Best Mattress For Athletes In Canada

Recover better with perfect mattress.
Best Mattress For Athletes In Canada
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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As an athlete, do you wish to enhance your performance? Then you should consider getting a good mattress.

Sure, physical activity might be important for an athlete to stay in top shape, but so is sleep. In fact, if you ask any renowned athlete, they will tell you how sleep is crucial to their performance.

After all, it is vital for recovery, and if you don’t get enough of it, the body won’t get a chance to heal. So, in order to get good quality sleep, you need a comfortable mattress. But if you are not so knowledgeable about these things, you might not know which one to buy.

That’s why we have done the hard work and reviewed some of the best mattresses in Canada for athletes. Dive in!

Five Best Mattress For Athletes Reviews

1. Puffy Lux Mattress

The Puffy Lux Mattress is one of the finest memory foam mattresses in Canada. It features a six-layer design that provides an optimal balance of comfort, support and breathability - all of which are crucial for an athlete. The adaptable dual cloud memory foam conforms to every pressure point seamlessly and relieves stress. Likewise, the outer cover is hypoallergenic and breathable, which helps to provide a cool and hygienic sleep surface.


This mattress offers medium firmness that may feel uncomfortable for stomach sleepers.


Overall, this mattress is a safe choice for athletes since it offers good support for pain relief and recovery and is made from CertiPUR-US-certified materials. Besides, the 101-night trial, lifetime warranty support, and the fast and free delivery process provide added convenience.

2. Ghostbed Venus Williams Legend Mattress

A mattress endorsed by an athlete will definitely be good for other athletes. Made in collaboration with the renowned tennis star, this 12-inch thick Venus Williams Legend mattress by Ghostbed is designed for faster muscle recovery and deep sleep. This is all thanks to the unique mineral-infused memory foam and the springy-yet supportive GhostBounce foam. Also, the sustainably manufactured outer cover has good breathability to keep you cool and dry.


This option comes with a fairly high price tag, and thus, you need a large budget to purchase it.


The materials used in this all-foam mattress are CertiPUR-US-certified, which means you can rest assured about its safety and quality. Subsequently, the Far Infrared technology used in the mattress is effective in pain relief and temperature regulation, which helps you to wake up in the morning fully energized.

3. Simba Hybrid 5000 Pro Flex Mattress

True to its name, the Simba Hybrid 5000 Pro Flex mattress features a hybrid design made of memory foam and 5,000 Aerocoil springs. The Simbatex open-cell memory foam used in this mattress offers good breathability and comfort. On the other hand, the dual spring layers enhance the support and minimize motion transfer. This, in turn, ensures that athletes can sleep comfortably and without any interruptions throughout the night.


The mattress has a relatively long break-in period, which means that it might feel a bit stiff initially.


This mattress is made from eco-friendly memory foam that comes with a CertiPUR-US certification, making it safe and sustainable to use. Additionally, Simba provides a convenient white glove delivery and setup for this mattress, meaning that you don’t have to go through the trouble of setting it up yourself.

4. Brunswick Spring Mattress

The Brunswick Spring Mattress is an affordable hybrid mattress made from spring and foam. There are two layers of cooling gel foam that keep the temperature low and allow the mattress to conform to the body’s pressure points. Also, there is an extra layer of high-density foam that promotes healthy spinal alignment, which is crucial for athletes. Furthermore, the pocketed steel springs improve lumbar support and minimize motion transfer.


Since the mattress has a medium-firm feel, it might be a bit uncomfortable for light and side sleepers.


Thanks to its 120-night trial period, you can safely try it out after purchasing, and if it feels unsuitable, you can return the mattress. On that note, the mattress has strong edge support and is built to last for a long time, which is evident from its lengthy 15-year warranty.

5. Logan & Cove Luxury Pillow Top Mattress

When it comes to affordable luxury mattresses, the Logan & Cove Pillow Top is possibly one of the best options available. This particular mattress is made from premium-quality gel memory foam and individually wrapped pocketed coils. As a result, the mattress is cool and comfortable to sleep on. Apart from that, it can minimize motion transfer and contour to the body’s curves easily to provide adequate pressure relief for athletes.


This option has a relatively bulky build, which makes it a bit difficult to carry or install.


You can choose between two different firmness levels when buying this mattress, which makes it a suitable option for almost all types of sleepers. Moreover, the brand provides fast and convenient delivery for the mattress and includes a 120-night trial and a 15-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some lingering questions after going through our list? Well, you are not alone, for buying a new mattress can be a tricky business, especially if you are an athlete. After all, the sleep needs of an athlete are slightly different than the average consumer, given their high physical activity levels.

So, you would definitely not want to end up with an incorrect mattress since that will hamper your physical performance as an athlete. Besides, mattresses don’t come cheap, which means that purchasing the wrong one will waste your money. And believe us - if you are an amateur or young athlete, that won’t be a wise thing to do!

But there’s no need to worry, for in this section, we have answered some of the most common questions that people ask when looking to buy a mattress for athletes. We’d strongly suggest that you keep reading, as it may answer some of your doubts and questions.

1. What Is The Ideal Mattress Type For Athletes?

If you go looking for a mattress in Canada today, you will come across different types of mattresses. At first glance, it may seem like all these mattress types are suitable for athletes. However, that’s not the case since each mattress type has its own set of pros and cons that you need to know. For your convenience, we have discussed them below.

A. Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are made from synthetic materials like polyurethane. More specifically, the soft memory foam material is derived by treating polyurethane with other chemical additives. These chemical additives determine the viscosity and density of the foam material.

Such mattresses normally have a plush feel and can easily conform to the curves of your body. That makes them a good choice for athletes since conforming surfaces are good for relieving pressure at the key pressure points.

With that being said, there are a couple of limitations to a typical memory foam mattress. First off, they are not the most sustainable options around, as they are made from artificial chemical agents. Secondly, conventional memory foam is known to retain body heat, which can be a problematic aspect for athletes.

Luckily, the latter issue can be resolved to some extent by using open-cell memory foam. As you can guess, the internal structure of such memory foam consists of numerous small open spaces that promote airflow and keep the sleeper cool. So, if you wish to purchase such a mattress type, make sure to check this aspect beforehand.

B. Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

A gel memory foam mattress is an upgraded variant of the regular memory foam mattress. That’s because it possesses all the properties of regular foam except for the heating issues.

The foam layers of such a mattress are infused with cooling gel beads that can effectively dissipate any excess heat from inside the mattress. Besides, most gel-based mattresses have an open-cell foam structure, which enhances breathability.

As such, this type of mattress is a great choice for athletes since it offers decent cooling and support while sleeping.

C. Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses have a large number of pocketed coils packed inside the mattress layers. Because of this reason, such mattresses have a firm, bouncy feel. The bounce or responsiveness is a desirable aspect for most athletes. It helps with faster recoveries and improves support for the key areas of the body, such as the spine, back, hips and shoulders.

However, the higher firmness is a significant drawback of this type, as it can make the mattress feel stiff. And a stiff mattress is definitely not healthy for athletes unless they have high body weight.

D. Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are made up of latex foam which, in turn, is derived from the sap of rubber trees. This foam is relatively denser than conventional memory foam, which is why latex mattresses have a slightly firmer feel. However, they are not as firm as innerspring, which makes them a better choice for athletes.

In that context, the high-density latex material makes the mattress highly responsive, which helps with pressure relief and improves recovery time. All of these aspects make latex mattresses a great option for athletes. The only downside is the price, which is significantly higher than any other type of mattress. That’s because the manufacturing process for such a mattress requires a lot of time and effort.

E. Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is made from more than one type of material. Naturally, there are different types of hybrid mattresses available today, out of which the foam and innerspring variant is the most common. There is a minimum of one memory foam comfort layer in such a mattress, along with a layer of pocket springs.

As a result, it provides a good degree of softness, support and responsiveness which are crucial for getting restorative sleep. It is quite breathable as well, which means that it is good for hot sleepers. Besides, such a mattress does not have an exorbitant price either, which makes it a great choice for athletes.

2. What Is The Optimal Mattress Firmness For An Athlete?

When it comes to the firmness of a mattress, there is no fixed standard that can be recommended to every athlete. But as a general rule, you should try to avoid an extremely soft mattress with a very low firmness score. Similarly, you should avoid purchasing a firm mattress that scores very high on the firmness scale, as it may feel too stiff.

So, the ideal option is to get a mattress that has a medium or medium-firm feel. That said, athletes will need to take into account some other factors when deciding on the best firmness. These factors are the body type and the preferred sleep position.

A. Mattress Firmness Based On Body Type

By body type, we are basically referring to body weight. An individual with a bulky body type naturally has a higher weight than a person with a lean body. 

On that note, light sleepers generally prefer using softer mattresses since they can conform to their body effectively. In contrast, a heavy sleeper will usually prefer to sleep on a firmer mattress as that can support the heavier weight of their body with ease.

Most athletes tend to have an average body weight, which means that a medium to medium-firm mattress is the best fit for them. However, that is not a general rule since there are many athletes with lean or bulky frames. In those cases, the ideal firmness level will change according to the body weight.

B. Mattress Firmness Based On Sleep Position

Besides the body type, the preferred sleep positions need to be considered as well. Based on the position, there are three primary types of sleepers, which are front (or stomach), side and back sleepers. There are also combination sleepers who tend to switch positions frequently while sleeping.

In any case, each sleeping position requires a specific level of firmness. That is because each part of the body has a different susceptibility to this aspect. Stomach sleepers tend to prefer firmer mattresses since they can effectively support the stomach portion. 

Likewise, side sleepers use soft mattresses that provide the necessary contouring for their side profile. As for back and combination sleepers, they tend to prefer an intermediate level of firmness to match their sleeping style.

3. What Is The Best Mattress Thickness For Athletes?

The thickness of the mattress is another important factor that you need to consider before making a purchase. Also known as the mattress profile, the thickness usually depends on the composition and the number of layers present in a mattress.

Naturally, mattresses that have multiple layers have a thick profile and vice versa. Similarly, innerspring mattresses have a relatively thicker profile than memory foam or latex mattresses. That’s because the spring coils inside the mattress are vertically elongated in shape.

With that in mind, the ideal thickness of a mattress is dependent on the sleeping preference in most cases, similar to the firmness. Side or back sleepers typically benefit from thicker mattresses with multiple comfort layers, as they offer a plush feeling. On the other hand, heavy or stomach sleepers may find thinner mattresses to be more useful.

4. What Are Some Other Beneficial Mattress Features That Athletes Should Check For?

When looking for a new mattress, athletes should place special emphasis on the aspect of breathability and temperature regulation. The higher physical activity levels of athletes mean that they often tend to sleep hot. If they do not purchase a well-ventilated cooling mattress, they will become overheated and sweaty, which will disrupt their sleep cycle. 

So, features such as open-celled or gel-based foam are essential. In some cases, the mattress will be infused with thermally conductive materials like graphite or copper microparticles, which can be highly beneficial in this regard.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the motion isolation properties of the mattress. Surely, after a long and exhausting day of sports, you would not want your sleep to be interrupted by disturbances caused by your partner, children or pets, right? 

This is why you need to ensure that the mattress has strong motion isolation. That, in turn, will minimize motion transfer and make sure that you get a good night’s sleep.

Final Verdict

Now, we have arrived at the end of this detailed review-based guide. But before we depart, allow us to mention our favourites from the list provided here.

Personally, we loved the Puffy Lux Mattress since it offers well-rounded comfort and support, both of which are essential for athletes. Also, it has good breathability and is hypoallergenic, which ensures quality sleep throughout the night. Thanks to these reasons, this particular option is our top pick.

However, if you want a mattress that is highly responsive, you can spend a little more and get the Ghostbed Venus Williams Legend Mattress. It offers decent pressure relief to athletes and provides optimum ventilation. Besides, it is endorsed by the renowned fellow athlete Venus Williams - what more could you possibly ask for?