Best Budget Mattress In Australia

Sleep soundly on a budget in Australia!
Best Budget Mattress In Australia
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Do you wake up tired and with body aches no matter how much you sleep? 

Sometimes quality sleep doesn't have much to do with the duration, but more with the surface you're sleeping on. If you go to work and find your coworkers full of energy while you're still drowsy, change your job or get a new mattress.

And from experience, we can say that the latter option is easier. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can give rise to health issues, so we picked out the best budget mattresses in Australia that deliver optimum comfort at affordable prices.

With our selection of products, you can say goodbye to back pains while getting sound sleep.

Some of the Best Budget Mattress in Australia are:

  1. Emma Comfort Mattress - Top Pick
  2. Zinus Support Plus Queen Mattress
  3. Zinus Hybrid Chiro Double Mattress
  4. Hesperis Mattress
  5. NOA Lite Mattress

1. Emma Comfort Mattress

CHOICE has ranked this product among the best memory foam mattresses for the past 2 years owing to its polyurethane foam layer and ergonomic design. The pressure-relieving point elastic foam is perfect for sleepers of all sizes and adjusts according to your body and sleep position. Best of all is the motion isolation feature which guarantees restful and energy-boosting sleep even when your partner tosses and turns.

We also loved the point elastic Airgocell technology that delivers unmatched cooling to regulate your body temperature for sound sleep. Moreover, the washable cover protecting the high-density foam is removable. The overall mattress depth is 25 cm, and you can choose from numerous sizes, ranging from single to queen. And Emma mattresses come with a 100-night trial period, plus a 10-year guarantee, for customer satisfaction.


It takes time to get used to the mattress because it expands for a few days after delivery, but you can speed up the process through proper ventilation.


This 4-layered mattress has a fresh air comfort cover, point elastic Airgocell layer, supportive HRX foam, and bottom covers with handles, giving it the edge over any low-quality cheap mattress. Also, it doesn't contain any harmful ingredients and has received the OEKO-Tex certification, which guarantees safety and proves ideal for people who suffer from infections.

2. Zinus Support Plus Queen Mattress

The quality of a mattress is determined by the layers that make it up, and this product comes with iCoil pocket springs for durability. These springs make the supportive foam and innerspring layers more comfortable, while the quilted cover on top reduces disturbances. Its high-density comfort foam is 6 cm deep, complemented by 19 cm motion-isolation springs that make it ideal for all sleepers.

It has also received the CertiPur certification after rigorous testing for performance, durability, and to ensure there are no harmful substances. Hence, allergy sufferers can use it to get sound sleep, especially with the zoned design that reduces back pain. Zinus delivers the mattress by compressing it into a compact box, following which it takes 72 hours to expand. It even has a 10-year worldwide warranty and comes in 5 sizes.


This premium-quality mattress is slightly on the firmer side and may not deliver proper pressure relief for side sleepers, despite proving worthwhile for back sleepers.


The Zinus mattress prioritises sleep quality by using BioFoam natural seed oil, which reduces the need for petroleum-based chemical oils. It also contains active charcoal, which wicks away moisture because these tiny elements eliminate odour causing agents to create a healthy sleep environment for optimum comfort.

3. Zinus Hybrid Chiro Double Mattress

This Zinus product differs from the earlier option because it has independently encased tempered steel coils for optimum durability. Further adding to the strength of this hybrid mattress is graphite copper, which guarantees heat dissipation and cradles the pressure points on the shoulder, hips, back, and neck. As a result, it delivers soft comfort on top and stability deep below for restorative sleep.

We loved the 3-zone design, as it promotes better blood circulation and relief from muscle or joint pains compared to other hybrid mattresses. Especially pleasing is the adaptive quilt cover that transfers moisture and heat away from the surface to keep the mattress cool. Moreover, the top memory foam layer combines antimicrobial copper with natural green tea to eliminate bed bugs and odour.


It would be best to purchase an additional protector, larger than the mattress, to cover it from end to end since the built-in cover tends to come off. 


The moisture-wicking adaptive cover responds to your body's temperature and helps keep the bed cool for deep sleep, thanks to the polymeric fabrics that promote evaporation. Moreover, the high-density foam comes with edge support that prevents sagging and prevents you from rolling off the bed, while the pocket springs underneath resist motion transfer.

4. Hesperis Mattress

Rather than choosing low-quality cheap mattresses, opt for the Hesperis mattress, divided into 7 ergonomic zones for support and to cushion the pressure points. You can also turn the mattress around due to its symmetrical design, while the 3-layer adjustable foam allows you to alter the firmness. The topmost layer is a natural coconut cover with high-temperature forged bamboo fibre for negative ion performance.

This memory foam mattress has received the OEKO-Tex certification, which ensures the fabric is skin-friendly, whereas its anti-mite and antibacterial properties keep your sleeping environment fresh. The inside cover offers fantastic moisture absorption, while the 4 cm foam layer is breathable and contours the body for proper spinal alignment. And due to the gel-infused memory foam, the mattress remains dry and comfortable throughout the changing seasons.


The downside of this mattress is that its edge support isn't that great, which increases the chances of the gel memory foam sagging due to heavy use.


It's one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market, owing to the adaptive firmness, multiple hardness levels and 7-zone body support, complete with cool-dry technology. The brand also provides a 120-night free trial for you to try out the elastic comfort foam.

5. NOA Lite Mattress

If you are looking for an affordable mattress without compromising comfort, go for the NOA Lite Mattress. It comes with a cooling gel memory foam layer covered by a hand-tufted and Tencel poly-knit fabric cover. All the layers of the cooling foam are REACH certified and contain low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) to improve sleep quality by keeping the PPM value under 0.5.

These foam layers are further held together by water-based adhesives to keep your body cool and reduce heat. Among other budget mattresses, this product is known for its superior breathability and durable pocket springs. The springs deliver a slightly bouncy nature to the mattress and reduce motion transfer to increase airflow. Plus, its numerous size options and 15-year warranty are most impressive, which shows the brand's trust in the product.


The mattress cover isn't removable, and it would be best to purchase a mattress protector to protect the surface from spills, dust, and dirt.


This product is slightly more firm than a medium-firm mattress, which makes it suitable for back and side sleepers while contouring the body to deliver pressure relief. Just remember to rotate the mattress every 3 months to maintain the durable pocket springs that support your body weight, reduce motion transfer, and improve air circulation.


1. What is adjustable firmness?

When purchasing a mattress, you often come across the term ‘adjustable firmness’ when brands describe products that deliver a good night's sleep. So, what is an adjustable mattress and is it really possible to change the firmness?

Depending on the brand, it's possible to alter the feel of the mattress by using one of three techniques. Among these, a flippable mattress topper is the most common option and comes with a firmness option on each side - soft, firm, or medium. As the topper lies between the mattress and the cover, it's easy to pull it out and flip it. 

There is another very similar option, whereby the firmness level is different on either side but flipping it is challenging. It's not as convenient as turning a topper as you will have to flip the entire mattress, which is more cumbersome.

Apart from these, some of the best budget mattresses come with 'layered firmness' and consist of multiple layers of different densities. You can add or remove the layers at your convenience so that they adjust according to your body shape to deliver unrivalled comfort.

Having just one layer will make it a soft mattress, while two will increase the firmness slightly. And the best part is these layers function like a topper, lying between the cover and the mattress.

Some brands also create firmness zones for different mattress sizes, such as king-size, double, and queen. As a result, you can have varying firmness levels on either side of the bed, perfect for people sharing the bed with a partner.

You can select the firmness level on the checkout page, while extra foam layers will be inside the box.

2. How to choose the best cheap mattress?

Choosing an inexpensive mattress without compromising quality depends on your sleeping position and preferences. Although comfort can't be quantified, it becomes easier to choose a product once you know more about mattress types and firmness and about your sleeping style.

A. Stomach Sleepers

Choose a firm mattress for proper spinal alignment.

B. Back Sleepers

Medium-firm products will cushion the back, spine, and neck to keep you comfortable.

C. Side Sleepers

A soft mattress is ideal as it will contour and support your body's curves to relieve pressure.

But the above list isn't exhaustive, and some people feel more comfortable using a spring mattress than opting for a product with gel memory foam firmness. This is where the trial period of a product proves useful since you can test the mattress to determine if it delivers proper spinal alignment.

Some of the best affordable mattresses materials that you can try include -

  • Natural latex
  • Pocket spring
  • Coil 
  • Hybrid
  • Memory foam

3. How to test a mattress?

Testing a cheap mattress in Australia is fairly easy, especially when you've purchased a product online. Rather than going to the store, it's easier to test any good mattress at home, thanks to the trial period from top brands. 

Follow these steps to determine whether your new mattress is worth the investment.

A. Be Patient

There is no substitute for patience, irrespective of whether you purchase a memory foam, latex, or innerspring mattress. Use the mattress for a few weeks to determine whether you can sleep properly. This is essential to ensure that the different layers can cushion the body to reduce aches and pains.

B. Move Around

Don't just lie on the mattress; do what kids usually do. Jump, roll around, sit up, change position, or get in and out of bed to ensure that the mattress is comfortable and promotes smooth movement. 

In the cheap mattress category, opt for the medium-firm option because products that are too soft don't offer ease of movement, while firm mattresses can't cushion the hips and shoulders.

C. Use Slats

Slats alter a mattress's feel and comfort level because a hard surface supports a soft mattress for greater convenience. You can also use a bed base with top products, like an EVA mattress or an Emma comfort mattress.

D. Tell Your Partner 

If you have to share the bed, it's a good idea to consult with your partner before deciding on an affordable mattress. Lay down together and move around by changing sides to ascertain the quality of the motion-isolation feature and edge support. 

E. Check For A Guarantee

This is the best part about choosing affordable mattresses online since the top brands deliver a comfort guarantee, allowing you to return the product when it doesn't feel right. Also, check the warranty, a marker of the brand's trust in its products.

F. Lift It Up

Once the mattress arrives, allow it to expand for the next 24 hours before lifting it. If you can lift it easily, you won't have trouble flipping or rotating the mattress, but a heavier mattress will prove slightly inconvenient. In the latter instance, you will need help to turn the mattress or change the covers after washing.

4. What are mattresses in a box?

Mattresses in a box are specifically online products which makes them highly popular and some of the best options available on the market. By eliminating the middleman, brands sell their mattresses directly to customers by compressing the products into a box for delivery.

This is done by deoxygenating the mattresses and enclosing them in a vacuum-sealed package for easy delivery. Mattresses of all sizes - single, queen, king, double, and king single - are fitted into the package and slowly expand for a few days after delivery.

Best of all is that these products are some of the least expensive mattresses while proving ideal for various sleeping positions. Even the cheapest mattress in this series offers durability, comfort, and quality, equivalent to some of the costliest options.

So, why doesn't everyone purchase mattresses in a box? Since people's idea of comfort varies, they may not like that these products have extra foam compared to spring mattresses. Thus, the feel and cushioning are very different from traditional spring mattresses.

Some popular brands that manufacture premium-quality box mattresses include Emma, Ecosa, Koala, Avatar, and Sleeping Duck.

5. How long will a mattress last?

Despite the construction or materials of a mattress, it's good practice to replace the product after 8 years. It would also help to read the brand's guidelines and warranty regulations to determine how long the product can last.

A mattress might sometimes last longer or wear out quicker based on how you use it. You can usually tell that it's time to replace a mattress when there's visible sagging, the support doesn't feel right, or there are lumps.

And if you wake up with back aches or pains, there's no doubt that the mattress has run its course. Another indicator is the look and smell of the mattress since humans shed skin and hair while sleeping that seep into the surface. Even after regular washing, when the mattress feels dirty and smells, you have no option but to replace it.

Old mattresses aren't effective in repelling dust or dirt, and using such products will give rise to allergies while proving to be a breeding ground for dust mites. It's important to have a healthy and hygienic sleep environment, so opt for mattresses with a removable cover or those made with natural and renewable materials.

6. What's the ideal way to maintain the best cheap mattresses in Australia?

After purchasing a gel-infused memory foam or any other mattress online, a common question that bugs most consumers is how to maintain the product. Sure, the manufacturer provides instructions and a long-term warranty, but not detailed information on how to keep a mattress in top shape.

To maintain the quality of your mattress, follow these three simple steps:

A. Flip Or Rotate The Mattress

When choosing the best affordable mattress, look for products you can flip or rotate every 3-6 months. This is especially true for spring mattresses, while foam, hybrid, memory foam, and latex mattresses can be rotated 1-2 times a year.

Rotating the mattress distributes wear and tear to both sides and prevents sagging. As a result, it promotes greater spinal alignment and prevents the surface from sinking for greater cushioning.

As for flipping mattresses, the majority of products available online come with a pillow top for maximum comfort and convenience. Since they have designated top and bottom layers, there's no need to flip them, especially considering the bottom layer isn't suitable for sleeping. 

B. Using The Mattress On The Floor

Using a mattress on the floor isn't likely to cause major issues, provided you don't have back or joint aches, but it's not recommended. Some people feel that sleeping on the floor is better than using a bed base, reportedly improving sleep quality and physical well-being.

The problem is that there is no space between the mattress and the floor, which reduces ventilation and increases the chance of health issues. This is one way to reduce the lifespan of a mattress as it will get dirty quicker, owing to the dirt, grime, and bugs on the floor.

You will have to clean it regularly in such instances to reduce mould growth and dust mites.

C. Mattress Protector

We recommend using a mattress protector to keep the surface fresh for far longer by preventing staining. It also reduces the chance of dirt or dust being absorbed into the surface to create a healthy sleeping environment.

Mattress protectors are easy to use and are nothing more than a tight-fitting sheet that goes over the top layer. This helps with the warranty period and prevents even the most affordable mattresses from wearing out soon.

They are also compatible with an electric blanket and don't cost much, which makes mattress protectors a worthwhile investment. You will find that the top manufacturers suggest using a protector over an electric blanket as an additional comfort layer.


There is a difference between purchasing a cheap mattress and a low-quality mattress; hopefully, now you know how to make the right call.

The best cheap mattresses deliver comfortable sleep and ensure you wake up rested. They also last as long as some of the more expensive options, so you can strike a fair deal without compromising comfort or quality.

Consider how you want to use the mattress and your sleeping positions to choose a product with suitable firmness. Moreover, several options are available on the market, including memory foam, hybrid, and all foam mattresses, which ensures all sleepers can get optimum rest despite the changing seasons.

It’s fair to say that choosing an affordable mattress for sound sleep has never been easier!