UK Mattress In A Box Statistics 2024

Increased sales of mattresses in boxes.
UK Mattress In A Box Statistics 2024
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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The average price of a mattress in a box in the UK

Below is a list of the average price per size in 2023 collected from the different models and most online mattress companies. Please note that most online mattress brands offer excellent discounts and coupons, however we just collected the retail price as discounts and deals often change.

  • The average price for a Single is: £566.75
  • The average price for a Double is: £855.88
  • The average price for a Queen is: £974.82
  • The average price for a King is: £1,208.46

Hopefully the table above will help you with common questions like: What’s the average price of a mattress? How do I know I'm not paying too much when buying a mattress?

How many mattresses have certifications? 

Certifications give you an idea of what standard the mattress is made. If it passes eco-friendly and other tests, like to determine if the mattress has any nasty chemicals or metals in construction.

In our opinion, they are one of the key things to look out for when purchasing a mattress. You tend to find most online mattresses brands are of a high standard and have certifications. The more budget friendly options, will cut corners and not have anything. 

But let's jump in and see how many brands are certified

Out of all the UK mattress brands, 36.36% have Oeko-Tex certification and 43.18% have CertiPur certifications.
With 31.82% not having a Oeko-Tex, CertiPur, or an equivalent certification. 

What’s the average trial period of a mattress?

There is a wide range of trial periods for mattresses in the United Kingdom with some not having any to others offering 30 days or even a whole year.

The average sleep trial period of a mattress in a box is 135.66 nights.

How does the UK compare to other countries?

Is the UK mattress market competitive compared to the USA, Canada, and Australia?

Trial Period

  • Australia: 100 nights
  • USA: 150.22 nights
  • UK: 135.66 nights
  • Canada: 112.41 nights

The UK mattress market is fairly competitive with it being the second highest in offering the longest trial period out of other western countries. 

Wrapping it up

We were quite surprised by the average night trial period being over 90 nights (3 months), this is mainly because of the tough competition with more brands like Nectar and DreamCloud offering a year free to try the mattress. 

Here are the prices again:

  • The average price for a Single is: £566.75
  • The average price for a Double is: £855.88
  • The average price for a Queen is: £974.82
  • The average price for a King is: £1,208.46

That’s it! We will be sure to add more details as we discover more mattress statistics and facts. If you use any of our data please link to 

Happy shopping!