Rustic Bedroom Ideas: Ten Ways To Create A Modern Rustic Look

Modern rustic style: timeless, cozy, warm.
Rustic Bedroom Ideas: Ten Ways To Create A Modern Rustic Look
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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With the rustic bedroom look trending right now, more of you are searching for inspiration than ever before, but some questions need to be asked, such as what is rustic modern decor? Can you make a bedroom in a modern home rustic modern without it looking out of place and kind of ridiculous in the wrong environment?

In this article, we will answer common frequently asked questions and much more like:

  • Does the color scheme have to be neutral?
  • Add a wood accent wall.
  • Barn Doors for a headboard.
  • Truly madly deeply.

Strap in, and let's get started.

What is rustic modern decor?

Modern rustic decor is incredible and makes your bedroom feel homey and welcoming. No, you don't need an Indian Jones vibe going on to make it rustic.

Modern furnishings are somewhat minimalist, which makes a great bedroom, but they can lack warmth and depth as a style design alone. Introduce some earthy tones and a few textures. You are on your way to modern rustic.

How do you decorate modern rustic?

For soft furnishings, modern rustic decor opts for solid colors in preferences of florals, while the materials have tactile textures to add depth and interest to the bedroom. The color scheme tends to prefer lighter tones and whites with warm natural tones. If you use fall colors, you are on the right track.

The rustic element of the bedroom can be shown through the natural materials used in the bedroom. Rustic pieces could be bedside cabinets that are robust and rugged in stature with innate attractiveness.

There will be no emphasis on clean lines as the wood and stone may dictate the lines of your bedroom.

How can I make my bedroom look rustic?

Rustic decor does not have a set formula, but there are some ideas of how you can introduce the vibe into your bedroom easily:

  • Textures are essential in a modern rustic bedroom. Layer textures such as a frilled duvet with a faux fur bed throw on top for a fantastic look.
  • You will need to add some rustic features to your bedroom. If you don't have exposed beams, you could make a headboard from reclaimed lumber, keeping its aged and rugged tone.
  • Don't forget this is a modern rustic bedroom. Bring softness and comfort to the bedroom with an exceptionally sumptuous bed and bedding. A modern rustic bedroom is warm and inviting.
  • Add a feature ceiling. Use shiplap paneling to cover the ceiling, and it will create a log cabin experience in your bedroom, making the space warm and cozy with the soft tones of the wood.
  • Woven rugs bring a sense of authenticity to a modern rustic bedroom.
  • If you can find reclaimed wardrobes, they can make or break a room to complete the theme of the modern rustic bedroom.

Let's get inspired.

1. Layers make a difference

In this beautiful modern rustic bedroom, the layers on the bed are evident. They are inviting and luxurious. A willow headboard brings the rustic theme into the bedroom with a subtle but acknowledging nod to the heritage of this bedroom design.

It is remarkable how the ceiling rafters have been almost left with their rugged look but have received a whitewash to change the color and bring them into the modern rustic look.

Modern rustic is about comfort more than harsh lines, and your bedroom should be awesome and beautiful with its modern furnishings.

2. Going all in

Now it's been established that the modern rustic look is incredible, and it can be created in a modern home. It's time to dive head first and go all into the bedroom makeover.

Creating a feature wall is in vogue in most bedrooms with paint or wallpaper. It's accepted that a feature or accent wall can make your bedroom take on a different ambiance.

Adding a wood-feature wall to your bedroom will change the bedroom's vibe, which is easy to do.

The feature wall in the image has been stained and polished. It is awe-inspiring in its colors and depth. However, you could create an equally good look by using reclaimed lumber and leaving it rough to give the accent wall character.

Are you looking for a quick cheat? This bedroom wall could be vinyl stickers, and they imitate wood perfectly. You peel the backing away and stick it straight to the wall.

The earthy tones of the brown and white bedding are glorious, making the bed inviting. It is modern rustic luxury all the way.

3. softening the room

If you have a room with all the aesthetics of a modern rustic bedroom, you may find the bedroom a little harsh on the eye, feeling that it needs something else than the colors of fall to make a cohesive space.

If you have the perfect bedroom, you may have to think out of the box to make this style work perfectly in this space. Adding some luxury and softness to the bedroom will be called for to contradict the hard walls and floors.

Because the bedroom has all the hallmarks of a rustic barn, then you may as well ditch the presumed color scheme and go off track a little. Introducing a mint green upholstered bed may seem like a bold statement, but you need to tone the harshness of the barn-style bedroom.

White bed linen with contrasting grays makes a welcome change from the subtle earthy tones that can dominate this bedroom style.

Focus on comfort and style for a bedroom of this authenticity.

4. Truly madly deeply

The charcoal gray accent wall painted on a faux wood panel wall sets the scene for the bedroom. There are no colors that look awful with charcoal gray, so don't be afraid to use this color. Undoubtedly an awesome modern rustic bedroom with an air of love and sensuality.

The old distressed table with a four-frame window casement fits into the bedroom as it has always been in the bedroom since its inception.

The personal photos are a delightful addition to the bedroom walls, as are the love messages. However, the crowning glory of this bedroom is the superb bed linen. The richness of the deep red terracotta sheets and pillows crowned with gloriously textured cushions is an image not to forget.

The bed blankets are the essence of the rustic modern bedroom, and nothing in this bedroom is out of place. Every color is perfect, and so are the accents and textures.

5. White chic

Would you guess a modern rustic bedroom would fit your industrial highrise apartment? Well, it does, and it works well. It is a simple design concept that has kept a minimalist vibe combined with Scandinavian living.

A polished maple floor covered almost entirely with a white rug, and a low bed with white bed linen is an incredible look that can only be pulled off in a space like this.

An accent wall clad in lumbar that has had a superb whitewash but still reveals the wood grain and planks definitions on the wall.

The all-important textured pieces, furry cushions, and a rope-like woven bred throw introduce all the elements to complete a stunning modern rustic bedroom.

Subtle wall lighting adds interest to the wall, and you would expect some perfect illumination.

The steel bedside lamps are also essential features of the modern rustic bedroom look.

6. One for the girls

Stunningly simple but the essence of a modern rustic bedroom. It looks perfect with the feminine style headboard and complimenting pink and gray cushions. The paneled accent wall painted in white would have been in every farmhouse come cottage at one time in history.

Functional bedside cabinets with matching lamps are a lovely touch of symmetry with th4 design cues.

Bedrooms need a focal point; under normal circumstances, the headboard would have stolen the show but stand aside for the sunburst mirror, which adds fun to the bedroom.

7. Modern rustic in the Big Apple

If you have feature walls in your bedroom, make the most of them. They are perfect for the modern rustic bedroom making your life a little easier with design ideas.

If you think you need a big bedroom to pull off this look, then this bedroom demonstrates you can create a modern rustic bedroom in a small space, and it still looks incredible.

The high bookshelves with virgin planks that still has the outer bark layer is an incredible feature of this diminutive bedroom come office.

The eclectic artwork, from classics to modern art, is a designer's heaven, together with the tones from the wood floor, and the super bright red rug brings the bedroom together.

Of course, the inviting sumptuous bed with neutral bedding and the warmth of the lamp shades create a glorious bedroom.

8. It's all about the rug

How can a modern rustic bedroom be about the rug with so many other design cues? Who has time to take a look at the rug?

If you are going for an authentic look, you have to have the basics to create the essence of the design concept., and one of those items on your must-have list is a woven rug.

Woven rugs are not comfortable, and you could say they are utilitarian in nature. They have a function, they are hard-wearing, look good and protect the feet from floorboards or cold stone. It is a pretty essential item not to have in a modern rustic bedroom.

If you need to bring the essential earthy tone into the bedroom, do it with the rug. Plus, it is a great addition to the bedroom and has a unique feel when you walk on it.

9. Barn doors

If you need the ultimate headboard, it has to be barn doors to finish off your modern rustic bedroom.

They are unique, and what's better, they are fake, and so is the sling track. It's a fantastic look for your bedroom, and if you have guests over, it could be a talking point all of their own.

The handsome carriage lamps bring a feeling of a retro vibe to the bedroom, but you will admit they look good.

The bed is made with all the correct design cues, from texture to faux fur layers, which perfectly match the dark blue bedding.

10. Textured wallpaper

A major part of creating a modern rustic bedroom is texture, but if you live in a modern home, then texture can be hard to find with plasterboard walls in every bedroom. Introducing texture wallpaper, it's easy to find, and textured wallpaper does not have a pattern to match, making it a breeze to hang.

Adding a textured accent wall will bring your bedroom into the realm of modern rustic defined with a chic element.

Add beautiful bedding and blankets in earthy tones to complete this fantastic look.

What are some good bedroom themes?

Bedroom design is subjective; in many cases, you can take what you like from several designs and make a mix and match to achieve your look; you could say an Indie bedroom vibe which is precisely what it would be.

Here are some ideas for you to check out:

  • The cottage style is not far from the modern rustic style but has softer edges and may suit a more mature mindset.
  • An eclectic mishmash of ideas, the Indie style is alive and thriving; you can incorporate furnishings and decor from the 60s and 70s to make an awesome bedroom that will bring back fond memories for most of you.
  • The minimalist Scandinavian bedroom is an incredible bedroom with clean lines and clutter-free—a must for a modern apartment building.
  • Bohemian, the BOHO bedroom is a work in progress that you can keep adding to. It is fun, unique, and looks fantastic.
  • Contemporary, everything that looks chic and new you can incorporate into this bedroom. You may even have black accent walls contrasted with white and oranges. It's fantastic and great fun.
  • The coastal bedroom. It has an incredible design with natural colors and distressed floors with lots of whites and blues reflecting the theme of living by the ocean and maybe surfing every day.

The last words

Did you know that realtors no longer use the term Master Bedroom? It's now the Primary bedroom!