What size mattress fits in a Honda Odyssey?

Queen mattress fits Honda Odyssey.
What size mattress fits in a Honda Odyssey?
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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If you own a Honda Odyssey, you could feel almost invisible when it comes to moving large, cumbersome objects. Minivans are versatile, which makes these vehicles so popular with families, but when it comes to moving cumbersome objects, what's the largest mattress that will fit inside the Honda Odyssey?Moving mattresses in the back of a vehicle are almost an impossible task. Mattresses are always at least over six feet in length and can weigh a couple of hundred pounds. But the Odyssey does have some tricks tucked away that could make it possible to move a sizable mattress.

This article delves into the Honda Odyssey cargo space and investigates how big a mattress will actually fit when push comes to shove. We answer frequently asked questions bringing you factual information to assist with your transportation needs.

Let's jump in.

The best place to start when it comes to moving mattresses is to understand the dimensions of the mattresses and the internal dimensions of the Honda Odyssey cargo space.

Here is a table with the mattress sizes:



  • Twin
  • 38" X 75"
  • Twin XL
  • 38" X 80"
  • Full
  • 54" X 74"
  • Queen
  • 60" X 80"
  • King
  • 76" X 80"
  • California King
  • 72" X 84"

The honda Odyssey has sizable cargo space and with the With these seats flipped down, here’s what you can expect for dimensions:

  • 8 feet long 96 inches
  • 4 feet wide 48 Inches
  • 46 inches high

So immediately you can see that most of the mattresses in the table could be placed in the rear of a Honda Odyssey if the mattress is folded across the center line. But if only life was that simple, you would need to flatten the rear row of seats in the Odyssey and then remove the center row. It sounds easy, but the center-row seats are robust and substantial, so removing them takes some muscle, and you may need assistance if you are not to damage the vehicle.

How to fit a mattress in the rear of a honda odyssey?

Here are some tips to fit your queen-size mattress in the back of an Odyssey:

You will need.

a. Mattress cover.

b. Ratchets straps or rope.

c. Dolly truck.

d. Covering blankets.

  • Assuming you are moving your mattress from one home to another in the back of the Odyssey, you will need to fold the mattress in half across its shortest dimensions.
  • Before folding, place the mattress inside a decent mattress protector to protect the mattress from scuff marks and marks that may be difficult to remove from sliding the mattress around on the floor and in the rear cargo space of the Odyssey.
  • Once the mattress is folded, use two ratchet straps to pull the mattress together and reduce the overall volume the mattress will take inside the cargo space in the Odyssey.
  • If the mattress is in the bedroom, use a rope to tie the mattress. The rope may help you maneuver the mattress down a staircase.
  • Navigate the staircase, place the mattress on the dolly, and wheel it to the car.
  • Get assistance.
  • Ensure the back of the Odyssey is free from the clutter typically found in most cars' trunks.
  • Remove the three split center seats, so the Odyssey floor lays flat.
  • You know the Odyssey is longer than the mattresses, but the width falls short.
  • When closing the hatch, ensure the mattress does not touch the rear window. If you slam the hatch, the window could pop out!

Does folding mattress cause damage?

For transporting purposes folding a mattress is ok. The manufacturer will recommend it transported flat, but that's unrealistic even for moving companies, so fold the mattress and when you arrive at the destination, unload the mattress into the bedroom, unfold and lay it flat.

Leaving a mattress folded for extended periods of time could cause damage, so if your mattress is going into storage, lay it flat if possible.

Is it legal to drive with a mattress in a car?

There is little information regarding the transportation of mattresses inside a car. But if you can tie a mattress to the roof and remain legal, having a mattress inside your Odysee should be okay, given the considerable cargo space dimensions. Anchor the mattress to the floor of the Odyssey. There are anchor points that will prevent the mattress from moving unpredictably under heavy braking or evasive maneuvers.

Regardless of the laws of the state, you will be traveling through common sense has to prevail in this situation. Your car should be safe to drive. 

Frequently asked questions

How big is the cargo space in a Honda Odyssey?

Depending on trim and seat configuration, you'll find 32.8 to 38.6 cubic feet of room behind the third row. That expands to between 86.6 and 92.3 cubic feet behind the second row and between 140.7 and 158 cubic feet behind the front seats.

Will a queen-size mattress fit in an Odyssey?

For most minivans, the queen-size mattress is too big, but for the Honda Odyssey, with the third row of seats flat and the second row of seats removed, the queen-size mattress will fit if it is folded and strapped in place. The Odyssey has more than enough length in the cargo space to accommodate the mattress.

How long of a board can you fit in a Honda Odyssey?

A sheet of 8ft x 4ft plywood or plasterboard will fit in the back of an odyssey. Of course, the rear seats will need to be folded flat, and the center row of three seats will need to be removed, which can be done easily.


If you own a Honda Odyssey, you have every right to feel invisible. This is a comfortable, versatile vehicle. It's the perfect family combo vehicle offering superb flexibility. When you are challenged with moving cumbersome items, the odyssey is as good as any van for moving a mattress, and it is not going to be challenged by the length of the mattress with a fantastic 8ft cargo space. If there is a negative, the center row of the seat is heavy, so it's best to get help to manipulate the seat through the door opening so as not to damage the paintwork.