Best Mattress For Airbnb In Canada

A Canadian dream: Best Mattress For Airbnb.
Best Mattress For Airbnb In Canada
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Choosing a product that someone likes is difficult, but finding something that pleases everyone is a troublesome task. The same goes when purchasing a mattress.

As the owner of an Airbnb, the last thing you want is a guest leaving your establishment harbouring negative feelings towards their experience. So, when a guest has issues with the mattress in your Airbnb or rental property, you’ll want to have the problem fixed immediately. 

Sometimes, a mattress cannot be salvaged and has to be replaced, and that’s when the trouble of choosing another that appeals to everyone shows up. Several kinds of mattresses cater to each specific taste, after all.

Fortunately, you can find a few that tread the perfect middle-ground and please everyone, and we have curated a list of such mattresses. Here are reviews for the top five best mattresses available on the market that will keep your guests pleased without leaving your pockets significantly lighter.

Some of the Best Mattress For Airbnb in Canada are:

1. Puffy Lux Mattress

Puffy Lux is a hybrid mattress that looks to strike a balance between responsive mobility and plushy comfort. Made with layers of super soft foam and pocketed coils, you’ll find that the mattress has a medium-firm feel, making it ideal for all sleeping positions. That said, side sleepers will find this mattress particularly desirable, with ample support on the shoulder and hip joints. 

The mattress was designed to invoke a feeling of sleeping on a cloud. This makes it perfect for vacation goers who retire to the comfort of an Airbnb after a long day of exploring and having fun. Supporting this is its breathable polyester hypoallergenic cover and cooling pocketed coils, which excellently ward off body heat. With superb edge support, minimal motion transfer and a lifetime warranty, the Puffy Lux proves itself to be one of the best in the business.


People with a heavier body weight may sink too deep into the mattress, which may not be ideal for those who don’t like plush mattresses.


The Puffy Lux mattress is one of the best in the segment, with layers of memory foam and pocket springs providing a balanced sleep experience. Its cooling capabilities and ability to support sensitive joints for side sleepers are highlights, making it one of the best options for an Airbnb.

2. Ghostbed Flex

The Flex is one of the four series of Ghostbed, targeting the hybrid mattress industry. This seven-layered mattress focuses on providing hot sleepers with a cool and comfortable sleep through the night and consequently achieves quite a bit more. Apart from its supreme cooling capabilities, the Ghostbed Flex provides superb pressure relief thanks to its memory foam, quilted mattress cover and polyfoam layers. No matter the weight group, the Flex will provide ample support to the sleeper.

For couples, this is one of the best mattresses on the market, with a medium-firm feel, ample motion isolation and edge support. The secret of these capabilities lay with the coil core that gives the Ghostbed its bounce, but not enough to disturb the sleeper’s partner. Ghostbed Flex does all of this in a budget-friendly package as well, making it significantly lighter on the wallet than its competitors.


The plushness of the Ghostbed Flex’s soft memory foam may lead to the sleeper sinking slightly into the bed, which may not be preferable for some.


The Ghostbed Flex is one of most affordable mattresses that does it all, from pressure relief to heat dissipation and more. For combination sleepers and couples, the Flex will prove to be a great fit, making it excellent for family Airbnbs.

3. Simba Hybrid 2500

Simba’s Hybrid mattress series has seen a few updates, the latest of which is the Simba 2500. Made of four layers, the mattress is noticeably softer and more comfortable than its previous iterations. The key to this softness is the memory foam top layer, which envelopes the sleeper through the night. And with the Simba Aerocoil innerspring comfort layer, the mattress also succeeds in minimizing motion isolation, befitting a mattress designed for couples.

The zoned support layer will give the sleeper great support on their back and sensitive joints, along with a medium-firm feel. Along with that, the mattress expertly regulates body temperature with the Simbatex foam, allowing up to 30x more airflow when compared to standard memory foam. Suffice to say, the Simba Hybrid 2500 will prove to be a great Airbnb mattress and will provide your guests with a comfortable night’s sleep.


Simba lacks a return policy, and the mattress can only be exchanged, which can stop any buyer when making such a hefty investment.


Despite the lack of a return policy, you can consider purchasing the Simba Hybrid 2500 for your Airbnb, as its pros far outweigh the cons. Its performance rivals that of its competitors and its zoned support may even surpass them, making it an excellent mattress for Airbnbs.

4. Recore Latex Foam Mattress

The Recore Latex Foam Mattress is a product of one of the top Canadian mattress companies, This mattress is made from layers of synthetic graphite-infused latex and polyfoam for a feel that is slightly more firm than its competition. Cooling is the specialty of latex foam, and the Recore takes complete advantage of that for body temperature regulation. Moreover, latex generally offers more back and joint support, making this mattress a standout.

Since the mattress is slightly firmer, the sleeper won’t sink into it, making their movement through the night a lot easier. This quality extends to motion isolation as well, enabling sleepers to move freely without their partner feeling it. Another benefit of this latex mattress is its excellent edge support, which prevents its edges from sagging after prolonged usage. All in all, the Recore Latex Mattress proves to be a great, affordable mattress for your Airbnb.


Stomach sleepers may find the middle sections of the mattress to sag a little with prolonged usage, which can hamper its viability as an Airbnb mattress.


The Recore mattress looks to shake up the market with synthetic latex for cooling and pressure relief. It’s an excellent option for your vacation rental property if you’re looking for an affordable option to serve your guests with a cool, fresh and soothing night’s sleep.

5. Logan And Cove Luxury Pillow-Top Mattress

Another entry into the mattress segment by, the Logan & Cove luxury mattress is a pillow-top mattress that has a premium feel to it. This is because of the silk padding and layers of proprietary foams sitting atop a pocketed spring coil core. Offering two distinct firmness options in medium-soft and medium-firm, this luxury mattress is bound to satisfy sleepers of all preferences.

The Logan & Cove mattress excels in motion isolation and pressure relief, thanks to the thick comfort layers and pillow top. These qualities are further enhanced by the pocketed coil layers, which respond individually to motion, unlike a typical innerspring mattress. You may find the medium-soft mattress to edge out the medium-firm mattress in both of these areas, while the latter provides superior back support. No matter the firmness, the Logan & Cove are a great option for an Airbnb mattress.


The Logan & Cove Luxury pillow-top mattress is a hefty investment, and people on tight budgets may want to steer clear of it because of this.


Motion isolation and ample support make the Logan & Cove Mattress a worthwhile entry in the mattress segment. Suited for all kinds of sleepers, it is a premium mattress with quality, comfort and a 15-year warranty to back its price tag.


1. What makes for the best mattress for an Airbnb Mattress?

As the owner of an Airbnb, you’ll strive to ensure that the guests have no complaints with your hospitality. Naturally, the mattress plays a huge part in this, since guests like a good night’s sleep after a day spent exploring and having fun.

Let’s explore what qualities make a mattress great for Airbnbs.

A. What The Mattress Is Made Of

Mattress filling is one of the most important considerations when it comes to choosing the right mattress. The factors that make a mattress filling good for your Airbnb are:

  • Firmness
  • Responsiveness
  • Heat management
  • Back and joint support
  • Durability

With these considerations in mind, you can pick the mattress material of your choice. The market has plenty of options to choose from, so you won’t face a shortage of good options.

B. Mattress Size

No one likes a sliding mattress while sleeping, which is why you must ensure that your mattresses fit their bed frames well. A poorly fitting mattress has an explicitly negative impact on your guests’ comfort, which can sour their Airbnb experience.

C. The Cost

As the owner of an Airbnb, you may not want to purchase the most expensive products on the market when investing in bed frames and mattresses. After all, expensive isn’t always synonymous with the most comfortable.

You’ll want to strike a balance between cost and quality to gain the best returns on your investment in mattresses. If you find the right kind of mattress that treads the line between good quality and affordability, chances are, you’ll end up pleasing your guests.

D. The Edge Support

A good mattress provides uniform support across its surface, including the edges. Poor mattress edge support will lead to the edges sagging after a while and may cause unfortunate accidents in the middle of the night.

No one wants their Airbnb experience sullied by a mattress that sags around the edges, do they? This makes proper edge support critical, so it can remain firm throughout the years and still give your guests good support.

E. Mattress Contouring

Contouring is what makes a mattress give that sinking feeling when a person lays down on it. This property of a mattress is the lifeblood of a traditional memory foam mattress experience, making it one of the most popular mattress fillers around.

Some may find the contouring of memory foam to be a bit much, as excessive contouring has issues of its own. So, the best choice may be to invest in a mattress with a moderate amount of contouring.

F. Mattress Firmness

Let’s face it: we’ve all wanted a mattress that feels like a cloud at some point in our lives. But the reality of that distant dream is that a mattress that is too soft isn’t exactly the ideal choice. Soft mattresses can be quite bad for the back and potentially cause joints to twist and become painful at night.

A firm mattress may be just as bad for the back, albeit for different reasons. So, the best course of action is to invest in a medium-firm mattress instead. It’s the perfect middle-ground between the plushness of memory foam and the extreme stiffness of mattress materials like latex.

G. Motion Isolation

A mattress that maximizes motion isolation, or minimizes motion transfer, is ideal for Airbnbs. Some couples prefer that they don’t feel their partner move during the night and a mattress that enables this is the one you should invest in.

H. Mattress Durability

A mattress is a significant investment, which is why you’d want it to last quite a while before needing to replace it. A more durable mattress is, naturally, more preferable.

I. Warranty

A mattress’ longevity also depends on the kind of people using it, which you can’t really predict as the owner of an Airbnb. So, the ideal mattress will have a warranty covering damages for as long as possible to assure its longevity.

Typically, a mattress brand will offer you a 10-year warranty on its product, which can be considered to be a baseline for mattress warranties. If the mattress you’re looking at offers anything less, you may want to reconsider your purchase.

J. Ease Of Maintenance

Different kinds of people will be using your mattresses, which makes the ease of cleaning them a significant consideration. You’ll find a different kind of mess every time your guests check out, after all.

While looking into a new mattress, check if it comes with a removable cover or mattress protector. All the muck will be on the cover, and a machine-washable cover is ideal for an Airbnb mattress.

As for the mattress itself, it should be no more complicated than having to use a damp cloth to wipe the spots off. You shouldn’t have to have the mattress cleaned professionally after every use, as it can rack up a major bill very quickly.

2. Which is the best mattress filler material?

As discussed briefly in the previous section, the mattress material dictates how comfortable a mattress is. Mattress fillers are made from four different kinds of materials, broadly speaking, which are often mixed and matched as per the mattress configuration. These constitute the different types of mattresses, which are innerspring, memory foam, latex and hybrid mattresses.

Let’s venture into the world of mattress fillers and see which reigns supreme.

A. Innerspring

Innerspring is the bread-and-butter of the mattress world and is almost synonymous with the phrase ‘mattress filler’. These mattresses played a critical role in forming the image of what a good mattress ought to be.

Mattresses involving innerspring have several lines of spring coils that move together as a unit to spread the body weight out and provide support accordingly. But as times move forwards, the troubles with innerspring mattresses have surfaced and grown increasingly difficult to ignore. The springs used in these mattresses can grow quite loud with age and lose the responsiveness they are known for.

B. Memory Foam

Memory foam is considered by many to be the gold standard of mattress fillers for a simple reason: the foam adjusts to everybody uniquely. This dynamically adjusting property makes mattresses made from memory foam very comfortable and supportive.

It may not come to your surprise that many people don’t have their eyes set on what is good for their health. Instead, they give comfort and convenience precedence first and foremost. Fortunately, memory foam satisfies both kinds of people: those who like a supportive mattress and those who want a plush mattress that hugs their body.

Thanks to the high build quality, you can expect memory foam mattresses to stand the test of time, making it ideal for Airbnb sites.

C. Latex

The newcomer of the segment, latex is a mattress filler that provides you with a firm-yet-supportive feel. It’s excellent for those suffering from back or joint issues, aligning the spine properly and with enough responsiveness to relieve any excess pressure. Latex mattresses are also durable, environment-friendly and resistant to moulds and dust mites, thanks to their all-natural build.

It has superior cooling qualities when compared to other materials, making it ideal for hot sleepers. If your Airbnb vacation home is in a tropical area, latex might be the preferred material.

D. Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses aim to mix the positives of innerspring and memory foam to make a more complete sleep experience with flaws of neither. Combining the responsiveness of innerspring with the plush body-hugging comfort of memory foam, hybrid mattresses strike a fair balance between supportiveness and softness. Ideal for all sleep positions, they offer superior pressure relief and ward off body heat through the night.

3. When should an Airbnb mattress be replaced?

As the owner of an Airbnb, the last thing you’ll want is a guest complaining about a mattress that has run its course. Providing your customers with a good night’s sleep is paramount to keeping their vacationing spirits high. So, ensuring that you have your mattresses in pristine condition for their usage is critical for your business.

Here is when you should take your old mattress out and bring in a replacement:

1. Damage

You’ll have a constant influx of people using your mattresses and so, they are bound to become damaged over time. In a few years’ time, you’ll notice that your mattress has seen better days, with visible wear, holes, stains, foam clumps and malfunctioning pocket springs.

There will come a time when a mattress can no longer be repaired because of its age alone. Should you face such a situation, delay no longer and replace the mattress at once.

2. Noisy Spring Coils

Innerspring or hybrid mattresses can suffer from this issue, directly affecting the guest’s quality of sleep. This is especially true for spring mattresses made from poor-quality materials, which give out within a few years of purchase.

Noisy springs may also point to damaged springs, which results in the mattress failing to provide the required bounce. When this occurs, you should replace your mattress immediately.

3. Airbnb Compatibility Listing

If your mattress is incompatible with the Airbnb listing, you should replace it. Guests opt for an Airbnb reservation with a certain expectation, not fulfilling which can tarnish your establishment’s reputation.

4. Guest Feedback

Feedback is essential to the success of any establishment, and if you receive enough complaints about your mattresses, consider having them replaced. Your establishment will only benefit from this in the future, so welcome any constructive criticism that your guests may have.

No vacation goer wants a sore body caused by a bad mattress, after all.

5. Bad Odours

After years upon years of use by various people, you may find that your mattresses have developed a musty smell. Even with regular maintenance, they may not be eliminated completely after a long time has passed.

Foul odours may aggravate allergies in some, as a mattress is a perfect home for dust mites. Consider having your mattress replaced if you can’t eliminate the smell from it.


Some vacation-goers use their Airbnb rooms for sleeping only, making the role of a mattress all the more important. After all, comfort is just one of the requirements for a mattress.

A mattress that crosses all the t’s and dots all the i’s is the Puffy Lux Mattress, which is our recommended mattress for Airbnbs. Its cooling capabilities and back and joint support make it favourable for nearly all kinds of sleepers. The lack of any major drawbacks is another favourable point and so, this high-quality mattress has secured its place on the top spot.

That said, the Ghostbed Flex and Simba Hybrid 2500 are not far behind either. Each of these has positives that make them viable alternatives to the Puffy Lux, although this is offset slightly by their drawbacks.