Australian Mattress Sizes

Small country, big mattresses!
Australian Mattress Sizes
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Buying a mattress is a one-time investment for most, so you’ll want to make sure it has enough room to ensure a good night’s sleep.

You likely have a list of criteria to check when purchasing a new mattress. The bedroom size, the bed frame, your height and weight, how many people will use it at once- the list goes on. Unfortunately, it’s not very uncommon for people to misjudge the size of their prospective mattress.

So, to help you gauge the best size for your future mattress, we’ve crafted a complete guide on all the Australian bed sizes. Read on to find out which mattress size will find a home in yours!

A Guide To Standard Mattress Sizes In Australia

1. Single Bed

Size: 188cm x 92cm

As the name suggests, the single mattress can provide comfortable sleep to one person at a time. At 92cm wide and 188cm long, the typical single bed dimensions are well-suited for children, teenagers or small adults. 

The average Australian man and woman are 179cm and 165cm tall respectively, well within the bounds of a mattress that is larger than a single bed. Since an average pillow can take up 51cm of the length, single mattresses may be too short for the average adult to accommodate their height. After all, most people prefer to have their feet within the bounds of the mattress and not hanging off the edge.

2. King Single Bed

Size: 204cm x 107cm

The king single is also meant for just one person, but it is large enough to accommodate the average or slightly larger than the average person. It’s 107cm wide and 204cm long, making it 15cm wider and 16cm longer than the typical single mattress. 

The additional mattress dimensions go a long way in making it more comfortable for the average adult. For those who prefer a wider sleeping space, the extra cms make the King Single especially favourable.

Though larger than single mattresses, king singles can be used for smaller rooms without having to sacrifice space for it. The additional sleeping area makes it a handy choice for guest rooms as well.

3. Double Bed

Size: 188cm x 138cm

The Australian double mattress is 138cm wide and 188cm long, making it ideal for those who prefer a wider sleeping area. It is as long as a typical single and thus, it inherits all the length-related woes of a single bed mattress.

That said, the double mattress is quite comfortable for accommodating two adults or one adult with a pet. Back sleepers can benefit from the extra stretching space on their sides, while side sleepers can comfortably stretch their legs in either direction.

A double mattress is likely not the option if you’re looking for something more permanent. You’ll want the extra room when sleeping with a partner, and a bed larger than the double mattress will achieve precisely that.

4. Queen-Size Mattress

Size: 204cm x 153cm

The ideal mattress size for couples, the queen mattress is one of the most popular options in Australia. At 153cm wide and 204cm long, the queen bed is large and wide enough to fit two adults comfortably. No matter the sleeping position, the queen mattress offers ample room to stretch, has room for multiple pillows and can even fit small pets.

At 3.1 m², the net sleep area is wide enough for both sleepers to stretch their limbs easily. They can fall into a deep slumber without worrying about not giving their partner ample space. 

The queen mattress does it all without taking up a lot of space in your room as well, making it one of the most versatile sizes in the segment. Naturally, it’s the definitive mattress size for most people in the country.

5. King-Size Bed

Size: 204cm x 183cm

You can opt for a king-size mattress if you want your partner and child to sleep comfortably on the same mattress. Befitting a mattress for the family, the king-size mattress has all the room for you to stretch.

At 183cm by 204cm, you can look at a king bed as two king single mattresses glued together for one cohesive sleep experience. This also means that you can use two separate king-single mattresses and use them together to achieve the same result.

The notable caveats with king-size mattresses is that they may not fit through your doorways and may end up being difficult to carry around. If you move to different places quite often, you should steer clear of these mattresses.

6. Super King-Size Bed

Size: 203cm x 205cm

You won’t often see a square mattress on the market, but when you do, it’s usually a super-king mattress. Its square size can bring a unique aesthetic appeal to your bedroom when paired with an appropriate bed frame. The extra 21 centimetres of width can fit in a small pet if required while still having room to spare that you can use to stretch your limbs. 

This mattress size shares all of the downsides of a king-sized bed, being notably larger and heavier. Though the extra personal space it offers is nice, there are few reasons to justify purchasing a super king over a king-size bed.

Other Mattress Sizes

There are two mattress sizes that are not as commonly used but may suit your specific needs. These are the long single mattress and the cot mattress, both of which cater to different age groups. Let’s take a brief glance at each.

1. Long Single Bed

Size: 203cm x 92cm

The aptly-named long single is a longer version of the single mattress, being 203 cm long while having the same width of 92cm. It strikes a niche middle-ground between single and king single beds and is priced similarly to the latter.

Since they are so similarly priced, it’s hard to justify purchasing a long single over a king single. The latter offers extra space for a similar price point, which is why some mattress manufacturers don’t include this size in their lineup.

2. Cot Mattress

Size: 130cm x 69cm

Cot mattresses are meant for babies and toddlers, and they can fit in a standard baby cot snugly. These are 69cm wide and 130cm long, offering just enough space for a toddler to comfortably move around. But you may want to keep in mind that a cot mattress needs to be compatible with the cot you own before purchasing one.

While these are meant strictly for infants, you’ll inevitably need a bigger mattress for growing kids. You will need to invest in a single mattress at some point after which the cot mattress may no longer see any usage.

How Mattress Size Affects Your Sleep

As outlandish as it may sound, mattress size has a tangible effect on your sleep. A bed that is too small for you will restrict how much you can move on it and the position you sleep in. The restricted space means less comfortable sleep through the night, limiting your body’s ability to shed its fatigue. 

Moreover, you may run into back problems soon if your mattress isn’t large enough to accommodate your height. Combined with restlessness, you’ll soon find your physical and mental health and productivity plummet all because of a poorly sized bed.

What Mattress Size Should You Choose

A general rule of thumb when choosing the right mattress size is for it to be about 13cm longer than your height. This ensures that your feet do not hang out of your mattress, providing them with proper support through the night. As for the width, the bed must be able to accommodate you with your hands beside your head and elbows apart. You should be able to turn comfortably while sleeping without worrying about falling off.

Next, purchasing a mattress is a one-time investment, and you should plan how much you want to spend on it accordingly and for whom. For kids around the age of 10, you may consider investing in a long single bed, which will last through their teens. On the other hand, consider purchasing a king single or larger for adults.

Naturally, large beds cost more, while smaller beds compromise the quality of your sleep. Keeping the size in consideration with the manufacturing quality, you should be able to choose the right mattress size.

Lastly, you needn’t purchase a bed that’s too large for your needs. If all you need is a bed for two, there is little point in buying a super king-size bed. It’s a needless money sink, takes up extra space and ends with other ergonomic issues should you ever need to move to a different home.


With this guide, hopefully you have gained a complete understanding of the various bed sizes available. From infants to adults, you can choose the mattress size that fits every age group’s specific sleeping need the best.

In this day and age, beds should be considered more of a necessity than a luxury. Everyone should be able to have a peaceful night’s sleep without encountering any issues with their mattresses. An undisturbed sleep is a basic need, and it should never be compromised because of the bed size.