Should Bedroom and Bathroom Decor Match?

Bedrooms and bathrooms should coordinate.
Should Bedroom and Bathroom Decor Match?
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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There are no hard and fast rules to this subject, but there are some design cues that can make a strong case for continuity between bedroom and bathroom. However, there are always two sides of the coin to consider. Would you want the decor of a chintzy farmhouse bedroom to continue through to the bathroom?

In this article, we will explore bathroom designs that follow the decor of the bedroom, some of which will give you inspirational ideas for your bedroom and bathroom decor.

Let's dive in and find out:

  • Is cohesion the route to take?
  • Throw caution to the wind.
  • Leave nothing to the imagination.

Should your bathroom be the same color as your bedroom?

When the time comes to redecorate your bedroom and ensuite, there are many considerations. One of those considerations is whether you should continue the bedroom decor into the ensuite bathroom.

The short answer to this consideration is only if you want to continue the bedroom style into the bathroom. It's perfectly ok to have a contrasting bathroom for the en-suite. But there is something chic about continuity, and you could miss out on a design triumph by trying to be different.

How do you create uniformity of design? Does it need to be the same color, or are there other ways to make the bedroom and bathroom en-suite cohesive?

1. When it makes sense

There are certain times when it makes sense to follow the theme of the bedroom into the bathroom, such as this loft conversion. The elegance of the structure with red bricks and concrete walls demands that the theme is continued into the bathroom, and any other design would be out of place.

The open plan design and the industrial vibe require sympathetic designs to the fabric of the building, and the brass standpipes and what appears to be a galvanized roll-top bath continue the elegance and harshness of the decor.

 Similarly, the galvanized basin stand juxtaposed with the polished brass waste pipe and chrome faucets is a master class in sympathetic decor design.

2. Intimate continuity

There is a luxurious feel continuing the theme of the bedroom into the en-suite bathroom, especially with an open plan bedroom and bathroom, the intimacy of the two rooms is intrinsically linked with the full-length mirrors.

There is no mistaking that a bedroom and ensuite with this level of continuity could only be shared by the closest of partners.

Continuity and unification of the bedroom and bathroom do not mean you can't add flare and creativity to one of the rooms, such as this bathroom with the gorgeous wall of foliage. Modern does not mean you can't introduce a nod to the past with the ornate bath feet.

3. Leave nothing to the imagination

En-suite bathrooms are normally traditionally designed with a few designs added to make the room feel awesome, but should you go for full integration of a wet room as part of your bedroom bathroom decor?

It's a unique concept that some of you will like and others will hate, but the concept is to integrate and unify to create a cohesive decor in their bedroom. It creates many possibilities for decor, matching perfectly or adding some interesting contrasts like the exposed brickwork.

It's bright and airy, with unified silver bathroom fittings matching the bedside pendant light.

4. Plain and simple

For most of you, the reality of the ensuite is more like the image above, an enclosed small room leading to the bedroom concealing a shower basin and toilet, so does it matter if the bathroom decor is different from the bedroom?

The answer has to be no. It's fine to have a different color scheme but matching the decor does bring the two rooms together and simplifies the color scheme.

A white bedroom with white, gray accents is a welcoming bedroom, and a clean ensuite bathroom in white is cohesion at its best.

5. Dare to be different

Everyone is different. Some are conventional, some are unconventional, while others are outrageous. This bright ensuite bathroom has certainly gone its way regarding decor. With this glorious shade of mustard yellow tile, the bathroom certainly makes a bold statement.

If you like to be unpredictable and walk on the wild side of life, then express your personality through colors and design, you can have the best of both worlds, decorate your bedroom differently and equally with not giving thought to the opinion of others.

Do the neutral tones of raffia match with rose pink and vivid mustard yellow? No, but who cares? At the start of this article, there are no hard and fast rules when decorating your bedroom and bathroom.

6. Individualism

Being an independent individual will allow you to create a beautiful bathroom without giving a second thought to the bedroom decor, which is an awesome expression of liberty and freedom to make choices you like. It's the foundation of our very being.

Add fantastic wallpaper to your bathroom wall. The designs can be incredible and evocative, causing you to reminisce about your younger days at home or some other beautiful thought that makes you happy.

The creatine opportunities are endless once you accept there is no requirement to conform to trending interior designs.

7. Unified elegance

It would be hard to deny that this bedroom and en-suite bathroom is the essence of cohesion between the two rooms. It feels comfortable and has easy transitions from one room to the other, making the bedroom and bathroom a joy to spend time in.

Who doesn't enjoy a warm bath with a couple of candles and a glass of red wine in a pleasant environment such as this image?

Final thoughts

Which way should you go, cohesive traditional or throw caution to the wind and create an Indie style ensuite bathroom?

It's about preference and style ideas. That's the wonderful thing about everyone being different. When it comes to decor, there are no rights or wrongs.