13 Sage Green Bedroom Ideas

Calm, cozy green bedroom ideas.
13 Sage Green Bedroom Ideas
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Is it a wise decision to paint bedroom walls sage green? Is the color too earthy to make an attractive bedroom and what colors other than white really can you match easily with sage green? Has sage green in the bedroom been around far too long and it's better to use a contemporary color for the walls?

There are so many questions to be answered about using sage green as a color in a bedroom. Is it still in fashion? You may be pleased to hear that soft tomes that connect us with mother earth are not likely to go out of fashion any time soon.

This article takes a pragmatic authoritative overview of how you can apply sage green to your bedroom and create a calming effect while still having a beautiful serene bedroom.

Sit back and enjoy your favorite beverage as we discuss :

  • The formula for creating the perfect accent wall
  • Modern and relaxing
  • Sage green helps with insomnia
  • Final thoughts

How big should accent walls be?

If you follow the 60-30-10 rule, you should be able to create the perfect accent wall, 60% of the room should be the dominant color used in the room.

30% of the color should be the second contrasting color, and the remaining 10% should be the accent color which should be part of the focal point of the bedroom or any other room in the home.

Here are some tips to help you design your bedroom:

  • If your room is dull, consider introducing texture to your accent wall.
  • Be bold. Rich, striking colors make fantastic accent walls.
  • Ensure the 30% rule applies the color that compliments the accent and makes the bedroom alluring.
  • Don't just think paint, fabric can be used for an accent wall.
  • Make the most of wallpaper coverings.

Knowing the basics will help you apply your sage green bedroom ideas to great effect, and don't forget the accessories!

1. Getting back to nature

Sage green offers so much in the way of bringing the tomes of nature back into the bedroom. Bedrooms can almost be sterile environments, with some decors being used today.

An accent wall painted in sage green grounds us, and with the use of natural tones from nature, you can achieve a state of inner calm and take a different perspective on the world.

The color is also modern in its look and use, and the shades range from pastel for a more delicate environment to the richness of sage as a full-bodied color.

Sage green can contrast perfectly with other colors and you can easily introduce bold colors like deep blue into the bedroom with surprising results.

How to create this look?

Think nature and earth colors, this room is bright and airy, so there is no need to think you need to have subtle shades of sage green.

If you use the 60-30-10 rule, then the sage will occupy the smallest fraction of the formula. Use soft tones for the other walls, such as magnolia or a beige, for a truly stunning relaxing bedroom.

Use accents for the bedding and the rug, be adventurous, and use color swatches to get a good match, so many of you would never pair gray and sage green, but it works extremely well.

How easy is it to achieve this look? If you are looking for simplicity then you have just hit the jackpot. The room is just about applying paint to the walls and ceiling, using white for the ceiling for its reflective qualities.

Accessorize as you see fit and be bold with your choices, sage green is a forgiving color, and you can achieve some beautiful visual effects.

2. Modern relaxing color tones

There is a school of thought that sage green is old-fashioned and should be retired until the cycle inevitably comes around again. However, it can be argued that a sage green shade is timeless and will never lose its appeal as a decorative color.

If you have a modern bedroom and desire a serene, peaceful environment, then there are not so many colors that can achieve the same effect of calm in a bedroom.

When combined with the natural wood flooring and the chocolate brown of the bedding and headboard, the sense of well-being would be an understatement to make.

Introduce plants and the sage comes into its own realm of beauty.

How to create this look?

Use a light shade of sage green, almost a pastel, and then use bold colors to accentuate the color. The brown bed is an obvious color, it's earthy and matches with the floor and the sage green.

The gray rug has been used to bring all of the room's elements together in a glorious crescendo.

The traditional sage green color has been elevated into the 21st century with modern pendant lighting and the use of natural tones, bedside cabinets and a tall house plant.

How easy is it to achieve this look? The mainstay of this bedroom is the simple and stylish color palette.

A competent DIY enthusiast could achieve this look by applying paint to an accent wall.

3. When green meets ultra-modern styling

There are some of you out there who will never be convinced that adding accent walls is a great way to create an awesome bedroom, and if that's your idea of style no one can argue with you.

But you can still introduce green into your bedroom and make a dramatic impact on a stark look while not removing the minimalist style.

Green house plants in a bedroom are an awesome way to introduce color, there are no rules to follow, place the plants wherever you like to add life and breathe air into a bedroom.

Use variegated green leaf plants to experience the plants' soft and bolder tones.

How to create this look?

If your style is minimalist, you will already have used a one-color strategy to achieve your stylish look and with some natural wood tones for modern design shelving and a natural timber headboard.

Place the plants strategically in the bedroom to improve the backdrop of the starkness of the brilliant white and the shiny white floor.

How easy is it to achieve this look? Assuming you have the rest of the white bedroom and woodwork already completed then it's a case of adding plants. There is more to adding plants to a bedroom than meets the eye as there is in nature there are patterns that emerge that you should follow.

The taller architectural plants should be placed at the back or as a centerpiece, and then the smaller plants should be placed around. It may seem obvious, but the average Joe never gives plants a second thought!

4. Do you have to use green in your bedroom to enjoy its beauty?

If you are fortunate to have a bedroom like the one in the mirror, then you would not be tempted to use sage green in your bedroom. Why?

The drama and scenery are in the backdrop, and the sage green accent wall would be redundant and superfluous.

However, you can still enjoy greeners when looking out over the ocean, place large green plants in suitable receptacles and enjoy their glory without bringing the color into the bedroom.

This bedroom image would be devoid of character without the use of the green plants.

How to create this look?

If you have a large expanse of glass and a patio outside of your bedroom then select the plants that give shape and an architectural ambiance.

Bring a small leaf plant such as the ficus to break up the lines of the bedroom.

How easy is it to achieve this look? If you own this bedroom you will not be interested in DIY so ask your designer to place the correct plants for the climate and conditions outside of your palatial bedroom windows.

5. There are many ways to achieve your goal

Most people get it's great to have a blank canvas for your bedroom walls, and something is appealing about living with a blank canvas in its own right.

So introducing your favorite color in the room needs some extra thought processes to make a look without disturbing the overall fabric of the bedroom. Sounds complicated? It's not.

To add color to a bedroom, you can introduce another large piece of furniture like an armchair, it's green and looks fabulous as it contrasts the austerity of the white walls.

Hanging large ivy leaves is masterful along with the other plants in the bedroom, using draping greenery completes the look.

Accent with a dark green duvet cover, and the job is complete. You created the look without spilling a drop of paint!

How to create this look?

Think furnishings such as a chair in the color you like, a matching bed throw with texture, and house plants.

Keep everything modern and then accent with color and a different style era for an amazing look.

How easy is it to achieve this look? It's easy and straightforward if you have an artistic flair. If not, then you may struggle, so using this image for inspiration will serve you well.

It can be hard to define a focal point in a clinical white bedroom, so you must introduce textures and bright colors, keep your focal point to one area, and not let it spread widely like an overgrown vine.

Use fine artificial leaves and hang them on a transparent line for maximum effect.

6. Celebration of green and nature

If you think green is not suitable for a bedroom with style, think again. This stylish bedroom is a celebration of the richness of green and colors found in nature every day.

The contrast of the green accent wall against the incredible wood floor and the accessories has been joined together like an orchestral conductor creating a symphony.

Not one ornament or piece of furniture is out of place in the glorious bedroom, fronds of the fern and leaves of the plant are accentuated by the mass of green.

How to create this look?

Be bold and go all in with your idea, it will work. The combination of color is important with the wood tones and the white beddings.

The bamboo print throw at the bottom of the bed and the prints bring a sense of architecture to the room, which adds to the feeling of completeness.

The use of white ornaments such as the sailing ship creates an extra feeling of calm.

How easy is it to achieve this look? It's not a difficult look to achieve. Of course, not all bedrooms have beautiful natural wood floors, so you may opt for a light tome carpet that would work equally.

You will need to add bright accessories and you should stick to white for a sure-fire outcome of your efforts.

Is this achievable as a DIY project? Absolutely yes.

7. There are times when only white will suffice

If you want to add sage green as an accent wall, it has to be done in the right environment to achieve a stunningly beautiful look. In the case of this bedroom, the beauty is outside and any distraction from the overall scenery would be an act of lunacy.

However, the bedroom does continue the concept of natural tones no plush carpet for your toes to sink into is needed in this bedroom.

If you have an outlook such as this, take full advantage of it by installing large windows and bringing the outdoors inside to the bedroom.

How to create this look?

Use the view to maximize the comfort and style of the bedroom, keep the bedroom ultra simple with light tomes of wood and bed style for a visual banquet every time you open your eyes.

How easy is it to achieve this look? If you have the property and the room layout then paint the bedroom white and open the patio doors and enjoy the rest of your days living in splendid serenity.

8. Unexpected contrasts

Everyone thinks that a bed should be placed against the accent wall but why not break with traditional ideas and keep the accent wall as a visual paradise.

By taking this approach to design it allows for more design concepts to be added to the bedroom, would you ever combine dusty pink and sage green together? The good news is it works.

This eclectic bedroom uses prints of fronds and alternates the back and fore color to create a unique effect and style.

Is the balance in synchrony? Does the balance need to be in synchrony to make a statement?

How to create this look?

Think out of the box and experiment with style designs and move away from normal practices, you may discover something beautiful.

Think modern and eclectic style and be brave with color choices.

How easy is it to achieve this look?  The concept is easy but the application is more difficult and you can expect that the purp[ose og=d this bedroom is to buck the trend and be different.

You will certainly need an artistic flair to achieve this disorderly gorgeous look. Is it a DIY project? For some yes and others no.

9. When opposites meet

Maybe the thought of painting fills your heart with dread and you prefer a quick fix for your style and ideas, but you love to use green.

An all-white bedroom can look somewhat clinical and needs to be jazzed up to say the very least, So why not introduce some neutral tones followed by a monochromatic duvet cover and then add plants.

The room is fabulous, the bed and bedding are a convergence of the inevitable, Add the plants and the bedroom takes on a new dimension that is more earthly than sterile.

The seductive drapes are a perfect accompaniment to this modern bedroom.

How to create this look?

Pure white and accessorized with plants and opposite color bedding to the walls, The bed is not a four poster and yet the frame for the drapes is a smart addition to creating a seductive appearance to the room.

However, without the pants' greenery and the pant pot's tones, the bedroom would be clinical.

How easy is it to achieve this look? It's easy to achieve: paint the walls and ceiling bright white and use light if not white floor covering.

Mount the frame of the surrounding walls and don't worry about legs. It's more expensive and ultimately more labor.

Dress the bedroom with a black pattern duvet and pillows and add rubber plants and a selection of small palms.

How easy is it to achieve? It's a DIY job.

10. Keep the bedroom in proportion

If you love green you will love this bedroom, but for some, the proportion sage green may be a little overwhelming, and need more accessories to break up the color.

While we can only assume this to be the accent wall the sage green is very dominating with the use of green bedding and pillows.

By adding the green leaf house plants have only accentuated the dominance of the color in this bedroom.

It Has to be said the bedroom is earthy and would have the feel of sleeping in the great outdoors with the absence of creepy crawlies.

Be aware of the proportions of your bedroom when adding rich sage green to the walls. It can be overpowering for some people.

How to create this look?

Think shades of green and the darkest shade to the wall for accent. Dress the bed in pastel greens and use earth wood furniture to give the feeling of the great outdoors.

Dress the bedroom with house plants as you see fit to create your ultimate look.

How easy is it to achieve this look? You will need to be dedicated to sage green and green in general to achieve this look, the accent wall has texture and brings more depth to the color.

Leave this one to the professionals for a great-looking bedroom.

11. Use color psychology

Use color psychology to find the best color to use in your bedroom to help with relaxation and cure insomnia. Green is the best color to paint your walls in the bedrooms and is said to help restore depleted energy levels. It is the color of growth and energy. 

Sage green is frequently used in Feng shui to balance energy in a home or office. There are many people who will not buy a home or business without the nod of a Feng shui master so there might be more to it than meets the eye.

The paintings above the bed are an achievement, in particular, the image of the sun easily dreaming through the branches is magnificent.

The beautiful relaxing bedroom is complemented by white accessories and of course the obligatory earthy tones lamp base.

How to create this look?

With sage green and soft furnishings, The room is glorious and can be created in a similar fashion by incorporating the correct proportion of soft furnishings like duvet and pillows.

The white contrast is important to the overall look and should not be missed.

The budding willow sticks are an excellent look and maybe can be found in an artificial guise.

How easy is it to achieve this look? The concept of the room is easy to create but the artistic flair is individual so you may need to emulate the artistic style this person has used to great effect in the bedroom.

If you know how to paint an accent wall then you can achieve this look as a DIY enthusiast. The white laminate side bed cabinets can be found anywhere and are easily assembled.

Use white to break up the color of the sage even though it has a soft hue. Dressing the bedroom with a bed bench is a nice addition and you can leave the books if you wish.

12. Create an exceptional bedroom

Accent walls work perfectly well in most bedrooms and in particular modern bedrooms but when you own a property that has a history you can add some personalized styling.

Creating a paneled wall is simple and will add a level of depth and authenticity to the bedroom that a plain accent wall can not achieve.

In conjunction with a beech light wood flooring surface, the sage green is going to blissfully become the center focal point of the bedroom.

Modern lighting gives the complete style contrast to the bedroom and is a masterpiece of design, Of course, the mandatory light walls are needed to carry off the sage green accent wall.

How to create this look?

This look will work best in a period property where a paneled wall will look as if it was part of the original design concept.

Select a modern center lamp as a juxtaposition to the bedroom for the maximum wow factor.

The darker tone of sage green can work in a large bedroom and of course, the white walls will make the room pop when completed.

How easy is it to achieve this look? It's great to see a bedroom in the decoration stage, which makes life much easier for the tradesmen.

The panel wall used as the accent is an easy task if you are a carpenter and you have the correct tools at hand. Precise angles are needed with precise measurements. The accent panel is for a tradesperson only.

The rest of the bedroom uses standard decorating techniques and can easily be completed by a DIY enthusiast.

If you are familiar with fitting lights, then the modern light should not be a challenge. If you are unsure, leave it to a professional.

13. Sage and monochrome

Sage is not only restful; it is the perfect backdrop for monochrome images and displays these types of images to their maximum potential.

This small bedroom is the epitome of chic design and bright and breezy as the sunlight floods the space.

This bedroom proves that sage is a versatile modern color that is calming and exuberant at the same time.

How to create this look?

It's so simple. A light shade of sage green, white bedding, and a natural wood floor with the addition of monochrome artwork make the bedroom a designer's dream.

How easy is it to achieve this look? This one is simple, it's painted and then the owner's artistic flair.

Final thoughts

The use of sage green has never lost favor as a color to be used in the bedroom, and now that people know it helps with insomnia, it may race to the top of the most used bedroom colors.

Choose your shade of sage green carefully. If you decide to go dark, use a lot of light white accents and earthy tones to complete the look you desire.

When decorating your bedroom, be bold with color choices, and you may be surprised to find that there are many colors, such as dusty pink, that don't clash as you would have first thought.

Use indoor plants for a greater depth of color and even as a replacement for an accent wall. Plants bring an extra dimension to a bedroom design and are perfect for minimalist designs.