Best Mattress For Airbnb In The UK

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Best Mattress For Airbnb In The UK
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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While setting up an Airbnb rental, it's necessary to ensure that your guests get a good night's sleep during their stay. 

The best way to assure quality sleep is to furnish each bed with a comfortable mattress. Remember that the goal is to make your guests feel at home so that they can enjoy their trip without needing to worry about neck or back pain. 

However, looking for a suitable mattress for guests is easier said than done as the sleeping needs differ among people. Don't worry, as we've done the research and found some of the best mattresses for Airbnb that are available in the UK. 

We've tried to keep the options diverse to help you find a suitable mattress based on factors like bed frames or bed size. So, without further ado, let's check them out!

Some of the Best Mattress For Airbnb in The UK are:

  1. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress - Top Pick
  2. Emma Original Mattress 
  3. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress 
  4. Noa Mattress
  5. The Simba Hybrid Mattress 

1. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar is one of the most popular mattress brands in the UK and what's great about this product is its medium firmness. It will feel comfortable to most of your guests as it will hug their bodies, thanks to its 25cm thick design. Plus, the three premium foam layers of this mattress will not only support their entire body but also provide much-needed pressure relief for relaxation. 

Another notable feature is the climate neutrality of this mattress which makes it comfortable all year long. Moreover, the quilted cool cover present on top of the mattress is designed to draw heat away from the body and promote air circulation. The mattress is free from heavy metals and harmful dyes, and has rightly received the CertiPUR certification. And it also provides an excellent sleeping surface by minimising motion transfer. 


The edge support of this memory foam mattress can be better as guests may feel more sinkage while sleeping or sitting along the perimeter. 


Overall, we do think this is one of the best mattresses for Airbnb and vacation rentals due to its excellent spinal alignment and body support. It also comes with a forever warranty, so you'll be able to repair or replace the mattress if the product fails to meet your expectations. 

2. Emma Original Mattress 

Our next choice for a high-quality mattress would definitely be the Emma original mattress due to its temperature regulating tech and breathable nature. The thing we love the most about this mattress has to be its three pressure-relieving foam layers that ensure an interruption-free and relaxing sleep all night long. Plus, the mattress has Halo Memory Foam for adaptive spinal support, which benefits guests who experience back pain. 

Unlike many other medium-firm mattresses, this one from Emma hits the sweet spot as it's neither too soft nor too firm. Apart from being made with premium, durable and easy-to-clean materials, the mattress is fire-resistant, which is essential for vacation rental properties. This product is also available in most sizes, so you'll be able to find mattresses for everything from bunk beds to super king beds.


Like in most medium firm mattress options, ease of movement isn't the best, and at times it might be a tad difficult to change positions, especially for heavy people. 


Emma is a company people trust and this product fairs well in most aspects, including pressure relief, temperature control, and edge support. Besides, the motion isolation makes this the ideal mattress, as guests will get an uninterrupted sleep even if their partners toss and turn a lot.

3. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress 

This DreamCloud mattress is the one to have for furnishing premium rooms in an Airbnb, as it provides unrivalled support and comfort with its support foam base. The sleep quality is equally refreshing for front, back or side-sleepers, as it has a Dream Plush breathable supporting memory foam layer. And by combining the memory foam and ActivEdge pocket springs, it delivers deep contouring support while minimising motion transfer. 

What's more, the ActivEdge pocket spring layer stretches all the way to the edge to provide reinforcement from sinking. There's also a luxury quilted cover on top, equipped with activated cooling technology to keep sleepers comfortable throughout the night by promoting air circulation. Besides, it's designed to have a "luxury" firmness that maintains a happy balance between contouring comfort and pushback support to provide all guests with a comfortable bed. 


We want to point out that this mattress is pretty expensive when compared to similar options from other brands. 


The Dreamcloud luxury hybrid mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and is 100% carbon neutral, perfect for an Airbnb or vacation rental that requires a versatile, comfortable mattress. And an added benefit is that it suits a whole bunch of bed frames, including those with a more traditional design. 

4. Noa Mattress

To ensure universal comfort, a popular mattress type recommended is the hybrid mattress, and this one from Noa has become the favourite of many, owing to its hand-tufted design. The cooling gel memory foam layer of this mattress regulates body temperature by wicking away moisture and providing deep pressure relief for a good night's sleep. We also liked that it has low VOC emissions to improve the indoor air quality.

Moreover, the AirCell foam is an enjoyable bouncy layer that creates cloud-like experience and delivers supreme comfort. And the premium individually pocketed springs ensure durability and stability of the mattress to keep it from sagging, thanks to the use of thick-gauge steel. This mattress even comes with a hypoallergenic and antibacterial Tencel pillow-top to ensure that your guests get a safe sleeping environment.


Note that the mattress cover isn't removable, so Noa suggests using a mattress protector to protect it from dirt and spills. 


All in all, the Noa mattress is one of the best value-for-money hybrid mattresses, which helps to provide quality sleep to all guests with its comfortable poly-knit fabric. Another noticeable feature is the customised firmness level of this mattress for all sleeping positions, thanks to the REACH certified gel-infused memory foam layers.

5. The Simba Hybrid Mattress 

This is another boxed mattress that has gained quite a bit of popularity throughout the UK, mainly due to its innovative five-layer design that promises gravity-defying comfort. We think that this mattress would especially suit a vacation rental property as it has excellent overheating control, thanks to the patented Simbatex foam, which uses graphite to remove heat. 

The most interesting and beneficial feature is the titanium Aerocoil microspring upper comfort layer that provides personalised support to each sleeper while changing positions without disturbing a co-sleeper. And the Edge Lift Technology ensures that support is maintained throughout the mattress, especially on the sides, which are usually prone to sinking.  


The initial smell of this mattress takes a few weeks to go away completely, so you may need to air it out for a while. 


No one can deny that this is one of the best-crafted mattresses available in the UK, and it's entirely made of sustainable, recycled materials. Additionally, unlike most mattresses, it comes in a kid's size, which is useful if you're considering furnishing multiple bed sizes for guests. 


1. What type of mattress is less prone to sagging? 

When it comes to setting up an Airbnb bedroom, you need to use a mattress that's durable. One of the common problems seen in boxed mattresses is sagging, and this can get intensified in an Airbnb bed as the mattress would be used by various guests. That's why you need to find the right mattress type which will resist sagging for a long time. 

On that note, we want to let you know that mattresses with a higher foam density tend to resist sagging for longer. While you may think that a regular spring mattress will work better, it usually doesn't due to the lack of integrity and support. So, it might be better for you to get a mattress with a foam density of at least 4 pounds per cubic foot. 

We would also suggest looking into hybrid mattresses as they combine the advantages of coil and foam models. If possible, opt for one with a pocketed coil system which ensures that a sleeper's weight is evenly distributed through the mattress to prevent sagging. And always make sure to use mattresses made of high-quality materials as they're going to last longer. 

At times, the adverse sagging in a mattress can be caused by user error. For instance, if you forget to flip or rotate the mattress regularly, it may develop a deeper sag. And placing a mattress on a weak foundation, like a bed frame with wide-spaced slats, can cause it to sag within a few months. 

But note that it's normal for every mattress to sag after some time, especially when it has a soft or medium-soft firmness. However, if you are worried about its quality, contact the mattress brand, and they'll surely provide a suitable solution.

2. What are the things to consider while choosing a mattress for an Airbnb? 

If it's your first time furnishing an Airbnb, choosing a proper mattress can be a bit daunting, especially when you need multiple products. But, there's no need to worry as it isn't very different from buying a mattress for your personal bed. Even though most people won't expect the best out of an Airbnb bed, it's still your duty to make the guests happy and comfortable. 

Here are some key factors that will help you in picking a suitable mattress: 

A. Mattress Size 

One of the first things to consider while selecting a mattress is its size. You should select a mattress that fits a bed frame as closely as possible so that it's neither too big nor too small. To do this, measure the bed beforehand and look up the recommended mattress size for that frame. 

Also, remember that the measurements of popular mattress sizes may vary depending on the manufacturer, so double-check the dimensions before placing the order. In the UK, the predominant sizes range from Single to Super King. 

B. Type Of Mattress 

By now, you must have understood that different types of mattresses are available on the market, but the three popular options include innerspring, foam, and hybrid mattresses. 

Innerspring is the more traditional option where support is achieved through coils. On the other hand, in foam mattresses, support and comfort are delivered to a sleeper through layers made of natural latex or synthetic foam. 

The best option for most Airbnbs would be hybrid mattresses that combine the key benefits of innerspring and foam mattresses. Apart from being long-lasting, hybrid mattresses provide superior pressure relief, especially if they have pocketed springs. And in case you want a softer or more luxurious mattress option, do check out multi-layered foam mattresses. 

C. Firmness 

To be honest, the firmness level of a mattress is a hotly debated topic due to individual preferences. But, when choosing a mattress for an Airbnb, it's always better to opt for a medium-firm mattress. They usually offer a universally accepted firmness level that's neither too firm nor too soft. Plus, a medium-firm mattress is suitable for people with different sleeping positions. 

D. Material Of Construction 

Believe it or not, many people can have adverse reactions to the materials used for sheets and mattresses. If you have ever had an unexplainable allergic reaction after sleeping on a hotel bed, the fault may have been in the mattress. That's why you must be conscious while picking a mattress as an Airbnb host. 

We recommend checking out mattresses made with hypoallergenic and antibacterial materials that are naturally treated without the use of harsh chemicals or dyes. However, it's best not to pick something like a latex mattress as many people tend to be allergic to natural latex foams. 

The mattress should also be made out of durable materials so that it can last for a long time. If a mattress brand doesn't provide information regarding the materials, it's best to skip that option. 

E. Temperature Regulation

No one likes to lay overheated or sweating on a holiday bed, and that's why picking a mattress with proper thermal regulation is essential when furnishing an Airbnb. Premium-quality mattresses are made with breathable materials that promote airflow to prevent a sleeper's body from overheating. 

Other than that, some mattresses come with a gel layer or a specialised top that promotes better heat transfer. But hybrid mattresses are by far the best at thermal regulation, and they're also known to retain less heat.  

F. Edge Support 

It's always necessary to have enhanced comfort in Airbnb mattresses to avoid a bad sleeping experience. But, one thing that hosts often forget to check in mattresses is the edge support which may create problems like early damage or sagging. 

Mattresses with proper edge support prevent accidents like guests, particularly children, rolling and falling out of a bed, while you can even opt for mattresses with edge reinforcements or tufting. Moreover, our advice would be to skip plain box spring mattresses as they are known to have poor edge support. 

G. Ease Of Cleaning 

Does the thought of occasionally cleaning several mattresses seem overwhelming to you? Go for options that are easier to clean, like mattresses that come with a washable and removable cover. It's also recommended to opt for lightweight mattresses as they're easier to manoeuvre. 

We even recommend using mattress protectors as they make the surface waterproof, along with protecting the mattresses against everything from dust mites to sweat. 

H. Warranty And Trials 

Even when you're sure about the mattress quality it may still fail to meet expectations and people could have a poor sleep experience. Mattresses that come with a trial period give you the time to truly test out the product to ensure that it's comfortable for the guests and suitable for the Airbnb accommodation. Try opting for brands that provide a 1-year testing period to see how the mattress performs in different seasons. 

Another thing that you must check in a mattress is its warranty. We love forever warranties which provide you with the benefits of seeking repairs or replacement if there's any problem with the mattress. In most cases, you'll get a 10 or 15-year warranty which is enough, as most Airbnb mattresses need to be changed sooner than 10 years. 

3. How to ensure the durability of a mattress? 

Typically, most mattresses last for around 7 to 10 years, based on their usage. However, more brands have been coming up with products that claim to have a lifespan of almost 15 years. 

But the experience of using a mattress is quite different for a rental property compared to your personal bedroom, as multiple people have varied ways of using them. That's why you'll often find mattresses in hotels to be quite uncomfortable, owing to holidayers’ different sleeping styles and body weights. 

The situation is slightly different for an Airbnb host, as you have more control while maintaining the quality of individual mattresses so that they last longer. Here are some tips that will definitely help you keep the mattresses in top conditions: 

A. Turn or Rotate Them Every 3-6 Months 

Most brands recommend turning or rotating mattresses every 3 to six 6 to keep them from sagging. That's because if constant pressure is applied on one part of the mattress for an extended period, there's always a chance of it getting damaged or developing dents. That’s why we would recommend checking the mattress from time to time to ensure there are no dents. 

You should note that all mattresses can't be flipped as they come with a specific top layer. In that case, just rotate it and clean the mattress as per instructions provided by the brand. 

B. Use Mattress Protectors 

It isn't hard to believe that a considerable amount of damage to Airbnb mattresses occurs due to spills. The presence of moisture is detrimental to the quality of a mattress as it can give rise to moulds while the foam may rot. Hence, it's advised to use a mattress protector to safeguard a mattress against fluids or even sweat. 

Using a mattress protector decreases dust accumulation on the crevices of the mattress, which makes cleaning it much easier. That said, you should always ensure that guests are aware of policies like avoiding eating and drinking on the bed. 

C. Vacuum The Mattress 

Yes, a good old way to increase the lifespan of a mattress is to keep it absolutely clean. We recommend thoroughly vacuuming the mattress at least twice or thrice every year to prevent the accumulation of dust, dust mites, and sweat. 

You should use an upholstery attachment which makes the task easier and spend a bit more time on the seams to suck out all the hidden gunk. We would also like to add that if there are stains on the mattress, clean it as soon as possible. For the right way to deal with stains, check the manual provided by the mattress brand. 


Well, that's all we had to tell you in our Airbnb mattress reviews but, before signing off, we would like to mention our favourites. 

If you're in a dilemma about which mattress would be best, then you can opt for the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress without a doubt. It has premium foam layers that relieve stress from the back and shoulders, while cradling the right pressure points, thanks to its safe, durable materials. 

Having said that, the Emma Original Mattress might be a better choice if you're looking for a product with superior edge support and minimal heat retention. It also delivers excellent motion isolation, which is beneficial for rentals where most guests are couples or have kids.