Best Mattress For Airbnb In Australia

Aussie sleepers: dreamy Airbnb mattresses!
Best Mattress For Airbnb In Australia
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Ask your guests about what they miss the most on vacations and hear them say their plush and comfortable mattress. 

After spending a long and exhausting day in a new town, every traveller wishes to lull into sleep right after hitting the sack. Unfortunately, most hosts pay attention to the decor of the rental property but often ignore that the mattress of their Airbnb is as important as other things. 

Most Airbnb mattresses are stained, full of lumps, and emit foul odour because they are as old as the hills. And that is what prevents guests from sleeping comfortably; as a result, they keep tossing and turning throughout the night. 

Are you planning to dispose of your old mattress and upgrade to a new one? Then you have come to the right place. We’ve tested the 5 best mattresses for Airbnb in Australia that you can consider so your guests sleep like a baby.

Some of the Best Mattress For Airbnb in Australia are:

1. Emma Comfort Mattress

If you’d ask us for one mattress that caters to the needs of a variety of sleepers, we’d recommend the Emma Comfort Mattress because of its point-elastic construction. It takes the shape of the sleeper’s body to offer body-hugging comfort while minimising motion transfer, so it caters to every sleeping position. Engineered by top German experts, this mattress boasts an innovative Airgocell layer to wick away moisture, so sleepers can stay dry. 

Equally praiseworthy is its supportive HRX foam layer that promotes spinal alignment. Interestingly, the support foam features open pores that disperse heat and promote airflow for proper ventilation. We appreciate the inclusion of handles on the bottom cover that makes it easy for Airbnb owners to move the mattress from one room to another. To top it off, its climate control fibre elastic fresh cover prevents the mattress from sliding and regulates humidity.   


The only downside of this otherwise excellent mattress is that the edge support isn’t as great as you’d expect. 


This multi-zone memory foam mattress is incredibly plush yet provides outstanding support to the sleepers’ spine, shoulders and hips. With free delivery and returns and a 10-year warranty, the Emma Comfort Mattress offers excellent value for money, so you might as well give it a try. 

2. Newentor Hybrid Mattress

Do your guests often complain about the mattress being too firm for their body? Then the Newentor Hybrid Mattress is a perfect addition to your Airbnb rental space because it provides exceptional support to deep compression areas. Equipped with 7 zones of individually wrapped coils that move independently, this mattress adapts to the sleeper’s body profile to facilitate a restful slumber. Its eco-friendly comfort pad is plush yet supportive, so your guests’ allergies won’t get triggered while sleeping. 

Other than that, this hybrid mattress is designed with two pressure-relieving high elasticity comfort foam layers to facilitate a good night’s sleep. The mattress also features an anti-slip bottom that prevents it from moving, contributing to its longevity. All the layers are made out of CertiPur-US, and OEKO-TEX certified foams, which are super-breathable. Lastly, it has a firmer sprung on the sides to provide excellent edge support and is backed by a 120-night trial and a 10-year warranty. 


Though perfect for side sleepers, it might not be the best option for those who sleep on their stomach. 


This hybrid mattress from Newentor leaves no stone unturned to keep sleepers cool and dry throughout the night, thanks to its breathable foams and materials. What’s more, this hypoallergenic mattress is available in 7 sizes, so you won’t have trouble finding the right one for your guests. 

3. Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

Are you open to forking out a few more bucks to keep your guests cosy and comfortable throughout their stay? The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress promises to keep your sleepers cool, thanks to the body heat dissipating foam. Available in 5 sizes, this bed-in-a-box boasts pocket springs and adaptive comfort foam, which moulds to the sleeper’s body and distributes body weight optimally, so your guests can sleep comfortably. Rest assured, they’ll sleep right after hitting the sack.  

Another interesting thing is that its foam is infused with diamond and graphite particles to draw away excess heat from the sleeper’s body. Thanks to the low rolling-resistant foam, it minimises partner disturbance. What’s more, its HRX foam scores high on durability and sports incisions to contour to the sleeper’s body shape. At the bottom, this mattress features a grey bottom cover with handles that makes it easy for rental owners to set it up. 


Owing to the comfort and support it delivers, the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is on the costlier side, so it won’t be the right choice for those on a budget. 


This lightweight and plush mattress is loved by hundreds of sleepers because it keeps them cool at night by wicking away moisture. What’s more, this mattress complies with OEKO-TEX certifications and is backed by a 100-night trial and 10-year guarantee, so Airbnb owners need not think twice before giving it a go. 

4. The Origin Hybrid Mattress

The Origin Hybrid Mattress is a medium-firm mattress that is ideal for sleepers who weigh up to 120kg. It sports a 100% quilted bamboo Tencel cover that is hypoallergenic and super-breathable, so rest assured, sensitive people won’t suffer allergic attacks while sleeping. Those suffering from backaches will thank you for this mattress because the pressure relieving properties of its Aeroflex natural latex layer provide excellent support. Thus, they will wake up refreshed without experiencing discomfort. 

Other than that, it features four layers: graphite-infused foam, low-density foam, anti-gravity springs and a polyurethane layer to facilitate a peaceful slumber and keep your body healthy. All these layers work in tandem to provide pressure relief, regulate body temperature and isolate motion, so sleepers wake up rejuvenated. Stomach, back or side– this mattress is designed keeping in mind Australian sleepers, so it makes for a perfect addition to your Airbnb property. 


Our only complaint is that the cover of this mattress isn’t machine-washable, so you’ll need to add a mattress protector to enhance its longevity. 


What makes it a perfect mattress for Airbnb rental space is its hypoallergenic, temperature regulation, and sag-resistant properties, meaning it’s designed to last for a long time. And if you’re still confused, let us tell you that this doctor-approved mattress comes with a 15-year warranty and 120-night trial period, which provides excellent value for money.  

5. Koala Mattress

Available in 5 sizes, The Koala Mattress boasts three-zone support to deliver sleepers the relaxing sleep they need to face the day. It relies on polyurethane foam to provide cloud-like comfort and relieve pressure from various regions of the sleeper’s body. On top, you’ve got a soft-to-the-touch cover featuring a blend of polyester and Tencel Lyocell. While polyester is known for moisture-wicking properties, Tencel keeps dust mites and bacteria from thriving on the sleep surface. 

Speaking of durability, the anti-slip base fabric sports PVC dots that make sure the mattress stays in place during sleep. Equally noteworthy is that this mattress is flippable, so sleepers can choose between medium-firm and firm options. For double beds, you can never go wrong with this Koala mattress because it dampens movements. If a 120-night trial and 10-year warranty aren’t enough, let us tell you that all its high-density foam layers are hypoallergenic. 


We want to mention that The Koala Mattress gives a slight off-gassing smell upon unpacking that lasts for a day or two. 


The Koala Mattress is a perfect addition to your Airbnb space because it’s a flippable mattress with both medium-firm and firm options to cater to the needs of different sleepers. What’s more, your guests will nod off quicker than ever before because the Tencel Lyocell fibre absorbs and releases moisture, providing a comfortable sleeping environment. 


Q1. What type of mattress is best for vacation and Airbnb rental properties?

Have you ever purchased a mattress for your personal space or Airbnb rental property? You’d know how challenging it is to pick the right one among tons of options. 

If you often get lured by the marketing gimmicks of the brands and end up buying the wrong one, we’ve got a solution for you. So, knowing the internal construction of the mattresses gives shoppers a general understanding of their functionality, which in turn, will help you figure out the right one for your space. 

Hybrid, latex, airbed, innerspring and all-foam mattresses– are the 5 variants that are available on the Australian market. Each of them has unique characteristics and is engineered to cater to the needs of diverse sleepers. 

Assuming that your rental property is open to people of all age groups and genders, you must go for a mattress that caters to the needs of every visitor. From choosing a mattress that offers the best pressure relief to wicking away moisture, there’s a lot that you need to consider while buying a mattress for your Airbnb space. 

That being said, we’ve discussed each of the variants below to give you a complete picture of what each type brings to the table. Let’s check them out. 

i) Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are common among people who don’t compromise comfort for durability. Such mattresses rely on a blend of latex foam and reflex foam or springs to make the sleeping surface supportive. 

Aside from natural latex, these mattresses are also made of blended and synthetic latex. Of all the three options, most Australians prefer the natural variant because it is highly durable, eco-friendly and offers plenty of health benefits. 

Natural latex mattresses support sleep health more than other variants. Basically, the latex is procured from the sap of a rubber tree and processed into Talalay or Dunlop foam. As natural latex contains antimicrobial properties, it makes for a perfect mattress for sensitive individuals. 

On the other hand, synthetic latex mattresses are engineered using chemical compounds to mimic genuine latex. Such mattresses are perfect for people who are sensitive to latex because the chemical compounds won’t trigger allergies compared to natural ones. 

Speaking of the blended variant, they contain both natural and synthetic latex with more percentage of the latter. Blended latex mattresses score high on durability, and the cost of producing them is less than all-natural ones. 

Confused if latex mattresses are perfect for your Airbnb rental guests? Check out the benefits we’ve enlisted below to know why latex mattresses are worth every cent. 

a) Breathable

For hot sleepers, a breathable mattress is an absolute necessity to facilitate a restful slumber. Or, they’ll wake up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat and have trouble falling asleep– of course, you wouldn’t want that to happen. 

To ensure your guests stay cosy and comfortable throughout their stay, you must invest in a good-quality latex mattress because they are super breathable. Thanks to the open-cell structure, the mattress promotes airflow and keeps sleepers cool the entire night. 

b) Pain Relieving

If your Airbnb rental space accommodates guests of all ages, a latex mattress is a must-have on your property. That’s because its buoyant support and plush surface relieves pain from joints and back really well. 

Unlike other mattresses, latex foam contours hips, shoulders and heavy body parts to provide relief from aches. What’s more, its elasticity promotes natural spinal alignment by cradling the neck, back and other areas. 

c) Durable Mattress

Finding a mattress that offers unrivalled comfort to your guests without sagging or sinking is challenging for Airbnb owners. But did you know that latex mattresses are highly durable and can last up to 20 years?

Where other mattresses start wearing and tearing after a few years, latex mattresses withstand the test of time and last for more than two decades. Therefore, they make for a worthy investment for Airbnb owners. 

ii) Foam Mattress

Exceptionally popular among online mattress shoppers, a memory foam mattress is engineered from a plethora of materials. Not just that, but they are available in different firmnesses, from soft to firm. And here’s why memory foam mattresses are an ideal option for your Airbnb space. 

a) Ideal For All Sleeping Positions

As an Airbnb owner, it’s crucial to invest in a mattress that provides personalised support and comfort to every sleeper, no matter their sleeping position. As memory foams are resilient in nature, they contour to the body shape of every sleeper to distribute weight evenly. 

Side, back, stomach or combination– memory foam mattresses will provide exceptional comfort to every guest. 

b) Hypoallergenic

Every Airbnb owner wants to make their rental space as comfortable as possible. Not many know that some people are allergic to the chemicals stuffed in between the layers of the mattresses. Of course, the last thing you’d want is to hear your guests grumbling about staying awake due to allergy attacks. 

Most memory foam mattresses feature high-density polyfoam layers that repel mildew, dust mites, pet danders and bacteria from thriving on the sleep surface. 

c) Superior Motion Absorption

Another perk of adding a memory foam mattress to your Airbnb space is that it limits motion transfer. As it absorbs energy and dampens movement, your guests are less likely to feel disturbed whenever their partner tosses and turns. 

iii) Innerspring Mattress

One of the oldest and most common mattresses is the innerspring mattress which relies on springs to deliver a comfortable sleeping surface to sleepers. Compared to traditional ones, innerspring mattresses boast pocketed coil springs that are individually encased in fabrics before being stitched together in groups. 

Wondering if they would be the right choice for your Airbnb guests? Then check out the benefits of innerspring mattresses that we’ve listed below. 

a) Super Responsive

When compared to memory foam, innerspring mattresses are super responsive, meaning they offer excellent support. So, when your guests lie down on the mattress, their body weight will be distributed evenly. Therefore, you can rest assured that they won’t sink in during sleep. 

b) Excellent Edge Support

Whether middle-aged people reside in your rental space or adolescents, a mattress should provide excellent edge support so that people don’t roll off the bed while sleeping. In this regard, you can never go wrong with innerspring mattresses because they come with reinforced edge support. 

And that is why even people with mobility issues can get in and out of bed without much difficulty. 

c) Highly Breathable

Surprisingly, innerspring mattresses are highly breathable, thanks to the inclusion of coils and springs. And if we’d be honest– hot sleepers love sleeping on mattresses that promote airflow, so they can stay cool and dry throughout the night. 

iv) Hybrid Mattress

When mattresses are equipped with memory foam, gel or latex together with an innerspring system, they are referred to as hybrid mattresses. Such mattresses offer the best of both worlds– the sturdy feel of a traditional spring mattress and the pressure relief of foam layers. 

Here’s why Airbnb rental property owners must consider adding a hybrid mattress to their rental space. 

a) Comfortable And Supportive

Though luxuriously plush, hybrid mattresses offer excellent support to sleepers, contributing to their popularity in recent times. That’s because the foam and spring coil layers work in tandem to deliver personalised support to all kinds of sleepers. 

b) Breezy And Breathable

Hybrid mattresses leave no stone unturned to keep sleepers cool at night, thanks to the innerspring core. They promote air circulation and wick away moisture to make sure your guests fall asleep as soon as they hit the sack. 

Q2. Should you use a mattress protector for Airbnb mattresses?

Of course, every Airbnb owner must consider using a mattress protector to enhance the longevity of their mattresses. Not every mattress on the market comes with a removable cover that you can unzip and toss in the washing machine after use. 

More so, plenty of guests stay at your place and spills and stains are bound to happen. In such situations, a mattress protector will come to your rescue by keeping your mattress safe from such accidents. 

Q3. How to choose the right mattress for your Airbnb space?

There are a lot of things that Airbnb hosts have to take into consideration when selecting a mattress for their space. They are as follows:

  • Measure the dimensions of your bed to determine the mattress size you need
  • Go for a medium or medium-firm mattress because they are ideal for various sleepers
  • The mattress should be highly breathable 
  • It must eliminate partner disturbance
  • The mattress must be backed by a night trial period and warranty


As an Airbnb host, you need to take care of a lot of things before renting your space to a lessee. And among all, a mattress is one of the most important things in a rental space; after all, your visitors must feel comfortable and at home on their trips. 

Before you order one for your rental property, take into account the bed size, firmness level and user reviews to know the functionality of the mattress. 

Or, perhaps, you can go for the Emma Comfort Mattress because it hugs the sleeper’s body without sinking and wicks away moisture to keep them cool and dry. Also, its 100-night trial period coupled with a 10-year warranty makes it worthy of investment– now that’s a win-win situation! 

You can also look at mattresses from box companies or keep an all-foam mattress in the closet for people who like them. It’s best to be prepared and hopefully, you enjoyed reading our guide as much as we enjoyed curating it for you. 

Good night and sleep tight!