12 Oak Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Stylish, comfortable bedrooms with 12 oak ideas.
12 Oak Bedroom Furniture Ideas
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Some bedroom designs are timeless, and when you use Oak as your material of choice, you can expect a treat as this timber has many properties you may not have expected.

In this article, we will answer FAQS and let you know how to make the best of your oak bedroom furniture, from decor to maintain the wood.

Learn how to keep oak looking fashionable as if you were on top of the latest trends and much more such as:

  • How to keep oak looking good
  • Use oak in an alluring bedroom
  • Going Japanese
  • Inspired by nature

Let's get into it.

Is oak the hardest wood?

No, there are lots of other woods that are much harder than oak, such as redwood and maple. Hickory is one of the hardest domestic woods.

However, the use of oak has become common due to its magnificent color and grain structure, not to mention it is cheaper than a lot of other hardwoods, but don't expect to buy oak for a steal.

Compared to other hardwoods, oak is ubiquitous, but the timber still takes a long time to grow, which is why there is a large price gap between, say, pine and oak wood.

Did you know that in 1790 the British navy had 300 ships in its ranks, all made of oak, the trees claimed at least 24,000 acres or 37.5 square miles?

1. The beauty of oak in a bedroom

Using oak as the bedroom furniture is like bringing the outdoors into your bedroom. The beautiful grain and soft yellow tones of the wood fill the room with warmth and natural happiness. 

Oak always looks fresh and is timeless. Oak wood is resilient to most things you can throw at it in a bedroom setting and makes it the perfect choice if you are looking for longevity if you are furniture.

The tones of oak are subtle and, as such, can take on most colors of decor for your bedroom. From bold to pastel shades, the oak bedroom furniture will stand out proudly.

This bedroom uses a modern oak bedroom base, bedside cabinet, and flooring to give the full glorious effect of the wood when matched with the muted tones of the decor.

How to create this look?

If you have oak bedroom furniture, then congratulations you are more than halfway to creating this stunning bedroom. The bedroom uses muted tones to showcase the oak to its fullest.

Gray will always marry with yellow oak tones and the mauve texture walls are the perfect background for a scene from a movie set.

How easy is it to achieve this look? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult to achieve this bedroom is a 6.

Why 6? Because if you don't have the oak you need to make some choices, at the minimum you will need to buy the oak bed base and then maybe an oak veneer floor covering, a similar feel could be achieved with a light-colored carpet.

2. Oak and white

The use of oak in a bedroom sounds grand and conjures images of huge bedrooms that could be used by the rich and famous. 

However, you can create a spectacular look in a small bedroom using oak bedroom furniture and an oak laminate floor.

When using oak you can expect freshness and to this end, oak furnishings and a laminate floor are perfect for those of you who have allergies.

In this bedroom, the distressed oak set of draws takes center stage and the floor is the focal point, the room is beautifully simple in its design, and the white walls and bed linen are elevated from austere due to the warm tones of the timber.

How to create this look?

Simplicity often produces some of the best bedrooms with a no-fuss approach. Think simple and take advantage of the warm tones from the wood laminate flooring and use the distressed cabinet as an item of interest that draws your vision away from the white.

adding a yellow cushion to the while duvet cover is just enough to give the bedroom a sense of occupancy.

How easy is it to achieve this look? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult to achieve this bedroom is a 2.

Let's make the assumption the laminate flooring is already in place and if it's not it's simple to install. The rest of the bedroom is white painted walls and a ceiling with white duvets and bed sheets. 

Keep this bedroom simple from top to bottom for the very best result.

3. Oak in an alluring bedroom 

There are some terms that you would not normally associate with oak but this bedroom is certainly alluring with the oak panel wall, sporting a rich deep red headboard.

The misconception among interior designers is that oak in particular yellow oak is only good to be matched with pale insipid colors, much like their thought process.

When the truth is, yellow oak is perfect with deep bold colors and the oak complements and contrasts in a way that no other material is capable of doing.

The superb lighting is provocative against the oak floor and wall and the earthy colors merge in a statement of richness and sultry passion.

How to create this look?

Make the oak prominent if not the centerpiece of the bedroom, the beautiful bold colors are outstanding in this bedroom setting and are superbly complemented by the wood.

Use downlights and lamps to create a wonderful effect against the wood panel wall.

How easy is it to achieve this look? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult to achieve this bedroom is a 6.

Creating the wood panel wall will take time and some carpentry skills and the use of lights to create the warmth is a design masterpiece, the rest of the bedroom is simple to create.

Balancing the lights is going to take a long time if you are not an expert and they are critical to the overall effect of the bedroom.

4. Make oak the focal point of the bedroom

The traditional oak bed frame goes seamlessly in the modern style bedroom; it complements the roof line and combined with the neutral tones of the bedroom the oak bed frame is the focal point.

Is it ever a great idea to mix and match different wood grains and colors? It's debatable, but for this room with its minimalist tones then you could say the pine wardrobe would have been better painted white, but it is debatable!

The truth is oak in this yellow hue is a versatile material to use in the bedroom and is forgiving of any design mistakes as your eyes are automatically drawn to the stunning bed.

Furthermore, you just know that this bed frame is still going to be functional 100 years from now so enjoy its glory.

How to create this look?

This bedroom has been masterfully crafted from a loft or attic space and as such does not warrant grand decor as the oak bed takes over the bedroom with its robustness and beautiful yellow hue.

Keep the bedroom simple and use light pastels and a white ceiling to copy the image, the use of wall lights with brass accentuates the colors in the bedroom.

How easy is it to achieve this look? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult to achieve this bedroom is a 3.

The room is simple but nonetheless stylish mainly due to the dominant presence of the robust bed frame.

Painting the ceiling and walls is child's play. You could improve the bedroom by adding a sheepskin rug and a rug with some richer tones.

5. Frame that picture!

Over the years we have lost the beauty of wood windows (unless your home had oak window frames) and as such introducing an oak window frame inside the bedroom is a perfect way of framing the picture or view from your bedroom.

If you are not aware oak is a very hard and resilient wood and once in place is going to provide decades if not centuries of service if maintained.

To maintain your furniture's shine and repel water, treat the wood with furniture oil, wax, or polish. Moisturize at least once a month to prevent cracking or more frequently (like once a week) if the furniture gets daily wear and tear. You may also want to oil a new or used piece of oak furniture that appears dry, this includes any internal oak window frames.

How to create this look?

Frame the window with oak, there are various patterns you could use together with depths of timber, once installed, maintain it easily by wiping it over once a month as if you were disputing the bedroom ready for a visitor.

Using light-colored walls will make the timber window frame pop, making your bedroom look like a design masterpiece.

How easy is it to achieve this look? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult to achieve this bedroom is a 5.

Making a window frame is for the professional joiner and not the DIY enthusiast so employ a professional so the joints are perfect and the frame is fitted to perfection.

Keep in mind oak is hard and many DIY saws are not man enough for the job of cutting the timber.

6. Faux oak can look great

If your budget does not run to buying oak bedroom furniture what can you do? There are plenty of options that can be expired that will make your bedroom look like oak and give the oak vibe.

Use an oak veneer. Veneers get bad press and they do need extra maintenance but they can fool anyone at a close-up glance so it's a real budget-friendly option.

Take the bedroom in the image, for instance, the back wall is plywood, but it's been stained the yellow tones of oak, it's cheap and it's easy to work with, you can simulate the look of oak on your bedroom on a tight budget.

Tip. If you do take this route remember oak has a tight grain and so many knots so select the plywood sheets carefully.

How to create this look?

Once you have your plywood sheets installed select the tome of yellow that you want to wash over the boards, you will still need to see the grain and any knots to imitate oak.

Once complete compliment with light tones bedding materials to bring out the colors and you will fool your guests for years to come.

How easy is it to achieve this look? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult to achieve this bedroom is an 8.

Plywood is hard to handle and you will need help, applying the wash to the boards will need to be done a few times and can't be rushed if you want to achieve faux oak.

Plywood can warp in moisture and when it dries so make sure your gap on the edges of the boards allows for expansion and contraction.

7. When tradition meets pink!

There is nothing quite like the traditional oak bed with its carved headboard and footboard adding a traditional vibe to the bedroom with its farmhouse heritage style and then comes along pink!

But hold your horses, pink and yellow oak go together perfectly along with so many other colors. It's a complete misconception that if you have yellow colors ok you are restricted to decor color schemes, Oak is very forgiving.

This bedroom has pink walls and a white set of drawers with the oak color door frame and kickboards combined with a brown carpet, under normal circumstances it would be considered you are trying to cover all bases. But with oak, it's a great look.

How to create this look?

This is an eclectic bedroom and an absolute carbon copy is going to be hard to achieve so let's go with what's on your mind.

It is useful to try and have a few pieces of furnishings that make the room cohesive for a better look and a lighter carpet would work wonders in this bedroom.

How easy is it to achieve this look? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult to achieve this bedroom is a 5.

It's only a 5 because where do you start? Ok, let's go with the pink walls, it's an easy task but to marry all the colors together is going to be a challenge if you are not using a yellow oak bed frame.

Accessorize where you can to pull the bedroom together and keep the room bright and airy and the carpet pulls the bedroom down.

8. Will oak ever become unfashionable?

If you think oak is outdated then you are missing a weapon or two in your design armory to create something truly beautiful and a testament to your abilities as a designer.

If you strip the bedroom bare and add an oak laminate floor and stand back what do you have? You have a stunning-looking room filled with a natural vibe that will supersede any previous floor covering regardless if it's trending or not.

add some retro vibe furnishings and you have created a spectacular bedroom with a minimalist styling deserving of the best 60s bedroom from Chelsea London way back when.

Is it possible for yellow oak to become unfashionable? It seems unlikely given its prowess in the design of stunning rooms.

How to create this bedroom?

Have a superb oak wood floor and then add retro furnishings from an era such as the 60s where design was taking off like the apollo rocket on the moon.

You can use muted or bold tones from the 60s and period furniture will make an enormous statement about the intent of the bedroom design.

How easy is it to achieve this look? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult to achieve this bedroom is a 3.

This is a simple room to recreate and can be done affordably, the room has a small footprint so the wood flooring should be budget friendly.

There are a lot of retro furniture imitations online to be able to recreate this bedroom precisely if desired.

9. No expense spared

In the quest for perfection in your bedroom sometimes if money is not a factor then spare no expense to achieve your look.

This gorgeous sumptuous bedroom is adorned with beautiful oak floors that have been stained and polished to an amazing luster.

The use of oak doors details the lengths that have been taken to create this bedroom and produce the perfect homely image while making a huge statement of wealth and comfort.

The beautiful off-white shag pile rug placed centrally under the bed gives more depth and comfort to the bedroom, the bedroom is perfection personified.

How to create this look?

It's going to be an expensive look to create so be prepared for some substantial costs as this concept is all about quality and comfort.

Your bedroom will need to be large and airy with a light of natural light penetration, start with the oak doors and then move forward from that point to create this sublime bedroom.

How easy is it to achieve this look? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult to achieve this bedroom is a 10.

There are no DIY aspects to this bedroom unless you are desperate to paint the ceiling and walls yourself and this is why it's a 10.

There is a lot of complexity in this bedroom from matching colors perfectly to selecting the correct timber for the bedroom, it's a big task and one that should be undertaken during a renovation or in the building design process.

10. When only light oak will fit the bedroom design

There are times when a certain look can only be achieved by selecting one type of furniture to suit the room and the desired look.

In this instance, the light oak bedroom furniture has surpassed the design colors with its elegant modern styling cues. The matching oak bedroom furniture gives a depth of nature to the bedroom that is then complemented by the light gray bedding and rug, the bedding has a hint of mauve woven into its color.

The room is in a period home as a signature by the large skirting boards and sparse wood paneling, nevertheless the bedroom is a trump, or should it be said the oak is a triumph in a somewhat otherwise lifeless bedroom.

How to create this look?

It's all about the oak, forget the furnishings for one moment and focus on the matching oak bedroom furniture, now imagine this room with a dark bedroom set in mahogany? It would fail miserably as a design purely due to the selection of wood.

That said the wall and bedding colors are glorious and a design worthy of acclaim.

How easy is it to achieve this look? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult to achieve this bedroom is a 4.

To be honest, it's about buying furnishings and finding the oak bedroom furniture, the secondary element is the color of the walls and bedding with contrasting elements such as the structural lamp shade and the twig-like flower arrangement.

11. Inspired by nature

How many times do we search for inspiration for a bedroom only to find that the best bedroom designs are frequently inspired by nature?

Every aspect of this bedroom is an inspiration from nature, the natural colors of the oak left unstained to reveal the beauty and intricacy of the wood grain are masterful.

The walls in olive green bring the full beauty of nature into the bedroom and are a complete celebration of what can be achieved with a little thought and a walk through the local park.

The bedroom has a serenity even in its disheveled look the room does not look ordinary.

How to create this look?

Unstained wood floor and unstained oak bedroom furniture are a tribute to the vision of the designer of the bedroom and the olive walls make the room cohesive.

The room is not cluttered and without drapes maximizes the availability of light during the day and night giving the room an airy feel by day and a mysterious feel by night.

How easy is it to achieve this look? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult to achieve this bedroom is a 4.

It's not very difficult to achieve the creation of a bedroom, its painted walls, and minimalist approach, let the oak furniture and wood floor speak volumes about your personality.

12. Embrace the minimalist Japanese style

When you are out of ideas and want to live a life of simple dreams and enjoy the basics of humanity then there is only one way to look, the masters of minimalist simple living are the Japanese and this Japanese bedroom is fantastically simple and comfortable.

Imagine this oak frame bed in your Manhattan bedroom and Chicago highrise. You would certainly be the talk of the town, well amongst your friends.

The bed design is simple and the use of natural oak enhances the appeal. It's not screaming, “I'm broke help me” It's saying, ”I have oodles of style”.

Style is in short supply these days, so take inspiration from this bedroom and be a style guru.

How to create this look?

It's going to require a custom bed, so you will need to find a carpenter who can make the bed frame. You can use a permanent mattress. Japanese homes have multi-functional rooms. This is why the air mattress is preferred.

Keep it simple and locate Japanese accessories.

How easy is it to achieve this look? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most difficult to achieve, this bedroom is a 5.

It's only a 5 because you need to have a custom bed made to save a lot of hassle by using a solid bed base and a memory foam mattress.

Try to keep the decor bright if possible, and a somewhat rustic look would be cool. If you have carpet on the floor and have allergies, you may find the allergies worsen until you throw out the carpet.

Is oak bedroom furniture for you?

It's hard to be offended in the presence of oak. It's a beautiful wood that will last a lifetime if you take care of it well.

Will oak go out of fashion? It seems unlikely, and if you want to save money in the long run, you may find oak your best due to its longevity. If you have oak and are thinking of changing the look, try a light wash in white to give the oak an updated appearance.