Best Bed Frame In Canada

The Best Bed Frame in Canada: Sleep tight!
Best Bed Frame In Canada
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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If you toss and turn at night, causing the bed to creak and the mattress to sag, it's time to make some changes.

The first and most important alteration is opting for a new bed frame because a quality frame guarantees all the other parts are in top condition. Irrespective of your mattress type, if the bed frame isn't right, you will fail to achieve the desired comfort level.

So, say goodbye to sleepless nights and body aches with our list of the 5 best bed frames in Canada. We have curated a list comprising natural, hand-crafted, and metal products to suit the needs of all families. 

One of our products is even remote-controlled…but you will have to read this guide to know more.

Some of the Best Bed Frame in Canada are:

1. Ghostbed Bed Frame

You will love the Ghostbed Bed Frame owing to its optimum customization, as users can adjust the head and footrest separately. There are even several buttons that allow you to switch on the TV, enable zero-gravity technology for superior comfort, or an anti-snore button to minimize disturbances. Best of all is the whisper-quiet dual-zone massage system with 3 modes for altering the intensities. And all the features are controllable with the remote.

The bed frame has an under-bed LED light for greater convenience in finding items quickly from storage. Plus, this adjustable bed frame comes with 6 legs for enhanced stability while you can purchase additional accessories, like 6-inch legs, extra remote, and headboard brackets. It also features a 100% steel frame and an anti-skid fabric. There are even 4 USB ports along the side so that consumers can plug in their gadgets.


The slight concern for people is that the mattress sometimes slides away from the centre of the bed, and you will have to auto-adjust its position again.


The mattress has a limited lifetime warranty and an extended warranty if needed, but the 6-inch legs and 100% steel construction usually make it a reliable investment. It's one of the best bed frames in Canada, thanks to the anti-snore technology and zero-gravity upgrade that ensures the surface is highly comfortable for all sleepers. 

2. Puffy Mattress Foundation

What makes this among the top choices for metal bed frames is the 101-night free trial and durable construction. The sturdy frame is made from heavy-duty steel and can withstand upto 1,000 lbs, while the noise-free design is perfect for sharing the bed. Also, the easy assembly doesn't take up much space like a box spring, as the 15-inch tall design leaves enough storage space underneath. This has the added advantage of increasing breathability.

As airflow increases within the bed frame, it keeps the mattress cool from underneath to reduce sweating and discomfort. The lightweight design also makes it easy to maneuver, while the firm support keeps any mattress sag-free. You won't sink into the surface and can enjoy superior support to wake up well-rested. Even better is the open-air and steel construction that prevents mould or dust buildup from causing bed bugs or dust mites. 


There are no notable downsides to this metal platform bed frame, but some users have expressed disappointment that the covers are available in one colour.


You won't need a box spring with this platform frame since the crisscross design and evenly spaced slats guarantee greater breathability to increase the lifespan of the mattress. Moreover, thanks to its patented non-slip pads, the mattress won't slide off the surface with its fantastic grip offering improved support and more comfort even for restless sleepers.

3. Logan & Cove Mattress Foundation

The Logan & Cove all-in-one foundation is ideally suited for luxury mattresses or bed-in-a-box options. It's available in 5 sizes - twin, twin XL, full, Queen, King, and California King, while this wooden bed frame is carefully crafted for superior comfort. Logan & Cove sources wood from Canadian forests, which makes this lightweight yet sturdy upholstered bed frame a natural option. You will also notice that the surface has diamond stitching across a black border frame.

Consumers can set up the bed frame within 30 minutes as all the tools, instructions, and hardware are provided with the product. And with the evenly spaced slats, pressure is equally distributed throughout the surface to lend comfort and support while reducing strain on the body. This ensures the mattress warranty stays intact, with the organic materials remaining in top condition for a long time.


If we have to nitpick, we would say that there are a lot of parts in this entire bed frame which could make the instructions a bit challenging to understand.


The solid wood frame used in this product is sustainably sourced and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which guarantees premium quality without harming the environment. It is made entirely of natural resources that deliver great strength and an elegant appearance for optimum comfort and support, especially due to the narrow slats.

4. Silk & Snow

Among the many modern bed frames, this all-natural Acacia wood product features contemporary designs with iconic Japanese joinery for an eye-catching addition to the bedroom. It has a striking grainy texture that complements the durable construction, and this bed frame will last for many years. Also, the surface is scratch-resistant, perfect for families having pets. Along with its refined construction, the manufacturers include a free duvet to enhance the aesthetics of any room.

Consumers will enjoy the easy assembly since there's no need to use screws, bolts, and nuts. Simply join the various parts together, and the bed frame will be ready for use. It is compatible with most mattress sizes and has a weight capacity between 500 and 1,100 lbs. The best part is the brand's transparent policies, allowing consumers to read about its sourcing and manufacturing practices before purchasing.


It doesn't have adjustable legs, which isn't a major issue but could be a problem for people whose flooring is uneven and might affect the stability of the wooden slats.


It's difficult to miss the elegance of the Acacia wood construction, made from eco-conscious practices, that makes the bed frame highly durable and lends much-needed support to heavy sleepers. Also, the assembly is easy, and you will just have to fit the wooden slats into their respective grooves without needing bolts, screws, or nuts for a quick setup.

5. Douglas Metal Bed Frame

This is a durable, pocket-friendly, and easy-to-assemble metal bed frame; all you will need is a mattress and foundation, and it will be ready for use. Moreover, we love the overhang design and glide feet that reduce injuries. The steel bed frame weighs 1,500 pounds and has a tool-free assembly, complete with a headboard attachment bracket. Choose from 5 sizes, all of which can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. 

And if you have kids or pets at home, the scratch-proof coating will keep the bed frame in top condition for a long time. You can attach it to different headboards with sufficient storage space under the frame providing greater convenience. It's also highly compatible, and you can build the unit from the ground up before using a compatible box spring mattress. Although the product can't be exchanged or returned, it has a 2-year warranty.


It isn't the best option for using a King size mattress because there's extra space on both sides, and the mattress might slip out of the frame.


When you find the right-sized mattress, the reliable and durable steel rails will hold the bed in place, guaranteeing stability and reducing sagging despite regular use. Plus, the glide feet ensure the bed frame doesn't slip even on hardwood floors or carpets, while universal attachment makes it easy to use headboards with multiple spacings.


1. How to choose the best bed frame for your home?

Choosing a good bed frame is important for 3 reasons - quality sleep, proper posture, and reduced pain. But the perfect bed frame can also improve the aesthetics of a room while protecting latex or memory foam mattresses from sagging after regular use.

Sometimes, when you find the bed creaking upon changing sides, it's an indication that the old bed frame has worn out, and it's time to get a new one. So, before picking a product, make sure it satisfies the following criteria for the best results -

A. Size Of The Bedroom

It's easy to get confused when looking at many bed frames, so start by considering the largest piece of furniture in a room - the bed. Depending on the interior design, a large canopy bed can overwhelm a small room, while a narrow twin model looks out of place in a big space.

Choose an Endy platform bed frame or a Casper haven bed frame based on the available space to create a balanced look. Make sure to…

  • Measure the area of the room
  • Leave enough space for smooth movement
  • Measure the area of the foam mattress

An effective technique is placing just the mattress, rug, or pillows in the designated area to determine the size of most bed frames.

B. Box Spring

While choosing affordable frames, a simple yet effective option that many people overlook is placing a box spring underneath. This keeps the mattress from sagging as the coils and wooden construction offer much-needed support. 

But you might be a little cautious, given that modern beds come with built-in storage and support, so what's the need to purchase a box separately? It offers height and enhances durability, which is handy for senior citizens with mobility issues.

C. Style And Material

If you feel that taking care of the decor is too much work, hire an interior designer to ensure that the bed frame matches the aesthetics of the room. In a minimalist, contemporary bedroom, you can use a simple frame with clean lines, but a traditional bedroom will need a cushy upholstered headboard with ornate detailing and intricate patterns.

You can opt for a shabby-chic or distressed look for a rustic and aged finish. Some common options that you can choose include -

  • Four-poster or canopy bed frame
  • Cushioned upholstered frame for maximum comfort
  • Sleight frames having high footboards and headboards
  • Mid-century frames comprising tapered legs, modern lines, and a sleek design

Coming to the material, two of the best options based on mattress size and weight are metal and solid hardwood. Both these materials deliver quality and last a long time, but make sure you don't choose a product with flimsy construction.

Hastily constructed bed frames have worn-out hardware and poor-quality joinery, which reduces their weight capacity while also proving noisy. You should ideally go with products that offer support, feature fine craftsmanship, and have quality construction.

Don't rush but take your time while deciding to develop a keen eye for detail. After a few roadblocks, you will find a durable product for a good night's rest.

D. Interlocking Slats Or Separate Frames?

There are several things to consider under these points, but none more important than convenience. Do you want an independent bed frame with no headboard, side rails, footboard or other decorative elements, or do you need an integrated model with all these items? For the former, you can choose an upholstered headboard, while for the latter, you can pick from upholstered, wood, and steel designs.

2. What are the different bed sizes available? 

It would help if you choose a mattress after picking the bed frame but when you already have a quality mattress, make sure to measure it. Despite appearing similar, even the minute differences in measurement between the frame and mattress can make you uncomfortable.

As mentioned, the size of the bed and the available space around it determines what mattress size and bed frame you need. So, pick a bed from one of the following options…

A. Twin Beds

These are the smallest available options and are suitable for compact rooms to hold a single child or adult. The average size of a twin bed measures 38 x 75 inches.

B. Twin XL

Another single sleeping option but with a little more room is a twin XL bed which measures 5 inches longer than the earlier model at 38 x 80 inches.

C. Full/Double

Double beds, or full-sized models as they are popularly known, are the most common types that can fit 2 adults. These beds are ideal for sharing the room with a partner or kid, and you can keep them in slightly smaller or medium-sized rooms.

D. Queen

The best option for 2 adults to sleep comfortably is a queen-sized bed that measures 60 x 80 inches. There is plenty of room to change sides without disturbing your partner, and the best part is that there is enough space on either side. But the catch is that they fit best in medium to slightly bigger rooms.

E. King

The widest standard bed on the market is a King bed available at 76 x 80 inches, 16 inches bigger than a queen bed. Depending on sleeping patterns, weights, and size, you can accommodate multiple people on it. And usually, these beds are more suited in a bigger room with ample space.

F. Cal King

California king beds and mattresses aren't as wide as normal king beds, but they are still big enough for people who need room to sprawl out. They come with 4 inches extra and are available at 72 x 84 inches.

When choosing a bed frame, think about how many people sleep on the bed on any given day - do the pets and kids snuggle in at night? In such instances, opt for a slightly larger model but keep at least 2 feet of space on either side to move around comfortably.

3. What are the most common bed frames?

You may not know, but there are 9 common types of bed frames available on the market, and we have highlighted their pros and cons below -

A. Platform Bed Frame

A contemporary bed frame, having a simple but sturdy design for most mattresses, is a platform bed frame. The best part about platform beds is you won't need box springs for support, and multiple options are available on the market. Just place the mattress on the frame to fully use the comfortable sleeping surface.

The only issue is that, at times, low-platform bed frames can feel very close to the ground, hardly leaving any space underneath.

B. All Metal Frame

It's no secret that metal bed frames are sturdy, last a long time, and are available in multiple styles, such as ornate and basic. The most common materials for these models are brass and stainless steel, supporting even heavier mattresses and sleepers.

You will also find options with powder-coated iron along the sides that make it convenient to maintain and clean. However, these frames are heavy and can be challenging to move.

C. Adjustable Frame

These bed frames come with a remote that allows you to control the adjustable base in various positions depending on your requirement. You can lower or raise the foot and head of the bed, which makes it a great option for people having mobility issues or those who constantly change sleeping positions.

All you need is a compatible mattress to reap the full benefits of this option. The only thing to remember is that, given their innovative features, adjustable frames are more on the expensive side.

D. Four-Poster And Canopy Bed Frame

Another fantastic option is the four-poster bed with a long pole at every corner, popular in modern or slightly traditional bedrooms. Although the bed has a regal and grand look, it takes up a lot of space and is not ideal for homes with minimalist designs or compact spaces.

Similar to four-poster beds are canopy units, but they are slightly different because all four posters connect at the top to form a frame. If you're feeling particularly fancy, drape a curtain around the frames, so the bed is covered on all sides.

This will make the bed a statement piece in any room, provided you have tall ceilings and a couple of helping hands to shift this heavy product.

E. Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are perfect for kids' rooms and are a terrific space-saving option since they are stacked one above the other to create one unit. Thanks to a ladder, kids can easily climb up and down from the top bunk. And though they are usually suited for kids, you can keep bunk beds in the guest room.

But again, these units are quite large and challenging to move, while grown-ups won't enjoy climbing to the top bunk.

F. Upholstered Bed Frame

Most upholstered bed frames are wrapped in a soft fabric cover for a cozy look. You can use different types of fabrics with these beds, such as -

  • Suede
  • Velvet 
  • Faux leather

There are several options ranging from decorative embroidery and button studs to a simple and clean look. However, these options aren't as sturdy as wood or metal, and maintenance is a hassle since you need to vacuum the surface regularly.

G. Wrought-Iron Bed Frame

These are some of the most long-lasting bed frames, even though they have ornate designs on the headboard or footboard. This creates an elegant and traditional look but is also more expensive than other choices.


Choosing the right bed frame isn't easy, but it's not exceedingly difficult either.

We recommend consumers have patience and look carefully at the pictures available online before deciding on their preferred product. The pictures and reviews from other customers will help you get a better idea than simply reading the product description, so make sure to be thorough in your research.

You can also ask neighbours and friends who have recently bought new bed frames to help you. The bottom line is you should gather as much information as possible and read our guide again to make the right choice!