14 Very Small Attic Bedroom Ideas

Attic transformed into cozy bedroom.
14 Very Small Attic Bedroom Ideas
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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If you have an unused attic in your home, you may want to read an authoritative account of how you can turn this space into a desirable living area.

We will inspire you and let you know how to achieve a cool look for your disused attic.

Learn some low-budget tricks and much more like using recycled timbers:

Grab a coffee, put your feet up and let's get into it.

Is it a good idea to renovate your small attic?

With interest rates set to escalate further over the coming months, the housing market will slow down if not come to a complete halt for the foreseeable future.

Renovating a small attic can be challenging, but if done correctly, you can create an additional room in your home at a minimal cost.

It's a time to add your own flair and creativeness to a blank canvas in your home, ultimately adding value to your home and giving you a great sense of satisfaction.

1. Use limited space wisely with classic clean lines

Having a clean, fresh look is timeless and makes for an inviting additional bedroom in your home.

The use of natural light is key to achieving a warm glow and an inviting room while using natural warm bright colors.

Most attics have floorboards that can be renovated easily to add a new depth and dimension to the classic look.

How do you create this look?

This attic utilizes a gable end wall and a centrally placed window that allows the room to be filled with bright natural light during the day, which becomes the room's focal point instead of the small size.

Natural flooring accentuates the paintwork's warm tones and allows the homeowner to use different color rugs and bedding while maintaining a clean, classic look. 

Achieving this look is simplicity itself. Use natural light colors such as white for the ceiling and accent the lower walls with a natural tone such as stone or taupe to give a subtle contrast between the colors.

Strategically placed lighting over the bed illuminates the bed and provides a perfect reading environment.

Select furniture that has a modern classic design to fit in with the decor.

2. Scandinavian style minimalistic attic 

Minimalism is not everyone's idea of a great look. Still, it may be the answer to opening the room up for a small attic space, so it does not seem tiny.

Again clean lines are essential to this look, and in typical Scandinavian style, the use of white paint from top to bottom makes a small room open up.

A gray washed board background is the focal point of the room with exposed natural beams to let you know you are somewhere that was constructed long ago.

How do you create this look?

The use of light is essential, and two Velux-type windows have been fitted to the roof to allow natural light to flow into the attic while giving much-needed ventilation.

The use of beech laminate flooring brightens the room further as the light reflects off this light floor covering.

The gray boarded wall is pure genius and easily achieved by DIY, the boarded wall allows you to play with color washes to achieve the theme you need.

How can you achieve this look? Long flowing lines from the laminate flooring make the attic space look bigger than its actual dimensions, which is crucial to the design.

If you have floorboards that run in the direction, you could achieve the same look.

Boarding the rear wall requires just a drill, screws, and wall plugs together with a desire to wash the boards over with coats of emulsion to get the desired effect.

Velux windows are easily fitted if you have the tools, it may be a job for a tradesperson.

3. Making a small attic work

Just because it's small doesn't mean it can't be turned into a useful space. This small attic space has been turned into a useful double bedroom with rustic oak beams and a clever lighter; the room is a triumph of ingenuity.

There may not be much head space, but if you are trying to achieve a unique room where guests would love to sleep, then this is the epitome of such a room.

Natural tones fill the room, from lighting fixes to the inner blocks of a gable end wall washed in a limestone hue.

How do you create this look?

For a tiny attic like the one depicted, light is a key element in making it seem bigger than its actual dimensions.

Exposed beams are a delight and give the room a sense of sleeping in days gone by with servants waiting on your hand and foot.

The use of light pine dressers and cabinets fills the room with plenty of storage which is often missed in small attic renovations.

Again Velux-type windows play a critical role in light and ventilation.

How to achieve this look?  Use light colors and hues to accent the room. The main feature of this tiny attic is the exposed block wall and bed.

Painstaking sanding of the oak beam makes the room look like the room was designed with these features in place.

Simple bedding completes the room simplistically but is far from minimalistic.

4. Keep it simple

Not all attic renovations need to be filled with oak beams and expensive furnishing to be a delight for a guest to stay in.

Keeping things simple like this attic archives a fashionable look that will have your guests marvel at your ingenuity.

A framed window and a boarded back wall will draw your gaze to see a beautifully bright and airy room in your attic!

Simple decor wins through every time.

How do you create this look?

Take inspiration from books from the 50s and sixties that depict downtown areas in developing cities when rooms were at a premium.

The use of sixties-inspired furniture provides a welcoming feel to the room, a feeling of relaxation, let's chill out man!

This attic is practical in every way and somewhat utilitarian in design while remaining comfortable.

How to achieve this look? Start with bright airy attic space and then dive in with practical colors that are somewhat commercial grade from yesteryear.

Boarding a wall is child's play, and in this instance, there will be no need to hide screw heads. Remember is practical in design.

Maintain a theme that looks as if you have opened a portal to the sixties and have fun with this attic space.

5. Two single beds, painted throughout, looks like an ideal boys' room!

Not all attics are spare bedrooms for when you have guests stay over. The attic is the perfect way to extend your family home by utilizing as much space as possible, so why not go vertical!

The fully boarded attic is perfect for maximizing space and a small area. You have built-in storage cabinets or wardrobes for clothes and toys.

A beautiful blue wood floor, painting old floorboards is the best way of hiding the punishment that floorboards undertake over decades of use and abuse.

How do you create this look?

Paint and lots of it, This attic looks as if the ceiling has been boarded for many years so it just needs to be freshened up a touch, together with the boarded gable end of the attic.

There is some old quaint inspiration going on in this attic. The property looks like a period property, so you must continue that theme with your decor.

Blue flooring is a masterpiece as it will show fewer scuff marks and keep the room looking fresh and cool.

How to achieve this look? This attic is all about boarding. Boarding an attic is a good idea. It allows you to hide wiring and is an easy DIY job. Boards are light in comparison to sheet materials.

Choose off-white paints to add an aged look to the room. The floor could be painted on other tomes, but blue works well.

If you have a period home, this could be your attic renovation.

6. Who said attic renovations needed to be expensive?

Attic renovations don't need to be expensive. Often you can achieve something spectacular with a gallon of paint you have lying in the shed and a few hours of your time.

This farmhouse design attic is cost-effective and charming and would be a delight to sleep in. use the natural light as your wake-up call.

Place your bed on wooden pallets for that extra rustic feel. Attic makeovers can be challenging if you are on a budget, so think outside the box and experiment a little. After all, the attic is very small, so any mistake will not break the bank.

How do you create this look?

Have a minimal budget and utilize what you have at hand. When you do need to spend, spend frugally.

Not everyone wants a farmhouse-style attic, but it has undeniable charm, making this attic renovation stand out from many others.

If you have distressed timbers, then a coat of white paint will work wonders.

How to achieve this look? Stick to a budget and use what you have at hand. Save your spending on bedding and opulent items that will make your guest sleep well.

Use a mix of modern and old, such as lighting, this will accentuate the dichotomy of the ages.

7. When space is at a premium

Very small attic bedrooms may have just taken on a new meaning. When space is at a premium, there is still a solution that can allow you to meet your goals of creating a special space in your attic.

When you lack space for a bedroom, your hand can be forced into taking a minimalistic approach, and do you know what? It can work spectacularly well and create a beautiful space to sleep in.

Do you know what's great about a tiny attic bedroom? You only need a tiny attic bedroom budget!

How do you create this look?

You will be forced to use bright colors or even use white, as illustrated in the image. White will open out a tiny space and make it seem brighter.

Introduce natural light if possible, natural light fills a room better than artificial lightning.

Your bed is going to be low, don't throw a mattress on the floor, it looks as if you have not used your imagination.

How to achieve this look? Take a minimalist approach, don't cram as much as possible into the bedroom, it will not work.

Paint the ceiling in white and flow the fall of the roof using the same color. Using light-color paint on the floorboards or even a cream carpet would work well and give an extra layer of comfort, but it may take away from the minimalist theme.

Palettes as a bed base are perfect. They are free and need to be cleaned. Screw the palettes together so they cannot slip, slide, and paint white.

Keep accessories to a minimum, just a few fairy lights will be perfect.

8. Small and bijou bedrooms can turn into spectacular bedroom spaces

There are so many innovative designs for very small attic bedrooms, but no one can critique clean lines without exception. Clean lines work on all levels, making the room look larger than its dimensions and welcoming.

Familiarity with design has a lot to play when designing a tiny attic bedroom, especially if the room is going to be used as a guest room.

How do you create this look?

If you opt for a small bedroom using clean lines, you must follow the theme. For instance, if you introduce a frilly flowery duvet, it will look out of place. The same goes for any accessories you may select.

Keep a simple flow from bedding covers and materials through to your floor covering. Light and bright is going to be the order of the day so do not deviate if you want the best very small attic bedroom in town.

How to achieve this look? You may have noticed the boxed panels above the bed, this is there for a reason. The roof tiles would have been exposed, so before the renovation could proceed, the insulation was fitted and then boxed over.

A perfect time to hide lighting and power outlet cables.

Keep it minimal, only use light colors in a very small attic bedroom. It will open the room up to the eye beyond its dimensions.

9. Don't let the adults have all of the fun

Do you know who very small attic bedrooms are perfect for? Very small kids! Well, not so small that they need mum through the night, but you get the gist.

For a younger child, an attic bedroom would be like living in paradise. Cozy and designed purposely for them, things could not get any better.

Seriously, if you want to renovate your attic into a bedroom then if it's small, make it a kid's bedroom and free one of your other rooms for a guest or office space.

Kids love privacy, not just 16-year-olds, younger kids love to play and imagine in their own little space.

How do you create this look?

It's so easy, you can buy kid's pattern wallpaper as per gender and use matching duvets. What's cool about kids’ bedrooms is they don't need super expensive mattresses to support their body weight. 

Use bright colored paints and stickers, hang a few low-flying trinkets from the ceiling, and away you go.

How to achieve this look? Simple, use kid-friendly decorations in the bedroom, and use a suitable mattress and bedding.

Ensure the room is fitted with ample ventilation, kids tend to sleep hotter and a cooler room is better for them.

Of course, if access is an issue, make sure the children are safe from falls. Fit smoke alarms on landings and bedrooms.

10. You always need storage

Very small bedrooms have one big problem, where do you store things? Well, renovating a very small attic bedroom gives you the perfect opportunity to be creative and design some storage that will fit even the tiniest attic bedroom.

A US mattress is 75 inches long at a minimum, and many are 80 inches, this is a lot of under-mattress space that can be used for storage.

If you have extra width, then incorporate a wardrobe alongside the mattress, it's dead space otherwise!

How do you create this look?

Imagination, innovation, and a good tape measure. Even very small attic bedrooms need storage, so you have to think outside of the box to come up with a solution.

It may be that you will need the assistance of a carpenter or cabinet maker to really give you storage space that would look amazing.

If you use under-mattress storage, you can use the storage frame as the structural support for the bed!

How to achieve this look? Know your mattress sizes!

Dimensions (Width x Length)


  • 54" x 75"


  • 60" x 80"

Olympic Queen

  • 66" x 80"


  • 76" x 80"

Now you know your mattress sizes get designed, with the available space you have if the angle of the roof is not too shallow then you may be able to utilize the whole area of the mattress for under storage.

Utilize the space you have efficiently, very small bedrooms can be cozy and also irritating if you can store your clothes properly.

11. Very small attic bedrooms do not mean they are not stylish

Style is a personal thing and means something different to all of you. But, a small attic bedroom can ooze style and sophistication with a little thought and application.

Even an old brick chimney can become a stylish object in the right setting, such as in the image above.

This tiny attic bedroom relishes in its own glorious styling, from the selection of charcoal coloring for the back wall to the lush green plants surrounding the mattress.

It's an undeniable fact that some of you can make a perfect scene out of a blank canvas.

How do you create this look?

It's not hard. It's a use of contrasting and complementing colors, the white ceilings are in stark contrast to the gable wall painted in dark charcoal, but they go hand in hand despite their huge differences.

Plants are subjective and could be replaced with furnishings if you prefer not to wake feeling like Tarzan every morning.

The utilization of fabrics that complement and vast contrasts on a monochromatic scale work.

How to achieve this look? It's not easy and it takes some homework to find the perfect solution.

The use of color swatches is a good starting point to match fabrics and sometimes textures.

The color palate is enormous, but finding dramatic contrast can be a challenge, to say the least. You could always emulate the image and paint your rear wall charcoal and then play with some hues of white for a better overall appearance.

12. Bohemian Rhapsody

If you think all very small attic bedrooms are small and somewhat lifeless, think again. You can pretty much design anything into a very small attic bedroom, even a bohemian lifestyle, if only at night time!

It is easy to get the impression that clean white lines and a minimalistic approach are the only way when it comes to tiny attic bedrooms, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The decor is personal, and if you can make your mattress fit and have storage, then the world is your oyster in terms of design.

How do you create this look?

It's all about bold choices in fabrics. If a bohemian lifestyle appeals to you then go for it. Bohemian living was caused by freedom of lifestyle in the early 20th century and the style carries on today.

Read up on the lost world of bohemians and get some styling tips.

How to achieve this look? The lighting is easy to find, it's available in most good DIY stores or department stores, if not check out what's available online.

For fabric choices, you can have fun checking your local market in the right area of town, alternatively checking online. Even the mighty Amazon socks bohemian style fabrics to adorn your very small attic bedroom.

Paints are easily found and if you have a particular color, you can get it mixed to match a piece of fabric with the color you want.

13. Looking for a plush look

Even very small attic bedrooms can be plush and opulent. Just because it's an attic doesn't mean you can be grand in your decoration and bedding.

One of the biggest constraints to living in a little attic bedroom is the challenge of what furnishing you can bring into the room, so select thin mattresses that can bend easily around tight corners.

Be prepared to assemble your bed base in the attic as you bring it piece by piece from downstairs.

How do you create this look?

It's an easy look to create. It's simple to paint on the wales that are matching the duvet and soft furnishings like cushions and pillows.

Light is the essential element in the attic room, if there was not a huge Velux-type window can you imagine the room without natural light?

How to achieve this look? If you have the light pouring through the window, it's an easy look to accomplish. If not you may consider fitting a Velux-type roof light into your roof, this is best done by a tradesman and is normally a quick install.

The rest of the room is just emulsion and furnishings, you can change the color and furnishings to match your own style and decor of the rest of the house if required.

14. A very small attic bedroom does not mean austere living

It is a misconception that little attic bedrooms are auster as in the image above. 

Living in a small space can be fun and very comfortable without a hint of the austere attached to the room.

Minimalist living is for those of you who just hate clutter. The minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone.

Do you like the clean lines of modern-day homes and want to achieve that look? Well, you're in luck. It is properly the easiest and most affordable loof to achieve for your very small attic bedroom.

Be innovative and create a space to be proud of that is comfortable and functional.