11 Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Bright, playful, multi-functional space.
11 Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Decorating a bedroom for a toddler is an exciting time for the parents and the toddler who could be viewed as a milestone in his life as he ventures from his crib to a cot and that is a big deal for a child.

There are some essentials that you must understand before even thinking about the decor of your toddler's bedroom, and that is safety. You are well aware of the climbing prowess of your toddler, so you will need to add in some contingency plans for safety.

In this article, we will answer many of your questions and inspire you with beautiful, functional, and stimulating designs for your little cherub.

Let's jump right on in and learn how to create the ideal toddler's bedroom and more such as:

  • Liftoff
  • Custer's last stand
  • The beginning of the universe
  • Childproof your toddler's bedroom for safety 

What should be in a toddler bedroom?

It's always been a dilemma for parents about what to put into a toddler's bedroom and what should definitely not be in a toddlers bedroom. Here are some sensible items for you to consider when taking the plunge to decorate your toddler boys bedroom:

  • Child monitor with a camera, you need to be able to check on your child by constantly standing outside the door or opening the door to make sure he is doing ok. It's a parental instinct and the baby monitor is an essential piece of kit for your toddler.
  • If you have great windows make sure the room is flooded with natural light, it will help set your child's circadian rhythm and is better for eye development.
  • The obligatory night light is essential for your child's safety so he can see where he is walking when he wakes at night.
  • Lots of books, kids love books with colorful pictures so they can create their own stories when mom and dad have left the bedroom.
  • Make the bedroom a cozy space, it's likely to be a small bedroom so make it comfortable and a place the toddler enjoys being. Remember it's never a punishment to be sent to your bedroom!
  • Low table and chairs with some toys, particularly soft toys, boys love soft toys as much as girls.
  • Consider your toy storage options, chests are great as your child will be able to reach his toys easily.
  • Push toys are wonderful at bringing on walking and running skills, including in the bedroom.
  • Don't forget a plush rug for warmth and that soft underfoot feeling after bathtime.

Ok, let's get into it!

1. Keep it bright and engaging

Having a boy for a toddler can be a challenge because you want to grow up liking boy things but that doesn't mean the bedroom needs to be basic and blue like so many other boys' bedrooms.

Did you know studies have shown that colors can stimulate different parts of the brain and have an effect on the mood of an adult, it is no different for children? It's well known that warm colors like red, orange, and yellow tend to be more stimulating, while cool colors like blue and green can feel more peaceful.

It's a toss-up which way to go and you should assess your child's overall behavior and decide if he needs more stimulation whereby you use stimulating colors in his bedroom or vice versa.

High bookshelves are a recipe for disaster so avoid the bookshelves frame shown in the above image, Also if your child's bed is pushed against a radiator make sure the radiator has an independent thermostat and is locked in the warm position only.

How to create this look?

This is a simple bedroom to recreate and has some great aspects for a boy, the chipboard behind the headboard is a fantastic idea and introduces that masculine vibe while the reds and yellow tones offer stimulation to the child.

When utilizing storage cabinets use protectors for the sharp corners, you can guarantee your boy is going to walk straight into the corner and bash his head.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest level to achieve these bedroom shelves is a 3.

A simple but effective toddler bedroom design but avoids the framework, toddlers can't help but see the opportunity to climb and they may climb well but the only way down is with a parent's help or falling.

2. Keep it simple and use accessories to introduce the theme of the bedroom

Keep in mind your toddler will only be a toddler from 1 to 3 years so going overboard with decorations can be expensive and a somewhat fruitless exercise in a toddler's room so keep it simple.

It is an exciting time decorating a toddler's bedroom. It's almost a rite of passage for the parents and the kid but there has to be a level of practicality (an interior designer will never tell you this).

To personalize the toddler boy's bedroom use accessories that are soft and can be thrown around the bedroom, they are great to play with for you and your son and are budget-friendly. Make the bed his haven, his own special place where he feels safe and he knows exclusivity belongs to him while he has his bed.

How to create this look?

Take one normal bright fresh bedroom, make the child's bed special with blues and his favorite colors with some soft toys for comfort. Accessorize the bedroom with colors and furniture that are age appropriate and don't forget the wooly lamb!

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest level to achieve these bedroom shelves is a 3.

It remains a 3 because of the simple design techniques, it's unmistakably a boy's bedroom, and with a sister in the home it's an important demarcation zone.

3. Use accents to make the bedroom cohesive

It's not always about flooding a boy's bedroom with blue and by opening up the palette you will teach the toddler there is more to color than the limitations of his bedroom.

Shades of blue are a perfect contrast and adding rich yellow tones from the drapes provided the perfect color contrast in the bedroom. 

Neutral tones will help your child to feel warm and secure.

Age-appropriate artwork or your own toddler's creations is perfect for framing and adorning the walls, it will look tremendous and will give a sense of achievement and pride to the toddler.

Remember to cover sharp corners and keep pull cords and drapes tiebacks well out of the reach of a young child.

How to create this look?

This beautiful toddler's bedroom is functional with the laminate flooring, it's almost essential as the child will be transitioning from diapers to underwear over the coming months.

Using light and dark shades of blue for contrast and the splash of yellow to elevate the decor of the room is masterful. Encourage art designs and painting in the bedroom as part of the toddler's development and for enjoyment.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest level to achieve these bedroom shelves is a 4.

It's another easy one, be mindful of contrasting colors and be brave by introducing a bright color,and your toddler will love the contrasts.

4. Sky blue on a gloomy day

If your bedroom is small then go for the same color, it will open up the room if the color is not dark. This superbly decorated toddler bedroom has all the elements of warmth and functionality that a toddler could want in a bedroom.

The Brio train set and the football bean bag are fantastic elements in the bedroom to make the toddler's room distinct from any other room in the home.

The contrasting blue bed and busy duvet cover with lots of bright colors is traditional but looks fabulous in the toddler's bedroom.

Windows without drapes are the perfect way to allow natural light to flood the bedroom and with a lime green wall clock, the scene is set for hours of play and relaxation.

How to create this look?

The laminate flooring with its warm tones is the perfect setting for this toddler's bedroom and contrasts perfectly with the light blue walls.

It's an easy paint job that anyone can undertake and then accessorize sparingly.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest level to achieve these bedroom shelves is a 5.

There is a lot of painting in this toddler's bedroom and will take time, the walls need to be flawless to achieve a great look.

5. Retro vibe kid's bedroom

There is a trend to have wooden beds. Maybe they are affordable but if you want to create a bedroom that takes you back to your own childhood (grandparents) then the 60s vibe is still fashionable and creates a charming aesthetic for a child's bedroom.

Do you recall the squeaks of the steel bed every time you moved, it was a pleasant squeak and reassurance in a strange way but nonetheless the bed was comfortable and had a cool look around its heritage.

Well, the beds no longer squeak but you can still create that retro look easily, and combined with some well-thought-out accessories like the 60's table and chair you can breathe a new life into a bedroom with a retro feel and look.

A simple look that is perfect for a kid's bedroom that will last for years.

How to create this look?

The 60,s and 70,s had a specific vibe of pushing the boundaries of design while retaining older furnishings due to money constraints. Shop online for the bed and furnishings and keep the colors in the bedroom simple.

Every kid's bedroom in the 60,s and 70,s had the obligatory easel which is easily available and affordable today.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest level to achieve these bedroom shelves is a 6.

There are no difficult decorating techniques, it is just a case of shopping around to complete the 60,s vibe. If you can't find pieces from the era then mix and match that is how this look came around in the 60s, a bit of this, and a bit of that!

6. Dreaming beyond the stars

If you are the parent of a toddler then you will know they have very few expectations and wants in life, they want to be played with and loved and not much more, oh, meals on time.

This means you can create a room that is super special for your toddler boy at minimal cost and he will literally be over the moon with the end result.

Many toddlers have their own interests from dinosaurs to space rockets and everything in between so making an interstellar bedroom for your toddler is child play, there are stickers and templates online to be purchased easily to create your look.

Or include your child and make your own and create your own planets and stars, not forgetting a space helmet! Aka Dad's old motorcycle helmet will spruce up perfectly and may even need a coat of paint so it can reflect the radiation of a spacewalk!

How to create this look?

Keep the night sky a few shades lighter or the room may become too dark for the child, make or buy stars and planets and stick them to the wall. Light bedside furnishings are a good contrast to the blue on the wall and the space helmet can be yours or that of a friend that has been given a new lease of life.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest level to achieve these bedroom shelves is a 3.

It's a great look and takes very little effort to create this toddler's bedroom making the stars and planets is fun and can be painted with water-based paint for deep color.

Bedside tables are easy to find from any furniture retailer in-store or online.

7. Predict the future with a magic 8 ball

The predicted future says that toddler boys do not need to be surrounded by the color blue to grow up being masculine!

There are many great colors for a toddler's bedroom and as long as you accessorize you can change the room and keep it looking fresh and bright. Kids respond to color the same as adults and as a result, can be stimulated to play and be creative and some time to relax. 

If your toddler is active and jumping around all day then you may wish to select a color that is more soothing so that when he does go to the bedroom he recognizes it as a place of calm and quiet play rather than boisterous rough and tumbles.

However, green is a soothing color and you may find it the midpoint between being subdued and over vibrant, the concept really states you can accessorize with vibrant colors for a boy's bedroom while leaning in a femine direction.

How to create this look?

The base of the toddler's bedroom is simple, brilliant with walls and a wood laminate floor with a nice rug for an element of comfort and a cozy feel.

From there accessorize with colors that fit your child's personality, demeanor, and interests. Skip the computer, it's a little advanced at this early stage.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest level to achieve these bedroom shelves is a 2.

It's just accessorizing a bedroom that should be age appropriate and be aware that sharp corners on boxes and tables are a hazard to toddlers.

8. Be bold be bright

Toddlers love some color in the bedroom and so do adults and the truth is just because your toddler boy has his own bedroom don’t expect this will be his place day and night, he will want to be with his mum most of the time and that may include you being in his bedroom haven for hours on end so when decorating keep all of the eventualities in mind with your color scheme.

Yellow and orange is a great color scheme for a toddler bedroom. It's bright and fun and looks really cool too.

With some light gray contrasting color tones, the bedroom is perfect for a toddler or an adult so you can spend many long hours in this bedroom reading and playing with your child.

Keep cords from roller blinds tightly wrapped and mounted out of reach of the cold, and have window locks that limit the opening angle of the windows.

How to create this look?

White walls, a wood laminate floor, and some accessories that are age appropriate and some that are not to be enjoyed by mum and dad.

Move a child's bed away from windows and radiators that could cause burns.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest level to achieve these bedroom shelves is a 4.

The room is about storage and bright colors, perfect for a kid's bedroom, however, there are lots of hazardous potentials in the bedroom that need to be addressed.

9. The beginning of the universe

If you like simple and innovative ideas then this toddler's bedroom is going to be up your alley. It's simple to create in terms of painting, and then give your toddler some chalk and let him create his own bedroom that could be the stars of his favorite animal.

Yes, there is a downside but oi what if you're motivated by your kid's creative streak, who knows in ten years' time he may be writing equations on his bedroom wall instead of sticking posters of girl bands.

You may need to freshen up the wall as it becomes extremely dusty but it's an only emulsion and no big deal to roll a couple of fresh coats every once in a while.

How to create this look?

Paint one wall in the bedroom dark blue as a blue board you could say and let your child be creative with some guidance from mum and dad.

Inevitably the wall will become dusty and need to be repainted from time to time.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest level to achieve these bedroom shelves is a 1.

It's dark paint, it will easily cover the underlying color, two coats, and it's complete.

10. Custer’s last stand

Is this how Custer's last stand began, in a solitary bedroom in suburbia, wigwam made and comfortable, reading the plans of attack! It's doubtful but it takes imagination to create spectacular toddler bedrooms and what small boy would not cherish every moment spent sleeping under canvas in his very own bedroom?

The clean lines of the bedroom need nothing, an occasional accessory if required by mum because the focal point is the wigwam and some red Indian-inspired furnishings, or maybe not but you get the gist of where to go with the design.

It's a fantastic design but to keep the room safe from choking and strangulation hazards despite how cool the bedroom is it could be a disaster if not thought through thoroughly.

How to create this look?

Make the A-frame with timber from the hardware store, a length of 5 foot ½ inch dowel and appropriate size timber for the A-frame is all that is needed, then use a light sheet to cover. Keep it light, if the structure did slip the child would not be pinned down.

Accessorize with what you would consider Indian-influenced designs and you are ready to go.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest level to achieve these bedroom shelves is a 6.

It's not difficult but you will need to think about the safety aspects and build in some contingencies, like preventing the A-frame from sliding and collapsing on the toddler. You will need to use a drill fairly accurately to make the A-frame.

11. lift off

Kids are fascinated with anything to do with space travel and rockets and so why not indulge them in their fantasy and make a bedroom dedicated to space travel and the universe. It doesn't need to be a version of NASA, just a cozy bedroom where your child can dream about the final frontier.

No painting is required there are so many toys and images that are decorative that can hang from a ceiling to give the bedroom a vibe of Cape Canaveral, or you can make your own, come on dads, get with the program, and if you don't have time enlist grandpa to make a replica apollo rocket and hang it from the ceiling.

There are more ways to decorate a toddler's bedroom than breaking out the paint roller, with a little thought you can transform a toddler's bedroom into the launchpad of a space shuttle.

When hanging toys, ensure they are out of the toddler's reach even if he decides to stand on a chair.

How to create this look?

No special tools are required unless you do some DIY hanging images. There are a plethora of hanging toys and plants and anything space related online that can create a wonderful toddler's bedroom.

How easy is this look to achieve? Working on a simple scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest level to achieve these bedroom shelves is a 4.

It's easy if you think and imagine like your toddler so you can create what is in his mind, it will be a spectacular launch.

Keeping your toddler safe in his bedroom

Your child's safety is of paramount importance and supersedes any bedroom design or idea you have if it cant be made childproof.

There is a horrible statistic you should be aware of, 20,000 children in the US are injured in their homes from falling furniture, and 70% of those children were under 6 years old, according to UPI.

Use a child monitor so you can hear and see your toddler when they are sleeping, 

Make sure anything that could potentially fall is secured to the wall, it's easy, drill and screw.

Avoid long drapes or don't use drapes, use simple cordless blinds, if you do have blinds with cords that are a hazard to your child, tie the cord out of reach of the child.

Toddlers bang their heads constantly, and it can be so painful for them to mitigate the risk of injury and use cushioned bumpers. They can be purchased online or from a mother and baby store.

Use child safety locks where appropriate, such as a wardrobe in a bedroom.