Best Bed Frame In The United States

Sleep tight, America best on this frame!
Best Bed Frame In The United States
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Choosing the right mattress is not enough. To enjoy the ultimate comfort when sleeping, selecting the right bed frame is also crucial. 

We spend around one-third of our lives sleeping. And when so much time is spent on the bed, it is important to ensure that you have the best bed frame to facilitate better sleep. The right bed frame will provide proper support to your mattress and will ensure that it stays in place. 

You can go for adjustable beds or the best upholstered bed frame if you want to change the heights and features according to your requirements. But that’s not all, as there are other important factors to look out for. And to make your job easy, we have come up with the top five suggestions. 

So, let’s dive in!

Some of the Best Bed Frame in The United States are:

  1. Layla Bed Frame - Top Pick
  2. Puffy Adjustable Base
  3. DreamCloud Milburn Bed Frame
  4. GhostBed All-In-One Foundation
  5. Mellow Naturalista Classic

1. Layla Bed Frame

Sporting a modern and minimalist design, the Layla bed frame is one of the best bed frames that we have tested. The framing is pretty discreet and will easily go with all types of room decor. What makes this product highly durable are the fiberglass-infused resin legs and the solid steel rails. With minimal maintenance, this bed frame will last for years. 

Also, you don’t need any prior experience in frame installation when working with this item. You will just have to follow the instructions, and it can be installed within minutes. There’s no need for any additional tools. Not to mention, the base is quite sturdy and can handle tons of weight without making a noise or moving. 


You must keep in mind that this is not made of solid wood but steel, and won’t go well with a wood headboard. 


With a zero-motion feature and great durability, the Layla bed frame is our top pick. You will find this bed frame in a number of size options and can choose accordingly for your upholstered bed. 

2. Puffy Adjustable Base

True to its name, the Puffy adjustable base bed frame can be easily adjusted according to your daily needs. By operating a wireless remote, you can enjoy zero-gravity elevation that will provide the ultimate relief after a long day. It does not matter if you have an adjustable bed or platform bed; this frame will go with everything. 

Additionally, setting this bed up is super easy. You will just have to follow the user manual, and you can get the job done with utmost precision. Besides, you would be happy to know that there are 3-speed independent massage motors built into this bed frame. So, you can enjoy some much-needed relaxation after a long day at work. These massage motors will take your body ache away like magic. 


If you are working with a low budget, going for this option might not be the best bet as it is costlier than its contemporaries. 


With a USB charging cable installed right on the side of this bed frame, this item has managed to win us over. Because it is adjustable, you can put the bed to a maximum height of 11.5 inches and use that space for under-the-bed storage. 

3. DreamCloud Milburn Bed Frame

If the industrial designs of the 20th-century intrigue you, then the DreamCloud milburn bed frame is a must-try. The design is exceptional and will add to the existing decor in your room. What requires a special mention is the durability of this item. It comes with special powder-coated steel frames that prevent dents and nicks with ease. 

Apart from that, this unit is pretty easy to maintain. You can clean it from time to time using just a piece of damp cloth that will remove unwanted smudges and dust. Additionally, this bed frame has a height of 14 inches, and you can easily use the clearance for storage. And the footboard for all the variants measures 21.73 inches in size. 


The only complaint that we have with it is that it does not come with a detailed guide and you might need extra help. 


This bed frame is a great bet for people who are looking for a support bar as that makes arranging the pillows super convenient. Undoubtedly, this stylish frame will provide exceptional support to your mattress and add an edge to your room decor. 

4. GhostBed All-In-One Foundation

As our next entry, we have the heavy-duty metal bed frame- the GhostBed all-in-one foundation. On this bed frame, you will find 9 sturdy adjustable legs, which will provide your mattress the ultimate support. In case you feel like so many legs are not required, you can remove some according to convenience. 

Besides, this adjustable bed frame can manage a weight of 2,000 lbs. It’s foldable, too, so you can store it without occupying much space. Additionally, the box spring ensures that the mattress gets proper support. When compared to the Casper repose bed frame, the price of this item is relatively low. 


There’s a slip-on cover that comes with the package, which is a bit challenging to put on as the material’s stretchability is not great. 


We were impressed with how fast the company ships the product and the fact that it does not levy any extra shipping charge. This affordable bed frame is available in a number of size options, so you can choose one that you need.

5. Mellow Naturalista Classic

For an organic platform bed that boasts of great design and durability, you must try the Mellow naturalistic classic frame. This bed is pretty self sufficient with efficient wooden slats that eliminate the need for box springs or plywood. The classic mid-century details not only add to the beauty but also to the sturdiness of the frame. 

Moreover, you don’t need to disturb your neighbors when putting up this frame, as the installation is noise-free. And maintenance is super simple. All you need to use is a piece of damp cloth regularly to wipe off unwanted dust and dirt. What is also impressive is that the frame comes with a 5-year warranty. 


While the product is great, the customer service is not, and it might take some time before your doubts are cleared. 


This is one of the best products of the global design house “Mellow” and that becomes clear from its features. There are non-slip tapes that help keep your mattress in place and the installation process is super simple, meaning it won’t give you a hard time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the bedroom size important when choosing bed frames?

Whether you are selecting a wooden bed frame or a steel one, it is very crucial to take the bedroom size into consideration when making a choice. For the best results, we suggest that you keep around two to three feet of space on all sides of the bed. 

This will ensure that you can walk around the room freely without bumping your feet into the bed. In case you want to create a more mid-century vibe in a room, you will have to keep more space around the bed. 

Before making a decision, always measure the space that you have in hand. Your existing bed frame can be a good reference point. If you are planning to use an upholstered headboard, make sure to include that in your space calculation. When there is a headboard, it will add a few extra inches to your mattress dimension. 

Once you have taken down the measurements, narrowing down on a bed frame of your choice will become easier. 

2. What can be done when a bed frame breaks?

We have often noticed that mango wood bed frames tend to crack easily. If a wood frame cracks or breaks, you can try to glue it together. However, if you are working on a canopy bed that is quite heavy, the glue method might not work. 

Honestly, gluing is a temporary fix that can be implemented before fixing the issue permanently. If it's a wood bed frame, you can also use some extra screws on it to ensure that it becomes more sturdy. However, this might not be possible for a metal bed frame. 

Also, at some point, you might realize that a bed frame is beyond repair. In that case, recycling the metal or wood and using it for another project is the best idea. You can do your bit for the environment and stop adding extra waste to landfills. 

3. Should the mattress size determine the size of the bed frame?

If you are planning to upgrade your bed frame but not the mattress, the size of the mattress can become a good reference point for determining the size of the frame. But if you are planning to replace the mattress as well, its size might not work as the determining factor. In this case, you can purchase the bed frame first and then buy a suitable mattress for it. 

Whether it’s a platform bed frame or a regular one, you should always keep in mind that the mattress size should be such that it fits the bed frame well. Mattresses come in a number of size variations, and you must keep them in mind before making a pick. 

For instance, a California king mattress is 4 inches longer and 4 inches narrower than a regular or standard king-sized one. On the other hand, an olympian queen-size variant is 6 inches wider than a regular queen-sized mattress. 

4. Is the support type important when choosing a bed frame?

It does not matter if you use canopy beds or other regular beds- the mattress on your bed always requires proper support to ensure that it does not sag or get damaged prematurely. For this purpose, bed frames with box springs are of great use. 

You will get the same advantage if you use a platform bed as it offers built-in support for the mattress without requiring any added box springs. But keep in mind that platform beds generally have a low height and sit close to the ground. 

When choosing a frame, it is best to select one that comes with sturdy slats which are unlikely to bend easily. If the frame slats are weak, there’s always a chance that they won’t provide the required support to your mattress. And in the worst-case scenario, they might even break.

A platform frame that comes with a poplar or beech slat is any day a better option than one with softwood slats. Also, it is important that you take note of the number of slats present in a frame and their spacing. Without a decent number of slats, the frame is not likely to be sturdy. 

Another thing to consider when checking the support system for bed frames is to see whether they come with additional support legs. Some options have central support legs that add to the overall strength and sturdiness of the frame. If you are opting for a large bed frame, then this feature will be really helpful. 

5. Does the height of the bed frame matter?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. You will find options on the market with varying heights, so be careful to choose one that suits your needs the best. If you are suffering from mobility issues, your ideal bed frame and mattress should have a good height. Otherwise, bending too often can lead to unwanted backaches. 

Also, high bed frames provide a great opportunity for under-bed storage, which is not available in platform beds. However, some people prefer to go for closer-to-the-ground bed frames because of their aesthetics. 

Some companies even offer customization options for the bed frame height according to your requirement. Whichever height you choose, we suggest opting for bed frames with rounded edges to ensure that you don’t get hurt when accidentally bumping into them. 

6. Is there a possibility for bed frames to bend over time?

In case you put on more weight on a bed frame than it can handle, there’s always a possibility that it will bend. Many users have noticed that when they keep sleeping on just one side of the bed, it tends to sink more than the other side. This usually happens when a bed frame is made of engineered wood. 

You can avoid this issue by rotating the frame from time to time, if possible, to ensure that you do not end up sleeping on the same side always. Whether they are made of solid metal or pine wood, most bed frames have a weight limit, and you must take note of that before selecting one for your bedroom. 

In case a bed frame is not used the way it is supposed to be used, there’s a chance that it will bend over time. For example, if your kid jumps on your bed and uses it like a trampoline, there’s no point complaining if the frame bends. 

7. When do bed frames need replacement?

On average, we have noticed that a bed frame can easily last for a couple of years. But how long one is going to last is highly dependent on the frame quality. Many say that, unlike a metal frame, a wooden bed frame is likely to last longer. This is because, unlike metal, wood is not subjected to rust. If you notice rust on a metal bed frame, you will have to replace it sooner or later. 

Other than that, if you notice that you are no longer feeling comfortable on the bed frame, it is time to replace it. In case it is not providing the right support to your mattress, you will have to soon think of a good replacement. 

8. How to select the right style of bed frame?

In many bedding setups, the bed frame is hardly visible after the mattress and covers are put in place. But if that's not the case and you can see the frame even after the bed is made, then choosing the right style is crucial. This is mainly important when the frame that you choose comes with exposed rails on the side. 

Now, what type of frame style you should go for depends on a few considerations. Your existing pieces of furniture and room decor are what should inform your decision when picking the right frame. For example, if you already have a repurposed wood headboard, you will have to find a wood bed frame that goes well with it. 

In case the decor in your room is modern and minimalist, a sleek wooden frame might be a great bet. On the other hand, if the existing decor is more traditional, you might try to pick a majestic wood frame that comes with ornate details. However, if you like eccentric decor, you can choose a rustic-finish wood frame. 

9. What things to look for when choosing a bed frame?

Picking the right bed frame can be quite a task. So, we suggest that when you make a pick, you mainly focus on the following factors:

A. Storage

Whether there is a twin full queen bed or a single bed, keeping your bedroom clean and organized at all times is essential. And for this purpose, storage bed or under-bed storage is of great help. This is especially needed if you have a compact bedroom and a dearth of storage space. 

You can opt for divan bed frames that come with drawers where you can store important things. But before you choose one, always make sure that there's enough space in the room for you to slide the drawers open. In case your bedroom is very small, frames with drawers might not be a practical solution. 

To solve this problem, you can get a bed frame with an adjustable height. That will provide you with ample space under the bed where you can organize and store things. 

2. Comfort

When you are purchasing a bed frame, comfort is definitely one of the most important considerations. It's not just the mattress but also the firmness of the bed frame that determines how comfortable you feel when lying down on your bed. 

It goes without saying that slats in bed frames are very crucial to making a bed comfortable. And you should know that sprung slats are best for providing cushioning. Solid slated slats, on the other hand, result in a strong and firm feel. 

However, the definition of comfort might vary from person to person. Some might prefer firm beds, while others will like cushioned beds better. Apart from that, your comfort level is determined by the bed frame's height, so do not forget to pay attention to that. 

3. Durability

As much as you would like the bed frame you choose to last for years, its longevity is likely to be determined by a lot of factors. For example, if a very heavy couple uses a bed frame continuously, it might not hold for long. 

In that case, it is best to go for sturdy platform beds with a high weight capacity. 


And that's a wrap, friends!

We hope that you had a great time going through this informative guide and that now you will find it easier to find the right bed frame for the bedroom. Never skimp when choosing a bed frame and end up selecting a cheap option.

But if you are still on the fence, you can try the Layla Bed Frame without any doubt. Spend a good time inspecting the craftsmanship and the quality of a frame before deciding to introduce it to your bedroom. 

If the quality and support are not good, you end up changing it anyway. And that would lead to added costs. With the right bed frame, you will sleep peacefully at night and not feel uncomfortable at any time. 

See you next time!