

The modern lines of this bedroom are interrupted by a magnificent wall of blue, that does truly look majestic.

The neutral tones of the room give a feeling of warmth.  This is a real triumph of how to use color in a modern home.

How to create this look?

Your bedroom wall lengths will need to be proportional to the accent wall and not be over-dominant due to its rich hue.

The contrasting headboard color is an interesting choice and gives the bedroom a regal feel that is fantastically simple.

Neutral wall colors like magnolia or buttermilk play an important role in the room's design as well as the choice of bedding.

Is it easy to achieve this look? Yes, it's a case of selecting the correct color paint and applying it so it covers well with expertly cut-in edges so there is no color bleed into the neutral color of the other walls.

If it's just the accent wall and soft furnishings this room could be created in less than 5 hours.

10. There is nothing like making a bold statement

Some bedrooms are pure magnificence and can only be adorned with the right color, and this time that color is blue.

The statement of luxury is unequivocally when you see the blue carpet leading from the stairs to the expanse of the room.

The compliment matching duvet cover is breathtaking to say the very least. But, note the simplicity of the decor, everything else in the room is neutral so the sheer joy of the color arrangement can be enjoyed and admired to its fullest.

How to create this look?

This look is quite simple to create, it's about matching a light blue carpet with the duvet color while being surrounded by neutral vibes to let the color shine through and make its presence felt.

A truly tranquil environment that would be the envy of any interior designer.

Is it easy to achieve this look? Yes carpets vary dramatically in price and you don't need a hard-wearing carpet for a bedroom, the room does not get the foot traffic do warrant being extravagant on the carpet.

Matching the colors may be a little more challenging and you may need to get your duvet professionally dyed for an exact match.

11. Scandinavian style living at its best

Scandinavia and the Nordic countries have a style of their own, one can assume due to the limited daylight for six months of the year. As a consequence Scandinavian-style homes are bright and airy allowing natural light to flood in when it's available.

The clean bright lines lend themselves to simplicity and with the blue fabric ottoman and contrasting blue pillows the bedroom has a peaceful awe to it. 

The use of the blue vinyl utilitarian floor covering should contradict the level of comfort but somehow it matches perfectly and adds to the space.

How to create this look?

This is a simple look to recreate, there is a lot of white and we know blue and white go together seamlessly. The flooring should be easy to emulate, it is just vinyl flooring that would be very practical in a bedroom although it may be chilly underfoot in the winter months.

Any ottoman can be recovered at a low cost so there is no need to search for an exact copy when you may have one at home or can pick up an ottoman from the flea market.

Light blue sheets and pillows are standard in any decent bedding store or section of your hypermarket.

Is it easy to achieve this look?   Yes, it's mainly soft furnishings that can be bought cheaply and vinyl flooring is relatively inexpensive and easy to lay if you wish to go this route.

What may become an issue is the amount of natural light flooding the room, if this is an issue you can experiment with under-bed frame LEDs that will radiate light and help achieve the look you desire.

12. Create an ethereal bedroom

The image could be from another dimension that is tranquil and orderly with exciting twists and turns.

This paragon of design is the epitome of indulgence of every visual sensor you are equipped with.

The diffuse light covering the turquoise bedding and the blue rug is enough to leave any interior designer feeling speechless, this design can surely not be improved upon.

The ornate candlestick chandelier speaks volumes about the style of the owner. Sophisticated to the nth degree.

How do you create this look?

Unless you have an east-facing aspect so you get the bright morning light you may struggle to emulate this bedroom exactly.

That does not stop you from draping voiles loosely to give that diaphanous look that is sexy and evocative.

Other than that, it's achievable! You will need the correct color bedding with valance, matching cushions, and neutral pillows.

The cabinet is old-world french style so a flea market could be your best bet or check online.

The rug could be bought from somewhere like Ikea and the painting would work equally as well as a print

Is it easy to achieve this look? Yes, consider some of these images are created in a studio under ideal conditions and somewhat exaggerated conditions so don't get too hung up on how the sunlight enters your room.

You can achieve an ethereal look in your bedroom with a minimalist approach, mainly its soft and hard furnishings. Don't be extravagant with the chandelier, you can buy a used ornate chandelier, have it rewired, and spray paint the color of your choice.

13. A bedroom fit for a queen

This is also simple and works well, someone should have realized to ditch the wardrobe, it's an architectural failure and does not belong in this type of room.

While you want to read about the bedroom it's worth making a valid point at this time. If you are going for a look and vibe such as regal with a French heritage vibe then you need to stick to the theme. It's a fact that Louis the XVI was never seen sitting in a farmhouse rocking chair!

Les assumes the chair and the wardrobe have magically vanished for the image. What do we have? A very nice powder blue wall, an exquisite bed from a french era, and french style replica furnishings.

Blue satin bedding and draped voiles make a regal setting.

How to create this look?

Starting with the panel walls it's simple to do and be created using plaster or wood molded rails. Once you have the simulated panels then head for the powder blue, apply it to the walls and paint the other two walls neutral like magnolia or buttermilk.

The rest is just fabrics that can be copied from the image.

Is it easy to achieve this look? It is not difficult, the panel walls will need accurate measuring and to be honest, may look out of place depending on the style of your home so keep that in mind.

The look will work with any ornate cabinetry and the voiles are easy to hang but you will be working off step ladders.

Soft furnishings are easy to find and you may find satin sheets a little slippy to sleep on, but give them a try they might fit your lifestyle perfectly.

14. Is this a dream?

If ever you wake to sun rays streaming through your bedroom window in this manner you will certainly have to pinch yourself and check if you are still breathing.

The prowess of this design is indisputable, the absolute perfect color delivering tranquility in abundance. The bright white coving and ceiling with the bottom paneling is something out of this world.

How do blues and browns work together? It is incredibly stylish and lavish at the same time.

‘The designer lighting is a triumph and the classic chandelier makes the room feel stately.

Lemons for breakfast? What an incredible addition to the room but will it grow under bedroom conditions?

How to create this look?

It's not complicated or expensive. Opt for neutral bedding including the pillows, there is enough paint not to require additional accents and blue tones.

The lighting can be achieved cheaply by finding old lamps and painting them silver, you can add a few touches like fabric leaves to make something different.

The chandelier can be old and from a flea market and just sprayed in gold paint to achieve the same look.

All of the walls are painted in the same color which is an easy job. Do you have natural light like the image? If you do great if you don't use artificial lighting for the same effect.

Is it easy to achieve this look? It's not difficult, It is mainly paint and lights mainly where the work is involved, you should not need an electrician, home lights are easy to wire with lots of online tips to help you through the process.

All of the soft furnishings are neutral so what could go wrong?

15. When you don't take yourself too seriously?

There is more to life than worrying about the decor of your bedroom, nevertheless, it's great to have a room where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

This modern bedroom still keeps the powder blue wall and then contrasts that with a light olive green wall. Does it work? Maybe in an ultra-modern setting yes but moreover does anyone really care if it works or not?

Style and taste are subjective issues, the same as we find our partners attractive in different ways, the color of their eyes, the size of their nose, you get the picture.

How to create this look?

The furnishings are all modern self-assembly so the issue is can you paint? There is only one powder blues accent wall in this bedroom and there is nothing else tying it to the room.

You would maybe use a color wheel to help select your colors, or maybe that's the point of the decor!

Is it easy to achieve this look? What can be said, it's effortless and not too time-consuming to put a couple of coats of emulsion on bedroom walls.

Start with the walls that are mainly the same color and leave the blue wall to last, make sure the coats are dry before you proceed to the blue wall to prevent the color bleeding.

16. Tranquility or chaos?

Not all interior design emulates the walls of the Palace of Versailles Paris and this design may leave you feeling somewhat bewildered, but that's ok if a design provokes an emotion that's viewed as a good thing as long as the emotions do not cause you to vomit.

The bedroom has a very utilitarian feel and one that conjures up a clinical feeling, but hey, we all feel differently and some of you may love the image.

Is it restful? Is the design a design that never met the design brief? 

How to create this look?

This is an easy look to create its paint and nothing more so workout where the majority of the paint is going and get cracking. Paint the wall with the least color last.

The furnishings are rather retro in design so you may need to visit a retro furniture store online.

Don't forget that this look was used a lot in the 60s, bright was the theme after the hangover of the second world war.

Is it easy to achieve this look? Yes, it involves painting only, brushes rollers, and paint, of course, be diligent and let the paint coats dry before applying further colors to prevent the paint from bleeding into the other color.

17. Simplicity and elegance a timeless classic

Simplicity is something that needs to be envied because behind everything simple is often a thought process that has mapped out the final results.

This elegant bedroom has been painted entirely in blue-gray with white ceilings and white kickboards

The use of the soft white chair and matching gray rug ties the room together seamlessly, of course, the monochrome pictures above the headboard add a level of cool energy to the room.

The light wood floor plays an essential role in keeping the bedroom light despite the huge window allowing natural light into the room.

How to create this look?

The room has a minimalist vibe so don't be tempted to add clutter to the room, if you don't have a wooden floor or laminate then a cream color carpet will produce the same look and feel.

Ornate Chinese-style pottery can be purchased affordably and you can have fun adding your own oriental designs or just painting in a metallic style for maximum effect.

Is it easy to achieve this look? Yes, but allow time and make sure the walls are free from debris and marks, there is no accent in this room so the walls need to be in good shape before applying paint to prevent your eyes from being drawn to defects.

Soft furnishings are easy to resolve and you can take inspiration from the image, as long as the furnishings are neutral all will be cool.

18. Cool blue for those hot summer days

When the thermometer is rising during the summer months there is no better feeling after a cool shower to relax in a cool deep blue bedroom.

Did you know the color blue relaxes you sufficiently to lower your blood pressure?

Because blue is such a versatile color you can match it with just about any color of floor tiles and achieve incredible visual results.

Combine this with an inviting colonial-style bed with cool neutral sheets and diaphanous voiles to diffuse the daylight the room will become an oasis on a hot day in June.

How to create this look?

The main accent wall looks to have a wallpaper covering giving a dappled deep blue effect, if you have a wall with a split air conditioning unit mounted and do not use paper, the leaky air conditioner will cause major problems.

You can get paints mixed to a RAL number if you can't find the correct shade so you can always get the color you want.

Is it easy to achieve this look?  It's incredibly simple to achieve this look, if your preference is a dappled look you will need to select a slightly different shade of blue and then apply a third coat of paint with a special roller or sponge in a dabbing motion.

Voiles will thread onto a track in minutes and the old Jungle-style bedside lamps can be found online.

19. When space is confined blue works wonderfully

At times we don't always have the space to make grand designs so when your back is literally up against the wall why not just use blue bedding?

The blue bedding in this twin cabin looks inviting and crisp. The cabin's white walls are the essence of making blue work in a small space.

How to create this look?

Make the beds with blue bedding and enjoy sailing!

20. Who said blue does not work?

This deep blue which may be akin to royal blue is deep and luscious in color and that adds an instant aura of calm and peacefulness to the bedroom.

Providing everything else is quite neutral in the bedroom a deep blue carpet works wonders and enriches the room in a different way to lighter colors but still remains luxurious and comfortable.

How to create this look?

It's just about carpet and a duvet cover that has some slight accents of blue.

Is it easy to achieve this look? What could be simpler? Order your carpet, have it fitted and you have your beautiful bedroom.

The bottom line

Light blue bedroom colors are a great way to open up an otherwise small space. When combined with white, it will brighten up the room and make it feel less claustrophobic. You can also throw in some gray accents to modernize the bedroom decor.

You can achieve amazing results on a tight budget and make a bedroom somewhere you want to spend more time.

If you have the budget then you can go all out and create incredible stylish bedrooms that any interior designer would be envious of. It's more than paint, it's about accents, and accent walls, some of the most stunning bedrooms only have a blue accent wall.

Can you create tranquility with just soft furnishings? Yes, absolutely, with bedding and chairs you can make your bedroom look and feel like a designer space at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Don't forget to use low-cost items from flea markets or garage sales. There are some bargains to be found and incredible furnishing that add that ambiance of class from a b gone age.

Blue is such a versatile color it can be used in any bedroom from infants through to your grandparents and still, l look amazing.