Best Luxury Mattress In USA

Sleep in Pure Luxury Comfort!
Best Luxury Mattress In USA
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Quite plainly, the idea of side hustles and overtime is so tantalizing that Gen Z has started pulling doubles. 

But we aren’t superhumans– our bodies need adequate rest, or they will cease to function properly. Amidst this peer pressure to perform better, sleep has taken a back seat, even though rest is equally important to achieve success in life. 

You cannot buy sleep, but you can definitely buy a mattress that will lull you to sleep by delivering personalized comfort and support. And treating yourself with a luxury mattress is the best way to call it a day after tiring yourself out to meet your goals. 

Sure, choosing the best luxury mattress is too much of a task because of the zillions of options out there. But not to worry, for we’ve reviewed the 5 best luxury mattresses that deliver the best of both worlds– comfort and support. 

5 Best Luxury Mattress In USA

1. Layla Memory Foam Mattress

The Layla Memory Foam Mattress delivers a luxurious sleeping experience by offering a super-satisfying balance between support and comfort due to its infused copper gel. This memory foam luxury mattress offers variable support by firming up whenever sleepers lay on it. While providing enough support around deep compression areas, this copper gel memory foam mattress also remains plush and hugs the body well. Besides, it’s superconductive and dissipates body heat, resulting in a cooler sleep experience. 

As you lay on the mattress, the copper contracts and creates an antibacterial barrier to keep the sleep surface fresh by fighting odor-causing bacteria. Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, it features CertiPur-US-certified foams and is hypoallergenic, while the support foam layer dampens motion transfer. This luxury memory foam mattress features removable cooling covers on both sides– firm and cool, helping you stay comfortable throughout the night, no matter which side you sleep on. 


The edge support isn’t that great, so lying or sitting close to the edge will put you at risk of rolling off the mattress. 


Sold in 6 sizes, this mattress is ideal for combination sleepers or couples with varying sleeping habits. Aside from a 120-night in-home trial period and lifetime warranty, you get 2 free pillows with the Layla Luxury Memory Foam Mattress, which makes it one of the best options. 

2. GhostBed Classic

Standing tall at 11”, the GhostBed Classic helps sleepers catch some z’s through its 4 layers of comfort. Its open-cell formulation gel-infused memory foam ensures maximum airflow, keeping sleepers cool throughout the night. Atop the gel-infused memory foam layers are layers of responsive latex– together, the two offer a slightly springy feel while contouring well to the sleeper’s body. Airflow is further enhanced by the aerated latex, making it ideal for hot sleepers. 

The memory foam and latex layers are supported by a high-density foam that lends durability to the mattress. So, despite regular wear and tear, the mattress won’t sag or sink and will last for several years. Scoring 7.5 on the firmness scale, this medium-firm mattress offers an excellent balance between responsiveness and contouring. And available in 7 sizes, this memory foam and latex mattress is covered with a 20-year warranty and a 101-night trial. 


We wouldn’t recommend it to heavy sleepers, as it won’t provide adequate support. 


Wrapped in a plush knit and a breathable cover, the layers of this mattress are CertiPur-US-certified, promoting a hygienic sleeping environment. What’s even better is that the mattress is shipped for free to customers’ doorstep and is eligible for free returns– so you only have to pay for the product. 

3. Puffy Mattress

Coming with 5 layers of cloudlike luxury, this innovative product makes for an excellent option for a variety of sleepers, even people who weigh more than 250 pounds. Starting with the topmost layer, a stain-resistant cloud cover sits right at the top, encasing all 5 layers. Not only is it machine washable, but it’s also hypoallergenic. Beneath it rests a gel-infused cooling foam to dissipate body heat and provide maximum comfort by cradling the joints. 

It also features a 2-inch humidity-resistant foam to promote airflow and manage temperature, keeping sleepers comfortable. To ensure proper support, a base layer is added to the mattress that guarantees spinal alignment and isolates motion so that you can enjoy undisturbed sleep every night. Besides, it helps in keeping the mattress stable, enhancing its longevity. Finally comes the grip base cover that keeps the mattress in place, reducing slipping.


Stomach sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress should avoid this because it’s a medium-firm mattress and causes midsection sinkage. 


Sleepers with back or spine issues will benefit from this mattress because its 5 layers offer excellent balance between comfort and support– that’s why the American Chiropractic Association endorses it. What’s more, this hypoallergenic mattress is backed by a lifetime warranty and comes with a 101-night trial period. 

4. The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

Don’t like an all-foam mattress? Then you could never go wrong with this luxury hybrid mattress from The DreamCloud with memory foam and an innerspring steel coil layer, so it’s really comfy. Its supportive contouring foam hugs the sleeper’s body while providing adequate support to the back and spine. Unlike other luxury hybrid mattresses, the gel-infused memory foam layer molds to the body’s curves and relieves pressure. 

Spinal alignment is promoted by the transition layer, so you won’t wake up with back aches. Underneath it are innerspring steel coils to reduce motion transfer and ensure airflow. And since the coils are thicker, the edge support of this mattress is exceptional. To ensure the layers atop remain strong and stable, a stability base layer is added, which increases its longevity. Lastly, the lower cover is equipped with 4 handles for easy portability. 


This hybrid mattress won’t be the right pick for people on a budget because it’s on the costlier side. 


With The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress, customers get 2 pillows, a sheet set and a protector absolutely free of cost, so the brand offers excellent value for money. Another thing worth mentioning about this best luxury hybrid mattress is its trial period, as you get 365 nights to sleep on it.

5. Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

Packed with CertiPur-US-certified foams, the Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress comes with enhanced features like the zoned lumbar support coils. Hence, this mattress feels softer under the shoulders while appearing firmer beneath the hips, adapting to the body shape of the sleeper to promote spinal alignment. Its premium quilted pillow top also offers advanced comfort, allowing you to sleep like a baby. 

A moisture-wicking and breathable cover is supplied with this mattress, so you won’t sweat while sleeping. Moreover, high-density memory foam is added to this product that relieves pressure by cradling your body, while a high-grade polyfoam layer offers excellent contouring and ergonomic support to deep compression areas. Interestingly, the zoned body shape layer contains more than 1,000 coils for advanced lumbar and edge support, further enhanced by the DuraDense foam construction. 


Though a perfect luxury mattress for side sleepers, the Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress doesn’t dampen motion transfer– so it isn’t meant for couples. 


Helix allows customers to choose between GlacioTex and TENCEL cooling covers when it comes to this luxe mattress. Furthermore, we found that the product does a great job in relieving the pressure points and you can test it out for 100 nights. 


Q1. What is a luxury mattress?

Mattresses with state-of-the-art features and high-end materials are described as luxury mattresses. Besides, they are manufactured via specialized processes and under the supervision of expert craftsmen. 

Although there are no universal or official standards to earn the “luxury” title, a variety of features set these mattresses apart from the standard ones. We’ve discussed them below to help you understand what exactly is a luxury mattress. 

I. High-Quality Materials

Never is low-quality material used in the construction of a luxury mattress. The best luxury beds feature either natural organic fibers or cutting-edge synthetic foams. 

Moreover, a luxurious mattress comes with impressive certifications, so you should always look for them when buying a luxury bed for your home. At times, be it soft, medium-firm or firm, a luxury mattress is made of premium-quality materials which aren’t incorporated in standard beds. 

You can get luxury mattresses featuring horsetail hair, silk, leather and cashmere. Not only a high-end mattress, but even an affordable luxury mattress is packed with such materials. 

II. Aesthetic

Often, luxury mattresses have aesthetic details that echo how lavish they are. Even the most affordable luxury mattress will either have a unique color or an eye-catching monogram. So, not only are luxury mattresses a pleasure to sleep on, but they also add pomp and color to the bedroom. 

III. Advanced Features

A mattress earns the title of “luxury” only when manufactured with state-of-the-art sleep technology. Like all luxury mattresses, it should come with adjustable firmness options, fresh approaches to pressure relief, and complex cooling systems. 

Q2. What are the benefits of sleeping on a luxury mattress?

While sleeping on the best luxury mattress, you shall reap these benefits:

I. Improved Health

As luxury mattresses are composed of premium materials, they offer exceptional comfort without compromising support. Furthermore, organic materials or CertiPur-US-certified foams are used in their construction to keep allergies at bay, allowing you to get sound sleep and wake up refreshed. 

II. Less Joint Pain

Whether you go for innerspring mattresses or gel-infused foam mattresses, luxury mattresses are constructed to offer pressure relief to sleepers. Moreover, they are equipped with a stable base to ensure they don’t shift while you’re sleeping. This way, your body isn’t forced into unusual sleeping positions, ensuring your ligaments and muscles are able to relax. 

III. Longer Warranties And Better Customer Service

Companies offering luxury mattresses have full faith in their products, so they aren’t afraid to provide longer warranties. For this reason, almost all luxury mattresses come with a lifetime warranty, whereas the standard ones are covered with a maximum of a 10-year warranty. 

Sure, you may have to spend extra dollars on upgrading to the comfort offered by luxury mattresses, but you also get better customer service. Many luxury mattress manufacturers offer free white-glove delivery, which means they will dispose of the old mattress and set up the new one without charging a penny. 

Q3. What are the different types of luxury mattresses?

In general, there are 4 different types of luxury mattresses supplied on the market. We’ve discussed each of them to help you understand which of these variants will be ideal for your sleeping needs. 

I. Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

Also known as viscoelastic foam, memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane. A modern memory foam luxury bed offers both comfort and support, even without a spring layer. 

Mostly, softer and plush variants are popular among homeowners because they cradle sleepers’ bodies and offer pressure relief on deep compression areas. Finding a luxury firm mattress or medium-firm mattress featuring memory foam isn’t difficult because they are also available in high-density firmer foams. 

II. Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Like regular mattresses, luxury hybrid mattresses are a blend of memory foam and traditional innerspring mattresses to offer both support and comfort. Luxury hybrid mattresses are considered best for stomach sleepers because they offer adequate support to the spine for proper alignment. 

III. Luxury Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses, one of the oldest variants, rely on metal coils or springs to provide comfort to sleepers. Unlike the traditional innerspring system, modern mattresses feature thousands of individually wrapped coils that promote airflow and dampen motion transfer. 

IV. Luxury Latex Mattress

In recent years, there has been a shift from synthetic latex-based foams to natural-based ones. Luxury latex mattresses contour like memory foam mattresses without making you feel like you’re sinking. And compared to traditional memory foam mattresses, their edge support is great, so you won’t roll off the bed while sleeping or sitting. 

 Q4. What are the factors to consider when buying a luxury mattress?

I. Size

Luxury mattresses, much like standard ones, fit regular beds because they are manufactured, taking into account standard bed sizes. That means you only need to purchase a mattress, not the bed frame. 

King, queen, twin, twin XL, full and Cal king– almost all brands supply mattresses in these 6 sizes. However, some brands do sell mattresses for extra large beds. 

You should always choose a mattress that fits your bed size because the wrong mattress wouldn’t offer comfort but rather give you sleepless nights. Always measure your bed size before ordering a luxury mattress to avoid investing your money in the wrong product. 

II. Firmness 

Mattress firmness is yet another important factor that you mustn’t ignore when ordering a mattress for your home. The firmness levels are measured on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. 

Soft to medium-firm mattresses are considered ideal for side sleepers, while firmer ones work well for stomach sleepers. And combination and back sleepers should go for medium-firm mattresses. However, note that firmness is subjective and the only way to understand which firmness level is ideal is to sleep on a mattress for a few nights. 

III. Trial Period And Warranty

Without actually sleeping on a mattress, it’s difficult to understand if it’s the right pick. And that’s why the trial period is something you should always consider when ordering a mattress. 

Mostly, luxurious mattress manufacturers offer a generous trial period of more than 100 nights; however, some go to the extent of offering a 365-night trial period. Of course, the longer the trial period, the more time you get to decide whether to keep it or return it. 

As for warranty, go for mattresses that come with a lifetime warranty so that you can always call the brand in case any issue arises. 


Upgrading to a luxury mattress can be a game-changer for your health and sleep quality. We won’t deny luxury mattresses are quite expensive, but they are composed of organic materials and crafted with care. That means they are hypoallergenic– the best luxury mattress won’t trigger your allergies, allowing you to sleep peacefully. On top of that, they offer plush comfort and are supportive without being overly firm. 

With the 5 best options at your disposal, are you still finding it challenging to decide which would be the right pick for you? Then here’s a quick rundown of our favorites. 

Undoubtedly, the Layla Memory Foam Mattress is our top pick because it’s comfy, supportive and hypoallergenic. And the GhostBed Classic is a close second, thanks to the 4 layers that offer cloudlike comfort.