Best Bed Frame In Australia

Best Bed Frame In Australia: Sleep tight, Aussies!
Best Bed Frame In Australia
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Are you having trouble getting some much-needed shut-eye at night because the mattress feels uncomfortable?

You would think that replacing it with a plush and super-soft product will help, but unfortunately, even with a new mattress, it proves challenging to get adequate sleep. Might we recommend checking the bed frame for signs of damage? 

Despite having a comfortable mattress, a worn-out bed frame affects sleep quality and keeps you awake at night. So, instead of staring at the ceiling and counting sheep, go through our guide to know about the best bed frames in Australia.

Choose a product compatible with the mattress and experience the difference as you drift off instantly for a night of peaceful slumber. 

Some of the Best Bed Frame in Australia are:

  1. Zinus Ironline Industrial Bed Frame Base - Tpp Pick
  2. Emma Signature Bed Frame
  3. Koala Timber Bed Base
  4. Noa Oxford Velvet Bed Frame
  5. Zinus Suzanne Four Poster Bed Frame

1. Zinus Ironline Industrial Bed Frame Base

This is one of the best bed frames in Australia, owing to its durability, innovative design, and all-in-one packaging. It's a black metal bed frame and boasts an eye-catching structure, thanks to the low design, 18 cm ground clearance and clean lines running along the perimeter. We especially liked the pine wood headboard that complements the tubular steel skeleton, while the corners are laser-welded for enhanced support.

The wooden slats are closely spaced with solid wood, wood grain, and robust steel to create a sturdy bed frame. Plus, the manufacturers have used a steel interior framework for long-lasting performance. You will also find powder-coated steel and plywood in the bed frame to reduce arching and prevent the chances of breaking under a heavy mattress. Best of all is the 5-year warranty and easy assembly.


What bugs consumers is that the bed frame might be too low, leaving no storage space underneath and giving an impression equivalent to sleeping on the floor.


This queen bed frame ticks all the right boxes with its laser-welded corners and accented solid pine wood finish for a durable yet attractive appearance. It also comes with non-slip tape to keep the mattress in place, while the middle support bar features a plastic cap with non-noise foam tape for strength.

2. Emma Signature Bed Frame

To support your comfortable Emma mattress, choose this Emma bed frame, as this upholstered bed frame is made with premium-quality materials for durability. The 100% polyester construction delivers a slate grey finish and features 100 g/m² non-woven fabric, only consisting of 100% vegan materials. The standout feature is the FlexiSlats technology, unique to Emma products, which guarantees breathability and stability when using any mattress.

It's the perfect addition for modern homes due to the minimalistic Scandinavian design and has an AirFlow base to wick away moisture. You can choose from 5 different sizes, ranging from single to king, and it has a 5-year warranty to guarantee reliability. The brand even offers a 100-night free trial period to test the bed frame before committing to the product while also processing deliveries and returns free of charge.


The assembly is easy, but the instructions are a little difficult to follow and sometimes the order is wrong, which makes it challenging to set up the bed frame.


The Emma bed frame is ultra-strong to withstand slumber parties and pillow fights due to its sturdy metal construction and patented FlexiStats technology for stability. There are no animal compounds in the product, and the brand uses only 100% natural components for greater airflow and breathability to relieve pressure.

3. Koala Timber Bed Base

The Koala Timber Bed Base has oak veneer plywood and internal honeycomb construction, supported by solid poplar plywood E brackets with pine legs. What's interesting is that the bed frame extends beyond the length of the mattress, which creates an impression of floating for sound sleep. And owing to the extra space, you can keep candy jars, electronic gadgets, or cables at arm's length for greater convenience.

Compared to metal bed frames, this minimalist bed frame is made from natural timber, which delivers strength without increasing the weight of the bed base. This makes it the right bed frame for heavy people and has been thoroughly tested by the brand for stability. Also, Koala is a B-Corp-certified business that adheres to the highest social and environmental sustainability standards by donating 1% of its sales to conservation.


It will take time to assemble the wooden bed frames since the slide slats are thick, but you can apply oil to push them into the structure.


This high-quality bed frame comes in a tool and slat-free design, making it durable and easy to manoeuvre the different components. If you are still unsure, use the 120-night trial period to determine the quality of the bed frame, while Koala also includes a 5-year warranty for customer satisfaction.

4. Noa Oxford Velvet Bed Frame

One of the best bed frames we came across is this Oxford Velvet Bed with a channel-tufted headboard and a plush design to create a dramatic effect in the bedroom. It's 100% polyester velvet, and the slat-style design is ideal for most mattresses. But it's not loud since the minimalist design is more elegant than an Emma box bed, while the luxurious velvet with horizontal channels complements the soft cushioning.

It's available in 2 sizes but offers an aesthetic yet casual vibe with its 4 colour options. It comes with 6 support slats made of premium-quality components and crafted with precision for superior comfort. The brand also delivers the product within 3-4 business days at no additional cost, and you can select from a wide range of exclusive designs.


At times the box may not contain all the components needed for assembly, and getting the missing hardware is slightly time-consuming, which affects the user experience.


It's made of high-quality materials, and this slat-style bed frame supports most mattresses due to its six legs and durable headboard. Further adding to the comfort is the 100% luxurious polyester velvet construction supported by horizontal channels, equally spaced 20 cm apart for supreme cushioning and a luxurious experience.

5. Zinus Suzanne Four Poster Bed Frame

The Zinus Bed Frame looks good from any angle and amplifies the interior decor with its solid wooden headboard and metal canopy frame measuring 183 cm. Its impressive structure offers a contemporary, modern, and industrial appearance, thanks to the black metal frame and clean lines. We love the 25 cm ground clearance while the pine wood bed frame accents the interior decor and comes with laser welded corners.

The three main components in this good-quality bed frame are plywood, solid wood, and powder-coated steel, and all additional components fit into a compact box. Its tubular steel structure is further supported by wooden slats that are spaced together and consist of the natural wood grain. And especially pleasing is the interior steel framework that guarantees longevity and doesn't bend even under a heavy mattress.


The wooden planks that support the bed are slightly weak, and while they can withstand the weight of heavy sleepers, avoid accidentally stepping on them during installation.


This Suzanne Bed Frame features a heavy-duty construction due to its combination of natural wood grain and steel, further supported by wooden slats to maintain the quality of the foam. Consumers love the ultra-quiet design for a night of sound sleep, with the non-slip tape ensuring the mattress stays in place even when you change sides.


1. How to choose the right sized but affordable bed frame?

Choosing the best bed frames is easy, provided you know the mattress size. Most standard metal bed frames are built depending on the size of the mattress, ranging from king-single, double, queen, and king to single. This also comes down to the available space in a room and the interior decor.

To use a great bed frame, measure the room's total area before calculating the space available for the bed. Remember to consider the size of the furniture and other elements in the room for precise results. 

Take your time because miscalculating the area, even by a couple of inches, won't allow you to fit upholstered beds or other options. 

Place the existing mattress on the floor and measure the perimeter by walking along the sides. When there's enough space for all your items without hampering movement, you have the right bed frame. As a rule, leave a couple of feet on either side of the bed frame for functionality and movement.

Here are some pointers on choosing the best bed frames based on different situations -

A. Single Bed Frame

These bed frames are ideal for children and toddlers who have outgrown their cribs, as they support their ever-increasing body weight for sound sleep.

B. King Single Bed Frame

Slightly older kids and pre-teens can use a king single bed frame that offers more space and comfort for growing kids.

C. Double Bed Frame

Double bed frames are common in Australian homes, usually in the guest bedroom or rooms for teens and singles. They are quite spacious and suitable for people who toss or turn to keep them from falling. The best part is that these bed frames don't need much space and fit into small bedrooms. 

D. King Bed Frame

The king bed frame size is convenient for a large family, as adults and kids can enjoy it with equal glee. It's the largest option available among standard beds, which makes it the go-to product for couples with kids and pets. You can relax on it with your family on a lazy Sunday morning without jostling for space.

E. Queen Bed Frame

Choosing the best queen bed frame is essential for medium-sized families and couples. Not only is this the most frequently purchased bed frame but also comfortable for multiple people to share the bed. But if you're feeling extra luxurious, even single people who live alone can relax to their heart's content on this spacious option.

2. What are the best bed frame materials?

To opt for the best bed frame, it's not enough to know about the price or size since the quality of the materials is crucial for getting your money's worth. The materials help match the style and tone of your rooms to deliver a contemporary, rustic, traditional, mid-century, or farmhouse feel.

Some of the most common bed frame materials include - 

  • Velvet
  • Leather
  • Metal
  • Fabric 
  • Wood 

We have highlighted the specialties of these materials to help you choose the ideal headboard style and other bedroom furniture.

A. Leather

One of the best bed frames is leather since it's long-lasting and can withstand wear and tear. If you have kids and pets at home, and they enjoy snacking on the bed, no matter how much you warn them, the bed will be susceptible to spills. Thankfully, with leather, you can clean up the mess quickly, which makes it more popular for a good night's sleep.

The best part is that it doesn't retain dust and debris on the surface, which reduces the chances of allergic reactions and makes it a hygienic option. Its only downside is the cost, as leather is a slightly costlier choice owing to its versatility that can match contemporary, traditional, and modern homes.

B. Wood

The most frequently bought bed frame is wood, and durable wood slats offer greater strength and versatility to support your body weight and the mattress. This all-around bed frame is a traditional option but is available in many styles and designs to match your home. 

It comes at a very affordable price compared to other bed frames, but even then, it's durable and easy to clean like leather. You can easily use wooden bed frames in the kids' room or the guest room, as the natural ingredients make it hygienic and safe for allergy sufferers.

C. Fabric

Fabric is regarded by many as the best-upholstered bed frame, thanks to its plush feel and super comfortable construction, even though it's the costliest option. Most fabric bed frames come with soft padding for your upholstered bed to guarantee sound sleep by cushioning the body from all sides.

This is perfect for people who love to sit up late reading a book or watch a late-night movie. In other words, whether you sleep or use the bed for other purposes, it will support your body weight. Best of all is the warmth generated by the material, which a metal or wooden frame can’t deliver.

The only downside is that fabric bed frames are difficult to clean, especially liquid spills, so think twice before using them. And don't just go by how beautiful the bed frame looks in a rustic or modern setting.

D. Metal

If your primary criterion is to opt for a bed frame that's easy to maintain, don't hesitate to use metal frames. Unlike a fabric upholstered bed frame, metal lasts longer and doesn't gather dust or debris, which makes it a sought-after option. Whether your kids spill barbeque sauce from their burgers or jump on the bed, these bed frames can withstand it all.

You only need to clean the bed frame with a clean cloth while its moisture-resistant properties prevent rusting. Moreover, any tight space is ideal for a metal bed frame, although you will have to compromise on comfort. It doesn't offer the most relaxing sleeping experience like other options, which is the only point of contention.

E. Velvet

A luxurious choice for a bed frame that oozes class and amplifies the interior decor is velvet frames. These bed frames deliver a warm and cosy feel with their ultra-soft material and act as the focal point in most rooms.

We recommend keeping these bed frames in the master bedroom or guest room but be warned that they aren't easy to maintain. And apart from the padded and comfortable design, velvet is available in multiple colours that suit contemporary or modern homes.

3. What support systems does a bed frame have?

Most bed frames have one of two support systems for proper spinal alignment and optimum comfort - platform and box springs. But each has its uniqueness and is more catered to certain types of sleepers.

A. Box Spring

If the bed base passes between the mattress and the frame, it's called a box spring support. It creates a barrier between the frame and mattress to deliver greater strength while allowing the box spring to absorb shocks. Consumers will also find it easy to lift it from the floor and manoeuvre it, but the only problem is it doesn't support all mattresses.

B. Platform

The platform system is the most common support in modern bed frames and hardly loses its quality with time. Thanks to the wooden slats, it can support heavy mattresses and sleepers to offer premium comfort throughout the year. 

This support system can work with all types of mattresses and is ready to use out of the box, which gives it an advantage over spring systems.

4. How to choose the right bed frame for couples?

When choosing the best bed frame in Australia for couples, the primary consideration is choosing a large enough product for both people. So, the ideal size should be a king or queen frame to sleep comfortably without disturbing your partner. 

Sometimes, you might have to make do with a double bed, especially in a small apartment. You will end up a little cramped for room but can make it work if the following points are kept in mind.

A. Storage Space

Ensure there's sufficient room underneath the bed for storing various items, like spare sheets, seasonal clothes, and doonas. This will leave extra space in the rest of the room for other stuff.

B. Do You Wake Easily?

If you are a light sleeper and get disturbed when your partner changes sides, opt for bed frames that reduce movement for sound sleep. This is where box springs prove their worth due to shock-absorbing properties that minimise movement. And to reduce disturbances, you can also choose a compatible mattress, such as latex or memory foam.

C. Do You Have Pets?

If you have pets at home and like cuddling them in bed, there's a good chance this might damage the bed frame. Certain pets, like cats, have sharp claws that affect the quality of delicate bed frames, while playful puppies can rip the fabric. 

It would be best to buy a metal or wooden bed since they are sturdy and can withstand your pet's playful nature. Moreover, these stylish options are more eye-catching than leather or latex, so you get your money's worth.

5. Is it easy to choose bed frames for single people?

Choosing the best bed frames for single people involves the same techniques, including measuring out the available space and determining your comfort level. An additional factor to keep in mind would be using a hypoallergenic option that's easier to maintain since you will stay alone. Plus, it reduces the chances of allergies and creates a healthy sleeping environment.


Before selecting one of the above options, let us leave you with a tip.

Some bed frames can scratch the floor, especially hardwood surfaces, while others can damage or compress the carpet. An easy way to avoid this is using bed frames with padded feet and durable slips to keep the frame and the surrounding furniture in top condition.

Also, choose a bed frame with a suitable height because if you want the ease of use, it's better to opt for a taller model. This will even leave space underneath for storage, which proves super convenient.

With that, it's over to you now to make a call. Choose the best bed frame today and doze off into the magical world of dreams!