Best Mattress For Couples In Canada

Sleep better, together in Canada!
Best Mattress For Couples In Canada
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Sleeping with a person you love improves your sleep quality and overall mental wellness. 

However, ensuring that you and your partner stay comfortable while sleeping is a crucial factor most couples tend to miss out on. Since both of you will have varying needs, finding a mattress that hits the sweet spot is necessary to get much-needed rest. 

We have compiled a list of the 5 best mattresses for couples in Canada, so let’s check out the first product.

5 Best Mattress For Couples In Canada

1. Puffy Lux Mattress 

The Puffy Lux mattress is a coil-based support system that is designed for utmost comfort. Comprising 6 layers, this mattress provides adaptive support that conforms to your body shape. This enables it to provide relief to the pressure points, such as your back, neck and shoulders, along with proper spine alignment. Additionally, this mattress has a medium firmness profile, so it doesn't feel too soft or too firm to lay on. 

What makes this product ideal for couples is its motion isolation technology. The mattress has a memory foam interior that minimizes motion transfer across the surface, thanks to the individually wrapped coils. Furthermore, the mattress provides impressive temperature control, as it comprises a gel-infused interior, which regulates the body temperature and improves air circulation within the mattress. 


Since the layers compress a lot under pressure, the edge support of the Puffy Lux mattress is not ideal. 


If you're looking for a mattress that provides pressure relief and has motion isolation, the Puffy Lux mattress is an ideal choice. Furthermore, the mattress helps regulate temperature for sound sleep and keeps you cool throughout the night. 

2. GhostBed Classic Mattress 

The GhostBed Classic mattress, and its 4 layers of latex and memory foam interior, ensure that you get the best comfort possible. Its gel-infused memory foam conforms to your body shape and provides personalized support. The latex layer, on the other hand, focuses on maintaining a comfortable mattress temperature and allowing enough air circulation. Additionally, latex is a hypoallergenic material, which makes this mattress ideal for people with allergies by reducing the chances of mold, mildew, bacteria, and parasites.

As for the firmness profile of this mattress, it scores 8/10 on the firmness scale. This means that it is firmer than the average mattress and has a medium-firm profile. The GhostBed Classic mattress also has sturdy edge support and impressive motion isolation, making it a comfortable choice for couples. Furthermore, the mattress is made of high-quality materials, making it quite durable, and it can last anywhere between 7 and 10 years. 


The GhostBed Classic mattress falls on the firmer side and can be unsuitable for lightweight people who might prefer softer surfaces. 


GhostBed mattresses are known for their durability, and this particular model isn’t different with its sturdy edge support and high-quality construction. Moreover, with motion isolation properties and effective temperature control, this mattress can help you get a good night's rest throughout the year. 

3. Simba Hybrid 2500 Mattress 

The Simba Hybrid 2500 mattress is an affordable yet effective option that provides comfort as well as body support, owing to its Aerocoil spring layer. This guarantees impressive motion isolation, while compared to typical mattress coils, these springs are much smaller and slimmer, which means you get much-needed support without increasing firmness. When there is movement, each Areocoil spring gently flexes in response, offering you and your partner personalized comfort. 

This mattress even provides temperature control and heat resistance. When the Aerocoil springs compress and extend, they end up pushing air through the topmost layer of the surface. The air circulation ensures you stay cool throughout the night, and your body remains at the right temperature. To further improve the temperature control, the mattress has a Simbatex foam, which allows thirty times the airflow than regular mattresses. It also contains traces of graphite, which is good for absorbing heat from the body. 


Though the Simba Hybrid 2500 mattress has a medium firmness profile, it can still be quite soft, especially for heavyweight sleepers. 


The Simba Hybrid 2500 mattress is great at keeping your body temperature regulated and providing personalized support with its Aerocoil springs. Plus, the motion isolation feature combined with the Simbatex foam ensures you and your partner can sleep comfortably throughout the changing seasons. 

4. Brunswick Spring Mattress 

The Brunswick Spring Mattress is made by, which is their most popular and affordable option. What makes this mattress stand out is its motion isolation properties. It comprises two contouring memory foam layers and individually wrapped coils that work best at reducing motion transfer. This makes the mattress an ideal choice for couples who wish to sleep together without causing disruptions to each other. 

As for body support, the mattress has impressive pressure-relieving qualities. This is mainly due to two factors: the memory foam layer that provides personalized body contouring or support, and the zoned polyfoam and coil layers. In other words, the zoned polyfoam and coil layers, allows the mattress to better withstand the pressure and weight applied by various sleepers. 


The Brunswick Spring mattress might not be ideal for stomach sleepers as it offers high levels of contouring support, making it uncomfortable for such people. 


If you're looking for a bed with solid motion isolation and balanced performance, the Brunswick Spring mattress is the one for you due to its contouring memory foam layer. It also has pressure-relieving properties, owing to its individually wrapped coils that allows the mattress to conform to people’s body shape and provide personalized support for couples.

5. Logan & Cove Mattress 

The Logan & Cove mattress is another great mattress by, as it has motion-isolating properties. Hence, this mattress is a great choice for couples who share a bed or people who have kids. The mattress comprises a thick layer that minimizes most motion transfer, along with pocketed coils that move individually in response to sleepers changing sides. 

Moreover, the Logan & Cove mattress provides pressure relief, thanks to its silk padding and several layers of pressure-relieving foams. To reduce pressure on the lower back, the mattress comprises a targeted lumbar support technology. The company even provides various firmness options so that you can choose a product based on your body type and weight. People who are lightweight usually benefit from medium-soft models, whereas heavyweight people benefit from medium-firm ones. 


The Logan & Cove mattress tends to be on the warmer side and might not be the best option for hot sleepers. 


Logan & Cove is yet another affordable mattress from and works well in providing comfort and body support with its thicker layers delivering motion isolation. However, what makes this product ideal is its pressure-relieving properties and lumbar support technology, suitable for various types of sleepers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What to keep in mind for couples before buying a mattress? 

Finding the right mattress for one person is difficult, and doing the same for two people can be extra stressful. Even though you are a couple, you will have individual requirements as a sleeper, and it is essential to find a mattress that fits both of your needs. 

When it comes to particular features about the performance of a mattress, it’s important to know about the motion isolation and noise reduction properties of a product. It is also essential to think about your priorities before you buy a mattress. 

To help you get a better idea, here are some factors you should consider before purchasing a mattress. 

A good way to start with mattress selection is by identifying both your and your partner's individual needs. These needs should also take into account each of your individual weights, sleeping positions, and preferred firmness profiles. 

Once you've identified these factors, make a brief list and compare it with your partner's list. See how much of your needs coincide and what are the areas in which you differ. For needs that are different, have a conversation with your partner to see what the priority would be to choose accordingly. 

2. What should you look for in a mattress?

With the number of options available on the market, it can be quite easy to get confused and overwhelmed by mattress shopping. But knowing what works for you instead of following the market trends can be tricky, especially if you're a couple looking to buy a mattress. 

When it comes to shopping for a mattress as a couple, the factors can be narrowed down to three main ones: motion isolation, ease of movement, and firmness. Let's look at these factors in detail along with other aspects that can’t be ignored. 

A. Motion Isolation 

Motion isolation is a crucial component for couples since it ensures both parties get comfortable sleep without disrupting the other. This is also important if you are easily awakened by slight movements or change sides quite a lot in your sleep. 

As far as mattress materials go, memory foam works the best at limiting motion transfer. 

B. Ease Of Movement

Apart from changing sides, ease of movement is a key factor for couples, which makes it convenient to slip in and out of the bed. Moreover, you must be able to sit up and cuddle with your kids, 

Certain mattress materials can be harder to move around in, as they hold your body down significantly. Memory foam is an example of a material that limits movement. For ease of movement, using a latex or hybrid mattress tends to work best for couples since both these materials don't cling to your body. 

C. Firmness Levels 

When you buy a mattress, you get it for long-term use, which means it should be comfortable and relaxing for you to sleep on. Firmness levels indicate how comfortable a mattress would or wouldn't be. 

So, it is essential to take into account both your and your partner's ideal firmness levels and find a mattress that is suitable. 

D. Price 

In addition to the above-mentioned factors, here are a few other ones you can keep in mind to ensure you get the right mattress, starting with cost. Different mattresses fall under different price ranges, so it is necessary to ensure that the mattress you purchase falls within your budget. 

An expensive mattress does not necessarily mean it has higher quality. Furthermore, most companies offer various promo codes and discounts, which you can utilize to get a better deal on your mattress. 

E. Sleeping Position 

The type of support you'd need from your mattress depends heavily on the way you sleep. Side sleepers tend to sleep better on mattresses that have a more medium to medium-firm profile. On the other hand, back sleepers do better on medium-firm to firm mattresses, while stomach sleepers prefer firmer surfaces. 

When shopping for a new mattress as a couple, you'd need to consider both you and your partner's sleeping position. 

F. Contouring 

Contouring refers to the way a mattress compresses and hugs your body, essential for providing pressure relief and maintaining spinal alignment. However, it is necessary to ensure that only the right amount of contouring is present in the mattress. Excessive contouring can result in reduced airflow around your body, especially when there are two people on the bed. 

G. Quality Materials

If you need a mattress that covers all your requirements and lasts you a long time, it is necessary to look for products made with quality materials. Better or high-end components tend to last significantly longer, especially when used by two people instead of one. 

3. Which mattress type best suits couples? 

Knowing which mattress type works for you helps in ensuring that you and your partner can get sound sleep. Mentioned below are some common mattress types and their respective pros and cons. 

A. Foam 

As the name suggests, foam mattresses are made up entirely of foam. Usually, the layers of these mattresses comprise various kinds of materials, from high-density polyfoam to memory foam, while these beds rarely contain an innerspring layer.

Foams, especially memory foam, can naturally compress and conform in the area where the weight is applied. This feature ensures that there is no motion transfer, and makes the mattress ideal for couples. 

B. Innerspring 

The main component of an innerspring mattress is a coil-based design that provides support to the body. What gives it an innerspring feeling is the compression of these coils. 

Though innerspring mattresses fall on the more affordable side of the pricing spectrum, they are not the best choice for motion isolation. If you own an innerspring mattress and want to limit the motion transfer, getting a mattress topper with similar properties will help. 

C. Hybrid 

Hybrid mattresses are constructed of two different parts, with the lower part of the mattress comprising a layer of innerspring coils which provides body support. On the other hand, the upper layer or layers are made with various materials like memory foam, polyfoam, micro-coils, etc. to provide comfort. 

Since these mattresses are a combination of one or more materials, they can be an ideal fit for couples. Ideally, they have a decent bounce and impressive edge support along with motion isolation properties.

D. Latex 

Latex is the main component in various layers of a mattress and this rubber-like material can usually be made with natural as well as chemical substances.

Quality latex beds use natural latex that is derived from rubber tree sap, but these beds tend to be slightly more expensive than their counterparts on the market. If ease of movement is a major factor for you and your partner, a latex bed can work wonders. This rubbery material provides a smooth surface for movement and hugs your body just right. 

The innovative body hugging also provides cooling as it does not retain excess heat. 

E. Airbed 

Airbeds generally consist of a core layer made up of air chambers. This allows you to adjust the amount of air within the mattress and control its firmness profile, with a remote or smartphone. 

Above the support core, materials like latex, memory foam, or fabric can be used to form a comfort layer. 

The main selling point of an airbed is its unique individual chambers located on each side of the bed. This allows the mattress to support various firmness levels, so if you and your partner find it difficult to settle on a firmness profile, getting an airbed mattress might be the most effective solution. 

Final Words 

Sharing a bed with your loved one is an incredibly intimate experience and ensuring that you have the right mattress for optimum comfort is necessary. 

Before you decide on a mattress, have a conversation with your partner to know what their priorities and needs are. Apart from that, you can refer to this article to ensure you've considered all the relevant factors.

Most importantly, don’t compromise on quality and take good care of the mattress by following the manufacturer’s instructions.