Best Mattress For Allergies In The UK

A good night's sleep: no allergies, just rest!
Best Mattress For Allergies In The UK
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Do you wake up feeling tired because you were coughing all night? 

Most people might pass this off as cold, but you shouldn't rule out the possibility of allergens in the mattress. If you find it challenging to breathe, accompanied by redness in the eyes or an itchy throat, it usually points to dust mites in your home.

Removing the dust mites by cleaning the rooms and washing the mattress is possible, but how to stop these microorganisms from returning? Easy, just use an anti-allergy mattress and say goodbye to allergy symptoms.

Today's guide looks at the best anti-allergy mattresses available out there and explains everything about organic mattresses.

Some of the Best Mattress For Allergies in The UK are:

  1. Simba Green Organic Go Hybrid Mattress - Top Pick
  2. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress
  3. Dunlopillo Firmrest Mattress
  4. UNA Organic Delux Mattress
  5. WOOLROOM Natural Organic Mattress Protector - Protector For Allergies

1. Simba Green Organic Go Hybrid Mattress

Few things are better than getting a night of sound sleep on an organic mattress made from recycled materials that deliver cooling and supportive comfort. The Simba Green Organic Go Hybrid Mattress is made with latex, the brand's patented mattress tech, and biodegradable materials for supreme cushioning and pressure relief. We especially like the organic and breathable cotton comfort, which prevents dust mites and allergic reactions.

Underneath that is the Simba renew layer, followed by a latex comfort layer, supported by an aerocoil spring layer. Plus, the zoned supportcore base and breathable 3D mesh make it a popular hypoallergenic mattress among consumers. It's available in four sizes - King, single, double, and Super King with all products delivered in 3 business days through carbon-neutral delivery. You also get a 1-year trial period to try the mattress.


It doesn't have targeted edge support or high-definition memory foam, although this is compensated by the 5-zoned targeted supportcore base and 3D mesh.


We loved this anti-allergy mattress, thanks to its recycled renew covers that increase the airflow within the top cotton layer to prevent dust mite allergy. Over 2,000 patented and conical springs provide enhanced body support, while a further 900 pocketed springs cushion the head and shoulders.

2. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress delivers unmatched comfort with its memory foam layer, hypoallergenic materials, and ActiveEdge pocket springs. It supports your body from all sides and is available in sizes ranging from single to King. This makes it ideal for front, side and back sleepers, while the climate-neutral fabric maintains the ideal body temperature. And it is made of only natural materials to prevent dust mites.

Thanks to the 15 cm deep pocket springs, this foam mattress has a total depth of 28 cm and comes with a 1-year home trial period. The brand offers free shipping and returns, so if you're unsatisfied, it's possible to return the mattress without any hassle. But the stand-out feature is its lifetime warranty, which gives it the edge over other products. Thus, consumers get their money's worth.


Although it offers a comfortable sleeping environment, the mattress is slightly firm and will take some time to adjust. 


This allergy-free memory foam mattress is available in 5 sizes with an eye-catching memory foam design, supported by ActiveEdge pocket springs for supreme comfort. The mattress will be ideal for all sleepers with its natural fillings and cushioned support, which you can try out for a year at home before making a decision.

3. Dunlopillo Firmrest Mattress

If you're looking for a mattress with anti-microbial properties that can also reduce aches and pains, opt for the Dunlopillo Firmrest Mattress. It offers deep comfort cushioning with an 18 cm deep natural latex layer for firm support so you can sleep soundly every night. There are 7 comfort zones in all; the soft zones cushion your heels and hips while the firm zones help spinal alignment.

The brand uses a soft touch knitted cover, thanks to its Actipro technology, which makes it a highly sought-after hypoallergenic mattress. Moreover, with its open cell structure, the latex fabric improves air circulation for restful sleep. And you won't have to flip the mattress either since it's single-sided for greater durability and comes with an 8-year warranty. It is also fire-resistant and doesn't harm the environment.


Consumers are slightly disappointed that it doesn't have handles on its sides, which makes it difficult to adjust or move the mattress.


It's one of the best mattresses because of the supportive and responsive latex material, which perfectly fits a person's form and shape. Regularly using the mattress will help prevent allergy symptoms, while the soft and beautiful knitted cover guarantees pressure relief to reduce aches.

4. UNA Organic Delux Mattress

It's a 24 cm organic latex and hypoallergenic mattress that provides luxurious comfort for peaceful sleep every night. There are no chemicals or microplastics in the material, and all the natural ingredients are certified for safety. We love the 7 zonal support that cushions the back and cradles the pressure points, while it has 6 adjustable firmness levels. This allows you to change the firmness or softness of the mattress.

The best part is that it's hand-made, which makes it a climate-friendly option with an almost negligible carbon footprint. It doesn't contain any of the harmful chemicals, microplastics, or fire retardants found in other mattresses and uses only organic materials to reduce allergies. We should also mention its durability as the mattress can last for 20 years, with the brand offering a further 10-year warranty and a 100-night happiness guarantee.


Your bed frame must be deep to hold all the layers in place; otherwise, the covers will come loose and need tightening.


The ultra-soft organic wool and cotton cover delivers ultimate comfort, further enhanced by the latex foam layers with 7 zonal support that contours to the body. Also, its unique size fits most bed frames, while the organic materials reduce allergens to keep the mattress clean and create a peaceful sleep environment.

Protector For Allergies

WOOLROOM Natural Organic Mattress Protector

You need three things to sleep comfortably - low humidity, cool temperatures, and a breathable surface. The WOOLROOM Organic Mattress protector ticks all these boxes due to its synthetic, heat reflecting and memory foam surface. But why wool when there are other fibres? This is because wool can reduce moisture and absorb heat more effectively, which allows sleepers to cocoon themselves comfortably to get quality sleep.

Maintenance is easy since the product is machine washable, so change the setting to wool cycle and line dry. And what separates it from other similar products is that it's certified by Allergy UK and doesn't contain harmful chemicals. Allergy sufferers have reported reduced sneezing, itching, irritation, and congestion. The brand has even provided an elastic skirt that runs 35 cm deep to prolong the life of your mattress.


This hypoallergenic mattress protector comes off the corners while sleeping, and you will have to remake the bed every day.


This mattress protector is made from 100% traceable British wool and approved by Allergy UK as a naturally hypoallergenic product to reduce the chance of an allergic reaction. The materials are also resistant to flames, while the manufacturers haven't used any harmful chemicals during construction, which makes the product soft, comfortable, and breathable.


1. Is it better to use an organic mattress?

A common question that may cross your mind is, what's the need to use an organic mattress when other options are more readily available online? But the biggest advantage of these mattresses is they are made of completely natural and non-toxic materials to keep the bedroom clean. 

When you choose organic mattresses, rest assured that there are no chemicals in the products, which is convenient for people who suffer from allergies. In fact, the best brands even get these materials certified by trustworthy organisations to guarantee safety.

But you shouldn't confuse these mattresses with organic beds because, although few, there are a few synthetic materials present even in them. Here we have listed some of the benefits of organic mattresses:

  • Hypoallergenic mattresses that prevent allergy and dust mites
  • The fabric is made from natural ingredients
  • The material is breathable, soft, and comfortable
  • Have zero carbon footprint and reduced impact on the environment
  • Materials like latex mattresses are more durable than other mattress options
  • Offer efficient temperature control in summer and winter
  • Doesn't emit toxic gases during unboxing

Since organic mattresses have more safe compounds than other options, they even deliver the same benefits as certain synthetic components. For instance, wool and bamboo are better than gel-infused cooling foam, while natural latex can contour the body better than normal memory foam products.

Given these factors, organic mattresses seem worth the investment and are a healthier option. But more brands are shifting toward non-toxic materials, which you can usually determine by their certification tag.

The easiest thing would be to opt for anti-allergy organic products that won't cause health issues, and you can sleep peacefully knowing it doesn't harm the environment.

2. What are organic mattresses made of? 

The three primary compounds in hypoallergenic mattresses are wool, cotton, and natural latex. But for a product to be labelled organic, it must receive the necessary certification from the concerned authorities. So, look for globally recognised certification before placing the order.

And the great thing about organic mattresses is that the non-synthetic materials make them eco-friendly, and disposing of an old mattress becomes easier. The materials will gradually decompose with time; that's why many foam mattresses now use organic cotton covers (that prevent moisture buildup), natural latex and comfortable wool layers.

We have provided an in-depth analysis of all these materials below: 

A. Natural Latex

Natural latex comes from rubber tree sap, so its manufacturing technique differs from synthetic or cheaper latex options. Non-synthetic latex is more durable and contours the body by cradling the pressure points. The best part is that it's breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so there's no need to wash the mattress regularly. 

Before choosing a new mattress, look for accreditation from a trustworthy organisation to stay allergy free and prevent issues like watery eyes due to harmful chemicals in the product.

B. Wool

Wool is a popular material because it's made from sheep fleece and delivers superior cooling since it doesn't absorb moisture. The nature of the material wicks away moisture, so during a fall in the temperature, you won't feel sweaty or hot. Most importantly, wool is long-lasting because it's fire-resistant, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

C. Cotton

Another plant-based material ideal for warm climates is cotton, which prevents overheating due to its breathable nature. Although you won't find as many cotton mattresses, cotton is popular as a mattress cover, owing to its durable nature. It's also easy to clean and low-maintenance while preventing allergies like itchy eyes that result from chemicals.

This is because organic cotton doesn't contain toxic pesticides, unlike regular cotton.

3. Where do dust mites thrive, and what are the common symptoms?

Out of all the allergies, dust mite is something most homeowners dread, as it is a harmful reaction to tiny bugs that thrive in the dust gathered inside the house. But given their tiny size, it's impossible to see these microscopic organisms with the naked eye.

They live by feeding on the dead skin cells shed by people, especially in warm and humid environments. In the UK, you're likely to find dust mites in the bedding, carpet or upholstery as they eat organic matter and use moisture in the atmosphere.

Moreover, dust contains the decaying bodies and faces of dust mites, which is highly unhygienic. But the allergy is caused by proteins present within the dead dust mites.

That's why using a cheap mattress which is uncomfortable and absorbs moisture can make you susceptible to dust mite allergies. So, how will you know whether there are dust mites at home? Check out these common symptoms and signs of dust mites to take quick remedial measures.

  • Runny nose
  • Red, watery, and itchy eyes
  • Postnasal drip
  • Nasal congestion
  • Upward rubbing of the nose in children
  • Coughing 
  • Itchy nose, throat, or mouth
  • Facial pain or pressure
  • Swollen skin under the eyes; usually appears blue

Along with the above symptoms, people with asthma are likely to experience:

  • Tightness in the chest, including pain
  • Issues with sleeping
  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Cold like symptoms

Since most of these signs are similar to a cold, it's challenging to know when you have allergies. But dust mite allergies range between mild and severe symptoms. You will experience persistent coughing, eczema flaring up and critical asthma attacks in the latter instance. 

Don't hesitate to contact a doctor in such situations before your condition worsens. 

4. How long can an organic mattress last?

On average, organic mattresses last longer than regular options since the high-quality and natural materials are more durable. One of the most durable materials is organic latex, and 100% natural latex can sometimes retain its quality for 25 years.

We suggest you buy organic mattresses because even if the initial investment is a bit high, you will get great value for money to save more in the long run. 

Another popular option is organic cotton, which is crisp and resistant to external elements. Best of all is its low-maintenance nature, as you can spot-clean the material to keep the bed fresh and clean for many years. Added to that, the lengthy warranties provided by many mattress brands is the icing on the cake since they cover damages while revealing the manufacturer's trust in the product.

5. Who can use organic mattresses?

Organic mattresses are ideal for all sleepers and people with inconsistent sleep patterns. These are usually perfect for consumers who:

  • Want a long-lasting mattress that will stay in top condition for 10 years
  • For whom sustainability is a priority
  • Need a non-toxic mattress that's free from allergens
  • Want free delivery and returns but don't want to use synthetic materials
  • Are hot sleepers
  • Want natural and breathable materials

But even then, not everyone can use organic mattresses and here is a list of things you should be aware of:

  • Organic mattresses aren't cheap but prove cost-effective in the long run
  • Not suitable for guest rooms with a tight budget
  • Need gel-infused foam for extra cooling
  • Unsuitable for people allergic to latex and wool

6. How to clean an organic mattress?

There are several ways and reasons to clean a mattress, but instead of complicating things, we have narrowed down the basic steps for cleaning an organic mattress. Start by stripping the bedding mattress, including pillow cases, sheets and protectors. 

Put all washable items into the washing machine so that you can clean the mattress in the meantime. We suggest using a vacuum cleaner to scoop up the dust and dirt from the top and sides of the mattress by vacuuming in narrow thin lines. And make sure to clean every area at least twice for the best results.

It would be best if you used an upholstery attachment to lift the bulk of the mattress and expose hidden dust. Similarly, with a crevice attachment, clean the edges and seams of the mattress to prevent dust mites.

Once you are satisfied, check for all stains on the surface, for which you will need to use baking powder. Pour some baking powder over the affected area and let it rest for some time. The longer you leave the powder to act on the stain, the cleaner your mattress will look.

Moreover, thanks to the deodorising properties of baking soda, it will remove foul odours from the mattress to deliver a refreshing experience. To remove the baking soda, you will have to vacuum the surface with the same techniques, so there's no point going over them again.

For long-lasting comfort, clean both sides of the mattress before placing it in the sun. UV rays from the sun will kill mould and bacteria, and it would be best to place it in an open space or underneath a window for proper air circulation.

After the mattress is dry, use a protector to cover it and put the sheets back on.

7. What are Sealy smart fibres?

Sealy is one of the leading mattress brands in the world and is certified by Allergy UK for its patented smart fibres. These fibres keep the surface cool and dry, which makes Sealy's mattresses extremely hypoallergenic. They can reduce dust mites and dirt gathering on the fabric, a welcome relief for allergy sufferers and asthma patients.

8. Is it safe to sleep on a new organic mattress?

It would be best to wait 24-48 hours before using a new mattress, considering how they are packaged. Brands have to mechanically compress their mattresses into the shipment box, and vacuum seal the container. 

After the package is delivered, you need to allow time for the mattress to expand to reach the right shape and size. Some people place the mattress in a warm but well-ventilated room to reduce wait time. This will help the product reach its true size quickly, thanks to natural air and light passing through all the layers.


After reading our guide and reviews, we are sure that you might consider getting an anti-allergy mattress.

You can choose one of the products from our list or search for the top brands on the market. The good thing is that most mattress companies have realised the need to manufacture sustainable products that will improve the quality of people's lives while protecting the environment.

It's crucial to adapt to changing times, and even when your old mattress has proved comfortable, try out the latest products to stay healthy. And cleaning such mattresses is hassle-free, which makes them easier to maintain.

We hope you can now make an informed decision and have a relaxing experience every night to wake up energised. See you next time, and sleep tight!