Best Mattress For Allergies In The United States

Sleep well, breathe easy with allergies!
Best Mattress For Allergies In The United States
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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The bedroom should be a safe space to relax in. But have you recently been facing allergic reactions when sleeping? 

It can be because of the mattress that you sleep on. You may not have thought about it, but allergy sufferers often face discomfort because of the dust mites and mildew growth in their mattresses. 

Plus, mattresses that remain moist or have been used for a long time may develop molds that can go unnoticed. And you might find yourself sneezing, coughing, or developing rashes after sleeping on them. 

After hearing this, you might want to change the existing mattress, but what do you purchase instead? To solve this dilemma, we are here with a list of the best mattresses for allergies. 

So, let us not waste any more time and begin! 

Some of the Best Mattress For Allergies in The United States are:

  1. Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress - Top Pick
  2. The Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress
  3. Nolah Mattress 
  4. The DreamCloud Premier Hybrid Mattress
  5. The Natural Bliss 100% Natural Latex Mattress

1. Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress 

Imagine being able to sleep on a luxurious mattress without having to pay a hefty amount for it! The Awara natural hybrid mattress will ensure you get the comfort of organic and silky cotton, along with organic New Zealand wool. That is not all, as the mattress is made of natural Dunlop latex that is Rainforest Alliance certified. 

This latex mattress can be perfect for people looking for an option that reduces motion transfer along with reducing allergy symptoms. The surface is completely non-toxic, providing you with a safe place to sleep. Also, it is medium firm and will eliminate shoulder and back pain. In fact, you don’t have to worry about getting a stiff back, thanks to the bouncy but firm surface of this mattress. 


The edges may slope downwards and not provide adequate support. 


It is time to provide your muscles and joints with much-needed relief with this natural latex mattress. Paired with an organic cotton cover, it will let you stay cool throughout the night. 

2. The Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

The Botanical Bliss organic latex mattress is a handcrafted wonder that will provide you superior comfort and the perfect amount of pressure relief. It is made with organic latex that is GOLS certified. Also, it consists of organic cotton and organic wool that is GOTS certified. Many orthopedic chiropractors and specialists also recommend this as the best natural latex mattress. 

Additionally, you get nine sizes to choose among for this hypoallergenic mattress. Likewise, you  can pick between a medium and medium firmness level. You can customize the height by picking between 9, 10, and 12 inches. Also, you can always call customer care if you want to customize the mattress based on specific allergies. 


Unlike other mattresses that come with a longer trial period, this one comes with only a 100-night trial. 


Equipped with Natural Talalay latex layers and an organic cotton cover, this is one of the best hypoallergenic mattresses. No adhesives, dyes, toxins, or pesticides have been used for its construction, making it absolutely safe. 

3. Nolah Mattress 

Another excellent option for allergy sufferers is the Nolah Mattress. It is environment friendly and made of Talalay latex. Plus, the mattress is made comfortable with organic wool that is GOTS certified, along with an organic cotton cover. And you can get some much-needed support for your body, thanks to the HDMax Tri-Zon coils that are paired with the punctured latex layers. 

Moreover, this mattress is 11 inches thick and is naturally hypoallergenic. It is made of breathable layers, which works very well for hot sleepers and it’s better than simple coil mattresses. That is because you will find latex, wool, and cotton layers along with a coil layer, which makes the mattress more soft and bouncy. It will even offer 33% better comfort and pressure relief as compared to Dunlop and synthetic latex. 


The mattress may smell weird for the first few days or weeks. 


Made of biodegradable and safe raw materials, this is a hypoallergenic mattress that will let you sleep comfortably throughout. It is free from chemicals and is safe for sensitive skin of all ages. 

4. The DreamCloud Premier Hybrid Mattress

The DreamCloud premier hybrid mattress is designed to elevate your entire sleeping experience. It is equipped with a Euro Top quilted cover and will cradle all your curves perfectly well. And inside, you will find individually wrapped coils that will provide the right support. The coils are spread across the surface, which increases edge support and reduces motion transfer as well. 

Aside from that, the mattress is made with responsive memory foam that is resistant to dust mites. And the quilted cover does not catch dust mites easily and is breathable. These excellent factors make the mattress a great choice for those with allergies. Moreover, you can enjoy a 365-night trial period to check if it works for your allergies. Finally, the unit comes with a lifetime warranty. 


The mattress may make you feel hot if you lie down on it for long hours. 


If you have a back pain problem, then this mattress is going to be the best choice for you. It uses a cashmere blend to give you a luxurious feel while it contours your body perfectly. 

5. The Natural Bliss 100% Natural Latex Mattress

The Natural Bliss 100% natural latex mattress is one of the best organic mattresses that comes with no chemicals, synthetics, or blends. It is very soft because of the organic cotton cover and the latex used. This mattress is also GOTS certified and is perfect for those with allergy symptoms. Plus, the brand offers an option to customize the mattress and choose the firmness level and height. 

We liked how this latex mattress uses no glue in the making and has a very sturdy zipper system. Not to forget, it comes with Arpico Organic support core, which will provide your spine with the support it needs. 


The brand only offers 100 trial days, which is less than most other top brands. 


If you are looking for customizable latex firmness for combination sleepers, then this mattress is a great option. It has no toxins and will be perfect for allergy sufferers. 


1. Can allergy sufferers sleep on memory foam mattresses? 

A memory foam mattress is a great option as it is generally hypoallergenic in nature. However, some cheaper versions have a problem with off-gassing. This is a process in which gasses are released in the form of odor when the chemical compounds inside a mattress break down.

This odor can cause health issues, and allergy sufferers may not find it suitable. So, whenever you are purchasing a memory foam mattress, make sure that the mattress has GOLS, GOTS or similar certifications. Purchase from reliable sources, and do not opt for memory foam mattresses offered at a low price or at a great discount. 

2. Can latex mattresses trigger allergies? 

Latex is known to be resistant to mold, bacteria, and dust mites. These are the major reasons behind allergies, so you can expect allergy sufferers to benefit from latex mattresses. However, some people have latex allergies, which can trigger irritations when the skin comes in contact with mattresses made of synthetic latex. Hence, they should choose an option made of completely organic materials.

Besides, they can purchase a hypoallergenic mattress cover that will prevent direct contact with the latex mattress. In case you tend to develop severe allergic symptoms, contact a doctor before purchasing a new mattress and only buy what is suggested. 

3. Should hypoallergenic mattress protectors be used? 

It is best to use a mattress cover as it will prevent dust mites from invading the mattress, keeping allergy and asthma sufferers safe. Besides, the dust mites that are already present will not be able to feed on the mattress and will soon die.

You can even purchase two mattress protectors to use one while the other is being washed and dried. This way, you can always have a mattress protector and never come in direct contact with the mattress surface. 

4. Are latex mattresses also prone to dust mites? 

Latex mattresses are more resistant to dust mites than memory foam mattresses, but they are not immune to them. So, if there is pet dander, dead skin cells, or food particles on the surface of the mattress, then dust mites may come.

Ensure you vacuum your latex mattress often and keep it clean. Aside from that, wash the bed sheets regularly and soak them in hot water for a while to remove all allergens. 

5. What are the different types of mattresses available for people dealing with allergies? 

We will tell you about the different types of mattresses and their benefits in this section. However, remember that all the features may not be consistent if you are purchasing a lower quality or a cheap variant. Moreover, allergy sufferers should always check the material quality and construction of the mattress. 

For example, mattresses that are tightly woven will not allow dust mites to inhabit. Additionally, if natural materials, like silk, wool, bamboo, linen, or natural foam are naturally resistant to allergens. These materials are also breathable, light, and allow moisture to evaporate quickly. 

A. Innerspring Mattresses 

If you are looking for a mattress that is affordable and can be replaced in a few years, an innerspring mattress may be a great option. These have been around for ages and offer ample support with the help of coils. What’s more, you will find padding and comfortable fiber layers, which will provide amazing support along with hypoallergenic comfort. 

However, allergy sufferers must make sure that they stay away from open coils and fibrosis padding. These can promote the growth of dust mites and lead to the build-up of allergens over time. If you already have bought an innerspring mattress with open coils, then opt for a quality mattress protector that can be washed regularly. 

B. Hybrid Mattresses 

Are you looking for thick comfort layers that are made of hypoallergenic and naturally resistant materials? Then hybrid mattresses may be able to provide you with the right level of comfort. They are usually made of latex and foam, and sometimes innerspring, to ensure the right bounciness. 

Also, pocketed coils are often used to prevent motion transfer so that you aren’t bothered by your partner tossing around in bed. These coils may allow better responsiveness and prevent you from sinking in while sleeping. 

And memory foam and latex are known to resist mold, mildew, and dust mites. Hence, you will be exposed to fewer allergens, making these mattresses safer. 

C. Natural Latex Mattress

Natural latex can be used to make the best hypoallergenic mattress, as it is breathable and will prevent moisture from accumulating inside. This prevents the growth of mildew and mold, making it perfect for beds. 

Also, latex mattresses have several layers, which provide adequate support. We will always recommend that you choose natural latex, which is made from sap extracted from rubber trees. 

A processed version of this latex is Dunlop latex, which is durable and dense. So, if you are looking for a durable mattress that will provide edge support and will not trigger allergies, this is an incredible option to pick. 

D. Foam 

Foam mattresses can be made of polyfoam or memory foam. If you want a mattress that will contour your body and provide relief to pressure points, then memory foam is a great choice. The core of such mattresses is often made with polyfoam, which is highly dense and durable. 

In the case of allergy sufferers, dense foam mattresses can be a great choice as they resist dust mites. However, always check if the mattress is made with high-quality materials before purchasing. 

E. Airbed 

True to the name, airbed mattresses contain chambers of air with a supportive core. The chambers can be pumped with air depending upon the firmness that you require. Hence, you can enjoy a customized experience with these mattresses.

Also, you will find airbeds with dual air chambers, so you can adjust the firmness on both sides of the airbeds and reduce motion transfer when sleeping. Other than air, there are other comfort layers in these mattresses that can include latex, foam, and other similar materials. 

Moreover, since the mattress contains a sealed air chamber, there is no way dust mites can get in. Hence, airbeds can be perfect hypoallergenic mattresses, especially with the comfort layers in place. 

One thing to remember when purchasing mattresses is that they should be easy to clean. So, if your mattress does not already come with a mattress protector, then purchase one separately. Since you can’t really wash the mattresses, using a washable protector will help keep the sleeping surface clean. 

6. What type of mattress should you avoid if you have allergy symptoms? 

Down-filled bedding can be the reason behind heightened allergy symptoms. Since moisture does not dry on such bedding easily, it can lead to the growth of molds and mildew. Similarly, comforters and bedding which are loosely woven or contain loose fiberfill are susceptible to getting infested with dust mites. 

Furthermore, do not purchase hybrid mattresses made with synthetic materials. These often use chemicals that can irritate the skin. Also, the material may not be as breathable, and the moisture in the bedding may be retained which can lead to the growth of germs. 

Another thing to consider is the cleaning process. Mattress covers that need a professional cleaning every time are not a good option. You will not be able to visit the dry cleaner regularly, so do not opt for such options. 

7. What are the things to look for while purchasing a good mattress for allergies? 

Choosing the right mattress for allergies can be overwhelming, but if you know the right features to look for, then the job can be made a lot easier. Read on to learn about all of them. 

A. Quality of materials

Good quality materials will always last for a longer time, and you must already know that. So, you can have the most supportive and comfortable experience when you purchase a mattress made with high-quality materials. Besides, they are likely to resist allergens and allow better sleep. 

B. Pressure Relief 

Different mattresses allow you to relax and release pressure from your hips, back, and shoulders. A good mattress will always contour according to the body shape and will ensure you get adequate pressure relief. 

Moreover, it can help with tension relief and allow aches and pains to disappear over time. . 

C. Mattress Firmness 

The mattress firmness is generally rated between 1 and 10, going from extremely soft to firm. Most people purchase mattresses that fall in between and are medium soft (rated 4) or firm ( rated 7 or 8). The right level of firmness will be determined by body weight and personal preference. Some prefer to sink in the mattress, while others may prefer a firmer surface. 

You should know that a lightweight person might find a mattress to be firm while a heavy-weight person may find it to be softer. So, talk to the customer care of the brands and determine the right mattress thickness and firmness. 

D. Edge Support 

Proper edge support will mean that the mattress perimeter responds perfectly well to pressure. A lot of mattresses of lower quality do not allow this, and with less edge support, the mattress can sag easily. Plus, getting in and out of bed becomes very difficult. 

But when you have the right edge support, you get a larger usable area to sleep in. 

E. Contour 

Proper contouring will mean that the mattress takes the shape of the body. When this happens, your pressure points get relief, and that can reduce tension. Memory foam mattresses are well-known to have contouring properties and can make you feel like it is hugging you while sleeping. 

F. Regulating Temperature 

Are you a hot sleeper who feels uncomfortable when the temperature rises? Overheating can be a problem with a lot of mattresses. They may lead to the building up of moisture and sweat, which then causes one to feel uncomfortable. 

Plus, when the moisture doesn't evaporate properly, it can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which is not good for allergies at all. So, try to purchase mattresses made of natural materials like wool and cotton, which will prevent heat and moisture from affecting the body. 

G. Motion Transfer 

A good mattress should prevent motion transfer so that people are able to sleep better. This is especially true if you share the bed with a partner and for light sleepers who get disturbed by the slightest movements. 

8. Which mattress is best for people suffering from asthma? 

A natural latex mattress is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic in nature, which makes it the right option for people suffering from asthma or other forms of allergies. 

A protip: we recommend keeping a bottle of water with you beside the bed if you are prone to asthma cough during the night. Hydrating can bring down these symptoms. 


Before we wrap up, here is a quick recap of the best products. The Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress is perfect for those looking for hybrid mattresses made of organic wool and cotton. 

On the other hand, if you want to get the right amount of pressure relief, then The Botanical Bliss organic latex mattress can be perfect. 

But no matter which option you pick, do not forget to check mattress reviews before purchasing one. Likewise, pay attention to the trial period before finalizing your purchase. If you ask us, we’d say it’s best to settle for one with a trial period of 100 days or more. 

For allergy sufferers, it is best to purchase mattresses with a trial period of 365 days. This will allow you to check how they perform during the peak allergy season and you can then decide whether to keep them.