Why is My Purple Mattress Hurting My Back?

Sleeping wrong is causing back pain.
Why is My Purple Mattress Hurting My Back?
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

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It's a common complaint among premium mattress buyers that new mattresses can cause back pain. Many people buy mattresses looking to alleviate back pain when the problem lies much deeper. But is it the mattress or you?

Well, it could be the mattress and you. The mattress that won't break an egg is that soft! Mattress manufacturers also make sorts of claims about the efficacy of their mattresses, and Purple is no different, but the egg test is extreme.

When Inside Edition looked into the claims, it was found that the mattress in the advertisement was different, but not so much different from the one in your bedroom. This article explains why you could have back pain with a new Purple mattress and some possible solutions. We answer frequently asked questions bringing you factual information.

Let's Jump in.

Is your Purple mattress causing back pain?

It could be. If your Purple mattress is new, you have to give it time. Any premium mattress needs to be broken in; it takes time, as you can imagine. You will need to adjust to the firmness of the mattress. Many people sleep on pretty awful mattresses. They sag and should have been replaced a long time ago. Still, while you have been sleeping on a sagging mattress, your posture has been changing and adapting to the unhealthy sleeping position.

When you receive your new Purple mattress, it's an abrupt change to your posture. The mattress makes you sleep in a position you are accustomed to and, moreover, your skeleton and muscles are not accustomed to.

It may take 12 weeks or more for your body to become accustomed to being aligned and have the correct posture, It sounds crazy, but it's true, which is why changing your mattress at least every 8 years is crucial.

This is why premium mattress manufacturers have an extended returns policy. Purple insists you have to sleep on the mattress for at least 21 days, but the truth is 21 days of correct alignment when sleeping may not unravel years of bad posture from sleeping in a sagging bed.

Why is my Purple mattress hurting my back?

Let's go through some of the reasons why the mattress could be hurting your back and if there are solutions to the problem.

  1. The mattress is stiff and does not contour my body.

This sounds like a typical new mattress situation. When you get a new mattress, you must give it a chance and sleep on it nightly. The mattress will start to give and contour to your shape. You have to remember the Purple mattress is not custom-made for you.

Solution. There is not much you can do but give the mattress time to soften and contour to your body which it will do. You can raise the bedroom temperature before you sleep or use an electric blanket or hot water bottle. These methods will soften the polymers in the structure of the mattress, making it contour to your body. But don't overdo it.

You could place a mattress topper on the Purple mattress. It is always a good investment.

  1. The mattress is too soft.

Soft mattresses contribute more to back pain than any other type of mattress, they do not provide support where needed, and you slump into a position where your spine is misaligned.

Solution. If your Purple mattress is old, it should be replaced. In the interim period, you may place a plywood board under the mattress for extra support, but this is only a temporary solution to back pain. A mattress topper will buy you some time if it is a premium brand with the rigidity to offer support.

  1. Sleeping position

Many of you adopt sleeping positions that are not conducive to spine health. 

Solution. Try sleeping in a supine (on your back) position with a pillow tucked under your knees. Or on your side with a pillow between your knees for good spine alignment.

Muscular skeletal issues

Often the mattress can be blamed for back pain when the issues lie much deeper within our bodies, if you have arthritic joints, slipped discs, herniated discs, or have suffered back trauma. You should seek the advice of a doctor. Wear and tear on the joints may manifest once you sleep on a mattress designed to align your body.

Frequently asked questions

Are Purple mattresses good for your back?

Yes, they are ideal for your back since a Purple mattress gives you extra support and comfort while also aligning your spine. A layer of memory foam in the Purple Mattress has been infused with gel, which helps to maintain proper spinal alignment. Additionally, the memory foam's gel infusion keeps you cool as you sleep.

Is my Purple mattress causing hip pain?

If you have hip discomfort on a Purple mattress, you should first change your sleeping position, such as lying on your stomach with a pillow under your knees. Many new Purple mattresses cause hip pain, so allow it some time to adjust to your body. You can add an additional layer of a mattress pad if your hip pain on the Purple mattress is persistent. Hip pain can be caused by stiff hip flexors that need to be worked on by a physiotherapist and maybe have nothing to do with the mattress.

Will my Purple mattress get softer over time?

Yes, all premium mattresses need to have a period of breaking in where the mattress contours to your body, depending on your weight. This can happen quickly or slowly but wait at least 30 days before making any decisions about the mattress.

Adding a mattress topper will help you be more comfortable, and it is easy to hear the cries of despair after investing in a new mattress. But the topper has excellent value. It will make you sleep better and extend your mattress's life.


The phenomenon of buying mattresses online that are delivered in boxes or white glove delivery services may be convenient, but it doesn't allow you to try them before you buy. Many people have high expectations of memory foam and its iterations, but when reality hits home, the mattresses need to be broken in over time, causing some customer consternation.