Best Mattress For Heavy People In Australia

Aussie heavyweights rest easy with the best!
Best Mattress For Heavy People In Australia
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Finding the right mattress according to the size of your bed or your preferred style may seem like a cakewalk!

However, a heavy person may not be able to agree, as finding a good-quality mattress that does not wear out with body weight is quite tricky. For them, a firm mattress with high-density foam and edge support is recommended, which can be hard to find. 

But that does not mean that there aren’t any Australian brands that can solve their dilemma with some top-notch mattress and bedding options. So, to make the search for the best mattresses for heavy people easier, we’ve curated this review-based guide and answered some frequently asked questions about mattresses.

Snuggle up and keep reading!

Some of the Best Mattress For Heavy People in Australia are:

  1. Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress - Top Pick 
  2. Zinus Hybrid Chiro Mattress 
  3. Onebed X 12'' 
  4. The Eva Mattress
  5. Noa Luxe Mattress 

1. Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress 

Right off the bat, the innovative Emma Diamond Degree patented technology is what attracted us to this premium hybrid mattress. The fancy term basically means that the mattress is infused with diamond and graphite particles. These compounds help disperse body heat, keeping you cool throughout the night. Interestingly, the mattress is the brainchild of Emma’s esteemed team of German researchers and sleep experts.

This unique hybrid mattress further boasts an effective combination of foam and spring, offering a comfortable experience for any sleeping position. This is because both the adaptive comfort foam and the pocket springs hug the contours of your body while providing just the right amount of firm support. Plus, you get an elastic, climate-regulating mattress cover as well, which is easy to wash and maintain.


It was difficult to point the finger at any dealbreaker, but if we had to nitpick, we’d say the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is quite expensive. So, if you’re on a budget, we suggest reading till the end for more affordable mattress options.


Overall, we still believe this mattress is worth the premium price tag as it is suitable for all sleeping positions, delivers sufficient edge support, and keeps one cool. Not to forget, Emma offers a 100-night trial, 10-year warranty, and free delivery and returns to back your purchase. 

2. Zinus Hybrid Chiro Mattress 

When it comes to comfort and support, this medium-firm mattress will not disappoint with its independently encased tempered steel coils and graphite copper memory foam. Both these compounds offer excellent head and neck support and pressure relief. So, if you want to buy a cool and comfortable mattress without burning a hole in your pocket, this double mattress is your best bet!

Notably, the 3-zone design makes the mattress core adapt to your body while offering more structure and stability to the product. The cooling gel memory foam further adds support and keeps you cool throughout the night. We also appreciate the addition of natural green tea extracts and antimicrobial copper on the top layer of the mattress to repel bacteria and bugs. 


The medium-firm feel of this hybrid mattress may not be suitable for side sleepers.


If you prefer firmer mattresses, the Zinus Hybrid Chiro Double Mattress can effectively improve your sleep quality on a budget! Plus, mattress firmness is a subjective factor, so we recommend trying it out within the 100-night period and returning it if it doesn’t meet your expectations. However, a hybrid mattress featuring CertiPur-US foam is quite a steal at this price point.

3. Onebed X 12'' 

The Onebed X 12” is another hybrid mattress for heavy people. Certified by CertiPur-US and OEKO-TEX Standard 100, this mattress offers the perfect amalgamation of support and comfort. It features five distinct layers, each of which offers a unique element to this memory foam mattress. For instance, the Davina foam enhances breathability and minimises partner disturbance. Then you have the cooling gel-infused memory foam for pressure relief.

The charcoal memory foam further adds to the cooling factor with temperature regulating and odour controlling properties. Finally, you get a layer of pocket springs and high-density foam for spinal alignment and edge support. And to top it off, the mattress cover is made of a highly breathable viscose blended fabric, so the mattress feels gentle on the skin.


Despite being effective in offering comfort and cooling, the mattress cover has no handles. As a result, it may get difficult to move/shift the mattress from one place to the other.


Although the Onebed X 12” is expensive, it is one of the most recommended mattresses for heavy people. In fact, regardless of one’s body shape, the hybrid mattress is versatile enough for various sleeping positions. Moreover, Onebed provides a 15-year warranty and a 125-night trial period, thereby offering quite the bang for your buck!

4. The Eva Mattress

Ever heard of a brand offering a whopping 365-day trial period? Well, that’s Eva for you! The brand claims to deliver Australia's best mattress-in-a-box, equipped with gel memory foam, premium latex, density foam, pocket springs, and edge support. All of these layers come together to provide you with cloud-like comfort and an allergy-free slumber!

Coming to the details, this budget-friendly pocket spring mattress features an open structure gel memory foam layer that allows optimum air circulation and heat dissipation. The 5-zone pocket springs support your pressure points and reduce partner disturbance. Interestingly, its latex foam resists dust mites and harmful microbes, making this mattress suitable for children and adults alike. 

The brand has also conducted market research, according to which it determined that most people prefer slightly firmer mattresses. Hence, The Eva Mattress offers the ideal firmness for both stomach sleepers and side sleepers.


Those who prefer a soft mattress may find it a bit too firm for their liking; however, we do recommend trying it out, keeping in mind the 1-year trial period.


Does the long trial period sound too good to be true? Then let us tell you that Eva also offers a 12-year warranty, which is longer than the standard ten years offered by most mattress brands. As such, we highly recommend this versatile medium-firm mattress for all body types and sleeping positions.

5. Noa Luxe Mattress 

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this premium, eco-friendly hybrid mattress from Noa. It features REACH-certified gel-infused memory foam and bamboo charcoal latex layers. Although it is not a 100% organic mattress, all the materials used in its construction are low on VOCs, ensuring better indoor air quality for your abode. Plus, the foam layers in this mattress are secured with water-based adhesives, keeping it comfortably cool.

The mattress can be divided into eight layers, with the breathable, natural Tencel mattress cover binding everything together. It sports a hand-tufted design not just for looks but to prevent body impressions and wrinkles. We also appreciate the addition of responsive micro-coils that support the body and maximise breathability. Available in five sizes, Luxe is termed as the brand’s “ultimate luxury hybrid mattress,” and we can see why! 


For a firm mattress of such impeccable quality, it’s a shame that the mattress cover is not removable; this means cleaning and maintenance can become a hassle. 


What makes this medium-firm mattress a class apart is its materials, most of which are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Other than that, you get a 120-night trial and 15-year limited warranty, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Mattresses For Heavy People

1. What Type of Mattress Is Best For Heavy Sleepers?

Currently, there are five types of mattresses you can find on the market, and each has its fair share of pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the details of each mattress type, so you can decide on the best mattress for heavy people.

A. Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses usually consist of comfort layers of latex foam, memory foam, polyfoam, and pocket springs. As such, they are quite a versatile pick for any type of sleeper, regardless of their sleeping position, body weight and type, preferences, etc. 

Moreover, hybrids are recommended for a heavy person as they cushion and contour according to one’s body. They also offer much-needed pressure relief and maintain a cool temperature. However, we suggest opting for a hybrid mattress with thicker coils for optimum support and durability. 

B. Latex Mattress

Latex comes from the sap of rubber trees and is a common material in firm mattresses. It is responsive and durable in nature and usually costs higher than hybrid mattresses. 

Notably, latex mattresses offer a contouring feel without the squish, making them suitable for heavy people. They also resist sagging, so they won’t lose their shape as quickly as foam mattresses. 

C. Foam Mattress (Memory Foam Or Polyfoam)

Foam mattresses are made of memory foam, sometimes coupled with polyfoam. Some expensive options may even feature high-density foam layers for better support. These mattresses are ideal for pressure relief as they support the pressure points and may help alleviate pain.

Moreover, high-density support foam minimises motion transfer, making it ideal for two or more people sharing the same bed. Not to forget, foam also conforms to one’s body shape without sagging too much, though not as much as the previous options.

D. Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress mostly features thinner polyfoam or fabric and support layers with different types of wire coils. They are relatively affordable and last for about seven years. But they may not conform to one’s body shape as well as the aforementioned mattress types. Nevertheless, they offer sufficient air circulation and responsiveness and may alleviate pressure to some extent.

E. Airbed

As the name suggests, airbeds consist of adjustable air chambers, so users can inflate or deflate the mattress according to their preference. They may also feature layers of different materials like memory foam, latex, etc. 

As such, airbeds are quite a versatile pick in terms of firmness. Some may even offer dual firmness, with different firmness levels on either side. So, if your sleeping preferences seem to fluctuate, airbeds are your best bet!

However, do keep in mind that they are much pricier than the aforementioned mattresses.  

2. What Should A Heavy Person Consider While Buying A New Mattress?

Depending on mattress materials, every product offers different features which may or may not be suitable for heavy people. However, it is not surprising to see a brand making false claims by tagging its mattresses as “universal” or “suitable for heavy people.” 

Hence, we have listed a few factors you must consider while choosing the best mattresses for heavy people.

A. Type Of Mattress

The first and foremost factor is the type of mattress. As mentioned earlier, there are five mattress types, each offering various levels of firmness, comfort, support, etc. As such, hybrids and innerspring mattresses are ideal for those seeking more head and neck support. 

A memory foam mattress, on the other hand, offers better contouring and pressure-relieving properties. And a natural latex mattress is a greener alternative for the same. 

However, if you are unsure about your preferred firmness level, we suggest going for airbeds.

B. Thickness

As you may have guessed, a medium-profile or high-profile mattress with high-density foam is more suitable for a heavy person as it provides more support and stability. Other thinner mattresses may end up sagging too much, often causing discomfort among sleepers. 

So, for a heavy person, we recommend a mattress with at least 12 inches of thickness. 

C. Mattress Materials

Besides having high-density foam, a mattress constructed with latex and thick coils is suitable for heavy people. These materials help increase the stability of the mattress while ensuring its durability. 

D. Contouring

A mattress must offer optimum contouring to alleviate pain from pressure points like the neck, shoulders, hips, and spine. However, if a mattress conforms too closely, it may end up sinking too much under your weight. Hence, we recommend a firm mattress with moderate to minimal contouring. 

E. Responsiveness 

Responsiveness basically refers to the level of “bounce” offered by the mattress. Usually, hybrid mattresses offer just the right amount of responsiveness for a heavy person. Alternatively, you could go for latex or innerspring mattresses, too.

On the contrary, memory foam and polyfoam mattresses provide little to no bounce, which may make the sleeper feel “stuck.” 

F. Pressure Relief

Heavy people may feel more pressure on their neck, shoulders, spine and hips while sleeping. So, it is essential to get a mattress with comfort layers for pressure relief. Here, you must note that side sleepers may experience more pressure on certain areas as their spine does not align as naturally as it does for back and stomach sleepers.

G. Mattress Firmness 

For heavy people, the ideal mattress must be a bit on the firmer side. Hence, we recommend a medium-firm mattress that offers the best of both comfort and support to the body. 

However, for anyone weighing less than 230 pounds, you might want to try the mattress first and then make a pick. This is because a soft mattress may be more suitable for lightweight people, though it may sink with time. 

H. Trial And Warranty Period

Although this factor doesn’t directly affect the suitability of the mattress for heavy people, it is important to consider. This is because one needs sufficient time to test a mattress and get used to it. So, make sure you always check for mattress brands that offer generous trial periods and warranties.

Doing some research beforehand can go a long way in backing your purchase if you choose the wrong mattress. 

3. What Type Of Mattress Is Suitable For Heavy People With Back Pain?

Heavy people with back pain seek support over comfort when choosing a mattress. Especially, the pelvic area requires more stability while sleeping. 

Hence, ergonomically zoned hybrid mattresses featuring pocketed coils are an excellent choice. They offer more support to the shoulders and pelvis, thereby ensuring optimum spinal alignment. 

Latex or innerspring mattresses could also work well for some. However, they may not provide sufficient support in the long term. 

4. What Type Of Mattress Is Suitable For Heavy People Living In Hotter Regions?

Sleeping requires the body to cool down, but this may become difficult during summer or for those living in hotter areas. So, considering Australian summer nights, we recommend hybrid, latex, and innerspring mattresses, as they offer sufficient support with ventilation. As such, you’ll stay cool throughout the night and wake up refreshed the next morning!

Do keep in mind that among latex mattresses, synthetic latex tends to retain heat. On the other hand, natural latex offers better air circulation and temperature-regulating properties. Notably, aerated latex offers the most airflow and enhances moisture evaporation.

5. Do Mattresses Have A Weight Limit?

Most mattresses have a weight limit unless the brand mentions otherwise. Usually, a mattress can handle 500 pounds (250 on each side). You may also come across mattress brands that make products for heavier people. Mattresses from such brands may support more than 1,000 pounds. 

6. What Is The Best Type Of Pillow For Heavy People?

Pillows are essential for creating a comfortable bedding setup. In fact, some people use multiple pillows for an overall cosy vibe! 

But the perfect pillow is one that offers pressure relief, spinal alignment, and durability. Conversely, the wrong pillow will cause discomfort and painful pressure points in the long run. 

Now, when it comes to loft or thickness, the recommended pillow loft varies for different sleeping positions. So, if you're a stomach sleeper, it is best to opt for something shorter than 3 inches. Back sleepers should go for medium-loft pillows, ranging between 3-5 inches, and side sleepers can choose between medium and high lofts.

Furthermore, given below are some of the common pillow materials and their characteristics.

A. Polyfill

Pillows filled with polyfill are mostly used as an alternative to down/feather pillows. They simulate the lightness and softness of natural down but offer relatively more stability. You could also check out interlocking polyester pillows, as they tend to retain their shape longer and hence, are more durable. 

B. Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows provide high density and maintain their shape quite well. This is especially the case with pillows made of a single layer of dense foam. 

Shredded memory foam pillows are also popular among those who seek customisable loft and firmness. This is because you can easily remove or add more filling according to your preference. However, they are not as dense as their single-piece counterparts. 

C. Buckwheat

The hard outer shells of buckwheat kernels are known as hulls, and that’s exactly what goes into buckwheat pillows. They are not just firm and durable, but they also offer spinal alignment, thereby being ideal for heavy people. 

Much like shredded memory foam pillows, you can adjust the firmness and loft by increasing or decreasing the filling. 

D. Feather/Down

Feathers and down are procured from different body parts of ducks and geese. As a result, they make for extremely soft and lightweight pillows. Although feather/down pillows may feel comfortable, they lack firmness and support. So, these pillows are a no-go for heavy people!

Final Verdict

Considering how we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, investing in a high-quality mattress is essential. After all, a good night’s sleep will help you wake up refreshed and full of energy for what the day has to offer!

But before we sign off, we’d like to reiterate that the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is our top pick among the best mattresses for heavy people. Its unique cooling technology and versatile support make it worth the pricey tag!

However, if you want to explore outside of our recommendations, we recommend checking out the important factors mentioned above before you make a pick. Doing so will ensure you know the basics of mattress and bedding and make a wise purchase accordingly.