8 Natural Bedroom Ideas - Warm, Earthy Tones

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8 Natural Bedroom Ideas - Warm, Earthy Tones
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Bringing earthy tones into the bedroom may seem like a long stretch, but with some thought, it's a relatively straightforward process as you can gain inspiration from nature. Not all earthy tones are brown. On the contrary, they can be much lighter tones, so don't fall into the trap of thinking brown is the only earthy tone you can use in your bedroom.

If you follow trends, you will know that earthy tones in the bedroom in 2022 are hot. So, let's look for inspiration and explore the earthy tones and what they can bring to the bedroom.

Buckle up, and let's get into it.

How can I make my room look more earthy?

The best place to start is looking at nature, walking through woodland, or along the shoreline to be inspired. So many people associate earthy looks with browns and terracottas. They are great colors but not the be and end of all of the spectra of the earthy tone.

Use accent walls in your bedroom and luscious green hues to transform your bedroom into the color of the forest. Green accent walls are a fantastic addition to a bedroom and create a feeling of holistic tranquility that no other color can provide.

If dark green is outside your ideas for the bedroom and you prefer something vivid and exciting, then there is Lime green.

Don't underestimate the power of color. Lime green clearly comes from the color of limes. It's representative of vitality, exuberance, thoughtfulness, and all things positive that will move you forward.

Most earthy colors are forgiving and accept other tones readily. Of course, earthy tones are the natural match as it's a color from nature.

How can I make a natural bedroom?

You can make a natural bedroom, and some ways, without the need for great expense. If you consider the meaning of natural, what comes to mind other than brown?

Nature could include framing dried foliage and flowers from your garden and placing the dried plants in a frame. This makes an interesting point of your bedroom and definitely brings nature into your bedroom.

Bringing driftwood into the bedroom can make an excellent focal point. It could be mounted on the wall or as an ornament on a nightstand. How about the colors of the shoreline, light neutral colors of sand with the background of blues, and other contrasting colors found along the shoreline?

The use of the artwork is a fantastic way to bring a natural vibe to your bedroom. How about a mural or stencil of a blossom tree?

If your heart is set on a natural bedroom, you will need to discard any synthetic material from your bedroom in favor of natural products such as wool.

Having a natural bedroom is more of a lifestyle than a style statement for decor.

How can I make my bedroom feel homely?

You may feel that making a bedroom homey is a breeze, but some people need to be inspired by what defines a homely bedroom.

Here are some pointers that represent a homely bedroom:

  • Avoid the minimalist look. It can be stark and have the opposite effect you are looking for. Minimalists use a lot of natural cues, but the style is strictly for those with a certain mindset.
  • Bring some nature into your bedroom and add some touches of wood. It could be your headboard or nightstands, but wood brings us back to nature and that feeling of home.
  • Keep your color palette neutral and brighten the bedroom by using accessories. Neutral colors are calming and create an ambiance of peaceful rest. Ditch the synthetic elements of your bedroom. There is no room for a cheap rug in a room with a natural vibe.
  • Create drama with your bed. Choose a sumptuous and inviting bed piled with pillows, textures, and glorious colors complimenting the bedroom's neutral tones.
  • Area rugs define the bedroom. The area rug will bring warmth and comfort to your bedroom, which every bedroom requires to feel homely. Area rugs come in specific sizes, so select the right size for your bed.
  • Drapes make a huge difference. Use full drapes from floor to ceiling shade of purple or mint green, depending on your bedroom decor. Using sheer curtains can provide privacy and beautiful diffused light for the bedroom. Staying with windows, your bedroom needs to be private.
  • Close the door on tech. If you genuinely want a homely bedroom, ditch the TV in the bedroom and all other tech that keeps you awake for hours on end that has no place in a homely bedroom.

How can I make my bedroom look Zen?

Having a Zen bedroom may be the ultimate in-bedroom space. Zen is more than a palace of relaxation; it is a space where you can switch off from the world's distractions, focus on your inner being, and meditate.

Here are some top tips for creating a Zen bedroom:

  • Out with electronic gadgets, you need space and time to meditate without constant chirps from your smartphone.
  • Go for a minimalist vibe, declutter, and out with anything that's not essential to the bedroom and storage.
  • Keep your bedroom furniture simple and functional—no need for drama in a Zen bedroom.
  • Use neutral tones, enabling you to focus on your meditation.
  • If your bedroom has lots of natural light, consider hanging sheer drapes to diffuse the bright light into something more soft and conducive to relaxation.
  • Shut out negative space and ditch ornaments that do not resonate with you.
  • Make a place for scents and incense sticks.

Not all Zen bedrooms are created for meditating, and they can be your go-to reading room where you are not distracted. Or your music room where you can get lost in the melody and words of the songs.

Let's go for some inspiration.

1. Relaxing colors

There is a misconception that earth tones are brown and shades thereof. Earth tones are found in nature on the beach, walking through the woods, looking at minerals and chalks, leaves, and bark of trees. The list is almost endless.

While browns make excellent bedroom decor, don't get hung up on such a narrow bandwidth of colors.

The bedroom in the image may not be your idea of earthy colors, but greige, a combination of grays and beige, can be found everywhere. Look at Feldspar, the most abundant mineral on earth, and it has many shades and fantastic hues.

Natural bedrooms can be a compromise of colors and nature, so open your ideas to the beautiful world of natural colors.

Of course, the bedroom has to be comfortable so use natural materials like wools for duvets, covers, and even blankets that are perfect for the bedroom.

2. Natural wood tones

Some of you may be concerned about the bedroom trend for using natural colors, but there is no need to worry. Nature has you covered.

Wood is a glorious way to bring nature directly into the bedroom, so why not use wood to the full and use some fantastic browns and yellows for the wood to make your bedroom vibrant and exciting?

Of course, what goes best with wood? Green foliage bring those indoor plants into the bedroom and creates a veritable jungle to bring you back down to the ground.

A fantastic bedroom with white walls and an area rug looks like a bedroom to be desired and converted.

It is worth noting that it's not a problem if you have a wood floor with different grain and color. Wood has this uncanny ability to complement other wood shades perfectly.

3. Look no further than Bohemian styling for nature's influences

Get it out of your head that your bedroom needs accent walls to have a natural vibe. This Bohemian-style bedroom is far from accent walls and retains simplicity and purity of design while bringing the essence of nature into the bedroom.

Ratan lampshades are the color of dry grass, and the macrame combines hemp, cotton, and other natural products.

Coir matting made from natural coconut fibers is as close to nature as you get while sleeping in a bedroom.

The deep greenery of the pants foliage brings the room together.

Using natural bedding for the true meaning of a natural bedroom is essential.

4. Good vibrations

Don't be scared to use color in a natural bedroom. If you live by the ocean, your color palette expands dramatically, reflecting the natural colors of the beach and ocean in your bedroom. The ocean is not just deep blue; it is gray on a rainy day. It's turquoise and shades of blues.

Using the colors of nature when you are next to the ocean can be exciting, from the colors of the seaweed and birds to the intricacies of sand and rocks. 

Having a fantastic color palette to work with should ensure you have a stunning bedroom.

5. In the bleak mid-winter

Not all of you are beach babes, so how about nature in the winter? You sure wish you had painted that warm brown accent wall now! Or maybe not, as winter brings new challenges to nature, there are still various colors to choose from, and you are vindicated from painting those white walls.

The shades of wither are tones of gray across a backdrop of crisp white snow interspersed with bare wood tones.

Bringing a contorted branch into the bedroom in the depths of winter reminds you of the coming spring with vivid greens.

Gray is a beautiful natural color to use in your bedroom, and even charcoal gray has many elements of nature that create a wonderful bedroom.

6. Camping out

If you have hesitated to wonder if you could bring nature to your bedroom then hesitate no more. Murals are a great way to bring scenes from nature straight to your bedroom. Murals are live-like, almost like you have been camping in the forest.

You can get many wilderness screens that are awesome for your bedroom decor, and it is undeniable that you have nature in your bedroom.

If a mural has a downside, it has to be that it is tricky to hang on the wall. The photo images are intricate and need to be matched precisely.

7. Keep it simple

If the thought of decorating makes you tremble with fear every time a new decor trend comes around, take the easy option, the path of least resistance, to create the same feeling in the bedroom as if you have painstakingly spent hours painting.

White is a natural color, so don't be convinced otherwise!

Adding bedding with earthy tones may be all you need to create the bedroom you desire, some beautiful earth color accented by vivid colors will change the bedroom's ambiance while you keep to a budget.

There are things you can do to make your bedroom feel like a part of nature, such as introducing a tall pot plant with some fantastic foliage.

Press dry some leaves and flowers and frame them to add more natural vibes to the bedroom.

8. When there is no other way!

There are times in your life when all other avenues have been explored, and you have to revert to what has proven to be a good choice.

Ok, brown accent walls are not that bad. They can be awe-inspiring when matched with the right accessories.

Most people associate brown with the earth's color, making brown a great color to bring into your bedroom. It's warm and enveloping, keeping you grounded and at peace with your thoughts.

Color does mean a lot more than shade on an accent wall. Psychologists say brown brings strength and security and a sense of strength and reliability. It can resonate deeply with you on an ethereal level.

Do warm earthy tones work in a bedroom?

They work perfectly; moreover, you may have used earthy tones for a long time without realizing it. But when you add shades of brown, the bedroom's ambiance changes dramatically and creates an exclusive warmth and secure feeling.

Use color. It will look incredible, and if you want to dip your toe in the waters of natural bedrooms, start with accessories before taking the plunge.