Best Mattress For Combo Sleepers In Australia

Sleep in any position comfortably!
Best Mattress For Combo Sleepers In Australia
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Combo sleepers are people who have varying sleeping positions and shift between them throughout the night.

You might be aware of all the mattresses meant for each sleeping position, but what can you do when you have more than one sleeping position? This is where mattresses meant for combo sleepers come into the picture, helping you get sound sleep to wake up well rested. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the top 5 mattresses for combination sleepers and the unique construction they feature.

5 Best Mattress For Combo Sleepers In Australia

1. Emma Comfort Mattress 

Emma wanted to design a product that was both affordable and suitable for all sleeping positions, which is why the comfort mattress was made with two layers and an additional cover. The topmost layer comprising the Airogell foam allows the heat to be evenly distributed across the surface and helps you stay cool throughout. It also has pressure relieving properties which can help people with a sore back. 

Its cover is made of polyester along with 1% of elastane to make the overall fit better. Emma wanted to use a material that would enhance breathability while being easy to clean. Moreover, polyester proves durable and delivers a medium-firmness suitable for all sleepers. The brand further ensures there is zero motion transfer, which makes this mattress ideal for combo sleepers. 


The Emma comfort mattress lacks much-needed edge support. 


Overall, the Emma comfort mattress is a suitable choice for couples due to the lack of motion transfer. Furthermore, its polyester covers make the mattress much more durable and long-lasting. 

2. Origin Hybrid Mattress 

Origin is one of the first brands to come up with a hybrid design for their mattresses and this product features five layers, excluding the cover. The HexaGrid layer is designed to help with pressure relief and provide support to people with a sore back. Furthermore, the mattress comprises a natural bamboo layer, Australian wool layer, and a pocket spring layer for maximum comfort. 

The cover of the Origin hybrid mattress is made up of Tencel, which is a breathable material and ensures that the surface you lay on stays cool throughout the night. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic, which makes it an ideal choice for people with allergies. Tencel is also an eco-friendly material, so if you are looking for sustainable products, this mattress would suit you best. It has a medium firm feel and its lack of motion transfer makes it ideal for couples. 


The Origin Hybrid mattress cover cannot be washed in the machine since it is made of a sensitive material.


For all combo sleepers, lack of motion transfer is the primary feature needed in a bed and the Origin hybrid mattress has just that. It is also naturally hypoallergenic and made with eco-friendly materials that keep the mattress cool. 

3. Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress 

The diamond matters by Emma follows a unique design and is the first hybrid mattress by the company, thanks to its graphite foam construction. Emma wanted to create a mattress that would suit the harsh Australian weather and this foam layer keeps the bed cool throughout the night. Furthermore, it reduces any motion transfer so you and your partner can sleep comfortably without any disturbances.

To improve the cooling effect of the mattress, they used polyester to make the cover along with 1% elastane for better fit. Polyester is also quite easy to maintain and can be washed in the machine if and when needed. The Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress delivers a medium-firm feel, making it suitable for people with varying sleeping positions. Though slightly firmer when compared to the Emma comfort mattress, it offers enough weight distribution on its upper layers for a soft feel. 


The Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress can be quite expensive when compared to other options on the market.


The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is ideal if you need a bed that stays cool throughout the night as well as has zero motion transfer. Apart from comfort, the mattress focuses on providing body support and works for all sleeping positions thanks to its graphite foam layer. 

4. Premiere MK2 Mattress 

The Premiere MK2 mattress is a hybrid mattress that comes in two different firmness profiles. If you require more comfort, you can opt for the medium-firm option whereas if you need more support, firmer options would be best suited. The mattress is made up of seven layers and each layer focuses on improving airflow and providing body support. 

Furthermore, the eco-air gel foam layer ensures that the mattress stays cool throughout while the HD comfort layer regulates body heat. The cover of this mattress is made up of a stretch fabric that has a premium look and soft feel. Plus, the sides of the cover comprises a 3D mesh gusset which enhances airflow and is one of the best features this product has. It is also designed to be breathable and keep the mattress cool even during summer. 


The cover of the Premiere MK2 mattress is not removable, so it cannot be machine washed. 


Due to its excellent edge support, the Premiere MK2 mattress is one of the best products for couples. Its breathable covers and gel foam layers ensure there is proper airflow and cools the mattress down for ultimate comfort. 

5. The Koala Mattress 

Koala mattresses are designed to withstand the Australian weather and this mattress comprises a Kouldcell foam layer for temperature regulation to ensure the bed stays cool throughout. It also comes with a COOLMAX technology that can wick away any excess heat and regulate overall body temperature. The base layer of these mattresses consist of a zoned support layer that provides personalised body support. 

Moreover, the cover of the Koala mattress is made of Tencel Lyocell fibre that is known to wick away excess moisture and keep the surface dry at all times. Tencel is also a hypoallergenic material which makes it a suitable alternative for people with allergies or other health issues. As for the firmess, the Koala mattress comprises a flippable design with the two sides ranging from medium to firm respectively. 


Though the Koala mattress offers medium-firm options, it is on the firmer side and can be unsuitable for people who prefer softer mattresses. 


The Koala mattress is a suitable choice for people, owing to its COOLMAX technology and Tencel Lyocell fibre construction. With its temperature control and body heat regulation, this mattress is specifically designed for Australian weather and ensures you stay cool throughout. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What Factors Should Combination Sleepers Consider When Buying A New Mattress? 

A. Mobility

The main thing you must consider before buying a mattress for combo sleepers is mobility. Mobility essentially refers to how much a mattress moves around or stays in place when you change positions during your sleep. 

If the mobility levels are pretty high, it can make it easier for the sleeper to toss and turn without the mattress holding them down. Furthermore, combo sleepers tend to move around a lot when they sleep and while they shift positions. This is why mobility is a major factor to be considered when choosing a mattress. 

So, how can one assess if the bed has enough mobility or not? The brief answer is by taking the materials into account. Irrespective of the type of foam mattress you choose, ensure that there is a small amount of latex foam layering the top of the mattress. 

Latex is a natural material and has a swift response to movement. This enables the sleeper to switch sides and move comfortably. On the other hand, memory foam has a relatively small response time and is known to conform to your body shape, making it difficult to move around a lot. 

Adding more pocketed coils and springs can also make the mattress more efficient. Pair it with a buoyant latex foam pad and the mattress will be extremely mobile. If you’re a combo sleeper who needs extra lift and bounce on their bed, a gentle foam mattress with coils would be ideal. 

B. Pressure Relief 

Apart from effective mobility, pressure relief is yet another aspect that is crucial to most combo sleepers. Most sleepers only need to get a mattress that provides enough pressure relief for one particular sleeping position. 

Combo sleepers, on the other hand, move around a lot while they sleep and need pressure relief properties for various kinds of positions. Though it is a tricky proposition, it is nothing a suitable mattress can’t solve.

The most ideal way to ensure even pressure relief is by using a bed with a more balanced design. This means the mattress comprises various materials that help it provide support, comfort and pressure relief. Beds made up of a single material or similar materials, though comfortable, tend to be ineffective at providing pressure relief through various positions.

C. Firmness 

Similar to spine alignment, body support, and pressure relief, firmness is equally important when purchasing a mattress for combo sleepers. However, different mattresses can provide the same amount of support in certain cases, so it is necessary to remember that firmness and support are two different aspects. 

Ideally, combination sleepers prefer a mattress that is medium or medium firm. This means it falls under a 5-7 range on the firmness scale (where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest). But why is medium firmness ideal for combo sleepers? This is because medium firmness provides much-needed balance between support and pressure relief, which helps with spinal alignment and improves the overall sleep quality. 

2. What Are The Pros And Cons Of Each Sleeping Position? 

Irrespective of what your sleeping position is, or how many positions you change while sleeping, the key thing to consider is spine alignment. Out of the three sleeping positions, some are comparatively better for the body and just healthier for proper alignment. 

Here are the pros and cons of the three main sleeping positions you should know about. 

A. Side Sleeping 

Side sleeping is by far the most popular type of sleeping position because it is quite similar to the foetal position that the majority of the people find comfortable regardless of their age. It is also very common among people with back problems and pregnant women. 

Such sleepers usually place all their body weight onto one side, replying on the shoulder and hip, which helps minimise the stress from the back, neck and stomach. Furthermore, people who have troubles with snoring and have acid reflux often sleep better when they lay on their sides. 

However, the main downside to side sleeping is that it may lead to premature ageing on the face, especially on the preferred side of the sleeper. Since the facial skin either sags or is pushed in unnatural ways, it may lead to wrinkling at a young age. Additionally, side sleeping requires further products such as pillows and accessories to improve spinal alignment. 

B. Back Sleeping 

Back sleeping is the main sleeping position recommended by most sleep specialists and doctors. This is mainly because back sleeping is naturally ideal for spine alignment. 

However, people who are heavier or carry weight in their midsection, including pregnant women or heavyweight people, can suffer from lower back pain in this position. To evenly distribute their midsection weight, side sleeping would be ideal in such instances. 

Furthermore, back sleeping leads to more chances of snoring or worsening of the same, along with increased acid reflux. If you are a combination sleeper who sleeps frequently on their back, you might want to consider getting a mattress meant for back sleeping or accessories related to the same. 

C. Stomach Sleeping 

Stomach sleeping is the least preferred sleeping position and heavily advised against by most doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and sleep experts. This is because stomach sleeping can usually cause a significant amount of pain, discomfort and lead to poor spinal alignment. 

Since this position does not provide the required  support, it can cause severe strain on the sleepers lower back and neck. Irrespective of how many sleeping accessories or pillows you have, or how many sleeping tactics you use, stomach sleeping is by far the least comfortable and the most unhealthy option. 

Moreover, stomach sleeping requires the sleeper to turn their head to a particular side while their body remains straight. It can also lead to neck problems and discomfort when they wake up. 

3. What Mattress Firmness Is Ideal For Combination Sleepers? 

Spinal assignment is a crucial factor to consider for most sleeping positions, but more so for combination sleepers. When sleeping, the spine should maintain its natural position which is all the way from the shoulders to the pelvis. When the spine alignment is out of place, it can lead to extreme pain in the main pressure points, such as hips and shoulders. 

The support of a mattress, which can also be called its ability to provide a sleep surface that remains flat and conforms to the body, is mainly determined by the firmness level. Generally, firmness levels are measured on a scale of 1 to 10. 

Mattresses that are scored close to 1 are the softest ones whereas mattresses that fall just under 10 are usually on the firmer side. But the right firmness level is a subjective measure and depending on the individual's body weight, height or sleeping position, can vary significantly. 

Here is a table that shows various firmness levels and how ideal they are for combination sleepers.


After our research and comparison, we can safely say that the Emma comfort mattress is the most ideal one for combination sleepers. Its lack of motion transfer and medium firm profile makes every sleeping position comfortable with proper spine alignment. 

An alternative to the Emma comfort mattress is the Origin Hybrid mattress. Offering premium comfort, this mattress and its HexaGrid layer with premium bamboo construction ensures all combination sleepers get a good night's rest. 

So, choose any of the products we have reviewed to enjoy optimum comfort while sleeping throughout the year!