New York Bedroom Ideas and Tips

Dreamy New York bedroom oasis.
New York Bedroom Ideas and Tips
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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A city known by nicknames, the big apple, the city that never sleeps, Gotham, and you can guess many other colloquial names that represent this Iconic city. It's unlikely you could find an inhabited square inch of the planet where New York is unknown. Aligning your bedroom decor with this icon will create an excellent scheme of bright colors and incredible artwork.

In this article, we can explore what makes New York tick and what bedroom decor would make you feel you were sleeping in this incredible city. From memorabilia to the iconic images of the New York skyline.

Let's dive in. 

How do I make my room look like New York?

There are two ends of the scale in New York, those who live in amazing highrise buildings with incredible views and those who live in highrise buildings that don't have a view to boast about. The latter apartment bedrooms will tend to be on the small side of bedroom dimensions, so innovative decor ideas are essential.

A typical New York apartment or studio will incorporate at least one of these design cues, which you can use for an authentic look:

  • If your bedroom is small, use tall drapes to make the bedroom ceiling look higher than it is.
  • Divide the room with rugs and create the illusion of a bigger room.
  • Don't clutter your bedroom with too much furniture.
  • Take advantage of natural light whenever possible.

These are the fundamentals of decorating a New York bedroom. But how do you bring the essence of New York into your bedroom if you live in a city hundreds if not thousands of miles away?

There are many ways. We will explore them to find you inspirational images that will convert your bedroom into a room that is the epitome of the Big Apple.

What are some good bedroom themes?

1. Iconic buildings from around the world

Use images of iconic buildings from around the world to give you a sense of belonging; this image is actually from Dubai, representing its changing skyline that does actually have a replica of the Empire State building, which can be found in downtown Dubai.

However, the theme is the concept. This could have equally been a perfect backdrop for Manhattan as viewed when crossing the Brooklyn bridge.

Being part of a city is more than just living there. New Yorkers are proud people regardless of their backgrounds and use city images in their apartments and homes.

Regardless of your bedroom decor, this simple idea can transport you to a city you admire as you view the fantastic buildings constructed so many years ago.

Finding images like this is easy. You can buy them online, place the image in a picture frame, and hang them on the wall for that ultimate expression of respect for New York.

2. A skyline to be remembered

The everlasting image of New York will always have the twin towers visible together with the Empire State Building. Let's not forget the iconic Chrysler building, with its unmistakable architecture glistening in the morning light as it towers over Manhattan.

These iconic images with the Brooklyn Bridge as the center point of the image can be purchased as wallpaper, allowing you to create a stunning mural on a feature wall in your bedroom. 

The monochrome image is easily recognizable and brings New York directly into your bedroom. The bright lights of the Brooklyn Bridge Illuminate the still water of the Hudson river against a backdrop of office lights that create the great silhouettes of the skyscrapers that are synonymous with the New York skyline.

Is this an easy look to achieve in a bedroom? Yes, you will need some measuring skills and patience, but it is a beautiful look to have on your bedroom wall as you lay on your bed a dream big about walking along fifth avenue arm in arm with a loved one.

3. Fifth Avenue by day

Immerse yourself in the center of New York along 5th Avenue, the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps. The ubiquitous yellow cabs are everywhere, searching for the next ride. 

Steam billowing from underground ventilation in the colder months. This full-size hand-drawn mural is a gorgeous piece of art that would look absolutely fabulous on any bedroom wall that will take you to the heart of New York.

This mural is for you if you are into DC comics and Batman movies. Gotham, by day, has a different vibe from the sinister night images where anything could take place.

Again this mural is wallpaper and would look incredible in a bedroom, and it has awesome lines and an authentic feel with the various styles of yellow cabs.

A mural of this dimension presents a beautiful opportunity to use the New York can yellow as an accessory in the bedroom, such as the chair in this image, or bright yellow bedding for an immersive vibe.

Can anyone apply this mural to a wall? Yes, it's just measuring skills and patience to create a genuinely awe-inspiring bedroom wall.

4. Moody New York

New York has its own ambiance, a mood that is hard to describe. It is friendly but edgy. New York is a melting pot of cultures that can only be experienced when the lights are low, and the provocative mood emerges from every shadow.

You can create this mood in your bedroom with these classy lamp shades that silhouette the manhattan skyline allowing just enough light to illuminate the bedroom.

The NYC wall hooks are fantastic for bringing the city's lifeblood into your bedroom.

You may not have brick walls in your bedroom, but these additions to the room will illuminate the bedroom with the spirit of New York.

5. New York New York so good they named it twice

Momentos of New York are often small, and trinkets-like, so if you want to make a statement about where you left your heart (not San Francisco), you will need to have a memento with a stature that can be displayed in your home. What better way to display your love and respect for this incredible city than to have a stencil mural?

Stencil murals are fantastic and easy to apply to a bedroom wall. If you have natural light, this New york skyline image style is perfect for the bedroom and placed over the headboard to create a perfect scene.

The impressive and iconic Liberty statue is the epitome of any scene from New York and, if possible, should be included.

You can buy this type of stencil online and have it delivered to your door the next day or the same day in some cases.

Are stencils easy to use? Yes, they are fun, and it feels as if you have been part of the decor process, leaving your mark on your bedroom.

5. Be a patriot

For obvious reasons, the USA is full of patriots and none more than New Yorkers. If your apartment bedroom is not easy to incorporate a new decor scheme, you can find other ways to bring New York into your bedroom.

Using the American flag design for pillows is an excellent feature and clearly sets your loyalties and interest in New York.

Combined with a gorgeous duvet cover that exhibits the New York skyline is a wonderful addition to the bedding.

The awe-inspiring images of the pillows and duvet cover bring a true sense of patriotism into your bedroom while reminding you of this beautiful city with so much history and heritage.

If there is an easy way to bring New York Into your bedroom, then this is it. You simply make your bed and are in the midst of Manhattan, New York.

6. Fun in the Big Apple

For the younger members of the family, New York is an adventure full of symbols of success and hope. Still, the iconic figure that can be so memorable is the vision of yellow cabs driving along every avenue brightening the concrete wall of the city with yellow flashes.

Creating a New York Cab out of bed may seem challenging, but with thought and application, some can be created quickly to reproduce the original cab's aesthetic.

Vinyl wraps are available in yellow, and you will need the checkered tape that can be purchased online. Finished with a gray duvet cover and some bright accessories, add more energy to the bedroom.

A bright wallpaper depicting the hustle and bustle of a New York street completes the acne for any youngster to imagine he is driving through Time Square.

Can anyone create this look? Yes, it's totally DIY, and it is a fun look, so don't get hung up on small details. You are bringing the essence of the yellow cab to a youngster's bedroom.

7. Bright lights

If you have walked the avenues of Manhattan with a crick in your neck from staring skywards in amazement at the sheer height of some of the skyscrapers, you will soon realize that New York and Manhattan are pretty colorless, gray with dull facades.

However, you have an imagination, so you can take the theme of New York and change up your bedroom positively with vibrant colors that still represent the vibe of New York. If the ethos of New York had a color, it would be bright and bold with vivid contrasts such as bright yellow and black.

To use this bedding, your bedroom will need to be somewhat subdued in its decor, and if the walls are dark gray or black, that will showcase the bedding perfectly.

This fantastic bedding set has got everything going on, from yellow to turquoise and darker tones, and it all fits perfectly.

The painting of the Brooklyn Bridge is an incredible image to have on your bedroom wall to remind you of this iconic bridge.

8. Playing it cool

Most people would admit New York is a fantastic place to be, and furthermore, it's full of cool people, a melting pot of ethnicity that creates an arty vibe to the city. Recalling these images may want you to consider continuing the cool vibe in your bedroom. 

Not everyone appreciates overt skylines as a memory of their time in New York, so why not take a subtle approach and create something unique and extraordinary like this chest of drawers? If it has a perfect aged look, paint the chest of drawers charcoal gray and then tastefully add memorable images from the streets of new york city.

A license plate or two from the state would also add meaning to the piece of furniture.

Accesoresores like an old chair that could carry the story of a shoe-shine boy working close to Wall Street.

Use this image for inspiration, or copy it directly for a cool look in your bedroom.

9. Subway signs

At one time in New York City's history, this was how subway signs were printed so commuters could navigate their way across the city.

Heading back to your hotel for a shower and then lunch. They are fantastic pieces of art. When framed and placed in your bedroom, they will bring back memories of times when you came from central park and walked along the tree-lined avenue.

These signs are a part of history that makes New York the icon it is.

You can buy these awesome prints online from reputable suppliers. They, of course, are copies but, nevertheless, recreate what old New york was like back in the day.

Final thoughts

Creating a bedroom based on the theme of New York is an incredible idea that will allow you to use many of New York's iconic images to create a bedroom that appears to be authentic.

Sometimes garish colors and images can be overpowering, and a subtle approach is called for to provide a gentle and evocative memory of your time in the big apple, such as the chest of drawers or the subway poster.

New York offers something for everyone, making it the world's leading city.