Where Is Puffy Mattress Headquarters?

Puffy: Comfortably located in sunny California!
Where Is Puffy Mattress Headquarters?
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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Considering buying a Puffy mattress? They are made in the United States, but where are the headquarters located?

Puffy has its head office based in North Hollywood, California. The Puffy company operates from multiple manufacturing plants around the country, and puffy also operates in Canada.

Where Is The Puffy Mattress Manufactured?

If you are looking to buy the mattress that woke up the mattress market palace, you can rest assured that the Puffy mattresses are manufactured in different locations around the country.  A few of the locations are PA, IL, and NM, just to mention a few.

Manufacturing plants are strategically located for the convenience of customers and efficient shipping.

Is Puffy Mattress A Canadian Company?

Puffy was founded in 2016 and incorporated in the United States of America, making Puffy an American business. However, they also operate in Canada.

Canada mattresses are made in Canada to support the local market, operate independently of the US business, and comply with local laws.

Check out the Canadian Puffy vs Puffy Lux.

Who Is The CEO Of Puffy?

Puffy mattress’s founder is Arthur Andreasyan. In a recent interview in July 2021, Andreyasan said:

Puffy started with a child-like wonder, “what would it feel like to sleep on a bed of clouds.”

From there, the founder built his team and spent many hours testing different foam mattresses and materials to develop his idea of “what it would feel like to sleep on a bed of clouds.”

This vision became the company’s whole ethos, and now Puffy is a leading mattress supplier in the US and Canada.

The Puffy Vision Moves Forward

The company's goal was to provide every customer with the sleep they want and deserve. The goal of sleeping longer and more profound and pain-free forged the way for product development.

Puffy realized the relationship between body pain and sleep deprivation was staggering, with some 57 % of Americans struggling to sleep in comfort.

The Puffy mattress has been designed and developed to adapt to the body’s shape and give pain relief by supporting curvature and posture and relieving pressure points.

“ We want all types of sleepers to be able to wake up rested and energized.”

What Makes Mattress Unique?

Puffy mattresses are simply unique in the levels of comfort experienced by costumes. Mist mattresses are too soft or too firm, and the only thing available in the market that can meet all the requirements of its customers is the Puffy mattress.

Puffy is a company that operates with ethics, and it is the only mattress company with a unique donations system in place.

Puffy donates a mattress to a children’s shelter for every ten who share their Puffy mattress purchase on Facebook.

How Do I Purchase A Puffy mattress?

You can purchase your Puffy mattress online, and it will be taken to your door by FedEx for your convenience.

You can get a lifetime guarantee on premium mattresses such as confidence from Puffy.