Best Mattress For Combo Sleepers In USA

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Best Mattress For Combo Sleepers In USA
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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If you're a combo sleeper, you know how hard it is to find a good mattress that can deliver proper sleep.

Most mattresses cater to people who sleep in a single position or, at the very least, move about very little. Thus, they are less than ideal for combination sleepers who alter their sleeping position throughout the night. 

But there are a few brands that offer mattresses that can serve the sleeping requirements of combo sleepers perfectly. And we've reviewed the best of them here to help you find a suitable option.

So, let's get started!

5 Best Mattresses For Combo Sleepers [Reviews]

1. Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Known for its impressive selection of bedding products, the Layla brand has outdone itself with this mattress. It comes with copper-infused foam instead of regular memory foam, which does an excellent job of providing support. This foam also contains a copper-infused gel that ensures the mattress remains soft while supporting heavier body parts well. And the copper particles help you remain cool by drawing away body heat, ensuring comfortable sleep.

The Layla memory foam mattress also has a cooling cover that further enhances its cooling capabilities. This comes with a zipper that makes it easy to remove the cover for cleaning purposes. Additionally, the foam making the support layer of the mattress ensures that motion transfer is highly reduced while providing a high level of durability. This means the chances of disturbances are minimized, and the mattress will last a long time.


Extremely heavy sleepers may find this mattress to be too soft for comfortable sleep.


With its high-quality copper foam construction and copper gel, this mattress is a great option for those looking for the best mattress for combo sleepers in the USA.

2. GhostBed Classic Mattress

GhostBed is a leading brand specializing in the manufacture of luxury bedding products, and this Classic mattress is one of the best offerings from the brand. The GhostBed Classic is a medium-firm option that is completely manufactured in the USA and Canada. At the top, it has a soft cover made from polyester and viscose, which makes the mattress breathable.

Then, there is a combination of gel-infused memory foam and latex layers that allow proper airflow while providing the mattress with a contouring ability. For the support layer, the GhostBed Classic mattress comes with high-density foam that also makes the mattress durable. In addition, it comes with Certipur-US certification, making it one of the safest options. And you get a 101-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty, ensuring easy refunds and returns.


People wanting an extremely soft or firm mattress may find this mattress unsuitable. 


This Ghostbed mattress is an award-winning option that offers the benefits of gel-infused memory foam and latex, making it ideal for combination sleepers. 

3. Puffy Mattress

The next item on this list is the Puffy Mattress, an American-made mattress endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. It features a stain-resistant and hypoallergenic cloud cover that can be easily removed and washed. In addition, there is a two-inch gel-infused memory foam that cradles your body to ensure maximum sleeping comfort. This is accompanied by a Climate Comfort Foam that promotes better airflow for effective temperature regulation.

Aside from that, the base layer of this mattress is made of Firm Core Support Foam, which can help promote better spinal alignment and isolate motion to minimize disturbances. And the Grip Base Cover helps eliminate movement and ensures that the mattress stays in its place. As for people concerned about safety, the Puffy Mattress comes with Certipur-US certification. So, you can rest assured it is completely free of harmful materials.


The Puffy Mattress is not a good choice for people needing a budget-friendly option.


Those looking for an American-made mattress with a solid construction, a removable cover, and Certipur-US certification will find this mattress the perfect choice.

4. DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

When it comes to hybrid mattresses, few options are as good as this one from DreamCloud, thanks to its range of useful features. These include a quilted cashmere cover that is extremely soft and breathable, Certipur-US certified foam construction, and gel-infused pressure-relieving memory foam. The softer foam provides adequate cushioning, while the gel-infused foam helps keep you cool while relieving pressure. Below this lies a transition layer that helps promote proper spinal alignment. 

The coil layer of this mattress is made of individually wrapped steel coils that work exceptionally well to reduce motion transfer while improving airflow. The base layer is made of foam that supports the layers on top, helping maximize the performance of each layer. Apart from that, you get a shift-resistant cover with handles that make it easy to set up or move the mattress when needed. 


The edge support on this mattress is not the best. 


Combining high-quality construction with impressive features like a quilted cover and Certipur-US certification, the DreamCloud hybrid mattress is one of the highest-recommended mattresses available right now. 

5. Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

The Helix Midnight Luxe mattress is among the most popular mattresses, and with good reason. This mattress is a great pick for almost everyone, featuring a premium quilted top that provides extra comfort and a copper gel-infused memory foam layer for effective cooling. It also has a support layer made of Memory Plus Foam that helps provide support to various body parts for deep, restful sleep. 

For the transition layer of this mattress, high-grade polyfoam is used, which can contour according to your body shape and distribute weight evenly across the mattress. Then there is the coil layer, which uses over 1000 coils to provide edge and lumbar support, alleviating discomfort. The bottom of the mattress is also made of a foam layer that provides durability and keeps it stable.


Side sleepers who need extra pressure relief may not find this the best option.


Featuring a copper gel memory foam and steel coil construction, the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress is a worthy choice if you are looking for a US-made hybrid mattress.


1. How firm should a mattress be for combination sleepers?

While proper spinal alignment is essential for everyone, it is even more so for combination sleepers. Whether you're sleeping on your back, stomach, or side, the spine should be aligned with the shoulders and the back to prevent pain and discomfort. And how effectively a mattress can promote spinal alignment depends on its firmness level. 

The firmness of a mattress is measured from 1 to 10, with one being the softest and ten being the firmest. But how firm a mattress should be depends on the body type and weight. For lightweight sleepers, soft or medium-soft mattresses are ideal since such sleepers do not have much weight that can exert pressure on the mattress.

They may feel uncomfortable even when sleeping on a medium-firm mattress, but softer ones can provide more contouring for better comfort.

Then there are average-weight sleepers, for whom firm to medium-firm mattresses might be best since they provide a good balance of support and contouring. For heavier sleepers, firm mattresses are ideal since they can prevent them from sinking into the mattress, unlike softer ones. This prevents their spine from becoming misaligned, preventing discomfort.

2. What types of mattresses are suitable for combination sleepers?  

Various types of mattresses available come with different features that make them suitable for different types of sleepers. Generally, mattresses are classified on the basis of the materials used for their construction. 

1. Memory Foam 

Memory foam mattresses first became available during the 1990s and have now become incredibly popular globally. These mattresses are known for their high contouring capability, allowing them to mold themselves according to your body shape.

However, a memory foam mattress may not be a suitable option for combination sleepers since it allows sinking in of the body and makes moving around difficult. Since you cannot move as easily on such mattresses, the chances of waking up multiple times are higher. If you're going with such an option, opting for a medium-firm mattress is a good idea. 

2. Latex  

Latex mattresses are manufactured using sap from the rubber tree or synthetic compounds and are somewhat similar to memory foam ones. But they are firmer and offer a much better bounce while retaining less heat. Because of this, they are a great choice for combo sleepers since they provide adequate contouring without allowing you to sink in. 

However, latex mattresses, especially those made from natural latex, can be hard to find and are quite expensive. 

3. Innerspring Or Coil

Innerspring or coil mattresses are made from springs that provide support to the body and were much more popular earlier. Modern coil mattresses often come with pocket coils that help distribute body weight evenly for greater comfort. 

Coil mattresses are extremely affordable but may not last for an extended period. While such mattresses offer good support, they are not as good at delivering softer comfort, unlike memory foam or latex mattresses. This can be a problem for side sleepers, so using a topper with such mattresses is highly recommended. 

4. Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses are manufactured using several materials, such as innersprings, latex, and foam. Generally, the support layers of such mattresses are constructed with coils, while the comfort layers use memory foam or latex. 

Since they offer the benefits of different types of mattresses while eliminating their drawbacks, hybrid mattresses are a suitable option for combination sleepers. Some brands even offer custom hybrid mattresses, but they can be quite costly. 

3. What factors should be considered when buying a mattress for combo sleepers?

Finding the best mattress for combo sleepers in the USA isn't easy due to the large number of options that come with different features. However, by keeping a few factors in mind, the process can become a bit simpler. Here are some such factors to consider:

1. Firmness 

The ideal firmness level of a mattress depends on your weight and sleeping position. As mentioned before, heavier sleepers require firmer mattresses that prevent them from sinking in. On the other hand, lightweight sleepers may find firmer mattresses to be uncomfortable and need softer ones that provide adequate cushioning. 

Similarly, softer mattresses are better for side sleepers since their contouring ability allows them to relieve pressure on heavier body parts like hips and shoulders. In contrast, back sleepers require firmer mattresses, while stomach sleepers need the firmest options for better spinal alignment. 

That being said, most combo sleepers find medium-firm mattresses suitable since they provide good contouring with excellent support. 

2. Contouring Capability

How well a mattress can contour to your body shape and movement depends on its comfort layers. Proper contouring can help relieve pressure from areas like the hip, shoulders, and joints, helping you sleep better. 

For back sleepers, the mattress should be able to mold itself according to the curves of the lower body, while it should contour around the stomach for stomach sleepers. As for side sleepers, a mattress that can cradle the thighs, shoulders, and hips is ideal. 

Additionally, in all cases, the mattress should be able to distribute body weight uniformly while keeping the spine aligned. 

3. Responsiveness 

The responsiveness of a mattress is among the most crucial factors to consider when buying a mattress for combination sleepers. This is because combo sleepers change their sleeping position frequently throughout the night. And when they do so, the mattress responds to such movement, depending on how it is constructed. 

A highly responsive mattress will quickly adjust to such body movements and is better for combination sleepers. Such mattresses include innerspring and latex ones, while memory foam mattresses have a slow response and take time to regain their normal shape.

Responsiveness is closely related to motion isolation, which should also be considered when sharing the mattress with a partner. A mattress that properly isolates motion will prevent disturbances when you or your partner move during the night. Generally, memory foam mattresses are great at motion isolation, though hybrid and latex ones also perform well.  

4. Durability

A mattress is a significant investment, so when buying one, you should check and ensure that it will last a long time. This is an even more important consideration for combination sleepers since the mattress is likely to experience rougher usage.

The durability of a mattress will depend on its construction materials and design. You should try to find out the quality of materials used for constructing the mattress from the manufacturer. Generally, manufacturers that use high-quality materials will provide this information on their website, but if such information is unavailable, it is best to avoid that brand.

5. Sleep Trials, Warranties, And Return Policies

Manufacturers offer sleep trials to allow customers to test the product for themselves before making a decision. Generally, this trial lasts for about 100 nights but can be more or less depending on the brand. Make sure that the trial period is adequate to allow you to fully test the mattress before purchasing, and the brand offers a complete refund if the mattress is unsuitable.

In addition to the sleep-trial period, check out the warranty offered on the mattress. Mattress warranties usually cover manufacturing defects and issues like sagging if they occur too quickly, but this can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Brands generally offer a ten-year warranty on mattresses, but again, this can vary.

Sometimes manufacturers offer a return policy instead of a free trial. Such policies allow you to return the product within 30 days and get a complete refund. But it is even possible to find a mattress brand that offers both free trials and refunds, so make sure to check the website. 

6. Price

Mattresses are available at several different price points, ranging from extremely pricey to highly affordable. The price depends upon factors like the brand reputation, type of mattress, design, features, etc. When considering the price, you should remember that it is important to check whether the mattress can deliver comfortable sleep and last for a considerable period. 

You may think going with costlier options may be better, but that does not guarantee the mattress will provide a good experience. Similarly, going with the cheapest option may fail to guarantee proper sleep. 

So, consider what the mattress offers in relation to its price before you decide.


People who move around a lot in their sleep tend to have difficulty finding a suitable mattress that can help them get restful sleep. But selecting the right mattress is vital since it will help prevent problems like joint and back pain that can affect your overall health. 

Hopefully, this guide on the best mattress for combo sleepers in the USA will help you find a suitable option. The products mentioned here, such as the Layla Memory Foam Mattress with its copper gel and breathable cover, are a great pick for combo sleepers.

Similarly, the Ghostbed Classic Mattress, with its combination of memory foam and latex layers and a 20-year warranty, is a worthy choice.