Romantic bedroom ideas: looks that are good for couples

Romantic bedroom: cozy, inviting, couples.
Romantic bedroom ideas: looks that are good for couples
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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With the economy being uncertain, likely, you may not be splashing out on a romantic weekend away with your partner in a nice hotel. If things need spicing up a touch in the bedroom, you can do things to make your bedroom look romantic and place you in the right mood for a little romance and togetherness.

In this article, we will explore some inspirational ideas that can make your bedroom the focus of loving caresses without the need to spend a small fortune.

Let’s get into it and learn how to make your bedroom romantic with colors and decor and more such as:

How can I make my bedroom romantic?

You can use techniques to make your bedroom romantic, easy, and budget-friendly. You need to sit back and think about what your partner likes. Keep in mind men are visual creatures, and women are more intuitive and thought process related.

Here are a few pointers to get you in the mood:

  • Strategically placed candles in a bedroom can change the ambiance of the bedroom. The soft light enhances your best features and covers some of the not-so-good features for both of you.
  • Use scents. Scents from incense candles to incense sticks are thought-provoking that can take you back to a time when romance was in the air constantly.
  • If you don't have dimmer switches in your bedroom, use string lights to create a soft-lit environment where gentle caresses will mean much more.
  • If you want to get the message across loud and clear spread, rose petals across the bed, maybe even leading to the bed. Some guys don't get the message, so be overt with your suggestions.
  • Pile toe pillows and cushions of the bed surface. Not all action happens between the sheets, so make the bed comfortable.

Let's get inspired.

1. Privacy is important

Unless you are an exhibitionist, privacy is essential to making your bedroom feel romantic and if you have kids, ensure they are tucked up in bed, and the bedroom door is locked.

Set the scene, and you have beautiful ambient lighting, a few romantic candles placing the soft shimmering light just where it's needed, and then you have a street light penetrating the drapes spoiling the whole effect.

A decent set of floor-to-ceiling drapes with an ample pleat will solve this problem for you. If you want to go the whole hog with the romantic vibe, choose feminine curtains with soft tones of pink and beautiful patterns.

If you love some romance during the daylight hours, sheer curtains are perfect for diffused light and privacy.

2. Ruby, don't take your love to town

If you didn't already know, red is the color associated with love. Introducing ruby red into a bedroom brings the deep sensuality associated with love.

The color can be an accent wall which is then supported by the contrast of the other bedroom walls and bedding. Or you can opt for some ruby red pillows and cushions scattered on the bed for comfort.

Ruby red is a unique color that brings forth evocative feelings that may transport you to a place where love was once the main agenda of the day when you rushed to be together.

3. Sultry Hawaiian nights

As we move forward in life and the pressure of day-to-day finances starts to take a toll on our libido, think back to the nights you spent on holiday with your partner. They should be full of memories of laughter, kisses, and love.

Bring the holiday scene to your bedroom with a specialized wallpaper where you can retreat from the beach bar every evening and enjoy the sultry nights of the Hawaiian humidity.

Your holiday could be anywhere, and you could even act as if you are on the island of Maui, listening to the sound of waves lapping against the seashore, and you massage your partner.

How can I make my bedroom romantic for him?

It's not as hard as you may think. Males are visual, so the main sensory level you need is visual with a few other subtleties, so he gets the hint.

Here are a few hints to get him in the right frame of mind:

  • Hang a mirror in the bedroom in a strategic position.
  • Turn on some of his favorite slow music.
  • Use silky satin sheets.
  • Turn down the lights.
  • Place a love letter on his pillow with some suggestive overtones.

Let's focus on him!

4. Love hearts

Sometimes males get a bad rap as almost being like neanderthals. While men are almost entirely visual creatures, they have other senses that can be turned on easily and in tune with the female.

Rose petals strewn across the floor, culminating in two hearts intertwined, are a beautiful gesture and a gesture that can't be ignored.

Guys love romance, and some of their favorite slow tunes can go a long way to creating a bedroom deserving of romance.

5. Sensory overload

Satin sheets are gorgeous, and when combined with some textures that will be less than silky, anything could happen in this bedroom.

Creating a bedroom that will address more than one sensory position is sufficient to end up in a delightful evening for both partners.

The silkiness of the satin sheets and pillows interrupted by the roughness of lace is a combination that could develop into further exploration of the senses.

This bedroom's visual aspect is sublime and sure to create a sensual time.

6. The recipe of love

The essence of a romantic scene in a bedroom must be red roses, candles, a bottle of champagne with two champagne flutes, and spotless white bed linen to set the stage for a night of love.

It is easy to get carried away with changing bed linen and coming up with an uber-sexy bedroom with overt intentions for the evening. Still, there is something a little more subtle when you have champagne in bed with a few red roses for company. 

Combine the alcohol and roses with a comfortable, clean bed then fireworks are on the cards for the evening ahead.

Consider your nightwear, and it doesn't have to be sheer diaphanous, wear one of his shirts draped loosely from your shoulders for that glamorous tantalizing look.

What are romantic colors for a bedroom?

Trends change for bedrooms, but one trend that stays static is the romantic bedroom, it is not a formula set in stone, but it is hard to mess around with if you want to create a romantic bedroom using color combos.

Here are some pointers to help you create a romantic bedroom:

  • Red is the color associated with romance and love, but red comes in many shades and tones, so selecting the right red can be challenging. Stick to the deep reds like ruby and burgundy for your color scheme. Bright red may make your bedroom look garish and too bright.
  • Purple and mauve it's a grand color scheme to add sensuality to your bedroom. It's a regal color, so use it for bedding rather than an accent wall. For the ultimate romantic vibe, choose a charcoal accent wall and then use purples as your theme for the bedding.
  • Dark browns are earthy and bring us back to earth with a bump, but they are also warm and enveloping, perfect for creating a bedroom with a passionate vibe.
  • The depths of dark blue create a relaxing vibe, and when paired with vibrant colors, it creates a bedroom with maturity and sensuality.
  • It may seem counterintuitive, but dark greens bring serenity to a quite enigmatic bedroom, which can be a turn-on and romantic.

Let's get inspired.

7. Smoke on the water

Kudo if you decipher the title. Purple is a color of majesty and regalness. It is also a sensual color for the bedroom and changes the bedroom ambiance to one of definite sensuality.

When using purple in a bedroom, you must create balance and harmony with such an evocative color. It is great for an accent wall but may overpower the bedroom if the primary wall colors are also purple.

Colors that go with purple are black, gray, white, and shades in between. It's a gorgeous color that will undoubtedly make you feel like a queen in your bedroom that can demand the attention she deserves.

8. Dark secret

It's the name of the paint! Dark blues in a bedroom can be controversial, and many of you may decide that it's a cold and dark color that will make your bedroom feel small and not bring a sense of romance anywhere near your bedroom, but you would be wrong.

If you follow trending bedroom colors, you will know that dark blue is close to the top of the list due to its depth and deep saturation, which has a recessive visual effect when used as an accent wall making your bedroom feel more extensive than its dimensions.

You will find the depth of the dark blue is forgiving to vibrant colors allowing you to bring romance into your bedroom subtlety or with a loud statement.

Dark blue is a magnificent color for an accent wall in a bedroom, and it will bring romantic vibes.

9. 50 shades of gray

If you think romance is about pinks and reds, then you should think again and update your color scheme. There is nothing wrong with traditional romantic color schemes, but they are old and somewhat stale.

The notion that color is romantic may not make an impact in the modern world. Yes, the sentiment is fantastic, but the impact could be questionable.

While sleek, trendy colors state how you are as a person and how you see the world, adventurous or somewhat stayed in your conservative views. Elegant colors bring a fantastic vibe to the bedroom where romance is concerned.

Grays allow you to accessorize with marvelous colors that can be sensual, which in today's world may be an advantage.

How can I make my room romantic on a budget?

Regardless of your budget, you can make your bedroom feel romantic in many ways that are easy to implement.

Here are some top tips to make your bedroom feel romantic:

  • Place some photos of you and your partner on your nightstand if they include an embrace, even better.
  • Add pillows and plumb up the existing pillows, so they look inviting.
  • Add some flowers to your bedroom.
  • If you are arty, paint a simple mural on your bedroom wall, such as a blossoming tree.
  • Make over your nightstand, which could be a distressed look or Parriseine.
  • Place a mirror in your bed that faces the foot of the bed, and you get the idea!

Let's get inspired.

10. Cherry blossom

Creating a mural in your bedroom is not a complex process, even if your artistry is at a low level, you can have some fun with the experience and even get your partner's help to create a bedroom on a budget that is going to be romantic.

Painting a tree branch is not precise; trees are not precise, so that some haphazard artistry skills will add to the overall look of the mural. The blossom can be a drawn-on design or splodges of cerise paint.

The effect is going to be romantic and budget-friendly.

Top tip. Buy a blossom tree stencil from your favorite online store that costs less than $10

11. Maharaja style!

Placing a canopy over the bed is child's play and adds some fun and romance to the bedroom as you kiss and cuddle maharaja style. Add some string lights and kiss and cuddle maharaja style under the stars.

When you are on a budget, you are not excluded from romance, and you just need to think outside the box and have some fun together.

Creating a romantic bedroom

Creating a romantic bedroom should be a fun process where you can let your imagination run wild. It is a very personal decor choice as we are different when it comes to matters of such a personal nature.

In many ways creating a romantic bedroom on a budget will create the best ideas and the most fun you can cherish for a lifetime.